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Necessary Elements of a Great Website


A website’s purpose is not just providing business information to the customers. A useful website is a sort of digital medium of communication where a seller displays his products or services, and a customer purchases the necessary things going with the impression that the website makes. A good website is an investment which enhances business opportunities by engaging customers’ attention. On the other hand, an ineffective website is nothing but a waste of money as it fails to drag the attention and interest of the customers. To make a site more active, the presence of certain elements are essential, which are-

Perfect Homepage: A customer spends a maximum of ten seconds on a website and takes a quick decision based on the impression that the homepage crates. So, a homepage must be clear and concise with its objective, description, logo, and tagline. Since the customers take an immediate decision, the website should provide all the essential information without leaving anything to imagination or assumption.

About us page: This page is, especially for the small businesses or new startups. This page will let the customers about what the market is all about, its goals, company philosophy, success stories, user testimonials, etc. However, this page should not include long paragraphs and lengthy information as they can make the customers bored and uninterested.

Navigation: A webpage with good navigation helps the search engines in proper indexing of the website. Navigation tools help a customer to know at which position he or she is present at the moment. Navigation tools and menus must not be complicated and challenging to use or understand. A website following silo architecture helps to organize the web pages in better sections.

Contact Details: A good website’s goal is to enhance the customer number. Therefore, it must provide sufficient contact details, such as a physical address, phone numbers, email address, nearby store location, etc. If a customer is impressed by the products or services, he or she will try to establish a communication with the providers. So all the information mentioned above is vital for the business.

Social media links: Since people now spend much time on social media, it is an excellent opportunity to promote business in those media. A website must consist of links directing to the Facebook or Instagram pages of the company. A satisfied customer can quickly write a review in those pages or share the services offered by the company on his or her account. It will generate the interest of other social media account holders as well. However, a Social media page must be updated frequently; otherwise, the customers will assume that the company has no interest to promote its own business.

Proper Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps the essential feature that a website must possess to reach more and more customers. A website without the proper SEO is challenging to find on the internet, as the search engines follow an algorithm to create a sequential directory of the expected search results. Thus, the right practice of SEO can help to earn much money by placing the company website in the leading positions of the search results. So, while creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, the topmost focus will be the SEO.

Mobile friendly layout: According to researches, sixty percent of the online searches are conducted from smartphones. It means that a website without a mobile-friendly plan may lose a significant number of potential customers. Reasons being dissatisfaction, unable to find the call to action, branding, optimized product images, search boxes, etc.

Graphic Design: A website having dull color schemes and common visual elements may fail to attract customers. Having the right color schemes, the use of appropriate fonts, alignment, bold headings, bright or contrasting background colors matching the theme, etc. are necessary for a good website. Excellent quality illustrations and animations are also essential to add charm to the site.

Search option: The customers visiting the website frequently, may want to find old products or services or want to know the discount rate of the last season’s sale. So the search options bar is essential for them for the constant search. The search option bar with the magnifying glass button is generally placed at the top right corner as it is easy to find there.

Images and Videos: Both the images and videos can create a more powerful impact on the customers than the boring articles and paragraphs describing the products. Videos present the actual size, color, and accessibility of the products or services while high-resolution images create an everlasting visual pleasure in the customer’s mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): The product description on the homepage may not satisfy the customers all the time. Sometimes, they want to know more. A page dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will be helpful to answer the customers’ all queries, creating a better understanding of the products and services.

How are JavaScript and JQuery differently functional

JavaScript and JQuery

With the skyrocketing popularity of online business makes the designing and developing the steps to success. The back-end and front-end of a website constitute of various codes that sound like jargon. But every technology comes with different new terminologies for the new designers too. Website development is quite a meticulous task and requires a professional finesse. One of the general question that can be confusing or a designer would like to know is difference in JavaScript and JQuery? Whether they are similar are simply different and independent? If you also want to know please continue reading the following section of the article.

Let’s explore! What is JavaScript?

Though the answer is simple as JavaScript is programming language such as Python and Ruby. Now, this gives rise to another question to the mind of newbies is JavaScript and Java same? But to be clear there is no connection between the languages Java and JavaScript, apart from some syntax and the similarity in the names.

JavaScript was developed in the mid of 90s, by Brendan Eich while working for a firm called Netscape. It came to use in June 1997 when Ecma released the first official standardized version of which JavaScript was one of the implementations. It is considered to be more apt for web and it can be used in all contemporary web browsers without the requirement of any extra plugins. It has also immensely popular due to the ease it provides the front-end developers for the frameworks creation for difficult web applications, like for developing native applications and it is also implemented in severer-side and the credit goes application as Node.js.

