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Pros & Cons of Adobe Illustrator

Pros & Cons of Adobe Illustrator

“The details are not details. They make the design.”

If you are a graphics designer, you would know about the difficulties that you face everyday especially when you are bogged down by deadlines! On such days, it might happen that you are in dire need of a great graphics software. You might need a software where you can work with both vector and raster graphics. Moreover, what if you need another important thing? I am talking about accessibility from whatever workstation you might find yourself on that particular day.

Well, Adobe Illustrator is exactly what you need to meet all these requirements at one go!

Wondering about the various benefits of and difficulties that you might come across, if you are opting for Adobe Illustrator? Well you don’t really need to worry because I am here to tell you all about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this increasingly popular software.

Keep reading to find out!

“Design is to invent with intent.”

The Pros Of Using Adobe Illustrator:

  • Work with any system

It does not really matter what operating system you are using – You can be using a PC or Mac or even any source operating system and Adobe Illustrator will work perfectly on all of them as long as your device is not more than 5 to 7 years old. Connect your Creative Cloud account, download the Adobe Illustrator and you are ready to create great graphics without a worry.

  • Smooth integration with every other Adobe software

As a designer if you already love using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Flash then Adobe Illustrator is a great choice for you. Adobe proves a very effective and smooth integration with any of it’s software which is great because you can now create anything you want to without any hassle. There are so many effects and other elements to choose from!

  • An upgraded sense of clarity

Who does not like their graphics designed with a sense of exactness and clarity? You are surely no different. Naturally with Adobe Illustrator on your side you can meet any designing project of any size or scope head on now, especially if the project demands you to start from the scratch. Moreover with the smooth integration as mention above, you can finish most of your work on Illustrator and then use Photoshop to put the finishing touches, making designs that are memorable.

“Where you innovate, how you innovate, and what you innovate are design problems.”

  • Avoid pixels with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator allows you to work with graphics that are of high resolution in without any hassle – your designs can be used for the web or for printing purposes and you do not need to work extra for that any more. On top of that, Adobe Illustrator allows an infinite scalability without the loss of resolution letting you to keep the sharp lines that actually make your designs stand out to an extent.

  • Multiple page outputs with Adobe Illustrator

If you are working on a website, you might just need to work on multiple web pages at the same time to get a feel of your complete design. Here comes in Adobe Illustrator with it’s magic want that allows you to work on multiple pages conveniently whereas any other software do not allow this and you are stuck with single page outputs only.

The Cons Of Using Adobe Illustrator:

  • Not really user-friendly

If you are not familiar with any other other Adobe software or older versions of Adobe illustrator then it will definitely take you some time to understand how this works – this happens due to it’s high quality learning curve meant for veterans in this field instead of beginners. Try spending time on this software for better results.

  • Without attention to details, you might just fail

Let’s get this straight. If you are in a hurry and you have ten to fifteen minutes to finish your design then it’s best for you to leave Adobe Illustrator alone. This is because Adobe Illustrator is great for designs that are realistic – designs that demand a fine attention to detailing which can really test your patience as a designer especially if you are running out of time.

  • Sharing can be difficult

You have to understand that your AI files are relatively smaller than any similar software available in the industry today even though you are working with graphics which in general much bigger as compared to text files. A number of file sharing systems do not really endorse Adobe Illustrator simply because of the size of the files. So this depends on your set-up really.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

  • Restrictive editing options

Have you ever wondered why most designers finish the bulk of their work on Adobe Illustrator and then move on to Adobe Photoshop for putting the finishing touches? Yes the level of vector support is amazing and so are the page layouts as well as the special effects but for that final finishing touch you will need to take the help of any other software simply due to Illustrator’s lack of photo editing options.

  • No pixels with Adobe Illustrator

Yes I said this still counts as an advantage but then again if you think about it, it’s a limitation too. Why?  Of course you might just want to use pixel art in your design from time to time but Adobe illustrator will not allow you to do that, making this great feature a disadvantage too!

Social Media Marketing made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide

Social Media Marketing made Simple

Being a network of about 3.5 billion users, social media platforms are inevitably the best places to showcase your brand. Despite this fact, many business owners struggle to find the best social media marketing strategy to turn the wheel of fortune in their favor. So as a beginner’s guide, first, it’s crucial to look out for the best possible marketing strategies to utilize these networks.

What does social media marketing actually mean, and how it can be rewarding for your business?

Well, the term social media marketing (SMM) term refers to the use of social media networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) to promote your company’s product and services. The fundamental target of SMM is about meeting your target audience and ultimately boosting your conversions and increasing brand awareness.

Some Other Functions of Social Media

Apart from promoting the brand name or generating leads, what makes these digital platforms unique is how it enables you to build a relationship with customers. In other words, social media allows you to connect with each follower separately. And this is not possible in traditional marketing platforms like newspaper or television advertisements. Also, in terms of marketing, it’s perhaps the best place for brands looking to gain insights into their audience’s interests and tastes. And this is why big brands like Amazon or Samsung continue to invest in social media marketing to achieve sustainable business growth.

Some Examples:

For example, you can interact with the audience on your posts, responding to their questions and comments or even asking for feedback about your products. Answering such platforms creates “spectator advocates” for your brand who are watching it from the sidelines. All these efforts ultimately create positivity among people that how much you value their inputs and opinion. Before sharing SMM strategies, it’s important to understand the primary user base and what type of business some of the popular platforms can impact.


  • Users: Almost 2.6 billion users worldwide
  • Primary User Base: Generation X and millennials
  • Best for marketing B2C business
  • Best for advertising, promoting a brand name, and direct customer interaction


  • Users: Almost 740 million users worldwide
  • Primary User Base: Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomers
  • Best for marketing B2B business
  • Most popular platform to build B2B relationships, business development, and employee recruitment


  • Users: Total number of daily active users is 500 million+
  • Primary User Base: Millennials (primarily) and Generation X
  • Best for marketing B2C business
  • Considered best to showcase your product


  • Users: Almost 187 million monetizable daily users
  • Primary User Base: Mainly Millennials or Generation Y
  • Both B@B and B2C business can be promoted
  • The best platform to build customer relations and cater customer service


  • Users: Almost 265 million daily active users
  • Primary User Base: Primarily Gen. Z
  • Best for promoting B2C business
  • Like Facebook, good to promote brand awareness


  • Users: More than 2 billion monthly active users
  • Primary User Base: Both Gen. Z and Millennials
  • Primarily B2C, however promoting B2B business is also possible
  • Best for promoting a brand in video-format

Steps to develop a winning social media marketing strategy:

There is a proverb – failing to plan is planning to fail.

Just like our daily life, this saying is very applicable in achieving business goals as well. And the first step to reaching the same is promoting your brand through the right strategic approach. Whether you deal in B2C business or B2B, to reach your target audience and ultimately shine in an internet community, you need an effective social media strategy. Following are the most constructive and proven digital marketing master plan to use in a social network.

Choose your primary social media platform by determining your target audience:

As mentioned above, each platform has its rhythm and a particular set of users. So select the ideal platform according to your business type and customer base. For example, if you are a software development firm, it’s best to promote your product in a B2B marketing place like LinkedIn. But, if you deal in trendy jewelries, showcasing it on Instagram or Facebook will be the best way to attract millennials.

Create Quality Content:

Quality content always gives you the initial power to shine on social platforms. Create content that your targeted audience will like, comment on, and share. Remember, content is what you see on social sites because it helps to keep attention. Now, what is meant by high-quality content? Well, it’s about creating content that is unique, engaging, easy to understand, contains a lot of visuals, and most importantly it should be easier to optimize for social sites and search engines.

Challenges in Creating Quality Content:

Unfortunately, many companies fail to create certain quality content. Hence it is highly recommended to hire a professional content management team that can turn your social media followers into customers for your business.

Know your competitor and their SMM success story:

Before stepping into digital marketing, it’s crucial to have a thorough knowledge about your close competitors. Always have a close look at your competitor’s social engagement policy and analyze the following parameters:

  • what type of media they are using the most, like videos or image
  • tones of the contents or advertising that making their posts engaging
  • what kind of feedback/reply they are getting from the audience

This will give you a solid ground to frame your marketing strategies and a good sense of what is trending in your industry.

Optimize your social media campaign frequently:

If you are already on social media platforms, make a research of your journey so far. You should take up tasks like reviewing your previous content, adding more visual effects into your old posts/ad, examining the contents that performed the best so far for your audience, and so on. In other words, do a social media audit of your entire SMM journey while keeping these questions in mind:

  • What’s working and what’s not?
  • Which platform seems to be the highest engaging?
  • Who is engaging most in your posts?

 Benefits of Social Media Audit:

An effective social media audit along with deep research of your competitors benefits you in two ways:

  • it optimizes your previous posts/ engaging strategies;
  • it provides you a clear and acute view of what will be the right approach of your future SMM journey

Create a customized social media calendar:

Whether it is reviewing your competitor’s posts or producing creative content, it’s crucial to plan when to share your content to get maximum impact. So it’s vital to use an outline a roadmap to organize and publish all your content timely and efficiently. This helps an in-depth view of what works and what doesn’t. Also, it will help you to distribute resources effectively.

Further, it’s quite impossible to predict a channel that will produce the highest amount of social media leads. And that’s why proper planning is always required to evaluate and adjust your digital marketing strategy from time to time.


In social media networking, the approach techniques may differ among industries and social platforms. So if you are still struggling to find out the best marketing strategy or want to optimize your entire social media strategy, go for a professional social media marketing team.

