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Potential Impact Of The Coronavirus – #Pandemic

Potential Impact Of The Coronavirus

Right from the moment the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 or the Coronavirus outbreak as the global Pandemic, every sector has shaken its core existence. Even when we write this article here, few new cases are being reported in some parts of the world. So, experts suggest that also as China will recover from the bouts of this malignancy, the effects will still extend to the global plethora even in the next quarters, thereby creating more significant damage than imagined.

With every day marking a rise in the affected and the death tolls, the threat of the global Pandemic has given spillovers to every sector, and the downside risk will take a lot of time to recover. According to the chief economist of J.P. Morgan, Bruce Kasman, the global GDP growth will see a massive stall, which is the first of its kind outside a recession.

Material Disruption to the First Quarter of the Year

According to economists, the Federal Reserve is expected to ease 25 more basis points in their March Session in addition to the emergency reserves of 50 basis points cut in the first week of March. There is a 50% chance, though that the entire economy will return to their original belts. The good news is that by the end of 2020, there will be potential growth in the different aspects of the central banks globally, thereby easing the market to a greater extent. So, if the growing concerns of COVID-19 could be curbed down on time, at least 13 out of 22 sectors could emerge further with ease.

It won’t be wrong to state that the outbreak has impacted the economy brutally, and will continue its splurge further, especially for the markets of business and travel. Most effects that are seen on the airlines, airports, and the cruise industry while traveling internationally or even otherwise, are getting restricted increasingly.

Restrictions of Travelling of the U.S. Travelling

Considering the massive outbreak of the COVID-19, the Government of the USA has implemented strict traveling restrictions to contain the same within their borders. Foreigners are also temporarily denied entry in the country if they have visited China within the 14 days before visiting the country. Also, the citizens who have recently visited the Hubei Province of China and Iran within the last two weeks will be sent for a mandatory quarantine of 14 days.

Many airlines have suspended their flights to China, along with restricted flights to Japan and South Korea. The U.S. State Advisory Department has sent in travel advisory levels for the countries, including China, Italy, and specific regions of South Korea. The virus will be affecting the Revenue Per Available Seat Mile (RASM) in the first quarter of the year, and maybe the remainder of the year. It will not be unlikely that the cheaper fuel prices will still encourage travel and offset the losses incurred later.

Particularly after the first fatality reported in February, the Transatlantic and Pacific Capacity toppled down to a great extent considering the reluctance of people to travel anymore during the time of Pandemic, thereby resorting to hibernation. This has given the experts an assumption that Travel and Tourism of the USA will be impacted drastically in the coming days. This has impacted every aspect of the flights, even the frequent fliers, and has curbed down a substantial amount fo profit that otherwise proved to be fruitful for the economy.

The COVID-19 has impacted the major international airlines more than the domestic ones. As previously explained, the majority of international flights are either suspended or restricted. So, going forward, if the fatality rate of the local carriers rises, then these profit margins will be prone to more risk. Officials have already reported a decline of almost 100% flights catering to the demands of flying to and from China. This included about 75% decline to the entire TransPacific transaction. Apart from the major airlines, all other smaller airlines have suspended their flights and started providing travel waivers to their passengers already. They are also extending support towards allowing customers to travel further by changing flights without charging a fee.

SARS and MERS Outbreak Taught Valuable Lessons

The outbreaks of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2015 and the SARS in the year 2003 before the Coronavirus outbreak have already slowed down flying. However, the severity of the cases was found to be more impactful in the case of the SARS outbreak. It was a case where the maximum amount of traveling was cut down due to the risk of the national epidemic.

During the peak outbreak period of the SARS during March – April 203, the share prices of all the airline companies had seen a steep downslide, especially for all the Asian airlines and airports. According to the findings of the International Air Transport Association, Asian Airlines saw a significant downfall of 8% on their overall businesses that year. However, after the threat deteriorated by the end of the year, these airlines bounced back to business. They saw a massive recovery resulting in 37% growth, which was in line with the MSCI Asia that reported an increase of 38%, while the airports saw business for a whopping 51%. A similar scenario was observed from June through December 2015, where Asian Airlines and Airports reported a decline of 25% and 14%, respectively.

The Current Scenario

Following the massive outbreak of the virus in January 2020, flights and traveling have seen a tremendous downfall so far. Hundreds and thousands of flights were canceled so now, and the number is taking a steep rise every single day. Most of the international airlines are taking measures to suspend their trips to China for the next three to four months, while the European airlines are also following suit. The flight suspension is not only restricted to China but has also impacted the travel economy of Italy, South Korea, Japan, and Iran, thereby putting the entire situation in a dilemma.

Following the outbreak, the New Year already saw a massive drop in the number of air passengers. The Chinese authorities were also forced to suspend group travels as the air passenger traffic continued to drop dramatically, thereby making the figures to be 47% less than that of the previous year in a given month during the holiday period.

The continental belt of Europe is not far behind, with the Frankfurt Airport being exposed to the maximum number of exposure from China and Asia. Frankfurt Airport is the primary hub of the Asian domicile, has attracted more than 10% air traffic that includes around 4% population from China and Hong Kong. All the other airports are also impacted severely and reported to approximately 6.4% losses by now.

The Global Outlook

The advent of 2020 has practically shaken the global economy with the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, given that China plays a critical role in the global economic model. The country now accounts for 17% of the Global GDP. Although economists think that the shock could lead to a more significant impact on the global economy. At a time when fear factor plays a pivotal role in restricting mobility, sectors like entertainment, catering, offline retail sales, transportation, and tourism will be the most adversely affected by the outbreak.

The forecast for quick recovery still lies in vain as the calculated industrial activities have not been able to recover as forecasted. However, normalization is expected to resume with the first week of April with Q2 ready to bounce back and offset the loss of Q1 completely.

While the Coronavirus has compulsively proved to be an unexpected demand shock for the first quarter of the year, it will also be showing the trait of a notable supply shock for a prolonged period with factory shutdowns all around the world. The first-quarter GDP was previously forecasted to be at 6.3% growth, which is now revised to a contraction of 3.9%. However, economists are hopeful for having a more robust rebound in quarter two with a crackling 14.6% quarter-over-quarter adjusted growth. This would see the much-anticipated yearly growth of 5.2%. However, the same was 5.4% in the previous year. This, however, does not deny the potential negative impacts on health and other associated risks.

The Real Crisis

Without denial of the effects of the ongoing scenario, it will not be wrong to presume that even if the Pandemic seizes, its effects will be seen for a more extended period in the global scene. While the overall GDP of the world is expected to contract by 0.8% in the first quarter, the entire yearly GDP is expected to grow by 1.4% with a rebound of 2.25% in the second quarter.

So, it can clearly be stated that given the uncertainties of contagion, the pace of work might get hampered, but is expected to make a sizeable rebound by the end of the year. The markets are expecting an excessive recession risk and will take some time to stabilize themselves from this worst drawdown of the past 20 years.

Single Page Web Design: Trends, Tips & Advice

Single Page Web Design: Trends, Tips & Advice

A lot has already been debated over single-page web designs vs. Multiple-pages. However, let us assure you that many websites work perfectly well with single-page designs. Most of these projects involve a lot of company websites, landing pages, product pages, and portfolio websites.

Every brand representative wants a website that may have little content but clear navigation and strong branding. And, that is precisely how you would wish to your website to be. As a business owner, you have always worked for providing the best experience to your users, and So, let us delve deeper and understand what it takes to create a massive impact with a single page web design. Our aim here is to cover every design trend, tip, and give you ideas on what web design is.

Auto-Scrolling Nav Links

An automatic scrolling navbar is the most used characteristic feature of single-page designs. Here, when you click on the link, it will be automatically redirected to the particular section of the page. This feature works totally like a regular navigation menu. However, it differs from the concepts of a custom animation scroll effect in the other web design services that can provide the users with a fantastic experience.

Using this option, you can ensure that the page sections take minimal loading time and navigation gets extremely easy to decipher. That is the principle that you need to follow while designing an auto-scrolling nav effect. You can look for tutorials on how to design a web page for further ideas. But before that, you need to check for the Critical SEO Checklist Items for Website Design & Development to understand the concept in a better way.

Side Navigation Labels

While with a single-page website, you want to keep things simple and easy, you might also not want to do away with your creative inputs. And, that is precisely when you design a vertical navigation option rather than getting it fixed on top of the web design page.

Such a navbar will still work as a typical navbar, but it would look a little out of the box and be more comfortable to access in the given space, however, if your website has a lot of text content or needs to handle a lot of smaller screens with the same menu. There are tremendous benefits of a responsive website. In that case, you need to opt for mobile-friendly sensitive web design menu techniques. Irrespective of everything else, this menu option looks pretty sleek and saves a lot of room.

