Why Build an Intuitive E-Commerce Site?

Why Build an Intuitive E-Commerce Site?


Gone those days, when people used to return home from work tired and again had to run to the nearby stores for grocery or other shops for their necessary commodities. Now, a person can order whatever he needs sitting in his office and enjoy doorstep delivery without any hazard with the help of the various E-commerce websites.

What is an E-commerce website?

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a trade in which products and services are purchased or sold through the internet. In this type of business, funds and data are exchanged digitally between two or more parties. In earlier days, the widely used mediums of E-commerce were email and telephone calls. However, now, with the help of a complete E-commerce site, all the necessary things for a transaction can be done in a few minutes. The most commonly accessed E-commerce sites are the retail sites, but apart from them, there are many more, like auction sites, finance management sites, music portals, consultancy services etc.

Types of E-commerce sites

According to the functions and operations, E-commerce sites can be divided into the following major categories-
  • Business to consumer: Electronic transactions take place between consumers and companies.
  • Consumer to Business: Individual consumers make electronic transactions by offering their products to companies.
  • Business to business: Electronic transition takes place between two companies or service providers.
  • Consumer to Consumers: Electronic transaction takes place between consumers through a third party.

Why Build an Intuitive an Intuitive E-Commerce Site

Since everyone is running out of time, people prefer to purchase from home, rather than visiting a physical shop. The following points describe why it is essential for a business to have an intuitive E-commerce site.

A wide range of choice for the customers:

The E-commerce sites allow the buyers to select from a wide range of products offered by different E-commerce sites. A customer can easily compare the products sold by various sites online and can choose the best one easily.

Remote Business opportunity for the seller:

A physical store can drag the customers of a particular locality, but an E-commerce site has no geographical boundaries. A seller can participate in the world product as the E-commerce sites allow him to reach to the customers of remote regions and countries.

Price Comparison:

The E-commerce sites allow the customers to learn the different prices of the same products sold by different sellers, which will enable them to choose the most suitable products.


Visiting multiple physical stores at different locations for one particular product kills much time of the customers. The E-commerce sites are time savers as customers search online instead of physically roaming here to there.

Adequate information:

before purchasing, a customer can get all the required info from the product description in the site. The dedicated online description pages serve as the catalogs of the individual products. Apart from this, a customer can quickly contact the seller through the internet for his further queries. Also, a customer can easily track the delivery status of the ordered goods.

Reduce the cost of manufacturers:

E-commerce sites allow the manufactures to reduce the value of the paperwork, documentation, distribution, and other managerial processes. Since there is no physical store required, the manufacturers do not have to pay for infrastructure or insurance. Very few licenses and permissions are required to run an E-commerce site, which is another advantage for the sellers.

Reduce the cost of advertisement and personnel:

Since the entire trade can be made through the internet, there are no requirements of flyers, billboards or other traditional ads, online digital campaigns are comparatively much cost efficient. As the whole process of purchase and exchange of money is conducted through online payment mode, no billing personnel are required to maintain the records.

24/7/365 support:

A physical store has fixed opening hours, so the customers have no option but to wait if they want to purchase something immediately at midnight or on holiday. Since the E-commerce sites are open 24/7/365, the customers can buy anything, anywhere at any time. It also allows the sellers to get more customers as those who work on odd schedules, can easily manage to get what they desire.


With the help of E-commerce site, the sellers can easily evaluate and calculate their customer engagements, productiveness, sales effectiveness, marketing data etc.

Search Engine Optimization:

Since the online business is completely based on the traffic coming from search engines, having better search engine optimization in the E-commerce site can boost up profitability as it helps to reach more new customers online.

Expand the market for new business:

The reputed brands have the advantages of verbal recommendations of their satisfied customers, but it becomes very difficult for a new business to find customers in the beginning. An intuitive E-commerce site allows the business to reach more customers without spending much in occupying physical space.

Creates a Brand:

A perfectly crafted E-commerce creates helps the business to earn a reputation of a reliable brand with its well arranged and organized layouts. The testimonials of the happy customers featured in the site help to gain the faith of the new customers as well. So, it can be said that having a well crafted E-commerce site enables a business to reach new potential customers, save a lot of money, exploring new boundaries and achieving certain business goals.
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