An expert digital marketing team can offer you the best Social Media Optimization (SMO) practice to help you reach your business goal. To cut through the noise and make your business stand out from the crowd, put your plan into action with the marketing experts.

LinkedIn vs Facebook: Which is Best for Business?

LinkedIn vs Facebook

“Social Media creates kinship between companies and customers, and kinship equals purchase intent”

It’s been nearly two decades since LinkedIn and Facebook made their respective debuts on the global network. While Facebook commonly appears to be a platform where you share moments from your daily life, a few viral videos and stay connected with your old friends from school, LinkedIn meanwhile is often seen as a ‘professional’ network created for furthering your career.

However both these social networking sites are people-based giving you plenty of opportunities to connect and interact with your target audience. Which one would you choose for your brand?

Well the struggle is real.

Fortunately, we decided to focus on both platforms to unearth what works better for your brand. Keep reading to find out!

The Power Of LinkedIn : Advantages

“Successful social media marketing is not built on impressions. It is built on relationships.”

Discovered in 2002, LinkedIn has grown exponentially in the past eighteen years becoming the largest professional networking platform in the world. An effective platform for B2B networking, LinkedIn has a number of advantages that a brand must incorporate in their business development strategy.

To make matters simple, we decided to list the unique benefits of LinkedIn below,

  1. The King Of Networking:

The best part about using LinkedIn is the sheer amount of networking opportunities available for its users. Brands especially the ones working in the service sector can conveniently research potential clients with a great filter system and plenty of tools to narrow down options. Business owners can also do proper research on any candidate they might be interested to employ.

  1. Boost Your Content With Daily Updates:

This is a great feature that LinkedIn provides to its users. This social media platform organizes content from across the site and categorizes it according to relevant industries, keeping all the users updated on what’s trending and what’s not. Any brand could benefit from this because it helps you be a part of what is trending globally, helping you increase your professional goals.

  1. The Rise Of ‘LinkedIn For Business’:

According to LinkedIn itself, 4 out of every 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions, making this platform number one for B2B lead generation, as rated by marketeers. LinkedIn for Business allows you to market your brand to influencers, executives and decision makers who act on new opportunities, and helps you to not only build brand awareness and generate leads but also drive website traffic.

  1. Grow Your Skills With LinkedIn Learning:

The official site of LinkedIn claims that LinkedIn learning helps you access at least 16000 courses led by experts. The best part about this great feature is not only LinkedIn gives you regular updates on courses curated for you but also lets you earn a certificate once you complete a course. Moreover, LinkedIn learning gives you access to courses that helps your team to grow new skills.

“Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”

The Power Of Facebook : Advantages

Founded in 2004, Facebook has grown tremendously in the last sixteen years to become the largest

social network in the world with more than one billion users as of 2012. This excellent peer-to-peer connectivity among the users makes it convenient for brands to make their products and services available to consumers increasing professional targeting of the brand.

Here’s a list of unique benefits of using Facebook for business development,

  1. Cost-effective Marketing Tool

This one is one of the primary benefits of marketing through Facebook. Marketing tools and strategies that would cost you hundreds of dollars on other platforms can be achieved on Facebook for a fraction of that cost.  So if you are a startup trying to break even then Facebook is your place to be.

  1. The Availability Of Deals Through Facebook Places

Facebook allows users to check in at a particular place for people to see their location on the platform. Brands can take advantage of this feature because when an user checks into a particular location, they receive a list of nearby businesses offering great deals, discounts or rewards.

  1. The Magic Of Positive Word-of-mouth Strategy

As a brand, Facebook lets you increase your reach by allowing brands to invite potential clients to like their official page. The best thing about this simple step is not only these potential clients but also their Facebook friends can now see your brand’s updates online, giving Facebook an edge when it comes to the conventional word-of-mouth strategy.

  1. Numbers Can Always Talk

With a staggering 2.38 billion active users across the world, Facebook users spends around 35 minutes every day scrolling through their feeds, liking and commenting and increasing their engagement in the process. LinkedIn’s base of 630 millions with every user dedicating 17 minutes on an average to the site seems small in comparison.

“The power of social media is that it forces necessary changes”

A Final Piece Of Advice:

Both Facebook and LinkedIn is created keeping user input in the center and provides the opportunity to create ads and content relevant to the information given by their users. Also, both platforms allows use to create and join groups as well as communities in your target industries where you can engage with potential clients, freelancers, employers, decision-makers – so think about which sector you want to target before joining groups on any platform.

While Facebook gives your brand access to a huge number of prospective clients and provides the perfect space for enhancing brand awareness, LinkedIn simply beats Facebook when it comes to generating leads that are tangible.

How to Choose the Right Logo for Your Business?

Choose the Right Logo for Your Business

“A logo less company is a faceless man.”

If you are planning to start a company, then you have come to the right place. You possibly cannot launch a brand without a logo – your logo is the face of your brand, and a great logo will do wonders for your brand. Wondering what identifies a great logo before you opt for logo designing services? A great logo is always visually appealing, but there are plenty of other factors that play a significant part in the process,

  • Simplicity

While designing your logo, you must remember that your logo should truly represent your brand and connect with your target audience. Remember how short the attention span of human beings is – a simple design will effectively and concisely express your brand’s personality, making your logo memorable.

  • Versatility

Choosing a logo that can be easily resized is smart because you would not want a logo that shrinks in size when printed or placed on different media. To avoid distortion of any kind, the best thing you can do is opt for a versatile logo that can easily be used for any media – from billboards to newspapers.

  • Timeless

A good logo is a primary element in your brand identity kit. A good logo is also one that is timeless – if your logo is not timeless, then it’s probably not memorable in the first place. Timeless logos focus on quality over quantity, staying relevant, and connecting with consumers in the face of constant evolution.

“The strongest logos tell simple stories.”

Now that you are aware of the basic characteristics of a great logo let’s talk about the primary steps involved in choosing that perfect logo for your new venture,

Color Palette & Typography: The Tale Of Perfect Combination

STEP 1: Picking A Font

While picking your preferred font, consider the impact of typography first. Typography is like a person’s body language that makes or breaks a deal. Good typography shall always enhance the design and add a tone of voice, visually conveying your brand’s message.

STEP 2: Color Me Right

Picking the right color palette not only establishes your brand’s identity better but also adds Versatility to your design. An essential for creating consistency, a color palette is responsible for conveying emotions and influencing your potential consumers’ experiences.

Get more information on choosing the perfect color palette and typography here.

“Your business logo is the reflection of your target market.”

Originality & Appeal: The Power To Make Or Break You

STEP 3: Originality

One of the most important elements of your company’s branding kit is your logo. Naturally, you cannot afford to be anything but original, versatile and memorable. This can be tricky, but with great designing software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, you can create the perfect logo for your brand, one that is unique and original, making your logo stand out in the crowd.

STEP 4: Appeal

The appeal is probably the most important thing that you need to consider while selecting your logo. Ask yourself: does your logo, put, looking good? Is it visually appealing? If your answer to the two questions is no, then you should probably consider getting it redesigned. Your logo will fall flat on the face without any appeal, failing to enhance your brand image and identity.

Get more information on creating an original and visually appealing logo here.

“A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.”

Type & Format: The Compromises You Can’t Make

STEP 5: Type

There are many different types of logos that you can opt for, but you must opt for the simple yet memorable logo, versatile yet timeless. There are three types of logos that you must consider while picking the right logo for your business,

  1. Text-based Logos:

As the name makes it obvious, text-based logos refer to the ones with the brand/company’s name or some text associated with the brand/company in the design. This type works well, especially in brand recognition, making this perfectly effective for anyone who is planning to start a venture. Also known as word marks, text-based logos are particularly effective in giving an edge to rival brands.

  1. Monogram Logos:

When a designer combines one to three letters together to create a single symbol, usually to represent a person’s initials or a brand, the logo is then known as a monogram logo. A good logo can stand alone and be recognizable at the same time. Letter marks, monogram logos represent a brand or a person or even a state into a visual that best represents them.

  1. Abstract Logos:

Abstract logos are unique visual elements that represent multiple concepts and emotions through a single symbol, making these the right choices for brands with a lot to say. Abstract logos work well because of their ability to concise your brand into a single image, allowing you to create a logo that can truly represent your brand.

STEP 6: Format

Before choosing the right logo, consider all the mediums you will require your logo for so that you can create the appropriate file formats for your logo. Here’s a list of formats you can’t ignore while getting your logo designed,

  1. JPG – Allows one to store colored images with high compression ratios.
  2. BMP – Allows one to import their logo into most PC application software.
  3. PDF – This is convenient for the ones opting to print their logo.
  4. PNG – This one provides a transparent background to your logo, making edits easy and convenient
  5. EPS – Due to its compatibility across different operating systems, this format allows one to place images within a post-scripted document.

Get more information on various types of logos and file formats here.

How to Develop an Unique Brand Identity in 2021?

Develop an Unique Brand Identity

The term “brand” is a name given to a product or service or simply a business name. And identifying or the process of distinguishing that brand from its competitors or canvassing the right image to its customers is “branding”. Hence “brand identity” is the message or essence of a product or service that a consumer receives or identifies by its name, product type, logo, trademark color, tagline, and other unique characteristics. And yes, it’s not only about promoting a product; rather, it is a list of mental and functional positive exclusiveness of the brand that should be communicated to its customers in the right way.

