Steps to create a google friendly website

Steps to create a google friendly website

There are certain important steps a website designer should follow while building a website for a brand. As per Google norms if such steps are followed, then a site has the chances of getting maximum traffic over a short span of time. Today there is lots of competition among websites to gain the most of the market shares. So if the site is not following the google norms then that website has to suffer some penalty which will effect the site popularity and promotion campaigning.

So let's see what are those steps for website designing company needs to follow:-

1) Give Visitors the information they are searching for:-

Provide contents which are of very high quality and informative. It should fulfill the information need of your visitors especially for the home pages. This is the most important thing to do. If your webpages contain useful information then the users will entice automatically towards your site. Use words which are simple and easy to understand. Then webmaster will link it to your site. The topic should be clearly and accurately narrated. First of all, you need to think which words users would type to search then use those words on your site to get maximum traffic for your site.

2) Make sure that other sites link to yours:-

Links actually help google crawlers to find your site & give your site high visibility on search engines. Google actually uses a text matching technique to display pages that are both important and relevant for the users. Google algorithms are smart enough to detect the natural links and unnatural links. So it is good to maintain a dynamic flow of natural links to get the site traffic. There are certain links of websites which try to gain more traffic using those unnatural link building.

3) Make your site easily accessible:-

Every site should be build using logical link structure & every page should be reachable using one static text link. Text browser Lynx should be used in maximum time as they are crawled by Google spiders more easily. Other platforms it takes time to give you a better rank.

So these are some basic guidelines which a brand needs to follow while running a website. Today Search engines are quite smart to understand each & every loopholes of your website to blacklist it easily. So certain preventive measures are essential to keep the site clean and completely free from any technical obligation. Google bots always crawl on most attractive and keyword-friendly text to give your website a very high rank in their search engine. Innovative text or contents have always the chances to get maximum number of visits per day. That is the reason why website design has became much more challenging and competitive now a days to handle it in an appropriate manner. Thus above guidelines are the main pillar for an effective traffic driven website in the long run for your business.

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