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Why Build an Intuitive E-Commerce Site?

E-commerce site


Gone those days, when people used to return home from work tired and again had to run to the nearby stores for grocery or other shops for their necessary commodities. Now, a person can order whatever he needs sitting in his office and enjoy doorstep delivery without any hazard with the help of the various E-commerce websites.

What is an E-commerce website?

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a trade in which products and services are purchased or sold through the internet. In this type of business, funds and data are exchanged digitally between two or more parties. In earlier days, the widely used mediums of E-commerce were email and telephone calls. However, now, with the help of a complete E-commerce site, all the necessary things for a transaction can be done in a few minutes. The most commonly accessed E-commerce sites are the retail sites, but apart from them, there are many more, like auction sites, finance management sites, music portals, consultancy services etc.

Types of E-commerce sites

According to the functions and operations, E-commerce sites can be divided into the following major categories-

  • Business to consumer: Electronic transactions take place between consumers and companies.
  • Consumer to Business: Individual consumers make electronic transactions by offering their products to companies.
  • Business to business: Electronic transition takes place between two companies or service providers.
  • Consumer to Consumers: Electronic transaction takes place between consumers through a third party.

Why Build an Intuitive an Intuitive E-Commerce Site

Since everyone is running out of time, people prefer to purchase from home, rather than visiting a physical shop. The following points describe why it is essential for a business to have an intuitive E-commerce site.

A wide range of choice for the customers:

The E-commerce sites allow the buyers to select from a wide range of products offered by different E-commerce sites. A customer can easily compare the products sold by various sites online and can choose the best one easily.

Remote Business opportunity for the seller:

A physical store can drag the customers of a particular locality, but an E-commerce site has no geographical boundaries. A seller can participate in the world product as the E-commerce sites allow him to reach to the customers of remote regions and countries.

Price Comparison:

The E-commerce sites allow the customers to learn the different prices of the same products sold by different sellers, which will enable them to choose the most suitable products.


Visiting multiple physical stores at different locations for one particular product kills much time of the customers. The E-commerce sites are time savers as customers search online instead of physically roaming here to there.

Adequate information:

before purchasing, a customer can get all the required info from the product description in the site. The dedicated online description pages serve as the catalogs of the individual products. Apart from this, a customer can quickly contact the seller through the internet for his further queries. Also, a customer can easily track the delivery status of the ordered goods.

Reduce the cost of manufacturers:

E-commerce sites allow the manufactures to reduce the value of the paperwork, documentation, distribution, and other managerial processes. Since there is no physical store required, the manufacturers do not have to pay for infrastructure or insurance. Very few licenses and permissions are required to run an E-commerce site, which is another advantage for the sellers.

Reduce the cost of advertisement and personnel:

Since the entire trade can be made through the internet, there are no requirements of flyers, billboards or other traditional ads, online digital campaigns are comparatively much cost efficient. As the whole process of purchase and exchange of money is conducted through online payment mode, no billing personnel are required to maintain the records.

24/7/365 support:

A physical store has fixed opening hours, so the customers have no option but to wait if they want to purchase something immediately at midnight or on holiday. Since the E-commerce sites are open 24/7/365, the customers can buy anything, anywhere at any time. It also allows the sellers to get more customers as those who work on odd schedules, can easily manage to get what they desire.


With the help of E-commerce site, the sellers can easily evaluate and calculate their customer engagements, productiveness, sales effectiveness, marketing data etc.

Search Engine Optimization:

Since the online business is completely based on the traffic coming from search engines, having better search engine optimization in the E-commerce site can boost up profitability as it helps to reach more new customers online.

Expand the market for new business:

The reputed brands have the advantages of verbal recommendations of their satisfied customers, but it becomes very difficult for a new business to find customers in the beginning. An intuitive E-commerce site allows the business to reach more customers without spending much in occupying physical space.

Creates a Brand:

A perfectly crafted E-commerce creates helps the business to earn a reputation of a reliable brand with its well arranged and organized layouts. The testimonials of the happy customers featured in the site help to gain the faith of the new customers as well.
So, it can be said that having a well crafted E-commerce site enables a business to reach new potential customers, save a lot of money, exploring new boundaries and achieving certain business goals.

Using Animal Symbolism in Logos


Much before, when human beings learned to communicate through spoken words and sentences, signs, symbols, and images played a vital role as the medium of communication. Moreover, talking to these mediums, we can observe the excessive usage of animal symbolism in those ancient images. The cave paintings of Altamira, the emblems of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, the motifs found in Mesopotamia, And the Egyptian portraits inside the pyramids, all have one thing in common- the presence of animal emblem signifying something. So it is not shocking that even nowadays, various brands like Crocodile, Puma, Playboy, Nestle, Firefox, Red Bull, Jaguar, Twitter, Windows MSN, Ferrari, etc. are using animal images in their logos and brand campaigns. The trend of this symbolism featuring various animals is described below.