Potentiality and urgency of developing a unique brand identity / Why developing a quirky brand identity is so relevant?

As mentioned above, branding a product or service is how that brand is represented to its targeted audience. And this is why reinforcing brand identification in a winsome manner is always considered as the first step to anchor into market competition and furnishing a valid reason for customers to include that product into their “reasons-to-buy” list. Standing on 2021, there are numerous ways or platforms to promote your business. And social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are very popular names in this list. What makes this popular is they are mostly free and due to their mammoth number of users (over 3.6 million people as on 2020 data).

So the paths are already there to reach for your customers, but what is important here is reaching your audience in the right way. In other words, the relevancy of quirky brand individuality builds promptness and the brand image of your business. This may be the reason brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Puma, Samsung, etc. spend millions of dollars to promote their brand identity. Actually, these gigantic business firms know that how effective and peerless brand promotion can directly boost their sales figure and market share.

Before processing further, let’s mention what are the basic brand identity includes:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Web Design
  • Video and motion
  • Infographics Design
  • Illustrations

Guide to initiate a unique path of your brand identification:

Whether it is a business strategy or our daily life, unless a plan is not implemented, it’s not worthwhile. And when it comes to branding your product while standing in the 21st century, following the right course of action is vital. From logo design to digital marketing, branding a business depends on various factors. Some of the major areas that a business should look after to build a dignified “brand image” are:

Logo, the first impression of your brand identity:

Yes, logo plays a vital role in branding. Not only about making a first impression; logo helps to build brand loyalty and your product’s uniqueness. Here brand loyalty means an already recognized and familiar logo always goes a long way from one generation to another. Also placing your brand’s logo in your products, packing, websites, or in social media promotion always increase the degree of your service area. Simultaneously people also can associate your brand easily when a logo is used in every step of promotion. This is why logos should be created by professional graphic designers who can use feature-rich designs most effectively and help you to create a unique and attractive logo for your business.

Research distinguishes you from your competitors:

Whether your business is online or offline, irrespective of your business size, market research is essential. Why so and on what grounds this research should be based? Well, firstly, it helps you to understand consumer’s viewpoint of your product or service and secondly, it helps to identify your target audience accurately.  Review can be collected through calls/ emails/ feedback forms etc., where people can easily share their reviews. This ultimately helps you to identify your area of improvement and strong points at the same time. Also, market research plays a pivotal role before launching a new product. For example, studying competitors’ marketing strategies empirically helps to position your brand differently to customers.

Brand requires professional graphic designers:

Why graphic design matter? Firstly, graphic design is all about visual communication and brand identity works as a messenger for your customers. And secondly, it establishes the foundation of a convincing brand identifying strategies.

As the quote of the famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky says, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul”, it’s very clear that how color can truly boost brand recognition. And most importantly, how our purchasing decisions can be influenced by our visual perceptions. Yes, it’s true for every human being irrespective of age, location or religion, or caste. Here comes the importance of graphic designing. Being the language of visual communication, from designing your band’s social media pages to beautifying mobile applications, it’s about creating a logo, business cards, banners, and so on. For example, allocating the perfect color palette in your website helps to connect with customer’s minds easily. Similarly using the right typography style into your brand’s logo or integrating smartly into letterheads makes it more professional and fascinating. So while taking graphic design accountability from your brand’s marketing perspective, such sensitive parameters should be fulfilled by professionals. A professional graphic designer will make sure that every design whether it is virtual medium or print media; should enhance the overall user experience.

Website Designing, the final step for a great brand success:

It was back in the 1990s when companies use to print leaflets, banners more often to promote their products or services. But standing on 2021, it is becoming an essential part for every business to be present in social media and should have its own website. When it comes to particular products, listing your product on different e-commerce websites is another trend.

What’s important here is, your business should have a properly designed and easily navigable website that will build a good impression into customer’s minds. And this good user experience comes from solid navigation, a perfectly used color palette, and graphic design for your website. The same is applicable for any social media page as well. Hence just like graphic designing, from building web banners to web development, it needs a professional touch.


Irrespective of your business size, branding can be successful when it is consistent and lined up with a treading pattern. And when it’s about following a treading pattern in the year 2021, a strong presence in the online world should be of utmost priority. Finding the unique way of promoting your brand is what is needed now and thus a professional help is imperative to stand out from the competition. Because ultimately a good brand identity strategy eventually works as a catalyst for a positive brand image.

How to Choose the Perfect Mascot for your Business?

How to Choose the Perfect Mascot

A Character mascot is the brand ambassador of your company. They may be fictional, but they are more influential than real-life celebrities.

From bouncing lamps to talking reptiles, mascots have been used for years now. They are the face of your brand, company, or team.

Thanks to social media and the internet, mascots have become synonymous with brand identity. They can make your brand and content more engaging.

In other words, the right character mascot can spread the word about your business.

Then, how do you pick a mascot for your company?

But before we do that,

Let’s look at some of the successful mascots.


You may have heard this name, right? Remember the insurance company with the funny commercials? The chances are you are thinking of Geico.

That’s right! He is the overly cautious green lizard. He also goes by Geico gecko. Geico uses him in their business model to connect with the audience.

If you do not know, the gecko was voted as America’s favorite advertising icon of 2005.


If you are in marketing, or not just a person with an alert mind, you will know this mascot. The MailChimp monkey Freddy! Freddy makes the customer realise that MailChimp is a fun brand.

Moreover, Freedy makes “MailChimp” easy to remember. That is because it is the virtual representation of the name “Chimp’. Also, Freddy has a mailman’s hat on.

Therefore, as you see, by using a mascot to create products, they have converted loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

That pretty awesome, isn’t it?

There are several reasons to create the right mascot. Having said that, let’s explore what we initially stated:

How to choose the right mascot for your business?

Step 1: Choosing the right character

There are three types of illustrated mascot: human, animal and object.

a) Human characters: Human characters are the most widely used mascots. Over 21 percent of all mascots are human characters. They can be real as well as fictional.

A real person mascot is a good choice if your goal is to promote yourself. Remember KFC or Colonel Sanders? Their mascot is based on real persons such as Sir Henry Morgan, a 17th century pirate of the Caribbean.

A superhero mascot is another good choice. However, it is only a good fit if your brand value represents powerful features. But, be careful. People are sensitive to superheroes. The superpower of your mascot should be easy and clear.

Take Mr Clean for instance. He has the power to clean the floor fast and effectively. Similarly, there is Aquafresh that fights cavities.

b) Object characters: Character mascot made of objects is eye-catchy. It is a good choice for product branding that comes in distinct shapes.

Take M&M’s spokecandies. They can speak, watch movies and act every bit like humans. However, they still preserve their object trait – they are candies!

Remember M&M’s commercial about eating in bed?

c) Animal characters: It is the second-largest category of mascots. There is a reason for that. People tend to attribute human traits to animals, plants and even non-living objects.

Moreover, people like enjoying watching animals that look and behave like us. This makes us feel closer to them. Thus making animal mascots so effective.

Remember Tony the tiger? He is the mascot of breakfast cereal Kellogg’s Frosted flakes. Tony exposes brand identity to an exponential degree.

You might be wondering how a mascot can do that? It’s easy.

Tigers are energetic, vital and strong, something that you will feel after finishing the cereal.

Similarly, there is also Duracell’s pink rabbit. Rabbits run fast and remain synonymous with the performance of the battery.

Step 2: Choosing the right personality

Mascots are more than a speechless illustration. In the digital world, the mascot speaks directly with your audience. They become the brand ambassadors.

Therefore, it is important to spend time creating the personality of your mascot. Even if it means spending endless hours with Adobe Illustrator. The process is time-consuming but worth the effort.

However, if you have the right questions, it isn’t a trivial task. Let’s try to simplify it. Most of the work is based on choosing a personality.

Therefore, before you head down working on your illustration, ask yourself the following questions,

  • What is the role you are giving to the mascot?
  • In what position will the character mascot communicate with the audience?
  • Will it be an animal, human or an object character?
  • Will the mascot have a link to the business model or not?

There are thousands of other factors to take into account. But that will not come organically. It is only during the process you will unearth different traits for your mascot.

Be patient! After this, everything else is smooth sailing.

Step 3: Planning the visual and content marketing strategy

You do not have to plan the entire strategy before making your character. However, it would be great if you create a rough visual in advance. It will help you make a better plan and clarify things that you want.

a) Character story: It may look like an unnecessary step, but it will help you. The content plan will give you creative ideas. Start pinpointing a few steps in building your character.

Think about the story of Maurtis the Martian!

b) Content marketing strategy: In content marketing strategy, try using your character in the theme images on your website. However, do not try selling it as people hate that.

One of the best places to introduce your character is your blog. Your audience will get all the information they need from this place.

Moreover, You can use custom illustration on your character(s) to make the post more exciting. Since custom illustration may get expensive, it is better to recycle some of the old ones.

Additionally, based on the categories and content, try planning several poses and actions for your mascot.

In social media, make sure to use your mascot in,

  • Profile picture
  • Cover image
  • Video thumbnails
  • Video intro
  • at the bottom right corner (as a logo).

However, it is important to point out that there is a difference between a mascot and a logo. Even if it’s subtle, the impact is huge. A mascot expands the feel and experience of brand identity, while a logo represents the business to a greater extent.

Moreover, mascots represent the value, culture, people and business model to a greater extent.