Portfolio Layout Ideas

Let us make you aware of the fact that you have to keep a lot in mind while designing a portfolio site. This is the place where you get to showcase your work and creativity. All of your past projects are highlighted in this one page and speak volumes about you.

So, even though all portfolio sites cannot be fit in a single page, it would always be a great idea to incorporate minimalistic design sense. It will not only be clean and straightforward but also give the users a fantastic experience to look at. All you need to do is find the web design sites that can provide you with designs to fit your portfolio perfectly well, and you will be good to go.

Addition Of CTAs For Sales Pages

CTAs work well for pages that sell a product or digital course. Such a design would hold good in case of a landing page where that is the only page your user might see, totally like a single-page design. Encouraging conversions is the biggest reason for creating such pages. Such transformations can be achieved from adding options, including an email submission, purchase, or even a sign-up. It depends solely on your requirements.

Most of the fantastic CTA designing involves the use of excellent font choices, colors, position, and size. These will bound to get people clicking on the link at first glance. As long as you achieve your goals, you are on the correct path. One of the most vital signs of a great web design agency is that they would be aware of this.

On-Scroll Page Animations

Now, before you start apprehending that an on-scroll animation is the same as nav animation, let is burst your bubble. An on-scroll animation is a category on its own and is a pretty amazing effect. Here you can add page elements that can provide self-animation impacts throughout the entire page while scrolling. The idea is to add dynamic features and make the page look interactive.

The biggest misconception that you may have about this option and other Web Design Trends is that it would radically change the page’s intent or behavior. It is, however, an aesthetic trend that makes everything look more straightforward and more comfortable. Also, this option is not feasible for every page. You can easily incorporate this idea into pages with lesser content that can be moved while you scroll through the same.

Splitting The Page Into Sections

Segmenting your content through a single-page navigation layout only entails better user-connectivity. You can always break up the page into sections by using dividers, icons, header styles, background colors, and everything else that suits your requirement. This only helps the users to understand your content faster and without any difficulty.

Page sections are all about color and design coordinations alongside the page detailings. It might look tricky to achieve in the first go; however, the more you practice design mocks, the more perfect you will get with your craft. You can try this technique with pretty much every page to enhance your creative horizon. This only matter that plays a pivotal role in this aspect is your ability and willingness to explore with experiments.

Parallax Single-Page Trends

If you are an avid web designer, we won’t be surprised if you already knew about parallax scrolling or came across a varied range of websites that have used the parallax techniques continuously. These days, such a scale of the design is quite familiar with a diverse range of sites.

However, the only reason that we would not recommend you make use of the technique is that they are used too commonly these days, and the majority of the websites delve too deep with the whole idea. So, even if you decide upon having such a website, you can always set up the same in a single page design layout.

Today, a lot of free parallax plugins are available online, which might help you achieve your goals. With these plugins, you can create your illusion of movement on the website. You can use a combination of fixed and dynamic elements, including pictures and micro-interaction, to the actions of the mouse. Although the last option may be the most difficult to create, with practice, you will easily be able to get what you are looking for.

Despite all odds, you need to be clear about the fact that animated parallax feature does not exclusively use single page design as there may be other websites involved. You can, however, use an animated parallax feature with a solid amalgamation of a fixed background, to create a different and weird motion effect as the user moves through the content.

Therefore, irrespective of what you have in mind, you can always find a wide range of varieties in terms of headers, content, images in the different creative marketing ideas attached to the overall user interface of the single page web design. It will be a great idea if it blends with your project well.

The Final Words

Being a part of a reputed website design company, we have compiled the trends as mentioned earlier and techniques that we have come across during our tenure of designing single-page layouts. However, the information posted above is not the ultimate holy grail for the process. If you have an open mind and are ready to experiment with different trends, we are sure you will come across several other trending techniques to make your website the most amazing one.

Remember, no two websites must look-alike, or precisely similar. So, you will have a lot of scope for experimenting. So, you have all the creativity and space for studying the different single-page designs matching your taste and merging all of them to create a wholly new and version of fantastic website design.

Are you looking for an amazingly single-page website designed by experts? Are you trying to figure out how to find the best web design and development services? What are you waiting for? Feel free to connect to the professionals right away!

6 Branding Tips to Help Create A Rock-Solid Brand

Branding tips

Let’s get real! 2020 is the age of tremendous digitization, and it is only your online presence that makes a helluva difference in the minds of your onlookers. The whole idea revolves around how secure is your brand, and what steps are you taking to build your brand shine out.

Sadly, not many of us aware of the small Personal Branding Tips that go out to make a lot of difference when it comes to creating that massive impact in the minds of your audience. While everyone wants to go out there and make it big, not many know the tips and tricks of survival and standing out right there.

What is your version of you to the world?

It won’t be wrong to accept that all of us have probably Googled ourselves sometime or the other to see what does it exactly look like? Have you too done that? What did you find? Well, if not Google, look around and see what do your social media posts, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram speak about you?

Do you have a website for your business? Do you share the moments of your life with the world? Are you sharing unique stories and moments with the world, or are you acting like some World Leader of your industry?

The Biggest Question: What mark are you making for yourself in the industry?

Online presence makes a significant impact in creating a buzz for you in the industry. It is not every day that you get to develop impactful impressions in the minds of your potential employers, employees, clients, and associates.

A strong personal brand goes a long way in improving career prospects for everyone, despite the size of your business. And, this is, by far, the first of the many branding tips for a small business which experts suggest.

You can be a strong brand

The most significant notion that we have while speaking about brands is that maybe only Apple Inc. Or McDonald’s is a brand, and the rest are not. However, every entity running across the different industries is a brand, and can equally make its presence felt if they follow the right personal branding strategies tips and examples.

Branding is a vast concept. If you look at it in the right direction, you will understand that just like any other business branding, personal branding also plays a significant role in making a substantial impact on your personal growth. It is, actually, quite easy to get there for you if you follow the right tips on branding your business.

Watch Out for the Trends

When we talk about the different branding strategies and trends, what we mostly forget is that there is no shortcut to success. However, it is the right combination of the different calculated steps and techniques that go a long way in building that strong impact and brand value. So, as market experts, we bring to you some of the proven methods to watch out for a while you look ahead to create a rock-solid brand for your business.

  • Personalization Of Your Brand

It will not be incorrect to state that more than the products, people relate to the faces representing the same. The whole idea of Logo and branding is based on this concept of personalization. To build authentic relationships with your clients, you need first to create a sense of trust and personal touch. So, if your clients can relate to your brand alongside having a personalized bit, they will be interested in your products and services. Always remember, you need to focus on building strong relationships with your customers rather than trying to sell your offerings for the first, and maybe, the last time.

Creating a strong brand personality is something that you need to focus on. Make sure that you have a unique voice that represents the core of your values. This will allow all your clients and associates to make a secure connection through human interaction of the sorts.

Today, businesses have already automated their process to incorporate chatbots. However, this chatbot automation cannot be predominant in the industry. Some amount of human interaction is exceptionally essential.

  • Using immersive technology such as chatbots

Chatbots are the modes of technology that are redefining the ways businesses work and interact with the customers. Even though it will be wrong to say that this trend is entirely new for the world, however, the fact that it is one of the most pivotal tools of marketing cannot be denied altogether.

Just like the use of various physical corporate stationery items that enhance the visibility of your brand, these immersive technological aspects also make sure that your brand and trademark get a massive recognition on the digital platform. Conversational marketing is the talk of the time. You need to know its use well.

  • The Strategies of Other Online Communities

Pay close attention to what other online communities are following in terms of creating the best-in-class strategies of your own. These forums are incredibly crucial in paving ways for you to make a mark for your brand across different communities. Here, as the consumers from different sectors involved in discussions of various brands, a well-designed logo of your brand will certainly get noticed. This strategy will not only fuel your branding strategies but also ensure that you emerge on top of your game.

Irrespective of what discussion you involve in, always make sure that you do not go over-board with your considerations in these communities. Your customers should feel valued at every stage and should not feel intimidated by your ideas. This way, they will quickly get inclined and connected to your brand.

  • Enhancing Brand Loyalty Through Customer Engagement

Make it a point to keep your customers on loop every second. Fantastic customer care services go a long way. This is by far the best strategy that anyone can adopt. Irrespective of the time the customer calls you for a particular help, make it a point to reach out to their assistance immediately.