Now, after discussing JavaScript the next thing to look up in this article is “ what is Jquery?

Jquery is a library, that is implemented in JavaScript. Its functionality is to simplify the front-end code that utilizes HTML. There are quiet a number of technical terms in the definition and explaining them can help you understand the concept.

Firstly, in the world of programming, a library means the collection of helpful codes, brought together for using again later. These libraries have proper defined interface, that facilitates the functions that it is designed for. It is generally developed in a way that you have to work less or use of lesser codes to complete the same task.

For instance, if you want to create a program which can save data at few points in the hard drive. A developer can write the complete code which is a lot of meticulous work or you can take help of libraries, that is already created, this will ease your work to greater extent.

Writing the complete code that will enable data saving on your hard drive is quite a complex task and you will need to have the knowledge about low-level programming. Instead, if you can take help of library that has the codes for the same prepared by someone else, you can implement it to your program.

Web development – steps to follow for improving online sales

web development

Some of the entrepreneurs don’t realize that for an online shop the design and development part has eminence. Starting from the landing page, home page, the CTA or the shopping cart impacts the sales director. The smallest aspect in the designing or development part can increase or decrease the conversion rates. Specially, for e-commerce websites, you have to always mind the buyers perspective while building it. It’s understood that you want an unhindered shopping process but a lot of the online shop fail to follow this process what they preach.

The points that can help the viewers to turn to customers which can remarkably improve the sales through web design and web development techniques.:

Clarity of the shopping cart
When a customer adds an item in the cart it must actually get registered. So, on the page near the cart, it must show the number of items added to it which will help the customer to keep a check on the list of buying and proceeding and the other information like check-out should also be clearly visible. You can, of course, make it pop or scroll with the bright color tone from rest of the page which will make the cart clear.

Keep the product page clutter free
The design of your product page is most essential and the product name, a description must be mentioned properly. Have you thought how important is the testimonial is? Where should it be placed on the page? The product reviews are of utmost importance as it influences the visitors, they have the right to know what are they investing their money. Keeping the review, product description at the end of the page can be useful.

Proper navigation
A long drop down or hidden menu can simply confuse the customer or frustrate the shopper. Clear navigation without any hidden elements is much more liked by the visitors. Use hover or fly out menu which is much makes it easy for them to understand. No need to show much of artistry in this section. Employ bread crumbs so that they can come back to the previous page smoothly. The continue shopping button is also helpful.

Avoid putting extra elements on the checking-out page
Provide proper checking-out process and specifically, it should give the clear path to it. Avoid the sidebar and shop more elements in this part. Single-page check-out processed always leads to more conversion it’s a crucial place in deciding whether the sale is happening or not. This can also interest the customers to long time customers.

Some factors to consider for effective web development

web development

At present web is getting more and more prominence in our regular lives. For every smaller or big work we use or take the help of it. Like for shopping, paying bills, banking needs, knowing movie review, booking tickets and so on. The need for advanced web development is increasing and developers have a wide scope to make the website user-friendly.

Every website has its own requirements according to the business type and audience preference. As its the audience who will make your online presence successful. So you have to design and develop a website as per the trends. Even if you have a well-performing site it needs to be updated as the newly emerging ones have the latest suiting features that can surpass your website business.

Let have a glance on the recent factors that can help your web development to be among the preferred websites.:

Artificial intelligence:
While you think of the recent most techniques in the field of technology it’s AI artificial intelligence that is getting significant. Moreover, it actually serves the purpose too. A Huge betterment has been done in this aspect. AlphaGo the program created by Google beat the popular and appropriate Go player. Various famous companies like Microsoft, Google has become familiar with the use of this technical by the people. AI is already being used in many of the bigger applications to better the search engines. For example Google.

Virtual reality:
The next factor worth mentioning while taking about the future techniques or technology is Virtual Reality (VR). This advancing trend has even started swiping the gaming industry. The most popular companies like Mozilla, Google are already working on their APIs to support the VR technique in the transition period in the web. We can expect more use of VR technology as it advanced for being more convenient for use.

Yarn package manager:
Package managers are unbelievably favorite tools, specifically for the users who use frontend JavaScript. These effective tools make convenient for the developers to manage all the application like installing updates, configure along with uninstalling code modules with the applications. This is done by communicating to the registry of code modules and decide the other depending code modules they are there generally.

