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If Content is King, What Should You Be Looking For in a Writer?

Content is King

The phrase ‘Content is King’ is a recurring internet rage in today’s world. However, it is not a new one. Although Sumner Redstone of Viacom had said it quite some time back, the person whose voice gave it the popularity it has today is none other than the founder and ex-CEO, Bill Gates.

In an essay he wrote way back in 1996, Gates suggested the future dominance of the content in the world of online business. The prophecy did not only prove to be right in the next two decades, but it has more or less changed the entire way marketing is perceived. The content was always in some way or other relevant to businesses online and offline under different names such as copywriting. With the internet taking over most of the marketing agendas of corporations, content is paving the way at present.

But with content becoming the unanimous king, there rises an enormous need for skilled and qualified content writers. There is a recent surge in the demand of content writers, and many aspiring candidates are jumping the bandwagon. However, merely knowing how to write does not make a good writer of content. There are many more criteria that one needs to fulfill to fill the position of a content writer in any organization.

Here are some of the critical points that you should look for when you hire a content writer for your company.

Readability and Expertise

A content writer must have an impeccable command over the language he or she is writing in. Wrong sentence syntax, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation issues are not acceptable in this profession. Moreover, their style of writing should be free-flowing, naturally attractive, and have a positive pull to it which will draw your customer’s attention to your content and engage them in reading it. Therefore, the content writer you hire should not only be useful in writing but should know how to use the power of words for marketing your product or service strategically.

Moreover, the writer’s expertise in a particular field also counts a lot. A great blog writer will not necessarily be equally useful in the product description. Hire your writer according to the specific needs of your business and before you do, ask for a relevant sample of their work. Do not make the mistake of employing a content writer for one kind of position with the expertise of another.

Level of Experience

Experience counts a lot when it comes to the content writing industry. There are many nuances that a writer has to keep in mind while writing for business. Keyword infusion, SEO integration, and maintaining industry relevance of content are some of the essential aspects of a content writer’s job profile. To be able to successfully understand the requirements of your business and execute the rest of the tasks seamlessly, years of experience in the field matters a lot.

Knowledge of Specification

Unless you are hiring for generic blogs and articles, your content writer should be knowledgeable in the field you work in. For example, if you are a pharmaceutical company, then your content writer should have technical know how in the medicinal background. By ensuring this criterion, you make sure that the content you put out for your audience is technically correct and not vague or misleading.

Dedication and enthusiasm

Since content writing has a creative edge to the work, it is essential for the writer to be enthusiastic about new and different projects and have imaginative takes on them. In the same line of thought, they should be also flexible for content corrections and refurbishments, and up for any necessary alterations required. Flexibility is one of the most required traits in a content writer, which stems from a commitment to the work.


Last but definitely not the least, professionalism is a must-have. This is the bare minimum that is expected from any potential employees from their employers, and a position of a content writer should not be any different. The two pillars which determine the professionalism of the writer are authenticity and punctuality. The submitted content must be without any plagiarism and submitted on or before the deadline to be considered valid. The content industry is not a place where either plagiarism or delay of delivery is taken lightly at all.

You can always hire an in-house content writer for your company, but that would not be the wisest economic decision. Outsourcing them or hiring freelancers to do the work for you is a much cheaper affair and also helps keep the extra burden of content curation off from your head. At places like our Dream Logo Design, you are catered to with fresh, unique, and exciting quality content aimed relevantly towards your target audience.

Canonical Tags – Where and When to Use Them

Canonical Tags - Where and When to Use

Canonical tags have been around since 2009, but there are still many confusions about the same among non-technical marketers. In simple words, canonical tags give website owners a way to resolve issues related to duplicate content.

What is a Canonical Tag?

A canonical tag is a simple HTML code which defines the main version of the website. It tells search engines as to which page they should index and display in search results. For example, if you have more than one web page that describes same or similar content under different URLs, you can use canonical tags to indicate which version is the main page and needs to be indexed.

How Does a Canonical Tag Look Like?