When your customers get the required assistance from you at their time of need, they will surely show signs of loyalty. Exceptional customer experience goes a longer way than giving gifts and perks from time to time. That has to be something that you differentiate you from your fellow rivals, and 2020 is undoubtedly going to be the year that will change the entire ball-game of businesses with this strategy.

  • Having a Social Conscience

One aspect that you need to keep in mind is that the market is extraordinarily temporal and volatile. As fast as strategies are formulated and come into existence, they also get abandoned in no time at all. However, one aspect that remains significantly constant is your social conscience.

A lot has already been spoken to about the corporate social responsibilities of companies. Consumers also play a pivotal part in fueling these emotions as they rightfully believe in connecting with organizations that have the same values as the ones they follow. They want to get involved with the companies that care about the ongoing inclusions, opportunities, diversities, intentions, and environment.

These brands always demonstrate how much they value people as profits to enhance their loyalty and trust factors. If you follow this strategy of the multinational brand, you will not only solve the most significant issues of the society but also connect with the maximum number of potential customers.

  • Enhance Your Mobile User Interaction

Mobile user interaction is in trend for quite some time now. If you do not embrace this technology, you will fall behind in competition in no time at all. It is a high possibility that even this article is being read on mobile devices by the readers. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, or can synchronize well will a cellular phone, there are high chances that you will lose out in the competition.

As the future would most likely depend on email marketing for targeting the prospective client base, it becomes extremely crucial for you to create content that can easily fit into the smaller size of a mobile phone. Try to curate quality content, rather than bombarding your audience with quantity. This way, you will be able to hold on to a more substantial customer base without much difficulty.

The Parting Note

Today, branding and Rebranding is a different ball-game altogether. It requires a complete overhaul of the strategies which are no longer similar to the traditional methods. So, whenever you curate an approach that is more appealing and engaging to your consumers in the modern-day scenario, they will surely find interest in connecting with you at different levels.

It would be best if you learned most about these branding trends to make sure that you are hitting the right chord. It is only then that you will be able to get the much-required boost to your brand marketing strategies and give you the much-required recognition in no time at all.

How To Identify Long Tail Keywords for SEO Success?

How To Identify Long Tail Keywords

Let’s get straight to the point. The success of an effective SEO strategy lies a lot in focusing on long-tail keywords. It would not be incorrect to state that such keywords practically become the foundation of Search Engine Optimisation. Going by the latest data, nearly 70% of the web-search results are based on the utilization of such keywords.

You might not have realized their importance up until now as we bring you factual proof about the importance of these key-phrases. Put, long-tail keywords account for the massive traffic generation that your website sees. Call them the holy grail of SEO, they are here for what they are; and that is, the basis of what Digital Marketing stands for. Let us now classify the identity of such vital aspects, and why at all they are so very essential.

Outranking Competition becomes Easier:

As per the latest reports of a New York-based survey agency, the on-page optimization results with long-tail keywords were much more impactful than the ones with single-word head terms. Well, any layman will be able to understand the importance that such keywords have held here. And, with better-optimized posts, you will be at the liberty of gaining traction amongst your fellow rivals. With more refined keyword queries, you can also tighten your niche and make smarter and calculative SEO speculation.

Defining Practical Internet Search:

Ask yourself, why are you even searching up on Google for a piece of particular information. Isn’t it because you always want to hit the right triggers and end up with the most hard-hitting facts? Who would want to beat around the bush with something that isn’t even relevant to what they want? This is when long term keywords help. Honestly, that is how people look for a specific something on the internet. They add as many points as they can to assure that the search results redirect to precisely what they might be looking for. So, as a savvy gadget freak, you might not want to look for “a Samsung phone,” in fact, you would instead look for the “price and specifications of Samsung S9” if you wish to get absolute results. That is just one example, though. Many other instances indicate what clients are looking for in practical searches every day.

Adding Context to the Content:

The latest Humming update of 2017 has indicated Google’s fondness for researches based on context. And, nothing much has changed in 2020 either. Today, the refined search results on the SERPs have given a tremendous boost that the well-structured Algorithm that Google works on focuses a lot on context and clarity of thought. Long-tail keywords certainly help a lot. So, it would help if you also put them to as much use as you can. Simple!

Gaining better Conversion Rates:

WordStream, a dedicated survey site, has affirmed that most of the top-rated landing pages have found successful conversions at a rate of 11.46%. This includes conversions from long-tail keywords at a whopping 36%. While this is undoubtedly a fantastic success story, it doesn’t just end there. If you want to elaborate on the success rate of your website, you will find that your average conversion rate stands somewhere between 2-5%, or even less if you have just kickstarted your business.

Now, if you expect the scenario to change overnight by adding just a few long-tail keywords here and there, you are sadly mistaken. It directly doesn’t work like that. Life has no “easy buttons”; what makes you think SEO has? Long-tail keywords will only restructure your CRO funnel and make it stronger. After all, it is more pocket-friendly to look for specific long-tail keywords and writing blogs about them than paying enormous amounts for PPC campaigns. Now, this is something you cannot afford to miss.

Attaining Better Rankings for Single Keywords:

Who isn’t looking to gain higher rankings on the SERPs for their short keywords? If you know what we mean, you will understand that long-tail keywords do precisely the same. These keywords are, in fact, the catalysts for bringing in the rankings for these single keywords, which you might be struggling with so long. Do not believe us? Just go through the SEMRush report of your website after adopting the strategy. You will know what we are talking about. It is not only Neil Patel who claims this, but the same is also being proved time and again by Huffington Post, one of the most significant online bloggers. So, if it is their sure-fire success strategy, why not make it yours?

Fueling Your Blogging Strategy

Without further buildup, let us reiterate – BLOGGING IS THE BEST WAY OF RANKING IN THE SERPS. It is the foundation stone of any dynamic content marketing strategy. However, you need to understand the basic concept of utilizing these keywords in the proper context, and carefully placing them within the body text, title tag, and even the URL. Using these keywords in the headers and images could also help you grab the much-required attention. This, indeed, is a useful tool for optimizing your website. If you think that merely writing a single blog about a specific topic, would be enough to garner the rankings that you might be seeking for so long, we need to burst your bubble here, but you are creating a grave mistake. It would be best if you continued creating content with long-tail keywords.

Building a Stronger Conversion Funnel through Rankings:

What can be a better reason for making more use of long-tail keywords than to build a stronger conversion funnel? Traffic and lead generation is the biggest challenge that digital marketers face today. If you think you are the only one, let us reassure you that as much as 65% of companies are worried about the same issue. The only reason that can be solely held responsible here is the poor strategy adopted for content marketing and the resulting weak conversion funnel. So, long-tail keywords help you in this regard by assisting you in channelizing your conversion rates well.

Parting Note

If you ever had glamorous ideas about how keyword research works, it is time you must think again. If you think about it, keyword research is not beneficial to SEO. The entire foundation of Digital marketing lies on its shoulders. And, regardless of what you plan to do or strategize, it is effective long-tail keyword research that is going to win brownie points for you in the end. So, this is where you need to identify these long-tail keywords and utilize them to benefitting your SEO strategies.

3 Essential Content Promotion Tips to Get Your Content Seen

3 Essential Content Promotion Tips

Okay, here’s the thing! The currently prescribed strategy that we all follow for promoting our brand is writing content at a breakneck pace. It might sound quite a cliché to an outsider, but being into the industry for even a few months teaches you this: Write as many contents as you can, the quality of which may vary from mid to high range. Try to reach out to and infuse as many keywords as you can in those blogs, try to write-off your fellow competitors below the table, and boom – You discover the secret recipe to success! Isn’t it? Honestly, NO! It isn’t what you think!

It may sound too noisy and flimsy, but that is what you need to understand! Cracking content marketing promotion is not as straightforward or diluted as you may think it is. As it turns out, all of the processes described above are ineffectual. Today’s market demands much more than just originality and quality of every content. If you are under the notion that you will bring in the much-required traffic by pushing in more quantity for the content, then it is time we burst your bubble. Such techniques will only bring in a dip in your site’s visibility.

Biggest challenge that content marketers face

In the rat-race of trying to hit it off, you will never understand when you will fall face-down to get diminishing returns with duplicate contents. The biggest challenge that you ever face unknowingly is when multiple blogs challenge each other, fighting for the same keywords. The resultant, you wouldn’t even know, and the ranking of your website takes a massive dip only to fail miserably to climb the ladders of Google again. And, we are sure none of us will like to face that; will we?

Considering the time slack

So, what is the proven way to reach there? Very simple, work smart while your rivals try to work hard to make ends meet! The success rate – 80:20! Sounds good, right? It only looks accessible and achievable as long as you know how to do it. Being a content marketer is not easy. It never was! If you look at it like this, writing a two-hours’ worth of content probably takes the whole day of research to makes sure that it meets the creative aspect that the audience may want to look at. Now, that is an aggressive time-commitment!