Animal Symbolism in Logos:

The animal kingdom is a vast territory full of vitality and vividness. An animal can represent strength, vigor, beauty, tenderness, pride, virtue, bravery, intelligence, and many other qualities. Mostly for these qualities, the companies want to represent their characteristics through an animal logo. However, the problem is, there are many clichés in the market, e.g., the clever fox, the meek sheep, or a cow for dairy products. All those symbols are quite déjà vu as already many companies are using them. So, we can look into the animal emblems and motifs used in different cultures and civilizations to add more surprise, uniqueness, and global elements in a logo. The Celtic snakes represent rebirth, creation, healing, and creation. The Celtic horses symbolize vitality, fertility, and life in motion. Along with good fortune and luck, the Chinese Phoenix symbolizes resilience and rejuvenation as it rises from its ash.
However, a designer must be aware of the public perception, as the commoners may misunderstand the hidden meaning or not understand it at all. The Egyptian God, like animals, are attractive, but people may consider their image studded logos as outdated and old fashioned.

Animal Symbolism in Graphic design:

When speaking about the different emblems used in different cultures, it is widespread that a seemingly ordinary animal may be considered as inauspicious in another culture. The Chinese consider the snake as a positive source of energy, while it represents much negativity in other parts of the world. So, through proper graphic design and use of attractive color, the seemingly harmful snake can be turned into a happy, funny, and friendly animal. Similarly, by adding or subtracting a few graphic details, a tiger can be made looking favorable on the wrapper of a cookies brand or a pretty aggressive one, on the logo of an antivirus.

Animal symbolism in branding:

Since major reputed brands have become multinational, it is very much crucial for them to be faithful to the local culture and maintain an international appeal at the same time. The ‘Swastik’ emblem is considered as holy and auspicious in Hindu, but it evokes the horror of the Nazis in Germany. Similarly, the use of a chained tiger in a Circus logo might evoke rage among the animal lovers. So, the question is how to represent a brand through animals? The common solution is to find a similarity between the brand and the animal. Is the brand as strong and independent as a lion? Is the brand as analytical and thoughtful as an Owl? Is it as quick and bright as a fox? Alternatively, is it community focused, like a honey bee? Some brands Like Geico Gecko and Aflac Duck go beyond the expected by experimenting with sounds, rhymes, syllables, etc. The best way to represent the brand in the market is through its spirit animal. To find that, a brand has to ask a series of “why’s” to itself along with comparing opinions and conducting a serious introspection. Some famous brand logos with animal motifs are described below.
Ferrari: The luxurious vehicle brand logo features a raging black stallion on a yellow background. It represents the speed, velocity, and untamable nature of the cars this brand sells.


This brand, too, is known for its sophisticated cars. The Jaguar represents the brand’s grace, ambition, and power.


This Italian manufacturer of lavish cars uses a charging bull in the logo which conveys the brand’s strength, ambition, and muscularity. The Taurus was also the zodiac sign of the manufacturer, who was an admirer of the bullfighting of Spain.


The World Wildlife Fund works to protect nature and animals. The simple black and white image of the endangered panda reminds us of the conservational activities of this organization.


The bird’s nest and caring parents convey us compassion, value, and safety, which are expected a food company.


This brand deals in the manufacturing of Sportswear. The brand name, along with the image of the wild cat represents the swiftness and fitness of an athlete.
So, it can be concluded to that, through the appropriate usage of animal symbolism, a company can easily express its qualities to its customers.

Necessary Elements of a Great Website


A website’s purpose is not just providing business information to the customers. A useful website is a sort of digital medium of communication where a seller displays his products or services, and a customer purchases the necessary things going with the impression that the website makes. A good website is an investment which enhances business opportunities by engaging customers’ attention. On the other hand, an ineffective website is nothing but a waste of money as it fails to drag the attention and interest of the customers. To make a site more active, the presence of certain elements are essential, which are-

Perfect Homepage: A customer spends a maximum of ten seconds on a website and takes a quick decision based on the impression that the homepage crates. So, a homepage must be clear and concise with its objective, description, logo, and tagline. Since the customers take an immediate decision, the website should provide all the essential information without leaving anything to imagination or assumption.

About us page: This page is, especially for the small businesses or new startups. This page will let the customers about what the market is all about, its goals, company philosophy, success stories, user testimonials, etc. However, this page should not include long paragraphs and lengthy information as they can make the customers bored and uninterested.

Navigation: A webpage with good navigation helps the search engines in proper indexing of the website. Navigation tools help a customer to know at which position he or she is present at the moment. Navigation tools and menus must not be complicated and challenging to use or understand. A website following silo architecture helps to organize the web pages in better sections.

Contact Details: A good website’s goal is to enhance the customer number. Therefore, it must provide sufficient contact details, such as a physical address, phone numbers, email address, nearby store location, etc. If a customer is impressed by the products or services, he or she will try to establish a communication with the providers. So all the information mentioned above is vital for the business.

