How are JavaScript and JQuery differently functional

How are JavaScript and JQuery differently functional

With the skyrocketing popularity of online business makes the designing and developing the steps to success. The back-end and front-end of a website constitute of various codes that sound like jargon. But every technology comes with different new terminologies for the new designers too. Website development is quite a meticulous task and requires a professional finesse. One of the general question that can be confusing or a designer would like to know is difference in JavaScript and JQuery? Whether they are similar are simply different and independent? If you also want to know please continue reading the following section of the article.

Let's explore! What is JavaScript?

Though the answer is simple as JavaScript is programming language such as Python and Ruby. Now, this gives rise to another question to the mind of newbies is JavaScript and Java same? But to be clear there is no connection between the languages Java and JavaScript, apart from some syntax and the similarity in the names.

JavaScript was developed in the mid of 90s, by Brendan Eich while working for a firm called Netscape. It came to use in June 1997 when Ecma released the first official standardized version of which JavaScript was one of the implementations. It is considered to be more apt for web and it can be used in all contemporary web browsers without the requirement of any extra plugins. It has also immensely popular due to the ease it provides the front-end developers for the frameworks creation for difficult web applications, like for developing native applications and it is also implemented in severer-side and the credit goes application as Node.js.

Now, after discussing JavaScript the next thing to look up in this article is “ what is Jquery?

Jquery is a library, that is implemented in JavaScript. Its functionality is to simplify the front-end code that utilizes HTML. There are quiet a number of technical terms in the definition and explaining them can help you understand the concept.

Firstly, in the world of programming, a library means the collection of helpful codes, brought together for using again later. These libraries have proper defined interface, that facilitates the functions that it is designed for. It is generally developed in a way that you have to work less or use of lesser codes to complete the same task.

For instance, if you want to create a program which can save data at few points in the hard drive. A developer can write the complete code which is a lot of meticulous work or you can take help of libraries, that is already created, this will ease your work to greater extent.

Writing the complete code that will enable data saving on your hard drive is quite a complex task and you will need to have the knowledge about low-level programming. Instead, if you can take help of library that has the codes for the same prepared by someone else, you can implement it to your program.

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