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10 Innovative Logo Design Tips for Real Estate Businesses in India 2023

logo design tips

Modern-day real estate businesses in India are competitive in every way. Owners are greatly concerned about improving their brand awareness to influence and attract more customers. One prominent way to attract customers is by designing a good logo for your company, as the logo constitutes the face of your brand. And to create it efficiently, you must follow some important logo design tips.

Is it hard for you to design an effective logo? One potential option is opting for a white label logo design service.It allows you to use relevant logos made by other companies in exchange for a particular fee. Also, you can follow the 10 logo design pointers provided below to get an effective result.

10 Innovative Logo Design Tips for Real Estate Businesses in India 2023

Sourcing Inspiration for Logo Design

Before getting into creating a logo, it is important to determine where you get the idea from. Creating a memorable logo requires you to keep account of specific elements and is an overwhelming task. To start with the basics, analyze your company profile and the type of service you offer. By going through the company goals, you may be able to find relevant ideas for logo designs.

Also, you can consider the location of your operations and the type of customers you serve. Also, following similar brands on social media platforms sometimes provides you with effective logo design suggestions.

Understanding your Audience

A brand always has a target set of customers to whom they offer services. Now, while creating a logo, it is important to understand if your design conveys appropriate values and messages to the customers. Knowing your audience helps you determine the inclusion of what subjects, colors, or texts in the logo favor them. For this, you may have to conduct thorough market research.

You can also include surveys and interviews to gather opinions and understand emotions. Good consumer knowledge enables you to create a resonating logo and helps maintain long-term relationships with them.

Choose your Color Wisely

A good choice of colorcan be considered one of the most important logo design strategies. When you color a real estate logo, there are usually no limitations. Feel free to use any color that seems apt. However, make sure that the colorsreflect your brand values and personality.

If we consider Twitter as an example, its entire theme revolves around the blue color. For more than a decade, Twitter logo designer have been consistent with perfecting its iconic blue bird logo. The Twitter bird symbolizes communication and freedom. And the blue colorconveys a sense of safety and security.

Try to be Unique

Today’s market is competitive. To make your business stand out in the competition, you need a unique logo. Failing to be different prevents you from attracting your customers’ attention. Contrariwise, being different helps you create a memorable business logo. It creates a customer value proposition and makes your brand relevant in the market. Some of the unique logo design hacks are brainstorming words, sketching word-based ideas, colors, and design elements, and refining them to perfection.

Twitter, as an example, stands out with its unique logo among its contemporary social platforms. Here, the Twitter logo designers put more emphasis on pictorial elements than words. The Twitter bird logo is simple yet unique. Through its effective design, it communicates simplicity and representscommunication using meaningful messages that the users send out like a bird’s tweet.

Obtain Suitable Logo Design Recommendations

As a designer, you may check other real estate logo designs, but copying them is not a solution. Instead, if you want your business to stand out, your logo design concepts must not blend with those already available in the market. Analyzing the logos of popular real estate companies gives you an idea of which designs work with both the market and the audience.

For instance, logos made using pyramids, triangles, and box shapes are modern approaches to represent a real estate company. Designers believe these shapes carry the idea of real estate effectively.

Prioritizing Clients over Anything

Considering the client’s opinions is one of the most important logo design tips for a designer. Before you serve a client, explore and study what type of businesses they have. As a logo designer for a real estate client,making an efficient business card logo design should be your priority. It reflects the personality and ideas of the company you are serving for. And when it reaches the customers, they are able to know exactly about the values and offerings of the real estate company. Also, business clients have specific requirements while designing a logo. So, pay attention and make the design using client inputs.

Avoid Complications while Innovating

Designers are recommended to conduct thorough research about the company they are working with. This will help them find the values, ideas, and messages the company wants to convey through their logo. Such informationis important in creating an innovative and relevant design for them.

Effective logo design insights consist of creating an initial layout and explaining it to your clients. If they have any suggestions, consider them and apply the necessary changes. Also, do not complicate the logo by putting every possible detail you have. Consider choosing simple fonts, symbols, and colors which illustrate the real estate business effectively.

Considering Providing a Tagline

Taglines in logos can prove to be highly efficient if used appropriately. It helps a brand communicate more about what services and value they offer. Godrej Properties Limited is an example of a renowned Indian real estate company whose tagline reads, ‘Jahaankhusiyanbadihotihai’ (where happiness grows big). By including this tagline, Godrej provides an enhanced explanation of the value they promise.

However, refrain from using a tagline if it does not represent the overall message. Also, avoid implementing a lengthy tagline, as shorter taglines are better at grabbing attention.