Setting Goals and working on them

Your goal should not be to find the most creative ways of writing the content; it must be the most innovative way of promoting the same so that it can hit the right audience at the right time. Finding newer ways of promoting the content is somewhat more helpful than finding more unique aspects of writing the same thing over and over again! However, quantity cannot be dismissed totally. Statistics show that companies that publish more than sixteen unique blog topics on their website in a given month generate 3.5 times better traffic than the ones that publish around four topics at the same time.

So, what are the techniques that you may approach to get a surer rate of success? Let us discuss:

Tip 1: Videos on Social Media platforms are more effective

Let’s get straight to the point. It is a fast-paced world out there. Nobody has the time to read through an entire piece of written work. The only way to project your ideas is to show them in clear and concise video footage. A recent study has already affirmed that around 80% of traffic generated on a particular website on a given day was accounted for video marketing. The figures only increase from here. So, you either adapt to the changing scenario or let the others take advantage of the fact and climb the ladder of success.

Tip 2: Do away with the cliché headlines already

Considering creativity, quality, and of course, competition, it only goes without saying that headlines like “Here is how you should make your website stand out” isn’t an ideal way of generating that impression in the minds of your readers in the first glance. You need to understand that the more creative you can be with the title, without giving away its essence, the better traffic you can generate through the same. Titles such as “5 reasons for considering SEO analytics for your website” make more impact on beating around the bush with the kind of title above. You are putting in more effort in both cases, but your efforts must also be recognized and rewarded. And that, friends, is how you should project smart work!

Tip 3: Paid promotion may help too

Now, you may counter us here that despite plenty of options already available for unpaid marketing, what difference does paid promotion would make? While that is certainly a valid point, setting aside some budget for paid promotions goes a long way if you think about it! Paid promotion is undoubtedly the fastest way of bringing your content to the attention of your readers. And why so? Simple, while you pay for promoting your content out there, you also get the liberty of controlling your audience reach, and setting up a neat and pristine base of your ideal readers.

The parting thoughts

Success is not an overnight magic. So, do not expect instant returns. It might so happen that initially when you start with the promotions with a set strategy, you get to see a different rate of success, which would be devastating enough for you to quit then and there. However, that is just a phase, and that is when you need to stay focused and give your best shot. It is certainly not time to quit!

On the other hand, the same will not hold for a blog that is there in the loop for a more extended period. But, a little more traffic and consequent conversions won’t be harmful, right? While every content marketer out there is trying to make it to the top, many are still struggling to find sure-fire ways of reaching there. So, the only way to reach out to your desired goal is to cut off the slacks and craft your next content more smartly. And, that is how you will reach the pinnacle of success in no time at all!

Is Your Blog in American English Or British English? What is The Difference?

Is Your Blog in American English Or British English

In Present Day, English is a more strength language in the world. Although 70% of countries in this world understand, spoken English language. US English and British English spoken differently, but it is acceptable and understandable by both nations of people.

In the last 500 Odd Years, the English language has changed himself as per country, local languages, pronunciation, punctuation. Britishers reached in America in 16 to 17 Centuries; actually, they established the English language in America. There are lots of countries that have their English word stocks, and they used the local English language as per the follow of British English. In America, India, china, japan, uses the English language, but they spoke English mixture with his local style. As per locations, British and American English have of difference in vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and punctuation. All bloggers know that Content Is King; if you want to get more traffic on your company website, then you must use American English in your article.

You are planning to go to America. If you don’t know American English, Then you will be facing a few problems. You have to know American spoken English for staying in America because there are some fundamental and word differences in American English. American and British speak the same English Language, but it is little difference in writing, but a noticeable difference in spoken. If you are a blogger, then you need lots of audience for your blog. You can Get More Organic Traffic by writing an article in American English Language The following difference are:-

1. Pronunciation:- There are some Quiet different in British English and American English in pronunciation. The main difference is only in pronunciation. Few words are spelled in the same ways, but they pronounced in different syllables. If you want to send your company Brochure Design in a regular newsletter by email, then you need good and meaningful content in the body of your email text. Grammatical-error-free and good pronunciation content and good English can grow your company brand and increase sales.

2. Vocabulary:- In today’s time, American English is probably winning from British English. You can check your American English article by Microsoft’s spell checker. Some words can have different meanings in both countries. As: in British English – “We go on a Holiday” but, in American English “We go on a Vacation”.

Few words meaning are different in British and American English. There is some cultural difference also in both nations like A British can knock his friend’s house in the morning, but similarly, Americans don’t like this act and could not consider. How to Write A Better Bio? By using correct vocabulary, you can write a better bio for your company.

There are some words use in both outcry by different pronunciation:-

British English — American English

  1. Chemist’s – Pharmacy
  2. Dustbin – Trash
  3. Biscuit – Cookie
  4. Garden – Yard
  5. Holiday – Vacation
  6. Flat – Apartment
  7. Lift – Elevator
  8. Petrol – Gasoline
  9. Queue – Line
  10. Torch – Flashlight
  11. Sweets – Candy
  12. Trousers – Pants
  13. Film – Movie
  14. Postcode – Zipcode
  15. Underground – Subway

3. Collective Nouns:- Americans mostly use collective nouns in singular form only while the British use either singular or plural as per the context.

4. Spelling:- There are many common words and spelling differences in British and American English.

Thousands of everyday word spelling in like:-

British English — American English

  1. Colour – Color
  2. Honour – Honor
  3. Organise – Organize
  4. Dialog – Dialogue
  5. Centre – Center
  6. Travelling – Traveling
  7. Licence – License
  8. Programme – Program

5. Dates:- In British English, dates are written like “03/02/20, but in American, English dates are written like “02/03/20. If you are Indian or any country citizen that you must make specific dates difference between the two nations, do not confusing during communication.

6. Auxiliary verbs:- An auxiliary verb is used intense, grammatical functions in sentences. Verbs like “May,” “Can’t, “must” are used both in British and American English.

7. Punctuation:- In American English, punctuation seen through titles such as Dr., Mr., Mrs. spelled sentences, but in British English, this is not common things. A little difference between American and British English, most noticeable in the spoken English form.

8. Past tense verbs:- In American English, past tense verbs end with the last character, ‘t’. Past Tense form example; dream is ‘dreamt,’ learn ‘learnt’ in American English. But in British English past tense verbs are end with the last two-character ‘ed’. Past Tense form Example; dream is ‘dreamed,’ learn is ‘learned’ in British English. Nowadays, a digital marketer needs to Efficiently Marketing Tool to sell your products. Direct mail is the first and essential tool to market your products or services. Always use correct English and fewer grammatical errors in English in your email. Customers like clean and meaning full content. You can use American or British English for your email as per the location of your audience.

Conclusions:- Although in American English and British English have little difference, but in speaking, there are lots of variations. You must know the basic rules of both English. If your article is good in English, and you want to promote your article, you need to install Social Media Sharing Plugins on your website. You Visitor can share your valuable article into social media by using social media plugin.

There is a little bit of difference in writing forms. But there is a change in speaking action and meaning in spoken ways in American English. You can learn American English with a little bit of effort. Or easy to learn British English by knowing a few basics.

How To Choose The Right Font For Your Design

How to Choose a Font

In this digital time, Selecting Good font are essential For text uses of design and your reader. Font can communicate with your client. A right font can send your message and represents behalf of your to your audience. Right fonts promote your text or design and give you lots of traffic for your business. So choosing the best font that can increase your audience.

In this technological era, there are thousands of fonts. Some font is very critical, and some fonts are straightforward, clean, and easy to read. Before selecting a font for your article, you have to confirm the requirements and interests of your client. Your article view depends on the fonts. So be careful before selecting a font, always choose simple and clean fonts that are readable. There are 10 Points for choosing a font:-

1. Branding:- Every brand needs an identity to build its branding. Selecting a clean and attractive font can promote your brand and make a relationship with your customers. You should choose a font that must be unique and memorable. You must select a font that is suitable for all platforms, like website, Promoting materials, and a company brochure. Some tips for choosing a font:-

  • Be recognizable and memorable
  • Be unique and attractive
  • Suitable for all platforms
  • Relate and communicate with your potential audience

2.Copy Length:- Copy Length is used for books, magazines, and newspapers. You can select a more personal typeface for a small copy.