Step 4: Other factors

  • One of the important factors is Geolocation when it comes to choosing mascots. For instance, if your business is located in Australia, consider using a kangaroo mascot. It will make your business more relatable to the audience.
  • If your mascot is influenced by movies, chances are it will work wonders. People can easily relate to popular movies and get drawn in. For instance, constructing a mascot after Star Wars will get you a lot of attention!
  • Using technology, robots and aliens are a good choice for mascots. People are so involved with technology, it is hard to miss. These characters are widely known and will get you some serious attention.


Character mascot will make your brand value engaging and memorable. It will also boost your content marketing strategy to a whole new level. I hope, after reading this blog, you have a better understanding of the type of mascot you need.

Photoshop vs Canva : 5 disadvantages of Canva

Photoshop vs Canva

Design  is a crucial factor behind building a brand. Your design communicates your brand values, beliefs, and creates the visual image for your brand. Naturally, it is believed that graphic designing tools enhance brand communication.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

However, a large portion of effective communication relies on editing tools. It enhances the meaning and impact of the visuals produced. This is done through,

  1. Eliminating unnecessary elements.
  2. Adjusting brightness and contrast.
  3. Turning visuals into high-quality images.

Adobe Photoshop and Canva are the two most popular editing software in the market right now. It is used by most creative professionals. However, this blog primarily looks into the disadvantages of using Canva. But, that does not mean it is devoid of any positive aspects.

What is Canva?

Canva is a simple graphic design tool for users with no design skills. Most users can use it for free or get the premium version. It comes with an extended list of functionalities. Nevertheless, the free version provides more than enough.

Canva is best suited for online entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners who like to get things done easily. Photoshop, on the other hand, is complicated. To use Photoshop you have to invest in a better and more expensive device.

If you are not a graphic designer and have budgetary constraints, Canva is your designing solution. The free version offers you with generous tools and ample templates for creating stunning graphics. Using Canva you can create,

  1. Social media posts and storyboards
  2. Flyers, invitations, posters
  3. Logo, business card and brand identity
  4. Resumes, portfolios and presentations
  5. Videos
  6. Social media banners, ads and others

What is Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a product of the Adobe family. It is mostly used by professionals to create digital design. It is the perfect tool in editing raster images. Some cool features of Adobe photoshop include,

  1. Image creation.
  2. Photo editing.
  3. Create website mock-ups.
  4. Add effects to your design and many more.

5 Disadvantages of Canva:

Not everything is perfect. Just like any other service, Canva is not alien to certain disadvantages. The 5 common disadvantages of Canva include,

1.Design and Templates

Canva is popularly know for is their variety of designs and templates. Even though the collection is amazing, there are measurement restrictions. However, with Adobe Photoshop you can fix the measurement easily. It is also less time-consuming.

With more users adopting Canva, people are starting to take notice. Businesses may get caught for lack of creativity. It might not look much, but audience like authenticity. Instead of using Canva templates, try starting with Blank templates.

2.Exporting or Downloading files

One of the major drawbacks of Canva is its limited export or more simply put, downloading options. The settings are restricted to PNG, PDF, RGB and JPG formats. However, they have expanded their option with PDF print.

Another drawback in these settings are the CMYK format. Most packaging and magazine design departments depend on CMYK format. This makes Adobe Photoshop more preferable than Canva.

Additionally, Canva offers low file sizes adding pixelation risk. Comparatively, Adobe Photoshop allow change in its export settings to choose between CMYK and RGB formats.

3.Object alignment

Another Canva disappointment includes the missing rulers. If you are Canva user, you know what we are talking about.

Creating visually appealing images requires definite guidelines. For instance, applying a logo or other imagery on a precise position. It requires time and energy. The absence of a measurement ruler makes pixel-perfect alignment quite difficult. The lilac lines, also, do not help. Adobe Photoshop has done a better job in such aspect.

4.Offline vs. Online

Canva is a website application. There is no need for download. Just open the browser and start working. It also comes with a mobile version.  All you have to do is sign-up and you are ready to go. However, you cannot use it Offline. That means  you cannot access your files without a network connection. All the designs are saved on the server.

Although, you can download the files, but certain features won’t be available to you. Adobe photoshop on the other hand, can be installed on your machine. Photoshop, by default, saves all your files on the machine.

5.Photo Editing skills

You often want to use animated graphics, or photos in your design. So most design tools offer photo editing capabilities. Similarly, Canva offers basic photo editing. Some of them include,

a)Adjustments: Such as basic saturation, lightning, contrast and brightness.

b)Cropping: Basic cropping of images but not as in-depth as Adobe.

c)Effects: Limited to pixelation, liquify and other effects.

d)Filters: Ready-made photo filters that most of us are acquainted with.

However, Canva has a long way to go in terms of user-accessibility.

Adobe Photoshop, on the other hand, offer:

  1. Raw files: Photoshop supports all sort of files including raw files. That is why, most photographers prefer using adobe photoshop.
  2. Select and edit: Photoshop allows cool features and variety of selection tools. It allows you to select specific part of an image and edit it.
  3. Sharpening and Blurring: Although Canva supports sharpening and blurring, it is nowhere what Adobe has to offer.
  4. Photo alignment and stacking: Adobe allows stacking or aligning of multiple images. This is ideal is you are creating panoramas or HDR images.
  5. Masked editing: Adobe has some cool features to combine multiple photo layers. You can also use it for advance image composition.
  6. Noise reduction: Adobe’s noise reduction capability can save grainy photos. The effects are better if you are using the raw format of the image.
  7. Levels and curves: Although Canva has the same features, but Adobe offer better levels of picture tune-up.

Additional Disadvantages:

  1. Canva does not allow creating custom graphics. You have to assemble pictures that suits your need.
  2. Free users have no access to graphic designing features. On paid-users can have it.
  3. The stock images and templates are somewhat generic.
  4. There are functional inconsistencies between the web and the mobile application.
  5. The collaboration tool does not allow adding team members. They have to work separately.
  6. Canva is difficult to use on small screens.


There is no doubt that Canva is a better option for small businesses, bloggers, and influencers. However, a bigger visual impact requires Adobe photoshop. All things considered, Canva and Adobe photoshop are both great applications in their zone.

11 Advantages of Working with a Design Agency

Advantages of Working with a Design Agency

Looking to make a strong online presence? Unable to draw enough traffic? Unable to convert leads? Then your business needs to hire a design agency. A visually appealing design is all that stands between uncertainty, and a successful business.

“There are three responses to a piece of design-Yes, No and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for.”

Hiring a Design agency will separate you from the others. Especially regarding presentation, functionality, professionalism, visibility, and uniqueness. Additionally, they will help you stay at the top of the search results.

Why hire a Design agency?

Your website is the face of your business. It is also the only interaction your customers might have with your company. Therefore, it is important that your website is


b)Visually appealing.


Does it meet the above mentioned criteria? Or does it fall short in any specific aspect? If it’s the latter, its time you should think about working with a design agency. High quality graphics is essential for growing your business. In today’s aggressive market if your creative services cannot maintain the inherent value of your brand, a professional design agency is definitely a good start.

11 Advantages of working with a Design Agency:

In the 21st century, promoting your business has become all about online marketing. Thus, hiring a professional website design agency ensures,


Your product will amount to nothing if the customers cannot find it. Professional Design agencies provide your website with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That way, your product will be on top of the search rankings. Additionally, your business will show on top of the rankings as well. A professional Web Design agency will help you be the first to attract potential customers.


If your website looks disjointed, unappealing, and overall jagged- customers will turn away! Moreover, you are more likely to lose potential clients because of a bad website. A presentable website will help to strengthen an ongoing relationship with your customer. If your website presentation looks something from the stone-age of the Internet, its time you hire a design agency. They will provide you with an appelaing, enticing, and user-friendly website.


Many customers use their mobile phones for searching, and subsequently placing their orders. It is a convenience most customers are used to. Mobile-friendly designs are constantly evolving. Most customers are accessing websites with their mobile phones, and it is naturally important to have a responsive design. A professional design agency can make your website compatible for other devices.


Professionalism is the most important aspect of any business. It depends on how your business is presented on the company’s website. As an entrepreneur, you would want creativity and credibility oozing out from your website. The content of every page should be of the highest quality and targeted to your specific audiences. A professional design agency helps to maintain excellent consistency regarding accuracy and trust. A professional website is the core for increasing traffic and sales for your business.


A primary advantage of working with Design Agencies over using a website template is how your business is presented. Your website is your business identity, and it should amplify the facet of your business. You would also like to tell how hard you would work for your customers and the extra mile you are willing to go. But, most importantly, you would want to make the first expression a lasting one. Hiring a design agency will separate your business from the herd.


Design agencies take consuming tasks away from in-house teams. While the in-house team work on important tasks, the agency can work on creating a strong online presence. Additionally, a web designing company will save you time by keeping minimum maintenance needs. There will be less technical issues such as website failure, bad traffic and lousy first impressions.


Digital tools, trends, and web design are constantly evolving in the digital world. It is impossible to keep track of it all. However, with a web design agency as a retainer, you will get to know what’s popular and attractive for your customers. Therefore, you will better engage with your clients and attract a larger audience.


Even if you make the website, it might not be reliable. Even if it is, there are other threats to the website that you might be unaware of. A bad website is bad for business, and you cannot afford that. You may get a quick fix but that does not change the fact that it might crash again. If you are not a website expert, it might be too late to realize that your website isn’t reliable. You can avoid these pitfalls by hiring a design agency.


