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Steps to create a google friendly website


There are certain important steps a website designer should follow while building a website for a brand. As per Google norms if such steps are followed, then a site has the chances of getting maximum traffic over a short span of time. Today there is lots of competition among websites to gain the most of the market shares. So if the site is not following the google norms then that website has to suffer some penalty which will effect the site popularity and promotion campaigning.

So let’s see what are those steps for website designing company needs to follow:-

1) Give Visitors the information they are searching for:-

Provide contents which are of very high quality and informative. It should fulfill the information need of your visitors especially for the home pages. This is the most important thing to do. If your webpages contain useful information then the users will entice automatically towards your site. Use words which are simple and easy to understand. Then webmaster will link it to your site. The topic should be clearly and accurately narrated. First of all, you need to think which words users would type to search then use those words on your site to get maximum traffic for your site.

2) Make sure that other sites link to yours:-

Links actually help google crawlers to find your site & give your site high visibility on search engines. Google actually uses a text matching technique to display pages that are both important and relevant for the users. Google algorithms are smart enough to detect the natural links and unnatural links. So it is good to maintain a dynamic flow of natural links to get the site traffic. There are certain links of websites which try to gain more traffic using those unnatural link building.

3) Make your site easily accessible:-

Every site should be build using logical link structure & every page should be reachable using one static text link. Text browser Lynx should be used in maximum time as they are crawled by Google spiders more easily. Other platforms it takes time to give you a better rank.

So these are some basic guidelines which a brand needs to follow while running a website. Today Search engines are quite smart to understand each & every loopholes of your website to blacklist it easily. So certain preventive measures are essential to keep the site clean and completely free from any technical obligation. Google bots always crawl on most attractive and keyword-friendly text to give your website a very high rank in their search engine. Innovative text or contents have always the chances to get maximum number of visits per day. That is the reason why website design has became much more challenging and competitive now a days to handle it in an appropriate manner. Thus above guidelines are the main pillar for an effective traffic driven website in the long run for your business.

Useful tips for designing successful conversational UX and Chatbot


Of late we can see that conversational UX design has become the trend of web design world. Conversational UX signifies to the user experience which the user interaction with the company, or service, based on prior user behavior. I don’t mean literal interaction or conversation, the word refers to the back and forth communication where both the seller and the customer understand each other. The automated interaction with the company or customized service on through web app.

Web designers task is to address the requirement of the users and which requires information and conversational design has made this easier and is value driven. All the designers in order to improve their experience needed information from the audience of various fields and the interaction were the main hindrance which resulted in the distinct drop in user engagement.

The conversational UX design that’s a great tool for the required information.

Take a look at few conversational UI tips
Specifically conversational UI deals with the design elements that helps the users to give more information. Some of the most important elements are:

Avoiding indeterminate questions rather give some assistance to get the type of answers you are looking for. You can also provide some options to answers.
Don’t try to merge up multiple details in one sentence to get a specific answer.

If you don’ get a valid answer you must explain the reason for it and state the expected answer again.

Users are like customers in your store they might give wrong answers several times but you have to give the reason what went wrong.

In a chat interaction gets timed-out but this is not the scenario in case of conversational design as the bit should be prepared to provide the obvious answers while responding to the user.

Now let’s discuss some points that can make this design efficacious

Identifying the basic
A conversation always develops step by step likewise you should focus on the basic piece of information from the users. As per most of the web interfaces, you can start with the location, requirements and most importantly the contact details. These are basics.

Think from user perspective
You require the answer from the user in the first place is for getting the information. So the conversational screen should start with the addressing the users’ need. After the user is sorted with the specific requirement through the contextual question and then proceed with depth in the user interested field.

Test the design
After the completion of the process, it’s imperative to check the system with the real users a few times. The pitfalls can be restructured. And knowing the trouble to the points where the user is getting confused will help to update the process and better the experience.

Points to be avoided while designing a website to make the business successful

Website Design

Though a big or small venture the website is the only platform for marketing and branding. Web visitors to come to your website and it’s your responsibility to change them to potential customers through the web designing and other features in the website. They must get the answers to the query they have about the product or services you are offering. If the design of the website goes wrong by any chance you can face a great loss at the initial stage. So for the proper functioning of the business online you have to make the website design perfect.

Some useful point to avoid while creating a business website design:

Take time to understand the target audience-
The intention shouldn’t be getting a website done as fast as possible, whereas before designing the layout you must derive information about the target audience in the market. Then create the layout keeping the demographic in mind. For instance, if your market audience is comprised of the senior people, then using bigger font size can be useful. Or you see your target audience youngsters then you can have the features on your website that will make it more compatible to mobile devices.

Avoid making it too flashy-
To make your website popular it’s not about flash design, but you need to do proper marketing of the website. Overuse flash or a flashy design will only attract the visitors will not give you sales while increasing the page loading time. When your website takes more than the 3 seconds every visitor gets annoyed and leaves for the next option. To make the people go to browse through the pages you need to have a simple design that makes the utility of your product or services. This will help them to decide whether to go for it or not. Additionally, flashy design looks bad on the smaller screens like smartphones and at present most of the internet users surf the website through mobile devices. Once the user comes to a website, he already knows that what he wants and it will hardly take him 3 seconds the if the design is confusing to navigate.

Unclear CTA-
When a user comes to your website, what do you want them to do? You want them to make a purchase or subscribe your blog or newsletter? So, it’s you who guide them about the next action. The content on the website should provide the points that can clear their queries and the call to action button will help him to finalize action giving you a conversion.

Trying DIY techniques-
The website is the platform for the users to have the first experience with your brand. Without a professional skill can you provide the users the better experience? Ones if you fail to impress the visitors you lose the vital number of the customers as the first impression is a lasting one. Whereas you can be assured of better results with a professionally designed website.