Social media links: Since people now spend much time on social media, it is an excellent opportunity to promote business in those media. A website must consist of links directing to the Facebook or Instagram pages of the company. A satisfied customer can quickly write a review in those pages or share the services offered by the company on his or her account. It will generate the interest of other social media account holders as well. However, a Social media page must be updated frequently; otherwise, the customers will assume that the company has no interest to promote its own business.

Proper Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps the essential feature that a website must possess to reach more and more customers. A website without the proper SEO is challenging to find on the internet, as the search engines follow an algorithm to create a sequential directory of the expected search results. Thus, the right practice of SEO can help to earn much money by placing the company website in the leading positions of the search results. So, while creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, the topmost focus will be the SEO.

Mobile friendly layout: According to researches, sixty percent of the online searches are conducted from smartphones. It means that a website without a mobile-friendly plan may lose a significant number of potential customers. Reasons being dissatisfaction, unable to find the call to action, branding, optimized product images, search boxes, etc.

Graphic Design: A website having dull color schemes and common visual elements may fail to attract customers. Having the right color schemes, the use of appropriate fonts, alignment, bold headings, bright or contrasting background colors matching the theme, etc. are necessary for a good website. Excellent quality illustrations and animations are also essential to add charm to the site.

Search option: The customers visiting the website frequently, may want to find old products or services or want to know the discount rate of the last season’s sale. So the search options bar is essential for them for the constant search. The search option bar with the magnifying glass button is generally placed at the top right corner as it is easy to find there.

Images and Videos: Both the images and videos can create a more powerful impact on the customers than the boring articles and paragraphs describing the products. Videos present the actual size, color, and accessibility of the products or services while high-resolution images create an everlasting visual pleasure in the customer’s mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The product description on the homepage may not satisfy the customers all the time. Sometimes, they want to know more. A page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be helpful to answer the customers’ all queries, creating a better understanding of the products and services.

How Does SEO Affect My Website?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method which helps us to enhance the ranking of our websites in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., without paying for advertisements. When a person searches for a particular thing on the internet search engines, millions of results appear on the screen. Some of those search results are paid advertisements. The owners of the web pages and websites pay a certain amount to the search engine companies to get the top positions in the list or SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Others appear on the list based on their organic ranking. Those are not paid rankings; those are earned rankings based on the SEO. To rank a page in the SERP list, Google uses an algorithm which dictates search engine behavior by using two hundred different factors to position a site. However, not all the elements play a significant role in the preferred ranking, only a few of them help us to achieve our desired outcome. Some of the factors are described below.


Keywords are the fundamental elements in digital marketing. Keywords refer to the words which people use to search for a product online or want to see included in their search engines. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows the users to choose suitable keywords for their business, which help to optimize a webpage or website. There are mainly three types of keywords: Generic, Broad match and Longtail. A website which includes all the three different types of keywords gets the chance to be on the top positions on internet ranking. Generic keywords are the general words which present a considerable quantity of untargeted traffic. These keywords are very much competitive at the same time. Broad match keywords supply an equal amount of traffic. These keywords are more like phrases, like “future growth in the hotel industry,” which are pretty targeted to the search words of the people. Long tail keywords are like the titles or heading of an article, similar to the lines people write on the search bar while looking for something, ” How to lose weight in thirty days”.

Mobile Friendly:

In the modern era, Smartphones, both the clients and the service providers depend on the personalized version of the websites available on their gadgets. So, a site which does not load on smart devices or does not synchronize its contents for mobile viewing may distract customers and lose business. The font size, image quality, small screen readability, tabs and navigation keys, etc. are the other things which leave an impact on the customers who search on their mobile phones.

Header tags:

A website with various headings with hierarchical pattern helps to grab customer’s attention by finding a premier position in the search result. The Header 1 should provide the title of the product or service while Header 2 and Header 3 provide short descriptions about it. A Meta description must be followed, which will be limited within 160 words. If a website includes useful keywords phrases in the Meta description and the headers too, chances of grabbing the top positions get increased. The page title must consist of the keyword phrases as Google analyzes the title first to find similarity with the desired search results.

Social Media:

Nowadays, millions of people are active on social media, and they prefer to share the contents they like on those social media. So, the more a product is shared, the more people will be reached. So a good website must provide information about their social media pages. The highest ranking pages in the search engines have the highest number of shares in Social Media.


Websites with good quality images which can be optimized for mobile viewing get the attention of the clients. Use of related keywords in the image description is also necessary. Search engines cannot read images, so the images must come with ALT attributes which help the search engines to understand the pictures.


Search engines can focus better on URLs with one particular keyword instead of multiple ones. Hyphens must be used to separate words instead of underscores, as search engines read a phrase with stresses as a single word. A website with a static URL is helpful for the customers, as a static URL is easier to understand for human beings than a dynamic URL.

Latent Semantic Indexing:

A website with Latent Semantic Indexing draws more attention during the internet searches compared to the sites without this feature. Despite being a powerful tool to boost search results, not many websites are using it, which is a significant advantage for the website using it. It allows merely finding related keywords with the main keywords to present enhanced search results. For example, if a person types for “cheese” only, the search results show relates search suggestions, like “Mozzarella cheese,” ” Parmesan cheese,” “cottage cheese,” ” cheese pasta” etc.


