Should You Hire A Graphic Designer Before You Start Your Business? Here are 6 Reasons Why!

Should You Hire A Graphic Designer Before You Start Your Business? Here are 6 Reasons Why!

Some people wouldn’t dream of starting a project without professional help and others can’t justify the expense. Where you fall in that debate is ultimately up to you. But here’s a thing: People are more likely to remember a brand from its logo than its name. The most iconic brands and their logos are quite frankly inseparable. Anyone will recognize brands like Apple, Thumbs-Up, and McDonald's from their logo alone. Despite the fact that all three of them have undergone changes (to varying degrees), the logos retain the familiarity and recall value. It is possible to create such memorable and iconic logos for your own business if you hire the right logo designer.

Rest assured, we’re not going to leave you hanging. In order to help you best decide, we’ve compiled a list of reasons to check before committing to working with a pro. Read them below and think about them carefully.

  1. The identity of the company The first thing that you need to be clear about is your goals. You are new in business and it is obvious you want to get more popular but what you need to do? Do you need a graphic designer for redesigning your whole website or one for just creating a company logo design? By defining your goals, you will make it easy for yourself to find the right fit.

2. Budget In today’s competitive era, there is no scarcity of talented graphic designers. However, you will only get what you pay for. The higher the complexity or requirement, the higher the budget should be. You should also consider agencies that provide a complete end-to-end solution. They are more experienced in handling projects, and would always give you a breakdown before starting your work.


3. What type of skills do you need? Graphic design is a significant vertical. It also includes experts with specific design skills. You should be clear about the particular skills that you are looking for. If you are not sure, always ask the graphic designer upfront so that everyone knows what to expect. Your requirement determines what type of skills you are looking for. To ensure that get the right talent for your project, be transparent and upfront.

4. What services are you looking for? You need to consider what you would like for the project itself. As you know, graphic design is a lot more than scribble – doodle and playing with fonts. You have to balance aesthetics and function while also considering how ideas/concepts will come together as a whole. It is always a good idea to interview a few potential candidates before making a final decision. You can set up a video chat at a preferred time by yourself and the candidate and try and make yourself, your brand, your style familiar with the designer.

5. Candidate's POA for project execution Information is indispensable. That’s why you should be clear from the start in sharing information. To do so, you also need to understand what the graphic designer needs, his/her plan of action. This should stand true vice-versa as well. The process of exchange information back and forth should be carried through the project. If your brand has a past history, case studies of the same should be well kept and processed. By doing so, you are moving your project to success and ensuring that it gets completed within the deadline.

6. Target audience and brand To ensure that the work is done according to what you are looking for, explain the brand identity and target audience. Each company or business is different, and that’s where brand values and customer personas come in. If the designer doesn’t know what your brand is trying to achieve, you will most probably get something that is not intended. If you have defined a persona for your audience, don’t forget to share it with the creative. It will help them better understand the target audience.


As you can see hiring a graphic designer is no small task. It requires a sensible approach, and you need to be careful in all the steps that you take. Chances of hiring a wrong person are high if the time is cut short. It is your responsibility, as an employer to build an engaging relationship with them. Always keep in mind that your business is all about the people you work with. All aspects of your brand work together as a unit, therefore, hiring a designer or agency before you start your business is crucial and will help you start off as a hit!

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