The professional web development companies are all aware of the advanced trends and offer you the best design and development for gaining more popularity.

The upcoming Web development trends for 2017

Web Development

Similar to any other growing sector where aesthetics have a decisive part in the completion of the project, the trends in the domain of web development keeps on updating for the betterment. As the present year coming to an end let us try to have a wide look on the trends that will be continuing in 2017.

The predictable changes and that techniques in the web development world that claim to prevail through the coming also.

Use of one div as blocks:
If Different blocks are used, it can either be symmetrical or lopsided. And as per the size is concerned it is set according to the importance or the impact it has in marketing. These modules can also be used in other pages than homepage. Responsive design is of utter importance while choosing the appropriate layout.

Single Screen design: A single screen design that looks simple look and somewhat reciprocates the display of a television on in a style of a magazine is in great demand. Like the use of her images that bid in size and can be said to be used as the backdrop of the website. When teamed with fascinating images creates a stunning result. Minimalism keeps on drawing the attention of viewers and the web developers as it has the substance of modernity. And the clarity it provides to the website serves as a signature.

Multiple synchronous screens design:
Employing a vertical divide that differentiates the screen in halves is the preferred style for 2017. This implies that the website contains two different things of same significance and the split enables you to have selection from the two. On the contrary your business may require to its products to be advertised on a side and display relevant images for it, or may be some text and media file on the other section of the split.

Material design:
Bigger backgrounds give a defined look to the selected theme for the website. As minimalism is the trend using those components with an interactive background in the center can be interesting for the viewers. The whole result should be a great amalgamation of different and engaging effects that can be paired with relevance.

Single Scrolling Sites:
Creating a good mobile friendly website can be most impactful with the story-line approach. So most of the designer resort to long and single page long scrolling websites in place of creating links with other pages in the navigation. It is being accepted by most of the viewers and it is adapted by the designers in long scrolling for homepages mostly to give the website an elegant display. This also creates room for addition of smart animations and other visually attractive elements for a best scrolling effectively.

Use of bigger fonts:
Implementing large fonts stresses your point. Moreover, it was significantly used factor in the last years and we can see on many websites have less words but in large fonts for emphasizing the significance.

5 reasons why Magneto 2.0 is preferred by web developers

Web Developers

Magento 2.0 after its emergence in 2015 fetched a lot attention and is a refreshed version of Magento1.x. The advanced version gained more interest from the developers due to its design and additional features providing companies a provision to attain their target and speed up the developing time of the website. We can see now that most of the Ecommerce sites are created on this Magento platform. Developers also got better equipped with this platform to work with new features as compared to the earlier version.

At present most of us shop online and switch over to the other website if it takes a long to load the page and is not displayed properly. In this respect Magento 2.0 has made the process faster. Lets take a look on the reasons of it being more popular in the developers community.

Revamped Structure and more Adaptability:

The 2 prominent modifications that have been done in the file structure are: primarily, under this platform every item can be placed directly under the app structure. Next, it has made the viewing for the professional more convenient that is each component has its own directory through which you can choose any template, layout along with css files for any module you require. This has created more flexibility for the module developers in terms of customization without altering the basic website functionality.

It has opened options for the web developers to try out myriads of other features to improve the user experience. The features like, CRM can be changed without impacting the core code significantly and this greatly helps to suit the requirements of the business more precisely and make it just as the client desires with every possible change. This makes website development much easier than before.

New Layout Components and better user experience:

Previously core/text function was implemented to work as a structural block, but the new components have a completely new conception of container wrapper for the same. By the use of visual design editor, managing blocks is now much easier with simply changing the blocks and clearly define the parts of the layout. Along with this improved user experience is a significant feature of Magento 2.0. It makes the customer capable of viewing the website on any screen size like, mobile and tab.

Better Performance:

In this aspect of better performance, it makes the indexing easy as Magento 2.0 provide more of functionality as compared to the earlier one that transformed merchandise data like, prices in tables that in order encouraged the speed of the query finally leading to better business. And now Magento 2.0 is more modified and works more effectively to boost the business.


Now coming to scalability, the new version enables complete page caching and results in a major reduction of server load and better performance of the website. It has a multiple user admin facility that ensures no date conflicts while editing products through more admin users simultaneously.

Less efforts and cost incurring in Upgradation:

Installing and upgrading of previous version of Magento was more difficult than version 2.0 as it has versioning rules and more friendly to upgradation. The new one can be done with more speed due to standalone installer and this will ensure the prerequisite for the installation runs a particular script for the platform.