A website with dull content and with little or low keywords fails to attract the attention of the search engines as well as the customers. Websites with proper heading, short but detailed product description and updated themes earn even better reviews. Speed is also an essential factor for a website to take a position in the search result. Google prefers domains which are more than a year old. A website full of technical errors is also a big failure in the digital market.

What Should You Invest In First? A Logo Design or Website Design?

Logo design or website design

When starting a business, the main target of the service provider is to grab the attention of the clients. The current market is now full of challenges as new competitors are joining in the business field every day with a complete package of their unique offerings. It often becomes challenging to establish a business as a reputed brand in the marketplace. A good Logo and a well-developed company website both are necessary to create a brand name. However, choosing one between the two is the most challenging decision. A website is the information provider from where a potential customer generally collects all the necessary information about the service offered. For example, services like price, product description, availability in the market, new product launches, offers, subscriptions. On the other hand, a good logo creates the first impression in the mind of the clients/customers about the company while helping to win the faith of the clients.


A website provides a general description of the products, price, and much other information which the customers may find valuable. A well-composed website attracts more customer than a blunt and ordinary looking webpage does. A good website offers images, graphs, ratios, charts, business statistics, and other types of vivid description of the products as well as the company.

A medium of communication:

To establish effective communication between the buyer and the seller, the website is the most useful medium. Instead of visiting different stores located at different parts of the town, a customer can get a glimpse of the products from the website and can establish contact via the provided email I.D. and other contact details.

Helps in marketing:

A well-constructed website helps a company in marketing its products and services. When a new company enters the market, it struggles to find potential customers. A good site helps the latest company to spread its products among the customers through its well-structured offers, flash sales, product images, customer reviews, and recommendations etc.

Brand maker:

In this modern era of digital marketing, a buyer or a dealer always depend on online search result to find a company’s reliability. With an eye-catching website, a company can win the trust of the fresh customers, who are also eager to explore new products. Thus, a well-developed website helps a company to develop a brand of its own.


Although the website helps a new business to create a brand of its own, it’s a logo which helps the business to stand out from the crowd. The logo is not just a simple image; it tells more about the company than we think. Imagine the logos of popular food chains, reputed mobile phones, or acclaimed airline services. When we see those logos while ordering or choosing something from the list, they not only create the first impression but the influence on our choice and preference as well.

The best thing to establish graphic communication:

A professional logo helps a company to emerge as a prospective brand in the competitive market. A good logo targets a particular audience, so it must possess excellent graphic design, intelligent choice of color, theme matching with the offered product or service, etc. A good logo can be the acronyms or emblems related to the company, which helps the customers to identify the brand. The logo appears everywhere, from the newspapers and T.V. commercials to the website, flyers, and billboards. So, one can complement a logo by saying that it is a visual communicator who works as a bridge between the sellers and the customers.

A simple yet powerful tool to make an impression:

The buyers or the customers often judge a book by its cover. So, for a logo, having the right appearance is very important. A clean, simple, yet powerful logo makes the product or the brand unforgettable. In some cases, it is observed that a simple mono-color logo leaves more impact on the customers than what a vibrant and gaudy logo does. The reason behind this is, for a customer, a simple logo with a powerful message is easy to remember compared to the complicated logo designs which may convey multiple messages. A satisfied customer can easily recognize his preferred products by their logos.

Professional touch matters:

A professional logo designer spends a long period in researching, experimenting, and crafting a logo with high-quality graphics. A costly logo design possesses one of a kind of uniqueness which helps to create an identity in the business field. On the other hand, a second logo lacks a proper understanding of the target audience as well as excellent logo design ideas. Sometimes, the cheap logo makers borrow design ideas from other logos or websites which may lead a business organization facing legal trials over copyright issues.

Long lasting effect:

A well-researched and well-designed logo will continue to float in the market for a long time. The company might need to re-modify its website in five years according to the market scenario, but the logo will be everlasting since it will live in the minds of the customers.

Trust matters:

A professional logo helps a brand to win the trust of the customers. The most favored and the most preferred brands in the market have one thing in common- they have been continuing with their original authentic logo design.

So, it can be concluded to that although a website helps to establish secure communication between the customers and the sellers or service providers, it is the logo, which wins the attention and trust of the customers. So, investing in a good logo design will be much beneficial for a company.

Advanced Website Design – your business window for the global audience

Website Design

A website is your online shop that must have answers to all the queries that customers can ask when they visit your store, physically. This is the only way to get maximum sales. The website design is the integral thing to make the customers journey easy and satisfying. Simple layout, proper navigation, categorization and fast page loading are the basics that will hold your the visitor long on your website. People often search and shop with the help of different mobile devices, that we all know, so it’s needless to say the website must be responsive to increase the click rate, conversion and leads.

