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Great graphic design hacks – turn into a Pro-designer in a day

Graphic Design

While designing an image have you ever thought “man… if I could have the expertise to craft this picture to Wow!” It is okay, we all have been there some time or other.

Now it is not Achilles’ heel to add the creative finesse to the graphic design and we are here to help you in this task. Just read on for simple hacks to make your design to amazing.

Team Contrasting Fonts

Deciding which fonts look good paired and which doesn’t is a big question. And it is one of the most significant aspects that stumps people who are new to the field of designing. There is an accepted thumb rule that selecting fonts with high contrast gels well as this creates a perfect balance to look at the image while still defining a major feature in the design. For example – the font ‘Sifonn’ with Font ‘Arvo’ for giving the amazing look to it.

Select complementing colors for your design

Creating proper color tuning is next important level to make your design remarkable. A simple way to give your design the required harmony is to implement complementing colors in the graphics components. Like fonts with a background that can draw the audiences focus towards the text, making it look great. You can select the perfectly suiting color with the help of color picking tool and will provide the hex code (6 digit code that supports to find the proper color from the color wheel).

Apply Grids for images

The layout with grids look great and is preferred by the audiences according to trends and they give the image corporate effects. 3 to 4 images in the same grid creates an attractive composition.

Use of transparent icons
Though you decide to use a background or select some colors and textures to create it in a customized way, there are several ways that you can experiment. While you create an application icon you should have in mind that it can be displayed on a desktop with any background and for the icon that glass transparency components, then make them really well transparent.

Illustrate information with signs and symbols

With a small text often without it, the symbols and icons can accomplish the purpose of conveying. From designing an infographic to an innovative text holder, this is a great idea to think out of the box.

Crop images to increase the copy space

copy space here means the blank areas in the images. While you look for background images, choose one that offers lot of copy space that can be used to overlay text.

Steps to create a google friendly website


There are certain important steps a website designer should follow while building a website for a brand. As per Google norms if such steps are followed, then a site has the chances of getting maximum traffic over a short span of time. Today there is lots of competition among websites to gain the most of the market shares. So if the site is not following the google norms then that website has to suffer some penalty which will effect the site popularity and promotion campaigning.

So let’s see what are those steps for website designing company needs to follow:-

1) Give Visitors the information they are searching for:-

Provide contents which are of very high quality and informative. It should fulfill the information need of your visitors especially for the home pages. This is the most important thing to do. If your webpages contain useful information then the users will entice automatically towards your site. Use words which are simple and easy to understand. Then webmaster will link it to your site. The topic should be clearly and accurately narrated. First of all, you need to think which words users would type to search then use those words on your site to get maximum traffic for your site.

2) Make sure that other sites link to yours:-

Links actually help google crawlers to find your site & give your site high visibility on search engines. Google actually uses a text matching technique to display pages that are both important and relevant for the users. Google algorithms are smart enough to detect the natural links and unnatural links. So it is good to maintain a dynamic flow of natural links to get the site traffic. There are certain links of websites which try to gain more traffic using those unnatural link building.

3) Make your site easily accessible:-

Every site should be build using logical link structure & every page should be reachable using one static text link. Text browser Lynx should be used in maximum time as they are crawled by Google spiders more easily. Other platforms it takes time to give you a better rank.

So these are some basic guidelines which a brand needs to follow while running a website. Today Search engines are quite smart to understand each & every loopholes of your website to blacklist it easily. So certain preventive measures are essential to keep the site clean and completely free from any technical obligation. Google bots always crawl on most attractive and keyword-friendly text to give your website a very high rank in their search engine. Innovative text or contents have always the chances to get maximum number of visits per day. That is the reason why website design has became much more challenging and competitive now a days to handle it in an appropriate manner. Thus above guidelines are the main pillar for an effective traffic driven website in the long run for your business.

Importance of Designing a website for your Music brand

Importance Of Designing A Website For Your Music Brand

Website has become an integral part of business promotion for all industry so music industry is not the exception. Not only website helps to give you a professional outlook at the same time it will provide you a platform to promote your music talent worldwide. You can put an attractive banner for song sale. Anytime you can choose any color which suits your brand. You can also perform multiple task to promote your music brand online.

