5 reasons why Magneto 2.0 is preferred by web developers

5 reasons why Magneto 2.0 is preferred by web developers

Magento 2.0 after its emergence in 2015 fetched a lot attention and is a refreshed version of Magento1.x. The advanced version gained more interest from the developers due to its design and additional features providing companies a provision to attain their target and speed up the developing time of the website. We can see now that most of the Ecommerce sites are created on this Magento platform. Developers also got better equipped with this platform to work with new features as compared to the earlier version.

At present most of us shop online and switch over to the other website if it takes a long to load the page and is not displayed properly. In this respect Magento 2.0 has made the process faster. Lets take a look on the reasons of it being more popular in the developers community.

Revamped Structure and more Adaptability:

The 2 prominent modifications that have been done in the file structure are: primarily, under this platform every item can be placed directly under the app structure. Next, it has made the viewing for the professional more convenient that is each component has its own directory through which you can choose any template, layout along with css files for any module you require. This has created more flexibility for the module developers in terms of customization without altering the basic website functionality.

It has opened options for the web developers to try out myriads of other features to improve the user experience. The features like, CRM can be changed without impacting the core code significantly and this greatly helps to suit the requirements of the business more precisely and make it just as the client desires with every possible change. This makes website development much easier than before.

New Layout Components and better user experience:

Previously core/text function was implemented to work as a structural block, but the new components have a completely new conception of container wrapper for the same. By the use of visual design editor, managing blocks is now much easier with simply changing the blocks and clearly define the parts of the layout. Along with this improved user experience is a significant feature of Magento 2.0. It makes the customer capable of viewing the website on any screen size like, mobile and tab.

Better Performance:

In this aspect of better performance, it makes the indexing easy as Magento 2.0 provide more of functionality as compared to the earlier one that transformed merchandise data like, prices in tables that in order encouraged the speed of the query finally leading to better business. And now Magento 2.0 is more modified and works more effectively to boost the business.


Now coming to scalability, the new version enables complete page caching and results in a major reduction of server load and better performance of the website. It has a multiple user admin facility that ensures no date conflicts while editing products through more admin users simultaneously.

Less efforts and cost incurring in Upgradation:

Installing and upgrading of previous version of Magento was more difficult than version 2.0 as it has versioning rules and more friendly to upgradation. The new one can be done with more speed due to standalone installer and this will ensure the prerequisite for the installation runs a particular script for the platform.

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