Custom website design is the appropriate way to bring out all the highlight-able points about your company. UI and UX design can improve the user-experience at the same time making your website likable for the search engine (Google). Complicated navigation menu can confuse the website visitors compelling them to leave your site and look for an easy one. So it necessary that you direct the customers properly through the navigation for initiating them for the final buy.

Expert website designers implement User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to give the customers effortless, intuitive and appealing experience when they come to your website. This will also give you loyal customers. UX is the process a visitor interacts with and used a service or item. While User Interface is something nearing the visual design. An example can make the point clear, if we consider UI design to be a tool to eat a bowl of cornflakes with a spoon, then UX design is the process of putting the cornflakes in the bowl and using a spoon to have it. Both have distinct uses in enhancing the website performance and knowing this will help you to understand the significant advantages it can offer to your business, like great customer service.

As per the report by Time Now, 55% of web surfers spend less than 15 seconds on a site. This makes it clear that to grab the attention of the web visitor you have to show the services you present and explains them, why they should choose your brand. As you have a very small opportunity to expose your product and services to your customers, you have to be meticulous on any little chance you get, and this is aspect, where UX can work magically. For running a business good there are three fundamental concepts: be useful services, be usable and be enjoyable. These are the points that you need to consider while creating the UX end of your website.

Now, let’s talk about UI design. Like User Experience is completely about how you can use something, UI design is the process that structures the using and experience. It is the design or graphics that steals your glances through a web visual or magazine, the technology that helps you to apply filters to the pictures that you post in Instagram, or in toolbar for a client email making it quickly accessible for replying, forwarding or even constructing an email.

Impactful UI design must be elegant and great in look and feel, but also it should be simple, orderly, and ageless. The three main principles that you need to consider for User Interface are: be simple as much as required, be consistent and try for a design that looks timeless.

Responsive website can enhance website visibility and sales

Responsive Website

Online business is impossible without a website that we all know. But, only having a website so to say is same as not having one. The market is unthinkable competitive and having a professional look and advanced features are necessary. No one is going to notice your business online when it possesses nothing to interest or attract them. There are uncountable e-commerce websites which offer a range of products, starting from baby products to groceries. The unique features and offers your business provides should be highlighted in the website.

What is more important, is the layout, should be so designed and developed with user-friendly approach. Easy accessibility improves the staying time of the visitor. It reduces the bounce rate to be specific. Never try to ignore the need of responsive website design and development if you want your business to be successful online. Most of the people resort to mobile and other small screen devices like tablet and laptop. A properly designed site that can have a great view on other devices apart from desktop can increase the rate of conversion or lead generation. It’s completely true that we create to aim to earn good amount of profit in the business.

More use of flash files can make the website heavy and increases the loading time. It can reduce the number visitors as no one is going to wait for long for your site get loaded. Minimalism is the trending approach that gives a great web design. Website development should be so done that it requires minimum time to get load. The easy navigation can help the user to go through the pages of the website to get a clear view.

Now let us discuss the other benefits of responsive website designing

Adaptation to all devices

One of the most important advantages of Responsive web design service is that they provide a wonderful user experience across all the different devices without having any problem about the device’s screen sizes. The appeal lies in the fact that there is flexibility in its uses which is a typical characteristic of this advantage. All the websites optimized in this manner have a remarkably fair chance of having a universal look.

Support for all kinds of browsers

It is really difficult to work at SEO on the website of the same company on different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. In short, it doubles the work of the SEO master. If there is a single website for both mobiles and laptops then there is slightly little stress for the SEO taskmaster. In this case, only a single link needs to be optimized. The benefit is that the website will gain more in popularity if there is higher performance rate.

Low cost & higher maintenance

The third feature is that the cost factor is minimized and inevitably, in turn, lowers the maintenance charge. The utility, in this case, is that the there will be a flawless flow of audience to the website without any hang-ups. The reason for it is that there will only be a single website instead of multiple websites which need to be optimized and this will result in lower costs.

Steps to make your website user-friendly


A present, when the world has turned digital your website is the platform to reach the global audience. It has to look professional, clean and trustable. Thinking your website as a physical store where interested customers and clients come to select the products or services over the other contenders. Likewise, for your online shop customers should find your brand credible that exudes professional appeal and has a trendy look and feel.

If you are an entrepreneur, web designer or developer, the following tips on making your website preferable for the users and maintaining the site will help to get a stronger web presence.

Keep it simple and clutter-free

Everything around
Every aspect around us become quite confusing or cluttered and website also comes in those. When several features like pop-ups, ads, icons and more are put at the same time, it sometimes gives a clumsy look to your website. One thing that annoys your visitors is seeing a lot of things happening together. Following a consistent design, placing the buttons, content properly and selecting the correct images are few ways that can help you to get a clutter-free website.

Get Responsive

With the most of the digital marketing reports clearly showing the soaring rise of internet users using mobile devices and for that, your website must have responsive design. People not only search for themselves but also share it through various apps and devices so a professionally created responsive design can give the audience seamlessly view and a great experience, even when viewed in various devices. Surpass the contenders and get better user response through all devices which includes – tablet, smartphones, and laptops.