So lets see what are the importance of a website design for your music brand.

1) Selling Your own product:-This is the most common things which musicians do to make money from their website selling the product which you personally make and provide. Any music you made is a product because always a tangible things can be a product is not that. Intangible things can also be a product.

Actually it depends on the nature of thing you are producing. Your fans can make a digital downloads of their songs, CD s you press up and Vinyl which you make for. Other products which you could offer is merchandise like t-shirts , posters, magnets which can endorse your brand in front of your target audience.

The more good value and quality products you offer to your client greater is the chances is there for increase sales. You can also place any coupon offer using your website to grab more customers for your singing event. You can sell your music equipment at a very high price using website polling approach to market your brand or any stage show which you want to promote. You have the freedom in your website to promote your own music album online to increase your awareness and can attach a form along with it to increase the chances of lead conversion.

2) Selling Affiliate product to fans:- One of the things which most of the musicians don’t do is to monetize their audience using affiliate products.

An affiliate product is a product which actually belongs to some one else. Actually they make it , ship it and deal with any customer service issue attached with that sale. You just simply need to refer people into that product and when they buy it you receive a percentage of that sale.

Now the million dollar question is that why they will give you the share of their profit percentage of sale to you? The answer is that if you have huge fan base then due to your popularity they will enjoy a good margin of profit so if they can get business from you they will be ready to pay you for the same.

Fans of yours always search for their daily need products online here and there and if they see that your site is referring top a particular brand product then they will be interested to buy from their site and you will get the scope of earning more from your own fan base.

These are the reasons why website design is important for your brand

Web design tips for updating to increase lead generation

web design

The web world is advancing at a light speed and to match it you need to be constantly aware of the changing factors, which will help you to keep your business firm footed. Revamping the look of the business, according to the necessity is the correct decision. At present, to maximize your ROI you need to reach the potential customers. Not only that the website must adorn the features that will interest the users to stay and go through it while deciding whether to go for the product or not? Obviously, you have to revamp or create your website mustn’t lack any point that allows the user to think of other options.

The features making it user-friendly is the point to be kept in focus while creating the web design

Mobile-friendly design approach:
Ever since past two years, the use of mobile devices is increasing rapidly. More than 65% of adult people use their smartphone for searching. It’s been speculated that more than 2.1 billion people of worldwide consumers will be using mobile phones by the end of this year. So, as the stats shows responsive web design can help you fetch maximum potential customers leading to leading to greater sales. Cost-effectiveness and increased functionality are the added advantages to it.

UI and UX Pattern:
With the responsive approach, we can see a great rise in the use of the CMS platforms like WordPress as it has pre-designed themes have led a great impact on the look and feel of the desktop websites. More and more use of mixed layout or pattern of UI and UX emerge radically in the web world and many of them tend to look similar as they ease the user experience. Though, here we will note raise a debate on the similarity whereas must concentrate on the factor that they are continuously making the website user-friendly better. With the huge competition online in each industry, every brand can’t take a risk of experimenting with the pattern while UX UI principles make it an easy option to ensure more audience views.

Customized Illustrations:
Illustrations are fabulous things to provides any website great visuals which look playful and friendly. Professional illustrator can customize it to match the theme to suit the marketplace. With innovative illustrations which are tailored brands can establish brands’ whole identity.

Animations inclusion:
HTML5, CSS, and jQuery have made it easier than ever before. The story telling video about the brand is suitably included, ranging from tiny loading devices or an attractive hover-state. Full-screen animations can also be used integrating with the scrolling.

Minimalist Approach is the trend in the Web design world

Web Design World

Minimalism may sound very simple, but if we see in depth it is much more than just being “bare minimum.” Thinking minimalism is just so easy as it sounds might be a incorrect conception, as there are less elements with which you can provide the same features to the minimalist website for the convenient use of the visitors. To maintain a proper aesthetics with the same functionality, the web design becomes more meticulous. It can be said as combination of smart use of space, impressive visuals, impactful typography and most importantly the content has to be focused by all these.