3. Serif vs. Sans:- Serif and sans are two different types of font. Top Serif Fonts used in the printing industry, such as newspapers, books, publishing houses, and also in webpages. It is a more old font than another. Sans serif commonly accepted by general people. It is easy to read a lengthy article or any printing materials by Sans Serif. This typeface is more suitable for us and precise for reading on the web and solid materials like books, newspapers. There is something different between sans and serif. But the difference is very narrow, but you can recognize the difference. Sans font is an evident and readable typeface. But serif font has more design and ornaments. So choose a font that delivers to you a meaningful message and relates to your goal. There are some fonts Designer’s Most Hated & Loved Fonts are :-

Some Serif Typefaces:-

  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Lucida

Some Sans Typeface:-

  • Arial
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana

4. Font Family Size:- If you want to choose a font that you must know which one type of font you need. Some font is members of a super-family, and they have their styles and weights. If you want to change for your particular text, then use the same type of font design for that. You can create a SEO friendly content with help of best font and its sizes.

5. Demographics:- To select the right font, then you need to collect a few data of your targeted audience. You should know interest, age, which services they need, and which type of text they want to read. All are required to select the right font and clear to your targeting goal. Your main goal is to sell or providing information about your services or products by suitable typeface.

You feel that your potential reader is from different ages and different interests. It would be best if you chose simple text and typeface for children readers and attractive and clean fonts for young readers, that is so important you readers read your article or book by his interest and easily.

6. Legibility:- Legibility or reliability is an essential thing for selecting a font. Readability can impress and interact with typeface size, style, color, and tracking. If you are Select a font suitable to the reliability, then you achieve the 40% goal of your target. You must check that your text body is more readable and legible.

For your audience test, you must add eye-catching headlines with your attractive typeface if your article or blog decorated with captions, titles with the use of a suitable font that improves your audience readability.

Typeface For Body Text

  • Vision
  • Bifocals Grotesk
  • Alte Haas Grotesk
  • Roman Serif

Typeface For Display Text

  • Geizer
  • Ridge line 201
  • Konstant Grotesk
  • Eva
  • Terrain

7. Avoid Using Too Similar Fonts:- Suitable for your readers. Do not choose a similar font. If you want two same font, your reader confused, and the text is not readable. Then you may lose your reader.

Use a clean and straightforward typeface for the audience to scan your writing, and avoid 3-4 fonts in the same text or design, use one font or its parts in the same design. Or, if you need new fonts, then use the same typeface with smaller and bigger sizes.

8. Use Safe Typefaces:- The safe font means that in this digital era, almost all news articles we read on the web. The problem is that our digital platform font is a little bit different from each device with Necessary Elements of a Great Website. There are some safe fonts for you.

  1. Arial:- Arial is the most usable san-serif fonts.
  2. Times New Roman:- Times New Roman is a serif font, most used by the newspaper industry.
  3. Courier:- Courier is the old monospace fonts.
  4. Roboto:- Roboto is an also sans-serif font. Google develops it.
  5. Verdana:- Verdana is a web-based simple sans serif fonts.

9. Know 5 Families of Type of Font:- There are five types of font families we use them lots:-

  1. ‘serif’ – (e.g., Times New Roman)
  2. ‘monospace’ – (Ex: Courier)
  3. ‘sans-serif’ – (Ex: Helvetica)
  4. ‘fantasy’ – (Ex: Western)
  5. ‘cursive’ – (Ex: Zapf-Chancery)

10. Golden Rules For Choosing Fonts – ‘There Are No Any Rule’:- There are no golden rules while selecting a typeface for your rich text, and you make your own rules, there are no rules that you can follow to choose a font for your design. There are no right and wrong things that you can believe it that is the rules or any correct definition.

There are no rules, it is only conventions that rules of selecting a font, you are a master and you are the all in one in this matter. as there are no rules about what food we should take or whatnot. You can select the menu as per your body structure. Similarly, you can choose typeface is suitable for your text or design.

Conclusions :- There is no alternative to select a font, you must choose a font by himself as per your requirements. You must do homework before choosing a typeface because you can express your message through fonts to your target clients. fonts can keep your target audience encourage to read your articles.

5 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Powerful Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing

In the present competitive market, only a website is not sufficient to grow your business. You need marketing for your business with a robust digital presence. You also need a digital marketer for making a digital presence of your business. Email marketing is a marketing tool to get more customers.

Email marketing is the use of campaigning of services or products and businesses. We use email marketing to inform our new services, products to our potential customers. In other ways, Email marketing is an Ultimate Marketing Tool to develop a personalized relationship with our prospective clients.

In this digital era, technology changes day by day. The business owner must change himself and well prepared to match with the changing technology day by day. There Are some tips to makes perfect emails for Marketing your Services:-

1. Mobile-Friendly Emails:- When you get an email, which does not display accurately on mobile, then you ignore that email, so Mobile-friendly emails more essential to get more traffic. Here are some tips Makes your email mobile-friendly:-

  1. To write short subject lines for easy to read
  2. To display small images for mobile view
  3. Use a single-column template to better view
  4. Don’t make your call to action an image
  5. Make email under 650 pixels wide
  6. To provide a distinct call to Action Button

2.User Best Subject Line:- There are some catchy Subject lines which you wrote in your email. If you want your customers to open and read email content, then you have to write a unique and eye-catching subject line. There is some point to improve your subject lines.

  1. Self-Interest lines
  2. Curiosity word can be used
  3. Offer or discount in product
  4. Urgency / Scarcity
  5. Humanity subject lines can encourage to open an email
  6. News related subject lines can grow your traffic
  7. Uniquely telling a story in the Subject line.

A unique subject line can encourage you to open your email and read your content. The best subject line grows your potential clients.

3. Create an SEO Friendly Email Content:-  Email marketing is used for engagement and gets more traffic. You need to create SEO friendly content for email marketing to reach your dream goal.

Here are some tips to makes SEO friendly email:-

  • Add keywords to your subject line
  • Add keywords to the content of your email
  • Subheadings with keywords
  • Use alt tags with relevant keywords in your images.
  • Optimize your links and anchor texts for them.

Writing an SEO friendly Email will help you strengthen your email marketing. Seo helpful email content is the need for SEO strategy and email marketing. Effective content marketing can give you more traffic and targeted audience.

4.Segment your emails:- There are some tips to know:-

  1. To segment your email by demographic data. Use customer information like age, gender, income, working knowledge, and interests in sending email to reach services.
  2. Many email marketers run a survey or quiz. Results forget his potential client email address — their many tools to create reviews for your visitors. You can use a Word Press plugin for that. You use this plugin only on Word Press websites.
  3. The old client list is a simple way of targeting your service. You can target your clients by segmenting past purchases.

You can, from today targeting your audience with segmentation strategies.

5. Encourage your potential customer to reply:- Email marketing connects future customers to business owners & generate maximum ROI. The primary purpose of email marketing is to create a lead and encourage them to buy products or services. so always keep in mind some tips:-

  1. Attractive subject lines
  2. An entertaining and distinctive voice
  3. Targeted content

Bonus Tip:

Regularly update your email list:- You can be sending the offer and be creating personalized email to your targeting customers for selling products or services. So update your email regularly. Keep your email clean. If your email has no engaging content or valuable things and you send email again and again, then clients might report your email as spam, so makes email worthwhile. there is some process to email list management:-

  • To Avoiding Spam
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Happier Customers
  • Pay Less For Your Email Service
  • Segmenting your email

An email mailing list is an affordable vehicle for distributing a message to targeting people.

Top 7 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Rank Your Website

Ways To Get More Organic Traffic

In today’s world, just having a business is not always enough. It would help if you had a strong digital presence to make your mark. Once you have a dedicated website for your business, you need a robust customer base. To ensure your success, a steady flow of customers is imperative.

This is where organic traffic comes into play.

Pouring in endless resources into ranking your website might not always help your case. Often, some simple tricks can help you increase the organic traffic for your website.

There are several benefits of high organic traffic :-

1. Write a Blog Regularly: – Blogging is the primary and main source to get lots of organic traffic. If you know how to write good content that relates to the visitor’s mind, you are a winner of the content industry. You receive dozen of organic visitors, and also a large number of visitors come a second time in your blog or website. But when you wrote copy content, poorly written, spammy content, you can lose a significant amount of visitors, so avoid it.

Following some easy tips to improve ranking can make a lot of difference. Using the alt tag judiciously to optimize the images on your website is extremely important. Relevant content, proper link backs to useful information, and tactical use of correct keywords can improve your ranking significantly.

2. Google Listing: – If you want to get unique, organic traffic, you must list your business website in google business listing. Google listing is the local listing of your business in your area; if someone searches things if related to your business, Google shows the local listing business can give more organic traffic from your area. It is free.