If your website takes too long to open, you will lose customer’s attention. A slow website will lose authority of its domain along with losing potential business opportunities. It is a business deathtrap! Many websites do not function properly, but that should not include your website. A professional website designing agency will provide you with a faster website. By integrating the latest features and plugins, your website will be the talk of the town.


Customers love talking about their experiences. After visiting a website for the first time, people will talk about,

1)How great the site looked

2)How easy was it to navigate

3)How fast was it

This is exactly the kind of positive reviews you want for your business. It will strengthen ongoing relationships with customers and increase your brand’s loyalty. No one can get such positive reviews for your company better than a web designing agency.


In business, it is better to stay ahead of the competition. There are two major factors at play. First, most customers likes to associate with technological advanced companies. User-friendly websites help in driving traffic and converting leads. However, if the website takes too long to load, uses flash content and popups, there is a good chance people will avoid visiting your business.

Secondly, your website creates a strong perception of your brand. This how the customers will see you in the Industry. Perception is different from credibility or trust. That means, some customers may even choose to disconnect from your business falls behind their standard. By outsourcing your website to professionals, it will,

1)Improve your status in the industry.

2)Invite more customers.

3)Stay ahead of the competitive market.


If your website is the face of the business, do not think any longer. Hiring a professional is worth the investment. Website Designing Agencies, along with helping your business, increase customer experience and lifetime value.

Why Stand Still? 5 Benefits of having an Animated Logo

Benefits of having an Animated Logo


Google, Coca-cola, Facebook- What is the first thing that pops in your head? -Its there Logo, right!

There logo makes all the difference.

Other than being business “Guru’s,” they have elevated their identity into their Logo design ideas. When it comes to business, a logo helps the customers remember and recognize you.
For instance, Google has been around for years, and they have introduced quirky ways into their Image. It is dynamic, fun, and intelligent.

Marshall McLuhan was right when he said — “The medium is the Message!”

That means- An Animated logo (The medium) tells your potential clients what you do (The message) and creates brand awareness. However, Animated logo is still a relatively new platform. And, many business are still getting used to the ideas.

Therefore, If some of these questions seems familiar to you,

  • Why should I get an animated Logo?
  • How would an animated logo help my business?
  • Isn’t animation expensive?
  • I already have a logo, why would I bother getting another one?

Then, this is the blog for you!

Animated Logo- what it that?

Remember Nokia feature phones? The “Connecting People” slogan incorporating two-hands touching. That is an example of an animated logo. It was Interactive, brilliant, and friendly.

Animated Logo guarantees originality and helps you stand out from the competitors.

To put it simply, an animated Logo is a step-up from Static logo. It represents your brand in a dynamic way. A well-designed Animated Logo will help customers identify your brand.

It may just be the first thing that pops in their head. Therefore, if you are seeking Viewer’s attention, then make a great animated logo.

Animated Logo- What makes it so Important?

Animated Logo brings the brand to life!

Logo animation trends now exist as interactive movements, on touchscreen and in Virtual and augmented reality. That sounds amazing, isn’t it?

For instance, the animation of Uber,  enforces the idea of journey in their animation. The sans-serif letters and the revealing curves creates the illusion of a road.  Moreover, road and junctions is the expression of the company’s purpose.

Animated Logo, have truly, stretched the boundary of expression! Additionally, Animated logo enriches Brand awareness through personality, emotion and intelligence within the very symbol of the brand.

Animated logos can be downloaded as GIF animated logos and shared across social media platform for better brand visibility.

5 Benefits of having an Animated Logo

Its in our DNA to notice things that move. Studies have revealed that animated content grabs viewer’s attention by 400 percent. Imagine the business drive that can do for you.

Animated Logo- what was once seen as frivolous- has become the key essence of business performance.

Here are 5 key advantages of creating animated logos

Animated logos draws customer attention

Looking to expand your customer base? Thinking of making a deeper emotional connection ?

Animated logos will make it happen.  It is an amazing tool to capture the user’s attention.  The better the animation, the more chances the customers will listen to what you have to say.

Your animation will convert visitor’s into potential clients. If your company is using video content, then you already have a head start. However, it will only work if you send the right message at the beginning of the logo.

Recent studies revealed brands that use video media have better website conversion rates than those who do not. Moreover, with animated logo in the video content, it takes it a step further.

Picture this, if a single video have such high conversion rate, imagine adding  an animated logo can do for your business? Animated logos is guaranteed to capture the attention and imagination of your customers.

Animated logos are engaging

According to leading marketing authorities, Animated logo is the cornerstone for consumer engagement.

If you use logo animation techniques for your business, then you will be

  • Increasing conversion rates by 82 percent.
  • Amplify social engagement- Facebook, twitter, etc- by 50 percent.
  • Boosting click-through rates by 300 percent.

Moreover, Animated content is 14 times more likely to be viewed than a static logo. The key factor here is Human nature. We are genetically wired to see how things unfold. It is something we do inherently. Even if we don not want to.

Remember those times we sat through a scary movie, peeking through the shades of our blanket. That’s how we are wired to operate!

However, with Animated videos it is engaging and fun. Therefore, the longer customers are engaged to your logo, the better impact it has on your business.

You can run your logo ranging from five seconds to an infinity loop.

Animated logo have better brand recall

One of the significant advantages of creating animated logos better brand recall. The customer’s ability to remember your brand is the driving force of your operation.

If your Logo is not making an impact, then you need to rethink your strategy! Therefore, it is time that you incorporate logo design ideas that makes your brand memorable.

In a study made in Cleveland, viewers retain 96 percent of the message in an animated content  as compared to 10 percent when read on a text. Animated logos are more memorable and its small imprint is enough to make an impact.

Remember the Intel brand logo? Just the sound associated with the animation is enough to bring it to life.  And, that’s how it should be ! If you are looking to take your brand to the next level, it should start with your Logo.

Animated logo helps in storytelling

Logo animation techniques can help your brand communicate, educate and share ideas with your customers.

Not yet It is the perfect storytelling and brand marketing asset for your business. In today’s digital age, getting the narrative of the brand is crucial.

Survey’s have also discovered that 55 percent of the customers are willing to buy from a brand that have an interest story.  Additionally, It is what that stands between mediocre sale and a fantastic year.

Effective logo animation trends  builds stronger relationship with your brand and  customers.

Animated Logos increase Digital marketing performance

Animated Logo will increase your  clicks, shares, likes and your overall SEO performance. This is due to several factors.

First, Animated logos will increase the time spent on your website that boosts website rankings and decreases the bounce rate. With Google being the initial online experience, your business need to perform the very best.

Second, Animated logo will actively engage your customers, leading to better shares, likes and comments. An animated logo at the end of the promotional video will significantly increase brand awareness.

Third, it will remind your viewers why they should consider siding with your business. Eventually, the word of your business will spread better than wildfire!

Finally, GIF animated logos helps in spreading the word faster about your business through appropriate channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, etc.


Animated logos are an important in driving brand performance for its extra ordinary qualities.

That includes SEO performance, clicks, likes, shares and standing out from competitors. It is the perfect tool in establishing an everlasting expression of your brand in the market.

Facebook Ads Rules 101: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Ad

Facebook Ads Rules

Facebook advertising is an effective method to connect with your audience on the world’s biggest social media platform.

The volatile Facebook algorithm can make it quite challenging to interface organically with the audience. However, Facebook’s micro-targeting highlights permit you to find your precise target audience. That implies Facebook ads can get your message before individuals who are in line to need your products or services.

That is incredible for your spending plan, transformation rates, and return on investment. You need to pay to get to the most valuable potential clients.

It’s essential to comprehend the diverse Facebook ad types and targeting choices before taking a plunge if you need to get the best outcomes. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all you require to know, from planning your first ad to developing advanced advertising policies.

The essentials of getting an ad approved

Getting an ad not approved on Facebook is a bad dream if you don’t have the foggiest idea of structuring your ads and landing pages the correct way. A significant chunk of time must pass for the reviewers to take a gander at your ad, and when they do, they oppose them quicker than anyplace.

In any event, on Google’s compensation per-click (PPC), they may let your ad run for some time before dropping your quality score, and you sort of know where the issues lie at any rate. With Facebook, it’s difficult to comprehend why your ad was dismissed. Generally, individuals will surrender – it’s a riddle they don’t have the opportunity to learn, particularly if they comprehend why their Google account got slapped!

Yet, figuring out how to do Facebook Marketing can produce a huge larger part of your traffic if you do it correctly. So it’s positively worth continuing. This article clarifies how you can take advantage of what the Facebook business help center can help you evade the disappointment a great many people are encountering and get your Facebook ads affirmed without fail.

Creating a Facebook Ad for Connecting with the Audience

As a setup web advertiser and excelling on Google’s PPC, it wasn’t very reassuring to wind up in the circumstance of not having the option to get a solo ad affirmed on Facebook.

Well, I am lying! I got one affirmed from the get-go, and it was doing very well for me for some time; I got plenty of leads decently fast, yet idiotically I erased it unintentionally and have never got an ad endorsed since – disgraceful genuine story! I’m obstinate, so I realized precisely the thing Facebook is pursuing so I could get all my landing pages affirmed and quit sitting around and energy on objected ads.

Facebook reviewers are human; it is anything but a robotized cycle. Also, they are prepared to be extremely meticulous around two things: your ad content and your landing page. Their principal need is to be reasonable and legitimate to their local area of networking. 