It is one of the most effective ways to create an attractive yet simple website for a better user experience. There are 5 elements that make the approach minimalist in true sense and people appreciative for it. No points guessing that it has become a trend setter and popular style at present, you can also know required points below:

1. The concept of Negative Space

The foremost design element that maximum people relate with minimalism is space, to be precise, it is termed as the negative space and more of it. But we must know that it’s not just a small design restricted with colorless scope. This approach also allows use of any color, though patterns are not advisable in this context. The most preferred backgrounds are the base colors, white and black, but for uniqueness some of the designers use colorful backgrounds in subtle ways. Negative space is effective in influencing the visitors visual flow, unhindered as the more negative space around the focused element draws the eye of the user to that element. Along with the above mentioned benefit negative space helps in better placing of the other required elements, restricting the design from overpowering the site visitor and are specifically better used for inner pages.

2. Big and Graphic Photography

It is not that every designer will have a same approach for this layout, some may feel that minimalist websites are way too distant emotionally, so bigger pictures can add a hint of familiarity without laying any effect on the foreground. The most spectacular art element in minimalist design is hero headers and images, that are defined by prominent slider created by the top scroll. Pictures used should justify all the minimalist features or else you get less benefits of the design. For example, choosing a wide picture of wall or empty place can be impressive, but a picture full of any items negates the advantages of minimalist interface.

3. Dramatic Type Interface

Like any other layout minimalist design also cannot do without words, they are vital elements. The typography selection should be apt and customized typography can be the point of focus here. it brings the attention of the user to the content that conveys the company message.

4. Lucidly Simple Navigation System

Minimalism requires hamburger icon. Simple design teamed with the aesthetically simplest navigation system can be the best for the users. The popularity of hamburger navigation is even compelling veterans of minimalism to change to hamburger navigation and icon for the best implementation of UI elements.

5. Striking Contrast

Use of the white background is mostly preferred by minimalist designers the cause, it is the most convenient canvas to play with color for setting a proper tone for the website. It is like the hallmark for the minimalist to select black or white background that creates a magical effect when combined with bold images.

Why is Responsive Design Profitable for Ecommerce Business?

Ecommerce Business

By this time you must have heard the term responsive design many a times. Now, the question is what it implies and what is it useful for? So, let me make the concept clear to you as this web design format is going to prevail in the web world more in the coming years. Responsive web design is adapting the tools and opting the format to make the website friendly for all the screen types including, laptop, tab and mobile phones. It is highly recommended for e-commerce websites as it requires to be receptive. Web surfers prefer to surf on various platforms according to availability of the device at that point of time. For instance, you want to order a gift for your friend and you have no time to hop in to different stores, and you need to search on mobile, so the website should be mobile friendly to be viewed without fuss. In order to have a perfect display on small screens it needs to responsive. It has been seen that most people use mobile and smart phones, 60% more for local searches and go for it. It is evident that to acquire more business successfully you need to have a mobile friendly website.

Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Necessary for ECommerce Business?

Fit for all screens: These design formats can ensure the best viewing for any screen size. Previously websites were only made to suit the desktop computers. After the increased use of mobiles and other smaller devices, it became an indispensable need to have a design for a website that can be viewed on all smaller screens without irritating the user. If a website not responsive then it is unreadable, links jumble up and images break for the smaller screens. Overall, nothing can be gauged from this type of view.

Clear View for Accessing the Features: If we consider the usability factor, these websites are much more upgraded than the previous ones. Every feature can be easily used without any problem like it used be for the desktop instead of looking like a maze for the users.

Added Advantage is cost-effective design: It is cost-effective for the business owners as they don’t have to spend more on designing a website in various versions for different platforms. Equipped with advanced tools and technologies present day designers guarantee that one version of a website can fit in all screen types, making it lucrative.

Flexible Design and great adaptability: Content and images that are used on these websites can adapt with the up-gradation of technologies and leave options for modification. This makes the designing part easier as they don’t need to change the thing completely and maintenance of the website becomes lucid.

Reduce Bounce rate: ‘Bounce Rate’ implies the percentage of viewers in your website that leaves the site without staying at it for more than 10 seconds, that in order decreases the rate of conversion. Bad navigation, slow page loading are some of the reasons for increased bounce rates. Responsive site designer ascertains low bounce rates by making the navigation panel easy and increasing the usability of the website.