Provide Appropriate Contrasting

One of the innovative logo design secrets is providing the right amount of contrast to your design. Scientifically proven, efficient contrast helps the brain to identify the image quickly. By varying contrast, a designer is able to distinguish and emphasize different parts of a logo. Viewers are able to gather interest by spotting the design elements easily.

Applying proper contrasting may look easy but is a little trickier in practice. Mastering the art of contrasting enables you to let the customers see what you want them to see. Also, applying it prevents your logo from looking excessively plain.

Maintain Authenticity

Around 42% of customers agree to the fact that a logo is the representation of a brand’s personality. Your company logo lets them know about what services you offer. If you have a real estate business, it requires you to design a relatable logo representing the message you want to convey. By righteous implementation of ideas and brand values in the logo, you can improve business authenticity. For example, while making a real estate business card logo design, think about representing a house or a building structure. It communicates your brand story to your audience and distinguishes you from others in the industry.

Logo Design Tips We Follow for Making Unique Real Estate BusinessLogos

We Think Different

A real estate business is related to buildings and houses, and designers often use these images in their logos. But at Dream Logo Design, we prefer thinking out of the box. We aim to implement other different figures that give you the feeling of home. It makes your logo unique and sets your brand apart from others in the competition.

Understand your Competition

To make your logo different, we research your industry and explore who you are competing with. Inadequate knowledge of factors like brand offerings and target consumers results in a generic logo. We consider these important factors and accordingly form our design strategies.

Using Diverse Fonts and Typography

One of the most crucial logo design expert tips includes the use of appropriate typography that suits your brand better and best. It holds equal importance as that of any image or background color. We justify the use of fonts according to your brand personality. Besides, we conduct random tests and experiments to see which fonts and styles align with your requirements.

Contact Dream Logo Design for Logos and More

Dream Logo Design consists of professionals excelling in different fields. Our unique and effective approaches help you create a strong identity for your brand. Our extensive service offerings consist of posters,book covers, brochure design, replacement logos, white label logo design, web design, website upgradation, and many more. All of our services are flexible and come in an affordable price range. So if you are looking for a design agency, Dream Logo Design can be your one-stop platform for fulfilling all design and marketing ventures.

Final Thoughts

A logo for your real estate business is as important as a heart is for a human. Doesn’t matter if you are making your own logo or asking for help; the design needs to be effective in every way. Amidst the rising competition, making your logo innovative sets you apart from others in your industry. You can follow the aforementioned innovative logo design tips to achieve desired results.

Branding & Brand Identities – the two faces of the same coin

Branding & Brand Identities

Your identity makes you unique; in the same way, brand identity is the special sauce that can make your business stand out – in other words, it becomes your USP. On many occasions, branding and brand identity is considered different from each other. But in reality, that is far from the truth; they are just the two faces of the same coin. To start a new business, you need to grow your branding and build a consistent brand identity. Just the design of your logo is not enough to create a good image for people to perceive. Entrepreneurs are visiting crowd-sourcing sites for designs. Everyone is on the hunt for a good design – if your design is not visually appealing then you might as well shut down your business.

If you are on a mission of building a great brand, instead of just a brand, you need to understand the thin line between branding and brand identity. Learn about each one of them to understand how the whole thing works. If you want to see your startup grow, you should know the exact purpose of each one.

What is branding?

Branding is a set of assets that creates goodwill for the company – your image depends on the quality of your branding, and so is your marketing. It is the definition of an emotional as well as a psychological relationship   between your client and your business. It is an experience. It consists of goals, values, visions, and the company’s voice. Rather, it’s your client’s experience with your brand. It is a way of sharing your brand with the audience. The services, products, logo, and business cards of your company can create a good impression. They will remember these things when they think about your brand later. This psychological relationship between your company and the client, to simply put it, is known as branding.

Branding is also the personality and style of your business. Your customers will see and feel your style while using your products. This will give shape to your business, and it will make you different from your competitors. There is no denying that your Logo and other visual elements play an important role in this. Big companies are outsourcing logo designs even more because of the constantly increasing demand for innovative designs.

A great branding strategy will portray your values and your brand in the right light to your target audience. Once people are falling in love with your brand, they will start trusting you. They will believe in your superiority. When people believe in your brand, they will keep buying your products, even if they aren’t the best in the   market.

What is a brand identity?

Your brand identity is what you can see about your company, much like your social media profile. Some call them visual identity because customers mostly see pictures. These pictures include color palettes, fonts, logos, and other graphical elements. The branding goes hand in hand with the brand identity, and sometimes, it is hard to distinguish between the two.