Essentiality of Channelizing the Endorsements

Given that Facebook is a social environment, not a business apparatus, this bodes well. Anything that possibly can mislead, cause harm or annoy isn’t endured. There’s a decent measure of tact included, and a few reviewers might be more tolerant than others. So you should test a couple of things out.

Endorsement of your ads and explicit landing pages may fluctuate in any event when they are very much contingent upon whether your get reviewer X or reviewer Y. It might likewise change contingent upon what country you are targeting, on account of the need to utilize proxies now and again.

It is conceivable to jump large numbers of the undeniable issues with landing pages by utilizing a go-between page. Your Facebook ad focuses on this mediator page, and the go-between page focuses on the landing page you truly need to utilize. Your middle person page should be Facebook agreeable, or you’ll have similar issues as you had to utilize a press type landing page. The best arrangement is to give incredible substance.

Instances of powerful go-between pages would be a Question and Answer page or a Facebook fan page or fan page offering free substance like a free report, eBook, or video preparing arrangement. Parting with free substance changes over truly well, and you’ll get a huge load of leads from this.

Presently onto targeting for your ads. 

Facebook prescribes targeting your ads to particular gatherings of individuals as opposed to enormous conventional groups. Do this for each set of ads you spot, and ensure you at that point make ads and landing pages that are profoundly customized to that profile’s advantages and needs. You’ll improve transformation to leads and deals with a laser-targeted campaign than tossing the net wide, and this will keep your change costs down.

At the point when you’ve invested a decent arrangement of energy setting up your online advertising and setting up your landing page, it’s dispiriting to have then your ad objected.

What’s considerably more disappointing is having no idea of why it’s not being affirmed. 

So I will give you access to a couple of insider tips concerning why your ad may not be endorsed.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you actually can’t sort it out, if it’s not too much trouble, don’t hesitate to shoot me off an email!

Check Your Past Click-Through Rates. 

In case you’re new to Facebook advertising, this clearly will not concern you. In any case, if that you’ve been advertising on Facebook for some time, and your ads have been fruitful (for example, with high CTR’s), your ads are bound to be affirmed rapidly.

For the most part, Fresher records will have a higher objection rate than more seasoned, set up accounts. There’s no move you can make once you have this information, yet it is ideal to realize that “achievement breeds achievement”. Whenever you’ve gotten into a decent furrow with your ads, your endorsement time should diminish.

Getting your Facebook ads endorsed: What “they” don’t need you to know

Check Your Landing Page URL 

Think about where you’re sending your traffic. Facebook will, in general, support watchword-rich areas instead of spaces that seem impermanent, are confounding, or random.

For instance, in case you’re promoting a webinar, instead of guiding traffic to “”, purchase a space name that bodes well given your subject: “”.

Also, this is acceptable as far as getting your ad affirmed. However, it likewise builds the general believability of what you’re advertising.

Divert to an Landing Page 

We all are aware of Google’s value to quality, reality, and easy-to-understand sites. The more legitimate your site appears to Google, the more traffic they will send you. This means more audience to visit website!

The equivalent is valid for Facebook. They are hoping to ensure your site is quality, dependable, definitive, and so forth. On the off chance that your landing page is on a fresh out of the box new site, or if your site shows up nasty, you’ll make some harder memories getting your ad endorsed.

Along these lines, whenever given a choice, direct your ad to a landing page on a legitimate site.

The reasons why your ad gets objected may appear to be strange on occasion; however, if that you separate it from the rudiments, you start to see clear examples arise.

Acquaint yourself with Facebook’s terms of service, be straightforward, be reliable, and be steady. In time you’ll discover your endorsements come quicker and all the more reliably.

Why is LinkedIn important for B2B Marketing?

B2B Marketing

Are you looking for the best B2B Social Media platform? Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is your solution. It’s the most effective social network to build connections with the professionals and reach out to business buyers.  This networking platform has more than 660 million members and this number itself says how powerful it is. But, this is not the only reason for expending some efforts for campaigns aimed at your target audience. Jill Rowley has rightly pointed out, “ LinkedIn is no longer an online resume. It’s your digital reputation.”

What Does LinkedIn do?

Want us to decode the success story of LinkedIn as the best platform for social selling? Let us take a quick glance at its functions prior to that. This B2B social media platform helps you in the ways mentioned below.

  1. Builds relationships with the prospect business partners, potential customers and aspiring employees
  2. Establishes thought leadership
  3. Helps in lead generation
  4. Assists in gaining market insights
  5. Performs market research
  6. Improves reputation
  7. Creates online communities

Boost Your Online Presence:

Do you want to spread awareness about your brand? LinkedIn is the ideal platform for you. Besides, LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies help you take the reputation of the business a notch higher. Every second, more than 2 business professionals are joining LinkedIn. So, you will get the scope for networking with a massive number of useful contacts. Besides, you can increase the visibility and credibility of your entity (individual/business) using different personal and group features in LinkedIn.

How to Become More Visible and Build Connections? 

Do you use the status update functionality regularly? You are doing it right. This feature is often not utilized to its fullest potential by the users. LinkedIn has introduced a new design which exhibits the updated status more prominently on the home page.

Present Yourself As the Leader:

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the most trusted ground for leaders and influencers. It’s no longer limited to being the best social selling platform anymore. You can also make your presence felt as an advisor on LinkedIn following the following steps.

  1. Provide high-quality content
  2. Improve your personal profile
  3. Participate in LinkedIn communities to answer questions
  4. Engage with other influencers

Best Platform for B2B Leads

Why is LinkedIn effective for lead generation?  It offers personal ways of identifying potential leads, keeping them engaged and ultimately transforming them into customers. Definitely, this is an added advantage along with the traditional techniques like sharing interesting content. Want to understand how the B2B leads can be tracked in personal ways? The entire process is a combination of:

  1. Listening
  2. Analyzing
  3. Participating
  4. Sharing
  5. Networking
  6. Responding

Answering the Questions is the Best Method for Transforming B2B leads into Customers:

Prospect customers regularly post questions and requirements on LinkedIn. These help you have an idea about exactly what they are looking for. If you can properly demonstrate know-how or if your answer solves their problem, they are most likely to make a contact. To further harp on the effectiveness of reaching out to the target audience, it is done indirectly through LinkedIn for an enhanced sales figure.

The Best Social Customer Relationship Management System:

Why is LinkedIn the best in the context of social customer relationship management system? It helps you have a better idea about prospective customers and other contacts. Simple CRM applications are adequate for gaining these insights. But, you can also use “connecters”. Most social CRM solutions offer integration with LinkedIn. Even, you can opt for setting up a basic integration of your contacts.

What are the Benefits of a Social CRM Tool?

  1. It allows you to see what the people in your contact are doing on a real time basis.
  2. Offers valuable insights of their preferences and behavior.
  3. Helps target a contact which can be your next business ally or potential business buyers

Helps in Building Traffic:

One of the most powerful LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies is link building as well as driving traffic. Like other social networks, it also comes with a share button. It helps you share any content on your status updates, visible on the homepage of your profile. You can also disseminate the content through the LinkedIn groups or communities, you are part of.  This is how any business related content becomes viral. No points for guessing the reason for business stories getting shared in greater number on LinkedIn in comparison to Facebook.

Preferred Platform for Digital Advertising?

Facing stiff competition in reaching out to people on social media? Try out digital advertising if the organic methods are not working. LinkedIn’s ad platform is surely something every marketing brain will love. As you spend on every advertising, LinkedIn makes sure that it attracts the right people at the right time. LinkedIn further comes with a host of targeting options and advertising products. To put simply, you will enjoy great results by choosing LinkedIn as the ground for advertising.

The Ad Objectives are Yielding Better Results:

LinkedIn has come up with various ad objectives. It is also trying to introduce some more.

  1. Website visits
  2. Engagement
  3. Video views
  4. Lead generation
  5. Brand awareness
  6. Job Applicants
  7. Website conversions

Be a Listener:

Keep your ears open if you want to make the most of LinkedIn for marketing on social media. Ask questions. Get those answered by influencers and experts. It will help you have better insights.

Let the Employees Be Your Spokesperson:

Give your employees the tools to flourish! Introduce them to LinkedIn. Google will crawl the pages of your employees as it does for your company’s profile. This is how optimized LinkedIn pages push you up the search engine result page (SERP). It further increases the visibility of your business on LinkedIn and across the web.


Aren’t you convinced that LinkedIn is the last word in launching B2B marketing campaign? Don’t let all your business potentials go to waste because of protraction. Start using LinkedIn for effective B2B marketing today. It’s time to engage the potential customers, business partners and prospect employees with intriguing content. If you need help, there’s always an expert waiting for you!

Wix vs WordPress : 9 Differences to know for 2021

Wix vs WordPress

Can one compare apples and oranges? The answer is no. However, both these fruits bear the similarity of being rich in nutrients. Similarly, Wix and WordPress are effective tools for website building. But, both stand poles apart in terms of design layouts, range of themes and approaches. To begin with, Wix is a website builder. It is quite easy to use but does not come with much options for customization.

  • “What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional.” – Cameron Moll

WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System platform. It offers better options in designs and customization compared to Wix. With advanced coding, you can customize themes and edit almost anything according to your choice. This article will be your entourage in understanding the key differences between the two and which one to choose as per your requirement.