Create the content easy and relevant
Content is the second most important aspects of your website, ensure that the viewers don’t have squint to read it. And the few ways below will help in better user-engagement:

  • Select soothing colors that are associated with the brand and the text must be simple to read.
  • Like using light colored fonts on the white background will only open the path for the users to go to the next site.
  • The font size must be appropriate for viewing, never go for utterly tiny ones.
  • Apply consistent theme and the font type should viewer-friendly

Security is important from your perspective as well as the users. If a user feels unsecured in the buying process or transaction, it will adversely affect the website’s reliability. The payment gateway and the process must be secured with secure passwords, SSL certificate and implement a security plugin to make the website safe for the users and yourself.

Know the reasons behind why customers are not coming to your website


After launching your online business when you see very few visitors and no sales, the most probable question that comes to your mind is “why isn’t any visitor coming to my website?” After making a webshop, by investing a huge amount, time to make it a successful venture and an easily accessible option for people, the result is unexpected. And the effort seems futile.

It is not so simple at present, there are myriads of companies and becomingly instantly successful is difficult but you must know the reason why? The online arena is today crowded with start-ups, irrespective of whatever product or service type you select you have to face tough competition. You need to think from the users perceptive to make your online shop popular. Like after having opened a shop you can’t expect customers seating at the door, even without putting a name to it. In the same way, you have to work out things to make you online shop known to the audiences. Let everyone know your location and make other efforts to bring customers.

Things you should do to invite sales

One of the primary factors is your website design should be superior, in terms of look and feel also in functionality and must also be preferable for search engines. Apart from this, there are more requisites that a website must have for getting ranked well by the search engines starts getting information about your business. Here are a few:

The code
The coding for the website should be done in a way that search engines can easily collect the information. Fast server or hosting is a requirement that enables the bots to get the complete answers for the query they generate.


Schema which is sometimes more beneficial for local businesses needs to be applied to the website to make the services bots comprehend what each section of your website contains. Like the products, services, blog, testimonials and more. All these have to be properly structured with the schema code that will be explanatory for this process.

Pictures and Images

The images that are used in the website should have the correct format and the main image in every page should be available to the headers for enabling social media networks engines to get the data in the easiest possible way.

Mobile friendliness

At present when a child is also equipped with a mobile phone, it’s obvious that your website needs to be responsive. Most of the people search for products and information through a mobile device as it can be done even if you are on a go. So to increase the visibility and sales it must have a proper display for the devices.

What are factors that you must pay attention :

Understand the work

You must become familiar with some related platforms that will enhance your understanding for the work, such as CMS handling, online editors etc.

We acquainted with the competition market

Check out your closest competitors online and how they promote their business and you can do something better. The promotional offers and the prices they offer then you can opt for providing some discount coupon codes that are liked by the visitors and will give you good sales. You must try to be different and innovative in terms of promotional ways.

Get into SEO and SMO

Search engine marketing is the easiest means to get your site ranked well on search engine result page. The better optimized the website the more beneficial it will be for your website to get more business online. SMO also plays a great roll in popularizing your website as regularly several people connect to these platforms where you can promote your business organically or through ads will earn your great leads.

Tips to Build your brand using Website Design

Website Design

Every Brand set expectations and when faced with uncertainty people are eager to pick the safest option for them. Branding is the most complex and important part of marketing activity today. As without proper branding activity your brand cannot survive in the face of stiff Competition. There are different forms of branding activity like TV commercials , Magazine ads,store decoration, Logo type design, and Website Design is one of them. If you create a personal blog or a website then the chances of getting more business increases multiple times. That is the reason why most of the brands are having their websites to increase their awareness.

So let’s see what are the methods by which website design helps in Branding activity:-

1) Color:- The choice of a good color palette is a very important part of website as it does not only indicate on the aesthetics but it also stimulates emotions and also hits the subconscious minds of the people to build strong relations. Sometimes an attractive colors of website can divert the attention of the viewers and strengthens your branding activity. So selecting the right color as per your product & service specification is very important.

2) Character:- Does your brand have enough character to stand in the highly competitive market. The answer of these question can only be given by you if your business get enough recognition in the market with your branding effort. A stunning Website of your business helps to give a shape to your brand name. It infuses a sense of professionalism in the eyes of your viewers. Thus ensuring better returns on your investment.

3) Emotion:- Emotion is another most important factor when you design a website for branding purpose. Which emotion you want to highlight through your brand entirely your choice but it should be appealing enough to drive traffic for your business website. Crafting the aesthetics for your website should not be done following the latest trends it should be done on the basis of ideas & emotion that your brand to project.

4) Consistency:- To have a successful brand you need to make it memorable. Consistency throughout your website is important to build a brand image. It is very important that your website projects uniform image throughout your site.

5) Size and position of the Logo:- It is a accepted norm to keep the logo in the upper left area of the page. The best way is to keep the logo in the site home page. Thus it will give a clear idea to the viewers that on what they are viewing.