It will be easier to explain this with the help of an example. Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc projects an image of an exclusive and elegant brand. They are a perfect example of a brand identity pack. Their style is unique, and they have a simple website for all their movies. They use their iconic logo along with colors such as black, white, and other neutral colors. They also feature famous people in their ads. They have the perfect combination of brand, branding, brand identity, and brand design. All of these help in creating a special experience for their users. And that is their main objective behind the branding and brand identity.

How does branding and brand identity works?

If you want to understand how this works, you have to go a bit deeper. For a moment, let’s assume that you are a middle school student. And like any other awkward per-adolescent, you also want to be perceived as cool. So, you don’t build that image in a day – it takes time, and not to mention efforts. A lot of it, actually.

You need to make sure that you’re watching the right YouTube channels to stay updated on the latest memes. You will start working on your free throw. You will also start cultivating an impression of your science and art teacher. These actions will work actively in developing your desired image. In simpler words, they are your branding. As a brand, you have to be updated with the latest trends and know what works for your brand, and well, what doesn’t.

And finally, you will also have to be original and unique, to stand out – how else do you plan to beat competition? You immediately start saving up money to buy new shoes. You end up getting a new haircut for the same. You also try for that coveted gym membership. These tangible elements- the shoes, the haircut, and the gym membership- they’re your brand identity. It will make you ‘cool’. Your brand is just like you trying to be cool in their per-adolescent years – give it some time and effort, and see how it make waves!


Branding is not tangible; it is something that people see and have in their minds when they think of your business. It is an experience; in this way, people associate with your brand – it’s very much psychological.

But your brand identity is tangible. It is more like the brand’s face, the visual representation of the business. Everyone can see this. This promotes the recognition of your brand, making it different from the rest. People are crowd-sourcing graphic design from different websites to improve their visual identity. All the visual aspects of the brand can be seen as a brand identity.

How can branding and brand identity work together?

You create the foundation of branding while defining your missions, values, objectives, and target audience. And the brand identity is the visible face of your brand. That’s why you have to make sure that your brand represents everything in a very distinctive and professional way.

Brand identity is the set of characteristics that will define the values and missions of your business. The product, company logos, and ethics of your business are a part of your brand. Some logo design bidding sites have emerged as businesses to fulfill the visual demands of other brands. The main objective of these visual and physical elements is to create a positive impression on your prospective clients.


We hope that we have clarified how branding and brand identity is different yet similar at the same time. They are just like the two faces of the same coin. Before designing your brand identity, you should take some time to think about how you want to incorporate that into your brand. Once you have a strong foundation, you can create a good branding and brand identity.

Here in Dream Logo Design, we help our clients in developing a good branding and brand identity. We design their logos, business cards, brochures, etc., to enhance their visual identity, thereby creating a positive impression on their target audience and prospective clients.

6 Branding Tips to Help Create A Rock-Solid Brand

Branding tips

Let’s get real! 2020 is the age of tremendous digitization, and it is only your online presence that makes a helluva difference in the minds of your onlookers. The whole idea revolves around how secure is your brand, and what steps are you taking to build your brand shine out.

Sadly, not many of us aware of the small Personal Branding Tips that go out to make a lot of difference when it comes to creating that massive impact in the minds of your audience. While everyone wants to go out there and make it big, not many know the tips and tricks of survival and standing out right there.

What is your version of you to the world?

It won’t be wrong to accept that all of us have probably Googled ourselves sometime or the other to see what does it exactly look like? Have you too done that? What did you find? Well, if not Google, look around and see what do your social media posts, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram speak about you?

Do you have a website for your business? Do you share the moments of your life with the world? Are you sharing unique stories and moments with the world, or are you acting like some World Leader of your industry?

The Biggest Question: What mark are you making for yourself in the industry?

Online presence makes a significant impact in creating a buzz for you in the industry. It is not every day that you get to develop impactful impressions in the minds of your potential employers, employees, clients, and associates.

A strong personal brand goes a long way in improving career prospects for everyone, despite the size of your business. And, this is, by far, the first of the many branding tips for a small business which experts suggest.

You can be a strong brand

The most significant notion that we have while speaking about brands is that maybe only Apple Inc. Or McDonald’s is a brand, and the rest are not. However, every entity running across the different industries is a brand, and can equally make its presence felt if they follow the right personal branding strategies tips and examples.

Branding is a vast concept. If you look at it in the right direction, you will understand that just like any other business branding, personal branding also plays a significant role in making a substantial impact on your personal growth. It is, actually, quite easy to get there for you if you follow the right tips on branding your business.