  • Wix is Better for Beginners and WordPress for Tech Savvy Users:

Are you are new to website creation? We have  just mentioned that Wix templates are limited and not perfect if you want to increase website’s functionality. But, it is perfect for people like you as it is an easy-to-use platform. It even does not require any coding. Power, flexibility and customization – these are the things which summarize WordPress. If you are technically sound and good at coding, choose this Content Management System.

  • Cost Comparison Between the Two:

The paid version  of Wix will cost you only around $14 per month. WordPress is open-source. One can use and modify it for free.  However, you may have to spend some money to set it up on a host, customize themes and choose some plugins. On an average, you need to spend $200 for the initial set up of WordPress. Then you have to pay the monthly charges for continued service.

  • Difference Between the Editor of Wix and WordPress:

One of the key differences between Wix and WordPress is the editor. Go through the points below to have a detailed idea.

  • Wix Editor:

  1. Its visual drag and drop editor functions like Powerpoint or Keynote. You can move any element to anywhere on the page.
  2. Most elements are edited visually in Wix. The process is simple. You see something, click on it and change it.
  3. Wix editor is less cluttered and quite user-friendly.
  • WordPress Editor:

  1. The newly launched block-based editor of WordPress is Gutenberg.
  2. It does not exhibit the full page within the editor. It is abstracted from the page.
  3. You have to switch between the editor and published website to check how the page will appear to the viewers.
  4. It also abstracts the interface from the page. For example, plugins like WPForms are used for creating a form using a different interface. Then you can use “short code” to embed the form into pages.
  5. It is more abstract and utilitarian for being sophisticated in design layouts.
  • Is There Any Difference in Hosting?

Wix comes with hosting. So, you don’t have to even set up a host. This feature however has a limitation as you cannot move your website to a new host from Wix. On the other hand, you need to set up WordPress on a web host. You can find many hosts offering installation simply with one click.

  • Comparing the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Closed and Open Source

As mentioned earlier, WordPress is open-source. But, Wix is completely different. Let us weigh the pros and cons of these website building tools.

  • Open Source:

It has a massive range of themes and plug-ins, created by the open-source community at the time of writing.


The backend of WordPress  can become very confusing.


WordPress. Org had more than 55k plug-ins at the time of writing.


Technical setting and jargon can leave you wandering.


The themes are more than any website builder has.Some themes and plug-ins may not work properly all the time.


It can be easily customized.Many people are not comfortable in tweaking codes for fixing any incompatibility.
  • Closed Source:

It is user-friendly. Its visual theme editor allows you to design your own theme from scratch.The collection of themes and plug-ins are small.
All the themes and plug-ins work properly.Wix templates offer lesser options for customization.
No need to tweak codes.Wix is not ideal for professionals.
  • What About the Features?

Are you looking for some conventional features while creating a website? Do you want to go unconventional? For the first question, Wix will be your solution while WordPress will be ideal in the second scenario. Now the question is what the conventional features are and what do we understand as unconventional attributes. For example, if you need a photo gallery, Wix has a plenty of it. But, if you want a photo gallery, which is moving in a particular direction, you will need WordPress.

  • Go Unconventional with WordPress:

  1. It’s ecosystem is diverse with around 55k plug-ins and 12,000 themes.
  2. You can find bbPress, YoastSEO, BuddyPress, Redirection, Advanced Custom Fields, TablePress and TinyMCE for all sorts of features.
  • Choose Wix for Conventional Websites:

  1. It offers simple solutions for creating conventional websites for businesses such as restaurants, photographers and non-profit organizations.
  2. Wix helps your website to get up and run quickly.
  • Customization of Themes:

WordPress has around 12,000 themes to choose from while Wix offer a humble number of 500 themes. However, sometimes, all the themes of WordPress do not work properly and demand debugging with code. But, with Wix it is not a problem. You can use “Customizer” tool to experiment with styles in WordPress. Wix follows a completely different method. It allows you to select elements and customize on the fly.

  • Difference in Customer Support:

WordPress is open and free source. It does not offer the facility of customer support. But, you can choose a paid theme or plug-in for this additional support. Wix includes phone, chat and email customer support in their packages.

  • It’s Quality Vs Quantity:

By now, you know that WordPress has endless features, plug-in (around 50,000) and themes. So, it will always top your priority list if you are looking for quantity. But this is also one of its most prominent drawbacks. The junk  ones are enough to make you feel lost in the course of finding the one you need. On the other hand, all the 250 apps of Wix are integrated with it. Besides, those can be added to your website with few clicks.

  • Conclusion:

To sum up, you need to focus on a website’s functionality while choosing Wix or WordPress as the tool. Wix is an easy to use and integrated website builder for creating a great website. Meanwhile, WordPress allows you have the ultimate control over the design and safety of your website. So, if your search is for a user-friendly builder, opt for Wix. And, get going with WordPress if you need a flexible and powerful system.

7 Benefits of a Good Landing Page

Benefits of a Good Landing Page

Landing page, the name itself is self-explanatory. Put simply, it guides a visitor or potential customer on a web page. Now, how does it do that? How can it help in lead generation effectively? Hold your horses. Let us assume you as a web visitor. Landing pages will channelize you from a link within social media posts, emails or other sources. Who doesn’t know about Facebook ad campaigns, direct promotional mails or pay per click relevant ads? Landing pages also use these as link sources. Finally, it encourages the search traffic to fill out a form or call a business.

  • Best Way to Increase Business Conversion

 Statistically speaking, having an optimized landing page results in around 25% boost in converting the leads into business. This data from a leading online marketing and web analytics company further fortifies it as a smart move.  I know that you get irked when paid search campaigns direct you to the home page or registration page without any match in the offer message. A well chalked and targeted message will automatically yield better results. And, that is why landing pages are critical components in the process of content marketing. Want to know some other benefits of a good landing page? Read on.

Business goals – this phrase itself is heavy enough to bog you down with pressure. But, relax. You just need a good landing page to meet your business goals. Is it that easy? Why not? It helps reach out to a niche market, promote a new product and get new customers. Especially, landing pages are beneficial for catering to the targeted search traffic for creating brand awareness. These further allow a business to compare the success rate in comparison to the goal.

  • Getting too much wordy? What does the landing page do?

  • It asks the user to sign up for the mailing list
  • Provide contact information
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Asks people to make a purchase
  • Encourages the users to request a consultation
  • Generating Data and Valuable Insights

Have you linked the landing page to a specific campaign, content piece, paid search campaigns, action or source? It will help you track user behaviors. But, how?

  • Landing page will help understand which eMarketing campaign is performing the best
  • It will assess which topics of content marketing are creating ripple.
  • It will determine the channels which are bringing the most leads. Standalone landing pages further help you to establish a culture of accountability. Individuals can take charge of a particular campaign and be responsible for its success.

Often, a landing page contains a form. The visitor needs to enter various data to fill up the form. But, how does it help? It allows you to learn about the visitors’ specific challenges, chosen date & time for consultation. The visitors also get to share some additional info, they want you know.

  • Why are Landing Pages and A/B Testing Effective for Campaign Success?

A/B testing is one of the most reliable tools to help your business with data and insights. You can assess different landing page elements and determine what is the most effective using the data and analytics. Sounding complicated? It’s as simple as assessing the success of a video content against a picture, experimenting with new styles, vocabulary and tone. You can even try out tweaking content or the button colors.

  • A/B Testing Helps Make Changes Without Hassle:

This is also effective when the websites have multiple owners in the organization. They all need to be informed and their opinions matter when you want to introduce a change. What’s the way out? Operate the marketing campaigns through a standalone optimized landing page.

What are the things which can make a landing page stand out? It’s design should match with the style, look, feel and copy of the content it is linked to. This consistency is like taking one step forward in creating a buzz about your brand across all media. The user will recognize your brand among others and they will want to get engaged with your brand. All of us want to buy from an entity which we know. As the customers become more familiar with your brand, they tend to make more purchases. Landing pages create a brand consciousness among the users, so that, they know your business. And, most importantly, they remember you!

  • Engaging More People With Paid Search Campaigns:

The success of a paid search campaign depends on click through rates. Landing pages influence click through rates to a great extent.

  • Offer the Visitors Only What They are Looking For:

Dedicated landing pages offer the visitors exactly what they are searching. Through relevant ads or campaigns, it channelizes you in a way so that your head does not get cluttered. On this page, they will find the information they want or fill up the form they need to move forward. When a campaign yields appropriate results, it is likely to get more clicks. Isn’t it pretty obvious?

  • Campaigns Linked to Home Page Make People Confused:

How will you feel if you are directed to a home page which is filled with generic info? You will get irritated as you will become unable to find what you are looking for. This distraction or disappointment affects the rate of lead generation. A distracted visitor is unlikely to make further moves and purchase your product.

  • Essential for an Increase in Credibility:

Every user has a definite course of action. A good landing page helps the user in achieving that course of action. It also helps the users believe that you acknowledge their problems and have put enough endeavor to solve those. You can even include testimonials in the landing page to make most of the credibility benefits. It will make the users feel secure as they go through the experiences of other people in using the particular product or service.

Everyone gets to see an “opt-in” button when they fill out a form. It helps them to inform you that they want to receive offer mails and newsletters. Thus, you can include these willing users to your email list and send them promotional content and sales offers. It further keeps your business at the top of every user’s mind.

  • Conclusion:

Hopefully, you know why landing pages are crucial for improved conversions and giving your business a boost now.  To sum up, a good landing page builds and maintains the relationship of a customer with a business. Get in touch with an expert and try using a landing page for your business next time onward.

How to Start a Tech Blog?