The following steps to follow for creating google listing for your business :-

  • First, create a Gmail account
  • Go to the google my business page
  • Signing to your google account
  • Put your business name, address, the contact information you have
  • Choose a perfect category to suit your business.
  • After providing all the information, please verify the local industry.
  • Verify your business address.
  • After ascertaining all things, you can see your business in google listing.

3. Guest Post: – A knowledgeable blogger always wrote guest blogging from the different-different website.

Guest blogging is known as Guest posting. It creates a bonding relationship with a blog post provided by a blogger. It helps you drive traffic to your website. If you have a website or a blog, please check Step to Lighting Page Speed. Every customer always prefers high-speed loading webpages.

We all have very little time and patience in today’s fast-moving world. As a result, webpages that take too long to load can cost your business. So, you must make sure that your websites load in the blink of an eye. The faster they charge, the better is your search engine ranking. Consequently, you get better organic traffic.

Links are the main factor in getting more traffic to your website from guest posts. Practicable link building refers to using relevant links from different web sites. When employed naturally, it helps to improve your SEO rankings. Must put your website links in guest posts, it enhances the audience and authority of the website.

There are some following steps to don’t forget in guest blogging :-

  1. Goal-based Guest post
  2. Always focused your target
  3. Design the best Proposal
  4. Write a guest post in clear and proper grammar.

If you have a website or blog, you want to get more traffic; then, Canonical tags can be a blessing when you have more than one webpage for the same content. Usually, your SEO ratings can drop if you have more than one webpage for similar content. Further, Google can have a hard time indexing your webpages properly.

Canonical tags are simple HTML codes. These tags indicate the main webpage intended to describe a product and help in proper indexing.

4. Traffic From Social Media :- There are two types of social media marketing. You can get traffic from both ways. The first is organic social traffic, and the second is paid social traffic. But here, we are discussing organic social media visitors. If you are a serious guy and Write valuable content then you can be driving much more audience from social media. There are some steps to get traffic from social media.

  • Fill in your profile
  • Optimize your calls-to-action
  • Create a social media mission statement
  • Group posting
  • Content posting on social media pages.
  • Fill all details in your social media profile
  • Create loveable content easy to share
  • Post when your Target audience is active in Social media.
  • Target and Focus on visual content.

5. Viral content : – Viral content is content such as an article, videos that achieve high-level exposure in social media. It is used for email marketing, newsletters, news websites. The primary purpose of viral content is for famous overnight, and content viewed by a large number of people in the world.

Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral :-

  • Create visuals content to increase Visitor engagement.
  • Create Professional and Easy to Read content.
  • Write well-researched and plagiarism free content.
  • Targeting your audience and Know his requirements very well.
  • Get to promote your content by video blogger.
  • Make lovable and shareable content that generates more traffic.

A thorough SEO checklist is essential in improving organic traffic.

6. Answering FAQ or Quora Questions :- To reach your target audience, Quora is helpful to you.

Quora traffic can provide you essential leads for your business. It is the best way to get more visitors to your website — some steps to use Quora to get traffic.

Choose the category of your interesting question :-

  1. Make a Killer Profile.
  2. Create your Brand.
  3. Perform Content Research.
  4. Answering the issue with the researchable article.

7. Website Bookmarking :- Bookmarking websites allow you to index your pages and bookmark content that you can share whenever you deem necessary.

Website bookmarking allows you to create and publish a series of niche-related content, which should be original and related to your product. They should be tagged with relevant keywords for maximum search opportunities.

Social bookmarking also helps marketers to embed URLs back to their landing pages, thereby creating a better organic outreach through naturally accredited backlinks.

For example, you can create seasonal or promotional content following an appropriate time for engaging a crowd of users to your website. Also, by creating a library on one of these social bookmarking websites, like Pinterest, you can join your users. Through it, they’ll know about the solutions you provide through your brand.

Conclusion :- There is no alternative to quality content for making people notice you

Developing and maintaining quality content will always help your objective. The more you can keep your customers hooked to your webpage, the higher is the conversion rate. Well-curated content with proper usage of infographics, attractive themes, and informative visuals can lend an aesthetic appeal to your website. This can lead to higher digital traffic for your business.

Dream Logo Design understands the importance of high-quality organic traffic for your business. We provide top-notch services to assist you. Our team of experts specializes in designing the perfect digital solutions for your business so that you can receive a high inflow of organic traffic and grow in leaps and bounds.


Tips to Sell Your Brand

If you are still taking baby steps in establishing your brand in the market, there is nothing that can be more helpful than a good bio. Quality bios are essential for established businesses as well. Confused, are we? Let us first take a look at what a bio means.

What is a bio, and why is it so crucial for your company’s success?

A bio merely is short for biography. When you go to a bookstore to buy a thriller, don’t you often read the short previews at the back of the book to get an idea about the content of the book? A bio serves the same purpose. It tells potential customers briefly about your brand. A bio establishes a brand image in front of the readers by describing specific critical highlights of your organization.

So, what makes a good bio so indispensable for your company’s success? Having an eye-catching bio with good substance can have the following benefits:

  • Establish an excellent first impression on prospective customers
  • Build an association with like-minded individuals and convert them into customers
  • Effectively communicate the company’s mission, vision, and future goals
  • Generate more traffic for your online presence

If you are still grasping at how to script the perfect bio for your company, despair no more! Here are six invaluable tips for writing a bio that will take the world by storm.

Make sure that the content tone is conversational and not monotonous.

Nobody likes a bore. If you wish to form a good first impression on your customers, make sure your brand bio is snappy. Using unnecessary jargons, complicated language, and listing out achievements in a monotonous list can be incredibly dull for readers.

Try and maintain a warm, conversational tone throughout your content. Write your bio as if you were telling your brand’s story to customers in a conversation. Do not be scared to use a balanced mix of colloquial and professional terms to connect better with users.

Do not blow your own trumpet, and humility is the key to winning hearts.

While it is necessary to list out the achievements your company has acquired over time, please do not go overboard with it. Unnecessary chest-thumping about your brand can project an image of arrogance and over-confidence to customers. This can be extremely off-putting and something you should avoid.

Try and even out your achievements by mentioning them at regularly-spaced intervals. Make sure to sound human as an enterprise. Including a few low points in your company’s history that shaped your brand for the better can earn you brownie points.

Mention personal anecdotes to add a more human touch to your bio

Successful company bios always make readers feel like they are an approachable company. To achieve this, adopt a tone of candor or humor in your bio. Being up, close, and personal with the viewers can be more helpful than being mechanical about your online presence. Adding stories and anecdotes from the company’s history is always a winner in such cases.

Try and communicate the past, present, and future of your company.

A good bio can only be constructed if you are honest with your readers. Your bio should offer customers a glimpse into your past, present as well as the future. This helps them gain better clarity regarding the brand and connect to your franchise.

Describe the history and journey of your brand briefly. Enumerate your current projects and a list of clients you are already serving. Last but not least, work on drafting the perfect set of missions and visions for your brand to paint a picture of the future.

Well-used pictures can be perfect storytellers for your organization

Just keeping your bio short and crisp might not be enough. Visual aids always help in lending aesthetic appeal to any content. Make sure that you use strategically placed and well-researched images in your bio. This keeps the reader visually engaged and catches their attention straight up.

Make sure to maintain consistency for your bio across all online platforms.

There are a lot of social media platforms where you can publish your company’s bio. Each platform has different guidelines and presentation styles. In all this clamor, make sure that your bio content has consistency. Otherwise, it might confuse customers and put forward a bad brand image. Ideally, develop a blanket content for your company’s bio and adapt it according to the platform it is published on.

Today’s market is highly competitive. To stand out, you have to grab eyeballs from the word get-go. Developing the perfect bio for your company can help you establish a sharp brand image and go that extra mile in your journey!

What Is A Trademark And How To Register Yours?

In today’s competitive world, you must establish a unique identity. A business trademark can help you achieve this. A trademark is a type of intellectual property. It can consist of symbols, letters, designs, or expressions while distinguishing the products and services of a company from other similar companies.

A trademark logo can be owned by anyone having a business. Business organizations mainly own it. An individual or legal entity can also have possession. Usually, a trademark is displayed on the tangible products manufactured by the company. It can also be posted on the buildings, stationery, labels, and vouchers of the company.

Trademark Filing

For unique branding, a company must properly file for a trademark. You need to contact the proper authority. The process involves filling up several documents. The process for doing so varies from country to country. Most states have dedicated online portals for this purpose. Here, you can apply for the registration of your trademark.