Watch Out for the Trends

When we talk about the different branding strategies and trends, what we mostly forget is that there is no shortcut to success. However, it is the right combination of the different calculated steps and techniques that go a long way in building that strong impact and brand value. So, as market experts, we bring to you some of the proven methods to watch out for a while you look ahead to create a rock-solid brand for your business.

  • Personalization Of Your Brand

It will not be incorrect to state that more than the products, people relate to the faces representing the same. The whole idea of Logo and branding is based on this concept of personalization. To build authentic relationships with your clients, you need first to create a sense of trust and personal touch. So, if your clients can relate to your brand alongside having a personalized bit, they will be interested in your products and services. Always remember, you need to focus on building strong relationships with your customers rather than trying to sell your offerings for the first, and maybe, the last time.

Creating a strong brand personality is something that you need to focus on. Make sure that you have a unique voice that represents the core of your values. This will allow all your clients and associates to make a secure connection through human interaction of the sorts.

Today, businesses have already automated their process to incorporate chatbots. However, this chatbot automation cannot be predominant in the industry. Some amount of human interaction is exceptionally essential.

  • Using immersive technology such as chatbots

Chatbots are the modes of technology that are redefining the ways businesses work and interact with the customers. Even though it will be wrong to say that this trend is entirely new for the world, however, the fact that it is one of the most pivotal tools of marketing cannot be denied altogether.

Just like the use of various physical corporate stationery items that enhance the visibility of your brand, these immersive technological aspects also make sure that your brand and trademark get a massive recognition on the digital platform. Conversational marketing is the talk of the time. You need to know its use well.

  • The Strategies of Other Online Communities

Pay close attention to what other online communities are following in terms of creating the best-in-class strategies of your own. These forums are incredibly crucial in paving ways for you to make a mark for your brand across different communities. Here, as the consumers from different sectors involved in discussions of various brands, a well-designed logo of your brand will certainly get noticed. This strategy will not only fuel your branding strategies but also ensure that you emerge on top of your game.

Irrespective of what discussion you involve in, always make sure that you do not go over-board with your considerations in these communities. Your customers should feel valued at every stage and should not feel intimidated by your ideas. This way, they will quickly get inclined and connected to your brand.

  • Enhancing Brand Loyalty Through Customer Engagement

Make it a point to keep your customers on loop every second. Fantastic customer care services go a long way. This is by far the best strategy that anyone can adopt. Irrespective of the time the customer calls you for a particular help, make it a point to reach out to their assistance immediately.

When your customers get the required assistance from you at their time of need, they will surely show signs of loyalty. Exceptional customer experience goes a longer way than giving gifts and perks from time to time. That has to be something that you differentiate you from your fellow rivals, and 2020 is undoubtedly going to be the year that will change the entire ball-game of businesses with this strategy.

  • Having a Social Conscience

One aspect that you need to keep in mind is that the market is extraordinarily temporal and volatile. As fast as strategies are formulated and come into existence, they also get abandoned in no time at all. However, one aspect that remains significantly constant is your social conscience.

A lot has already been spoken to about the corporate social responsibilities of companies. Consumers also play a pivotal part in fueling these emotions as they rightfully believe in connecting with organizations that have the same values as the ones they follow. They want to get involved with the companies that care about the ongoing inclusions, opportunities, diversities, intentions, and environment.

These brands always demonstrate how much they value people as profits to enhance their loyalty and trust factors. If you follow this strategy of the multinational brand, you will not only solve the most significant issues of the society but also connect with the maximum number of potential customers.

  • Enhance Your Mobile User Interaction

Mobile user interaction is in trend for quite some time now. If you do not embrace this technology, you will fall behind in competition in no time at all. It is a high possibility that even this article is being read on mobile devices by the readers. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, or can synchronize well will a cellular phone, there are high chances that you will lose out in the competition.

As the future would most likely depend on email marketing for targeting the prospective client base, it becomes extremely crucial for you to create content that can easily fit into the smaller size of a mobile phone. Try to curate quality content, rather than bombarding your audience with quantity. This way, you will be able to hold on to a more substantial customer base without much difficulty.

The Parting Note

Today, branding and Rebranding is a different ball-game altogether. It requires a complete overhaul of the strategies which are no longer similar to the traditional methods. So, whenever you curate an approach that is more appealing and engaging to your consumers in the modern-day scenario, they will surely find interest in connecting with you at different levels.

It would be best if you learned most about these branding trends to make sure that you are hitting the right chord. It is only then that you will be able to get the much-required boost to your brand marketing strategies and give you the much-required recognition in no time at all.