How to Start a Tech Blog

Technical Blog! Remember the last time you bought some technical stuff before reading a blog or combing expert reviews? The answer will surely be NO. If you are a pro in any applied field and you want to share the ideas with many, you can start a tech blog. The world of technology is dynamic. You can easily engage your readers by creating content on the latest trends and developments. Remember the words of Matt Mullenweg “Technology is best when it brings people together” and use your blog as a marketing tool to reach out to curious minds.

Is tech blog just a marketing tool for promotion?

The scope of tech blog is not limited to promoting a particular product. It has opened a new avenue for the persons who want to become a blogger and make money. If you have knowledge about technical matters and a penchant for penning down your ideas, you can write a technical blog to earn money online.

It’s Business and It’s Money

Before you kick start your tech blog writing, you need to know how it will be profitable for you. Trust me nothing is more satisfying than earning money doing what you love the most. Let us discuss the ways in which you can become a tech blogger and make money.

  • Get Paid by the Ad Networks: Many ad networks ropes in bloggers with a niche audience and place their advertisements skillfully. The campaigns generally appear in header, over images, personal notes, sticky footer or sidebar and in between two paragraphs. The bloggers receive payment either on pay per impression or on pay per click basis.

Paid per impression means that a blogger will be paid judging the number of times an advertisement is being seen. For pay per click, a blogger gets money everytime an ad gets clicked.

  • Marketing Collaboration: Often many bloggers collaborate with a particular brand. Each blogger gets a unique URL to the website of the brand. If any viewer clicks on the link and buys something, the blogger gets a commission.
  • Get Sponsored and Become an Influencer: You can join hands with any company to write a blog about their product or service and get paid. Here you will act like an influencer. You can use your write up, photographs, recorded or live videos to create an impactful blog.
  • Sell Your Merchandise and Earn Money: Print the image, logo or popular phrases of your blog on anything you want (T-Shirts, mugs, key chains, mouse pads and many more). Sell those through your blog site whenever you want to earn money. This also helps your brand to get distinguished.
  • Offer your Services: You can use your blog to promote any service you are offering. Offer your service or coaching to the niche readers and earn money.
  • Introduce Paid Membership or Subscription: If you have a dedicated group of readers, you can start subscription or paid membership for your blog.

Plan to Start Your Tech Blog:

Now, you are aware about various ways of channelizing your blogs for earning revenue. The next section will throw light on the process of starting a tech blog.

Decide What You Want to Write:ü  At first, you need to decide what you want to write. It will be easier for you to find dedicated readers if your blog has a focussed direction.

ü  Once you are sure about the topic, you need to choose your niche which means the approach you are adopting and the group you are choosing as your prospect.

Choose Your Blog Platform Wiselyü  There are host of free and paid blogging platforms available. However, one is advised to go for a paid one to lend your blog a professional approach. The limitations which may bother you while using a free platform are:

ü  Theme Limitations

ü  Not beneficial for SEO because of limited analytics and support

ü  You cannot customize the domain name

ü  Scope for growing your audience is less. A free platform does not allow you to integrate e-commerce tools, email captures and other marketing tools.

ü   Stops you from selling your own ad

ü  Host branding and ad cannot be avoided

Your Domain Name, Your Identityü  The domain name is the identity or name of your tech blog. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to create a perfect domain name.

ü  There are plentiful domain names available in the internet. Choose a domain name which is easy for your readers to remember.

ü  Choose a name which precisely defines your blog and keeps its scope for expansion open

ü  Try to choose a short and simple name with alliteration

ü  Take help of a name generator if you are not happy with your creative output

Pick a Reliable and Affordable Hostingü  Be careful about choosing a host which is reliable and exhibits your blog when anyone looks for it.
Give it a Personalized Touchü  Your blog needs to stand out so that you can convert it into revenue. You need a customized theme for your blog.

ü  A tech blog should have clean, simple and responsive design.

ü  You should be able to easily personalize it

Create Logo and Essential Pagesü  You can be very creative while designing your blog but you must incorporate various essential pages such as privacy policy, about us and contact info pages.

ü  The logo is an important part of your brand identity. Get a high resolution logo which represents your blog

Write and Promote Your Blogü  Now everything has been taken care of and you can start writing your blog. You don’t need to follow a set pillar of content. But you can incorporate case studies in your content for better engagement.

ü  Once your blog is live, you need to promote it using effective platforms such as:

o   Tech Clubs on social media

o   Message boards and tech forums

o   Joining blogger community with blog posting


Content is Still the King:

As discussed, there are lot of things to keep in mind when you want to introduce yourself as a tech blogger. But remember, it is the quality of your content which will help you to build a readership, reach out to more people with time and convert the traffic into revenue.

7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

What is the most popular medium to influence your buying decisions these days? Where do you get your favourite movie or event ticket from? The answer to both the question is internet market place. The art of digital marketing means creating and spreading a buzz about a product or service using any digitized channel such as web applications, emails, websites, search engines, social media and many more.

Generic is Boring! Go Unique! Be Individual!

 “ Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy” – Paull Young

Each business is different with diverse target audience. One of the main important digital marketing traits of 2021 is identifying and creating the right content for the right people. Moreover, it is like creating a brand identity pack consisting of graphic designs, logo, write up and other tools. Even you have to personalize the emails you send to the prospect customers. It yields better results than email blasts or batch emailing.

The Technical Fine Tuning:

Creating tailored and captivating content is a must. However, you can never undermine the importance of technical and mechanical practices to optimize your reach. There are some emerging features which will engage and satisfy your customers. You need to design new structures for your campaigns and introduce some up gradations in your SEO strategies.

  • Popular Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

As discussed, the digital marketing trends of 2021 can be classified into two categories. We will discuss about the developments in both the aspects in different segments for a better understanding.

  • Tailoring the Content for the Customers:

Creating inclusive contentØ  Inclusivity is the thing that every millennial looks for these days. Topics which cover a large number of races, casts, sexualities, religious beliefs, ethical practices and physical disabilities instantly become popular.

Ø  You can design graphics, write up, video and images to engage more minds.

Sustainability for the MillennialsØ  Millennials love brands and businesses which show concern for environments

Ø  Spread a word about the eco-friendly measures you are introducing in your business.

Ø  Use logos and create content to promote your environment friendly mindset as a part of your marketing strategy.

Let the readers interactØ  Content creation is not limited to writing blogs, articles, ads or reviews these days.

Ø  You have to design something where the user can participate such as contests, quizzes, surveys, opinion polls and giveaways.

Know your audienceØ  It is important to know the habits of your customers.

Ø  You can segregate one group from another based on demography, socio-economic status and spending habits.

Ø  Design and spread different email campaigns or newsletter for each group.

Now you have a fair idea about the trends which you need to follow to create a tailored and impactful content. It’s the time you make yourself familiar with the technical and mechanical factors.

  • Know the Technical and Mechanical Trends! Be Dynamic! 

    Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has been huge in 2020 and it is going to grow even bigger in 2021. It helps businesses to identify and analyze the typed or voice search pattern of their consumers. It also uses data from social media platforms to gauge the reaction of the potential customers to a particular product or service. Businesses such as Uber and Microsoft are one of the top most organizations to successfully use this practice. AI is known for effectively performing the following activities.

  • Helping identify and create tailored content for your target audience
  • Creating personalized emails
  • Recommending products and services after analyzing the search and shopping patterns of a customer
  • Transactions for e-commerce sites
  • Reducing customer requisition cost with real time bidding and automated ad buying
  • Interactive marketing with the help of chatbots
  • Incorporating Videos for Deeper Impact:

The concept of video marketing is very engaging. Most of the buyers get to know about a product or service by visiting social media using their mobile phones. These platforms of new media enable the users to share videos which they find compelling and engage more customers. Besides, it is proved to be beneficial for organic SEO results. Leading search engines like Google ranks the pages with videos higher than the rest.

Video optimization is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. A marketing strategist can incorporate title, file name, descriptions, text overlays and closed captions to improve the SERP ranking. Along with the conventional use of video content through YouTube and other platforms, there are newer methods such as:

  • Live video interaction on the product, service or any other relevant topic using Facebook, Instagram
  • Conceptualizing and creating personalized recorded videos of the business owners to add a human touch to the interaction with the customers
  • Creating immersive or 360 degree videos for a better presentation of any product
  • 360 degree videos are interactive and those allow the viewers to choose the area the viewers want to focus on
  • In the Age of Influencers:

Social media influencer is a term which everyone is familiar with these days. It is one of the latest and most successful trends of digital marketing to reach a larger section of audience. It is also bringing the monopoly of the celebrities in brand promotion down. Many successful brands are collaborating with mothers, professionals and experts to share their real life experience of using a particular product or service.

This word of mouth method of digital marketing reaches a million people within no time. It is also experiencing huge changes thanks to the rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Artificial Neutral Networks help face recognition and incentive prediction
  • Natural Language Processing monitors the performance of any influencer
  • Highlights videos with no disclosure and eliminates spam or fake videos

Explore and Expand: An Area of Endless Possibilities: Along with all the 7 popular trends, one of the most popular practices of 2021 is social media messaging. It influences the potential customers more because of the humane element attached to it. Applications such as Whatsapp, WeChat and Pinterest have made this process easier for any business.

In 2021, every business needs to keep some factors in mind while chalking out the digital marketing strategy. Make the target customers aware about what you are offering, let them consider its advantages and why it is the best. Drive them to transform their consideration into the decision of buying it.