Thus in this way a website can create a brand image of a company in the market. If the above process are maintained properly then it will sure fetch result for your business. That is the main reason why most of the brands today are concentrating on building a brand image by developing a stunning website for their business. So to get more you need to attach more of your clients towards your business.

Importance of Designing a website for your Music brand

Importance Of Designing A Website For Your Music Brand

Website has become an integral part of business promotion for all industry so music industry is not the exception. Not only website helps to give you a professional outlook at the same time it will provide you a platform to promote your music talent worldwide. You can put an attractive banner for song sale. Anytime you can choose any color which suits your brand. You can also perform multiple task to promote your music brand online.

So lets see what are the importance of a website design for your music brand.

1) Selling Your own product:-This is the most common things which musicians do to make money from their website selling the product which you personally make and provide. Any music you made is a product because always a tangible things can be a product is not that. Intangible things can also be a product.

Actually it depends on the nature of thing you are producing. Your fans can make a digital downloads of their songs, CD s you press up and Vinyl which you make for. Other products which you could offer is merchandise like t-shirts , posters, magnets which can endorse your brand in front of your target audience.

The more good value and quality products you offer to your client greater is the chances is there for increase sales. You can also place any coupon offer using your website to grab more customers for your singing event. You can sell your music equipment at a very high price using website polling approach to market your brand or any stage show which you want to promote. You have the freedom in your website to promote your own music album online to increase your awareness and can attach a form along with it to increase the chances of lead conversion.

2) Selling Affiliate product to fans:- One of the things which most of the musicians don’t do is to monetize their audience using affiliate products.

An affiliate product is a product which actually belongs to some one else. Actually they make it , ship it and deal with any customer service issue attached with that sale. You just simply need to refer people into that product and when they buy it you receive a percentage of that sale.

Now the million dollar question is that why they will give you the share of their profit percentage of sale to you? The answer is that if you have huge fan base then due to your popularity they will enjoy a good margin of profit so if they can get business from you they will be ready to pay you for the same.

Fans of yours always search for their daily need products online here and there and if they see that your site is referring top a particular brand product then they will be interested to buy from their site and you will get the scope of earning more from your own fan base.

These are the reasons why website design is important for your brand

Useful tips for designing successful conversational UX and Chatbot


Of late we can see that conversational UX design has become the trend of web design world. Conversational UX signifies to the user experience which the user interaction with the company, or service, based on prior user behavior. I don’t mean literal interaction or conversation, the word refers to the back and forth communication where both the seller and the customer understand each other. The automated interaction with the company or customized service on through web app.

Web designers task is to address the requirement of the users and which requires information and conversational design has made this easier and is value driven. All the designers in order to improve their experience needed information from the audience of various fields and the interaction were the main hindrance which resulted in the distinct drop in user engagement.

The conversational UX design that’s a great tool for the required information.

Take a look at few conversational UI tips
Specifically conversational UI deals with the design elements that helps the users to give more information. Some of the most important elements are:

Avoiding indeterminate questions rather give some assistance to get the type of answers you are looking for. You can also provide some options to answers.
Don’t try to merge up multiple details in one sentence to get a specific answer.

If you don’ get a valid answer you must explain the reason for it and state the expected answer again.

Users are like customers in your store they might give wrong answers several times but you have to give the reason what went wrong.

In a chat interaction gets timed-out but this is not the scenario in case of conversational design as the bit should be prepared to provide the obvious answers while responding to the user.

Now let’s discuss some points that can make this design efficacious

Identifying the basic
A conversation always develops step by step likewise you should focus on the basic piece of information from the users. As per most of the web interfaces, you can start with the location, requirements and most importantly the contact details. These are basics.

Think from user perspective
You require the answer from the user in the first place is for getting the information. So the conversational screen should start with the addressing the users’ need. After the user is sorted with the specific requirement through the contextual question and then proceed with depth in the user interested field.

Test the design
After the completion of the process, it’s imperative to check the system with the real users a few times. The pitfalls can be restructured. And knowing the trouble to the points where the user is getting confused will help to update the process and better the experience.

Why do you need a full-stack web designer in your design firm

web designer

Let’s first know what is a full-stack designer?

Previously it was simple as there was a clear distinction between the two aspects designing and development. But at present, the two seems to be mingling to a certain aspect. It’s actually not very difficult to find developers with sound knowledge of UX as well. To suit to the demand of the industry and we trying to acquire more prowess in the industry, we are making ourselves more resourceful. Now the criteria have completely changed like when we want a designer we expect him to be knowing designing with some coding or may be designing with complete coding to handle the web design and development both. The industry in getting filled with renaissance resource that we need to run the entire project.

Having better skills is quite beneficial for the concerns that employ these resources. The employer gets an added advantage as he gets employees who can even support people out of his area of focus. This means even keeping smaller teams the employer can get a good grip on the complete projects. There are innumerable advantages in having extended knowledge and skill and the best part is you get to learn more.