Once you provide the required documents and fill up the necessary forms, you have to submit them with the designated authority, along with any charges applicable. The application is reviewed and compared with the existing trademark logo and name to avoid any conflict.

What is trademark infringement?

Once you have a registered trademark, it is solely your property and nobody else’s. Trademark infringement refers to illegal use of a registered trademark by a third-party. It happens without the explicit permission of the registered holder of the trademark. Trademark infringement is practiced to mislead the customers into buying goods or services that are not produced by the brand in question. It is punishable by law, and the registered owner can take legal actions against the perpetrator.

What is the trademark symbol?

A trademark symbol usually deals with an unregistered trademark. You may have a unique trademark that has not been registered with the appropriate government agencies. So, you can use the trademark symbol (™). It is placed after the trademark design to denote unique possession. Any logo having a trademark symbol immediately makes it illegal for use by anyone else.

What is the trademark name?

Many companies choose to use a unique name for their organization instead of a logo or design. In such cases, a trademark for the company name or a trademark name is necessary. The registration is made based on the name of the company. As soon as you obtain a trademark name, it becomes your unique property.

Trademark name protects your company name from being used by any other organization. A trademark name can help you establish a distinct identity and enable you to build an eye-catching brand image. It is relatively easy to coin as compared to logo design. It is always advisable to cross-check with relevant authorities for uniqueness. You can hire a trademark expert to ensure you procure a unique trademark name.

What is trademark law?

The trademark law seeks to protect the intellectual property rights of a business owner. It regulates the use of registered as well as unregistered trademarks in the form of logos, designs, and names. A trademark for logo laws generally varies from nation to nation. However, they have one common objective. They prevent the illegal use of your trademark and penalize any violation.

If a miscreant uses a trademark without authorization, the registered owner can take legal action against the accused. If found guilty, the perpetrator is punishable under these laws. They must pay appropriate damage costs to the registered owner. The law offers documented legal assistance to business owners. They maintain the sanctity and uniqueness of a business trademark.

Trademark Registration

Proper filing and registration of a trademark are important. It helps to acquire ownership. In most countries, trademark registration can be efficiently done via online as well as offline processes. Firstly, you need to coin a unique trademark for your company. Next, you need to fill up certain documents. Then you can file your application with the concerned government authority for registration.

This registration helps you acquire legal hold over your trademark. You are automatically covered under all trademark laws. Once you are registered, nobody else can misuse your trademark to confuse unsuspecting customers.

Dream Logo Design caters to all your trademark queries and requirements. We provide expert advice for trademark designing. We also offer filing assistance for registration at affordable trademark logo costs. With us, your unique identity is safe and sound!

5 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress 

Best Social Media Sharing Plugins

Selecting social media share buttons on your WordPress website is sometimes a tricky job. Social Media Plugins are the social media sharing buttons you see on a website, which, if you click on, lets you share the content on your social media profile. This is done so that more page visitors can share the content on your website efficiently and effectively with their connections on the internet.

Yes! It is an easy and effective way to reach out to more and more audience on the internet and share the information with them. Also, you can build a strong connect with the audience as they would go through the content on your website, which is shared by someone known to them. This can effectively build that inquisitiveness in them and eventually compel them to go through the content shared with them.

When you are on an endeavor to add social media sharing plugins for WordPress, you will be spoilt for choice. There are many options in this, and you need to make sure that you opt for good social media sharing plugins on your website. Sometimes an excessive number of choices are as sturdy as deficient choices.

Here in this article, let me take you through the five best social media sharing plugins for WordPress, which would prove to be the right choice while building your website.

1. Social Snap

Social Snap is a newcomer to the landscape of social media WordPress plugin world; a free version is available on However, a considerable number of highlights are accessible in the paid versions, which you may use for making the plugin function well.

2. Monarch

Monarch is a social media sharing plugin from Elegant Themes, which is extremely adaptable and easy to add on the site. Some possible changes in the social media marketing scenario can be seen with this. In case you’re not aware of that name, Elegant Themes is the creator of the famous theme – Divi, and various plugins and themes too. They sell the entirety of its items through a single enrollment.

That implies that this module will be somewhat more costly. However, since they are a well-known name in the market, they assure you to be the best. Social media promotion with this kind of plugins becomes an easy job.

3. Social Warfare 

Social Warfare is a well-known social media plugin for WordPress. Social Warfare comes in both free as well as premium versions. While the free Social Warfare version works for lightweight social share, the majority of the great features and highlights are, obviously, in the ace and paid variant.

It supports all the major social networking platforms. You will get multiple icons placing options; even you can include floating share buttons, which look good on the web page.

4. Easy Social Share Buttons

The easy Social Share Buttons offers one of the lengthiest lists of features that you could at any point see. Depending upon your particular needs, which could be a decent or a terrible thing. In any case, nobody can say you don’t have alternatives to this module! This is one of the best for Social media to increase traffic.

Also, the way that Easy Social Share Buttons has kept up a 4.66-star rating (out of 5) this shows many individuals like its profundity of usefulness.

5. MashShare

MashShare encourages you to include a special kind of social share button to your WordPress site. Just like its name, you may make it on par with the type and style utilized at Mashable. If you are familiar with Mashable-style social sharing buttons, then choosing this would be a great option and give secure navigational and content sharing options to the audience.

Also, it can likewise assist you with showing both the real share tally, just as “virtual shares” to build social verification. Here you can either use the free version for the necessary style buttons in Mashable style or else you can go for the premium version if you want to have Google analytics event tracking system or more options such as a click or select to Tweet or share option. The paid version is just fantastic and gives you more freedom to use it.

If you need to show the essential social media sharing plugins for WordPress, any of these plugins mentioned above will prove to be useful. Just decide on what you want on your website, and based on that, you can go for the free versions of these plugins. And, if you want more freedom, then obviously the paid versions are best.

5 Best Color Tools and Sites Online for An Exciting Web Design

5 Best Color Tools and Sites

One of the most decisive steps in any web designing project is the choice of colors. And, if it is for a special website, it becomes even more important to utilize the right set of colors. The colors you choose while designing a web layout should be at per with the theme of the website, which is the products, services, or maybe the domain of information that you are offering the audience.

The color you use; instead, the range of colors you use in a web design layout will send a message to the page visitors about what to expect from the site. Also, this needs to be attractive enough to engage them effectively onto the website. That’s why this decision holds so much importance.

For example, red generally is the color of passion, while blue implies tranquility and peace. To illustrate this point, it is not the same colors that you would use for a website that sells baby clothes, or for a law firm. Most likely, choose soft colors with pastel shades for the first, and muted shades of blue and grey for the second. The color depicts the image you want to portray to the audience.

Here, let us discuss the five best color tools and sites online to make your website development cycle a lot more interesting and exciting, along with making it appealing to the audience. I will divide this list into three distinct parts, which you can use according to your needs.

These are:

  • The Chromatic Circle
  • The Color Schemes
  • Choice of Colors for Typography According to Its Background.

Let’s Discuss The 5 Best Color Tools and Sites Online for a Convenient Web Development Cycle

1. Playing with the Chromatic Circle

Undoubtedly, on more than one occasion, you have used a combination of two colors that did not fit. In the spectrum of colors, many work well together, while others do not match so much. For this reason, a color circle is a spectacular tool for understanding color relationships. Whether we are looking for an analog group or a personalized collection of shades, these tools with the color wheel will you to create the perfect palette.

2. Adobe Color CC

It is one of the free Adobe tools where anyone can generate color schemes from scratch. You can choose from many different color palettes, where you will surely find the one that best suits your needs. You can also save the different hexadecimal and RGB codes, or create a wheel based on a previously chosen image and use it accordingly.

3. Paletton

Paletton is a standard that experienced designers will surely know. It has existed for years and remains a reference site to date. Add a base color, and let the application do the rest and show its magic. You can choose different color relationships and how they would appear in the design. And, for each color choice, you will find slight variations with variable contrast. In this way, you can complete a palette with similar colors.

4. Choose Your Own Color Scheme

You may be in a situation of having to use a chosen color in your project. So, the next thing you have to do is find other colors that work as a complementary color to it. This way, you will ideally configure the tone of your next website. Thanks to these three-color palette generators, for making this task a lot simpler. Besides being able to continue experimenting with other colors to create dozens of color palettes, these schemes are very useful. For example, if you are creating a style guide, it will make the process a lot simpler, easier, and convenient.

5. Canva

With Canva, you can go a step further, and what at first is a website to choose your color palette, it suddenly becomes a Wiki. When you add a color, the web offers a detailed description of it. To which you must add a complete palette with different shades, in addition to various color combinations that you can use for the project.

