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Necessary Elements of a Great Website


A website’s purpose is not just providing business information to the customers. A useful website is a sort of digital medium of communication where a seller displays his products or services, and a customer purchases the necessary things going with the impression that the website makes. A good website is an investment which enhances business opportunities by engaging customers’ attention. On the other hand, an ineffective website is nothing but a waste of money as it fails to drag the attention and interest of the customers. To make a site more active, the presence of certain elements are essential, which are-

Perfect Homepage: A customer spends a maximum of ten seconds on a website and takes a quick decision based on the impression that the homepage crates. So, a homepage must be clear and concise with its objective, description, logo, and tagline. Since the customers take an immediate decision, the website should provide all the essential information without leaving anything to imagination or assumption.

About us page: This page is, especially for the small businesses or new startups. This page will let the customers about what the market is all about, its goals, company philosophy, success stories, user testimonials, etc. However, this page should not include long paragraphs and lengthy information as they can make the customers bored and uninterested.

Navigation: A webpage with good navigation helps the search engines in proper indexing of the website. Navigation tools help a customer to know at which position he or she is present at the moment. Navigation tools and menus must not be complicated and challenging to use or understand. A website following silo architecture helps to organize the web pages in better sections.

Contact Details: A good website’s goal is to enhance the customer number. Therefore, it must provide sufficient contact details, such as a physical address, phone numbers, email address, nearby store location, etc. If a customer is impressed by the products or services, he or she will try to establish a communication with the providers. So all the information mentioned above is vital for the business.

Social media links: Since people now spend much time on social media, it is an excellent opportunity to promote business in those media. A website must consist of links directing to the Facebook or Instagram pages of the company. A satisfied customer can quickly write a review in those pages or share the services offered by the company on his or her account. It will generate the interest of other social media account holders as well. However, a Social media page must be updated frequently; otherwise, the customers will assume that the company has no interest to promote its own business.

Proper Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps the essential feature that a website must possess to reach more and more customers. A website without the proper SEO is challenging to find on the internet, as the search engines follow an algorithm to create a sequential directory of the expected search results. Thus, the right practice of SEO can help to earn much money by placing the company website in the leading positions of the search results. So, while creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, the topmost focus will be the SEO.

Mobile friendly layout: According to researches, sixty percent of the online searches are conducted from smartphones. It means that a website without a mobile-friendly plan may lose a significant number of potential customers. Reasons being dissatisfaction, unable to find the call to action, branding, optimized product images, search boxes, etc.

Graphic Design: A website having dull color schemes and common visual elements may fail to attract customers. Having the right color schemes, the use of appropriate fonts, alignment, bold headings, bright or contrasting background colors matching the theme, etc. are necessary for a good website. Excellent quality illustrations and animations are also essential to add charm to the site.

Search option: The customers visiting the website frequently, may want to find old products or services or want to know the discount rate of the last season’s sale. So the search options bar is essential for them for the constant search. The search option bar with the magnifying glass button is generally placed at the top right corner as it is easy to find there.

Images and Videos: Both the images and videos can create a more powerful impact on the customers than the boring articles and paragraphs describing the products. Videos present the actual size, color, and accessibility of the products or services while high-resolution images create an everlasting visual pleasure in the customer’s mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The product description on the homepage may not satisfy the customers all the time. Sometimes, they want to know more. A page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be helpful to answer the customers’ all queries, creating a better understanding of the products and services.

Make a grand online presence with spectacular designing and development

Web Design and Development

To market your business online it is obvious that your website needs to have a great design. That too, in terms of technicality and user experience. Digital world and it’s requirements keep on changing along with changing trends. Not only the designing the web development part also needs to be greatly done. Coding for website decides the loading speed substantially, which is a most significant factor to get visitors launched on your website. Long and long site loading will just make the audience close your website and move on to the next. Like CSS, PHP and HTML are the very fundamental programming languages and HTML allows you the maximum liberty to design and develop your website with every small technical detailing. Though, you can find many sites using Java and is the most popular one, as it has several modules that facilitates web development and can be developed on any platform.

Simple open platforms like, WordPress can help you out to create your website even if you lack the technical skills. Still, it is not wrong to say, that taking the help of a website development company can shape out things better. This is a content management system (CMS) that makes the website designing and development very convenient as you don’t need to know programming languages like HTML as the other CMS do.

Availability of various plugins will support you to get the appearance for your business website. All these plugins are free and can be installed anytime. The scripts has options for suiting templates, where some are payable and others are free. Even if you want to create a blog for portraying your writing flare its the best platform you can opt for. Of course you have other options like blogger, Tumblr, Hubpages, Medium, Live Journal and more.

Web designing and development are both interlinked. You are the one you have to convey the business motive and the target audience to the designer. Experts from a web design company will enlighten and flare their magic of creativity to get you the most user-friendly website. Creating the layout and deciding the factors that are needed to be emphasized are important. Here are some of the factors that can make your website popular for the visitors:

Dual tone Layout:
Dual tone looks soothing and requires a grayscale image with another non-black color. Hero images in this concept can be effectual for creating a neat design and consistency.

Complete screen sign-up:
Conventional pop-ups are already done. Do a makeover with full-screen sign-up. Instead of interrupting in between the interesting point of the content full-screen completely drags it down and little scrolling can give you the complete view.

Continuous Chat Support:
Chatting adds personalization and responding to the customer can help the customer to get the solution in the form of the services or product you are offering.

Product explaining animation or videos:
These are already around since sometime and will continue to be, by acquiring more significance. These should be a smaller one like 90 minutes video, not a bigger one. Animations explaining the products and services can be even more effective.