Why are full-stack web designers important?

Full-stack anything is an extra merit in itself. It requires more effort and time to enrich professionally moreover out of the genre. So what do you need to become a full-stack web designer is important? Mainly it’s adding a feather to your cap. Specifically, web designers are the who specialize in research, building wireframes, skilled UX, UI patterns and culminating to smart websites and apps. Being a full-stack means shaping the complete project and its goal in the very basic phase while minding the limitations designing and development steps may include. A skilled person that can manage the complete process understanding of the conception and uses the experience to guide through the process consistently.

Enhancing your skill set and knowledge to grow to a full-stack is a great benefit for a team and a real necessity for a freelancer. Rather it becomes an enjoyable experience for you to learn extra skills extending the area of focus, these days. You can be an asset for any company that hires you. As you are adept at managing the complete thing. You can easily guide a team and the knowledge sharing even interests the other teammates to work and knowledge gaining. When you become professionally strong in managing the process with the experience you become uniquely valuable.

A few years ago getting a full-stack resource was rare and now most of the companies want it more. Though it’s up to you in which of the aspect you decide to be more inclined without neglecting the other. For the designers, it’s all about knowing the code and becoming acquainted with techniques of UX designs.

Tips for UI design that can be implemented for every website design

website design

Now it’s not a big deal to get a designer to get your web project done. But, getting a professional for creating a good UI design who is well acquainted with latest developments is still an uphill struggle. If you want don’t want to land into this debate then you can update yourself with the latest updates in this field which will help you to gain projects as well. Being familiar with best processes to follow for user interface design will give you a prioritization than the other contenders.

Some of the techniques that are used in UI design process and we will done that with enlightening some misconceptions about the UI process.

Realize UI has a part in UX
Very often words have been used incorrectly, though UI plays a significant part in UX the later one much broader scope in terms of designing. This in no way means that UI is unimportant as you might know that it can make or break a website and even an app. UX designers require using some of the complex factors like interaction and architecture, making of proper taxonomies, copy writing, collaborative work with programmers and more. So, the as a whole the design process in entire experience. For creating a remarkable interface the UI expert has to work on the basis of user experience which includes finding the problem that a user can face to solved, how the payment gateway can be made simpler and knowing the key products. Preferably major work on UI design begins after getting access to all the details mentioned and then mockups are created, analyzed and approved by the UX designers and then the products can be launched unhindered.

Information about the target audience
It mustn’t be a surprise that the users are of utmost importance and you must know the required insights to create the flawless interface. If you are planning to make a product website live then you must know the target audience, what will they want to know and features that will make them stay on the web page. You must have a clear idea of what will keep the viewers engaged in the website how the complete process can be made simpler for them. You nay check the top competitors for some ideas like the color or the theme will help to inspire the creative process. Use the layout or pattern that will easy for the users to scroll through the website

Simple and Consistent
It can be said that a trademark of a good interface is simplicity. But that doesn’t mean implementing some buttons with animations without any justification here and there. Here simple means the layout that will be easy for the user to interact with. The navigation layout made easy can help the visitors to go through the other pages too and as UI designer it’s your job to guide them.

So, the mentioned points are essential to create great UI design and of course, there are web design agencies that have experts that are also experienced to do the entire process meticulously.

How to optimize your business website to make it Mobile Friendly?

Business Website

Pondering why are you losing on a major amount of traffic for your business website? Do you have all the features on your website should have? Perhaps, you are missing on something that is responsible for the situation. Check whether your website is responsive or not and if your answer is no, then shifting to a responsive design can help you immensely is earning more visitors and sales.

Responsive design will make your business website perfect for displaying on all mobile devices. This will greatly enhance the web traffic as most of the people search on the smartphones, laptop or on other mobile devices 60% more.

Let us check three components of responsive business website design:

Fluid Grids
It is a provision or arrangement of content missing the certain width that is comprised of mingling vertical and horizontal lines. This grid is implemented to structure the text on the website in a guessable and consistent manner through managing the size and moving the elements found in it.

Flexible images:
Any content or displayed media that can be adjusted or tailored so that it can have the size that is optimum for the user’s screen. Commonly these are the pictures or images that are found in the flexible grid. And it is maximum wide CSS rule implemented at 100%. That is, if I speak non-technically then this feature helps the images from extending more than the grids in that are displayed at the same time making the images available for resizing without compromising with its aspect ratio. This helps in reducing the image loading time as it supports to compress the images when seen on smaller screens or mobile devices.

Media queries:
The CSS3 standard or module decides how the styles in the media features are implemented. Various styles are employed as per the number of the device particular qualities like the screen length, width, and orientation. This is like the foundation of the design that we know as a responsive web design:.

With the rapidly rising stats of user using mobile devices for searching is showing the implication of responsive design still gaining far more significance in the coming years. The most benefiting point is it’s lucrative to have such a design that has a format that is the perfect display for all the bigger and smaller devices instead of using many version of the design. So what do you think, will it be benefiting or not?