As You Know About The 5 Best Color Tools and Sites Online Now, Let Us Also Talk About the Importance Of A Few More Aspects of Web Development Cycle.

Make Your Text Readable

What is the use of a website having the perfect shades of colors, if the text can barely be read? Color and accessibility are incredibly essential for anyone to have a pleasant and enjoyable web browsing experience. These resources will ensure that the web content is visible to all the readers by making the texts having sufficient readability.

Color Safe

Color Safe is a tool that allows web designers to take advantage of the available color palettes according to the standard. To use it, select the background color, typography, font size, weight, etc. and you are all set. Next, you choose a color for the text. You can preview the color of the text in the upper toolbar by clicking on a box and selecting the HEX or RGB value in the toolbar to copy it to the clipboard. And you are all sorted.

Accessible Colors

Accessible Colors works in a very similar way to Safe Color, although with a more straightforward and cleaner interface. You will surely appreciate this, as it will keep you away from unnecessary distractions. In a line, you will insert the necessary data: color, size, and weight of the typography. In another, add a background color.

As you now know about the 5 best color tools and sites online, you will also know that there is no set color pattern for any website. So, the next time you endeavor onto your next web designing project, choose your palate of colors carefully.

Choose Wisely. Magic Will Happen Automatically!!!

Know About the Next Big Thing in Brochure Design for Effective Communication

Next Big Thing in Brochure Design for Effective Communication

Brochure design is a technique in which a document is designed to advertise a business, service or product. A nicely designed brochure will help in growing trust for your brand, attract more customers, and improve brand recognition. Beautiful brochure design can grab the attention of the audience quickly and make them interested to know more about the purpose of your promotional activities. A properly designed brochure can effectively communicate the purpose of promotion and make them feel connected with it.

When you decide to promote your brand or product through a stunning brochure, you will surely need to consider the best ways to get it done to impress the audience. Here, let us discuss all the important aspects of the next big thing in brochure design so that it can help you promote your business in a lot more effective manner. This will help in grabbing the attention of the audience to an optimum level and eventually leading to more conversions.

When you think about what could be the next innovative brochure idea or the next big thing in brochure design, look around for inspiration. An inspiration that would be unique will let you come up with lovely designs. The greatest inspiration and new ideas often come from the surroundings, and that can be a lot unique.

  1. Content Volume
  2. The content volume and the number of pages should be optimum, not too much or too less

  3. Digital Platforms
  4. Utilizing all the relevant platforms will let you effectively catch the attention of your target group.

  5. Website Integration
  6. Connecting your online brochure with the website is a great way to increase web traffic and get conversions.

  7. High-Quality Print Material
  8. Using quality print material will give a great look and create an impression for sure.

  9. Distribution Methods
  10. Use both online and offline distribution methods to get hold of more customers and increase conversion rates.

  11. Longevity
  12. Decide onto the longevity of the brochure content for both competitive and easy-going branding process based on the requirement.

Using a digital brochure is also a primary factor of the next big thing in brochure design as it can be sent to your target group quickly and also track their activity through advanced technology. Printing brochure digitally will bring in exciting as well as new possibilities for your business.

So, printing brochures digitally based on new innovative templates can be considered as the next big thing in brochure design and some of the best templates you can consider in brochure design are:

  • A minimalist one focussing on all the relevant info
  • Corporate brochure (bi-fold or tri-fold) to maintain a professional look
  • Feature services portfolio
  • Feature product portfolio
  • Use a vibrant brochure on social media
  • Keep it relevant, keep it simple
  • Focus more on visuals as compared to text
  • Use very high-quality papers to make it look vibrant

Innovative brochure designs trends will encourage the audience to have a look at your brochure and realize its purpose. You will need to come up with a creative way and make the audience build a connect with your offerings immediately. Also, tease them for a call to action (CTA) so that they act upon it directly.

Weigh up these below-mentioned points when you decide to create a brochure and promote your business.

Ø Insert Physical Items in A Unique Manner

You can attach physical items with your brochures, such as a sample of the product or some gift items with it. This additional feature will create a long-lasting impression on the person checking out the brochure. This will build interest and encourage the audience to go through the content in your brochure and indulge in the products or the services you offer.

Ø Think Out of The Box

If you want to grab the attention of the audience efficiently, you need to think out of the box. You will need to act differently to ace the race.

Present your brochure in a different shape, something they never expect from a brochure generally.

Ø Concentrate on the Texture and Other Elements

This will help you to add some impressive dimensions to the subject of your brochure design. Also, pay special attention to the below-mentioned aspects:

  • Textures
  • Illusion
  • Shape of Edge
  • Different Colours
  • Format Materials etc.

Small and in-depth specific points need to be mentioned in the brochure as these tiny little things play a vital role in conveying your message to the customers effectively and also let them spread the news about business. So, the next big thing in brochure design is to surprise the audience and make them feel intrigued by the core.

Top 6 Hosting Companies for Bloggers & Small Business

Top 6 Hosting Companies

Top 6 Hosting Companies

The first and most crucial step in building a website is to choose the right hosting company. Merely designing and developing a website is not enough. It also has to be published via a great and useful hosting service provider.

Here are the current top 6 hosting companies for aspiring bloggers, small businesses, and startups that provide excellent speed and real-time performance.

1. Bluehost

To rev up any primary blog or website, Bluehost is probably the number one choice for most. With 689ms load time and 99.99% uptime, it has been one of the most trusted names when it comes to providing web hosting. Further adding to its credibility is being listed as an official WordPress recommended provider.
As a Bluehost user, following the initial signup, you will be provided with a free SSL certificate upon paying 65% of the hosting fees and also a free of cost domain name with your account. Domain prices begin at $7.99 per month for regular users, but for WordPress users, it comes at only $2.75.

2. SiteGround

Second, only to Bluehost in terms of uptime (99.98%), SiteGround is yet another much-preferred hosting company which comes at affordable rates. The specialty of SiteGround is that it is one of the very few names which offer location-specific hosting with three data centers around the world – one in the USA, one in Europe, and the third one in Singapore. Using SSD as storage helps enhance the loading time, which is 649ms for SiteGround.
With excellent firewall security, automatic updates of plugins, and speedy loading, this is a natural choice for many. Prices start at $11.95, but once again for WordPress users; it is at a discount rate of $3.95 per month.

3. HostGator

One of the main reasons website owners prefer HostGator is its low cost. Starting at only $6.95 per month, it provides multiple aspects of secure website hosting such as a free site builder, round the clock support, endless disk space, high bandwidth, and email addresses. Moreover, if any user is not satisfied with the service, they can terminate their subscription within 45 days with a full refund of their payment.

The wide range of tools HostGator provides is the chief reason behind its popularity, along with 691ms load time and 99.96% uptime. For WordPress users, there is a 60% off, and free SSL certification, and the package comes at $2.78 per month.

4. GreenGeeks

Staying true to their name, GreenGeeks is a web host provider that is committed to making its service eco-friendly and environment-safe. So for those website owners who are conscious about their carbon footprints, GreenGeeks assures them by putting back three times the amount of their power consumption back to the grid by using renewable and clean energy forms for their operations.

The best thing about GreenGeeks is that unlike most other green companies, they do not have a sky-high rate for the services they provide. The monthly plan for regular users begins at $9.95, but to opt for a 30-days billing cycle, there is a $15 setup fee, which is not there for quarterly or annual plans. For WordPress users, the packages start at $2.95 per month and come with a free domain name as well.

5. iPage

If you are looking for a hosting company that would be simple and straightforward and also a light on your pocket, iPage is one of the best names out there. Once again, a crusader of green and environment-friendly operations, iPage is an EPA green power partner and therefore runs its data centers and web servers on wind energy.
At only $7.99 per month, iPage gives 99.98% uptime, which is as decent as a web hosting service can get. If you are a WordPress user, it gets even cheaper for you at only $1.99 per month, along with free domain name and SSL certification.

6. DreamHost

A bit higher priced than others, DreamHost makes sure it delivers according to its rate. Along with BlueHost, it is one of the most widely used website hosting company with more than 1.5 million blogs and websites to its name. DreamHost is independently owned, and one of their main specialties is their usage of SSD storage instead of regular HDD ones, which makes them two times more speedy.

Regular prices for DreamHost start at $10.95 per month and $2.59 for WordPress users. Moreover, there is a three-month money-back guarantee in case any user is not satisfied with their plan or their services.

While the list of such hosts is only increasing day by day, selecting the right one for your blog or small business website is crucial for many reasons. It not only goes on to affect the presentation of the website but also influences aspects like search engine ranking, site loading, and uptime.