As mentioned, canonical tags are simple HTML codes that are made of simple syntax. They are placed within the section of a webpage. A canonical sample tag may look like the following:

Importance of Canonical Tag in SEO:

If you have more than one web page with similar contents under different URLs, Google will consider them as a duplicate content. This is something which Google dislikes and is harmful to SEO. Since Google tends to index only one version of the webpage, they are in confusion as to which version of the page they should index. Also, this is directly related to the search engine rank of the webpage because google will not understand which version of the page to rank for different queries.

Mentioned below are the situations when you may consider to implement a canonical tag in your website:

There are many confusions among the SEO experts about the use of canonical tags. There is not a specific strategy which can be considered the best to take. However, mentioned below are some conditions where implementing a canonical tag could be beneficial for overall SEO.

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is the most common situation when you should use a canonical tag. It is essential to use a canonical tag to define the main version of the page when you have more than one web page with duplicate content. Defining the main version of the webpage by using a canonical tag ensures that google takes the right page to index and the correct version of the page comes up in the search engine rank.

Similar Content:

Sometimes, you may have a web page with the same but slightly different content under different URLs. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, you may have pages with products that are similar but may have slight differences between them. Most SEO experts would suggest a canonical tag in this type of situation to make sure Google has a clear idea as to what is the main product page. Google will give full SEO value to the main product page. This will help you rank better for the main product page.

URL Parameters:

This is another important situation when you need to use a canonical tag. Marketers often create URL parameters for a particular webpage for tracking purposes. This helps them to track campaign performance for each URL parameters easily. This is an easy way to track your web page performance when the same page is being used in different types of marketing campaigns. However, this may create a severe problem regarding SEO like Google, and other search engines consider them as the duplicate version of the main page. The only way to clear the confusions for search engines is to tell them which version to index by using a canonical tag.

You can also add a canonical tag to every page of your website regardless of whether they have a known duplicate or not. This is specifically helpful when you have many different ways to reach your URL. For example, if your webpage can be reached by using both the HTTPS and Non-HTTPS version, you can add a canonical tag to both of them to let search engines know that both the pages are individual and this is the versions that search engines should index and show in search results.

How to Use Canonical Tags?

As mentioned earlier, the best and the easiest way to add canonical tag is to insert HTML code within the section of your duplicate page. However, if you have a WordPress website, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin that adds self-referencing canonical URLs to each page automatically. You can set the custom canonical tag by using the ‘advanced’ section on each page on your WordPress website.

Similar to the WordPress, if you have an eCommerce store and you are using Shopify, it adds a self-referencing canonical URL by default. However, you can set custom canonical URL by editing the template directly.

According to Google, you should not include your non-canonical URLs in sitemaps. Therefore, you should only list your canonical URLs in your sitemap.

Advanced Digital Marketing Tips To Achieve Great Popularity

Digital Marketing

Every brand is employing digital marketing techniques to get the maximum exposure. The cover term digital marketing consists of various sections that combine together to make your brand visible in the web world in the best possible way. Creating the advanced strategy is the key factor. Google keeps on changing its algorithm for providing the user’s better and relevant information with that the SEO process also become advanced to cope with the change.

The website optimization should include the techniques that will make your business website user-friendly. The trends have been changing and it’s become a more meticulous task to get the top rank on the search result page. The following section provides some of the tips that can make your business shine.

Live Streaming

From the previous year, live streaming came up as an effective tool for marketing. Even the most used social media platform Facebook started live streaming service called ‘Facebook live‘. Twitter is also not behind it made the process much easier with the app related to it. The beginning was marked by the concept of Periscope.

Short-lasting contents

This type of ephemeral or short-lasting contents is being seen on the web since the last of 2016. Even Instagram launched a service called Instagram Stories. These contents remain on the web for some time and then disappears. Firstly that comes to your mind must be something like Snapchat. Keeping a content for 24 hours and removing it may sound uninteresting but viewers like it. This the reason Instagram Stories came into the picture.
It doesn’t have to be made into an over-edited copy can be written in a casual tone and masses love that. Emphasizing the human values of the company will help and including a video relating to your product or services can be more attractive.

Influencer marketing

According to the report of e-Marketer various brands uncured $570 in this technique only on Instagram. The thing is the ‘word of mouth’. We know this is one of the best marketing processes. So, the influencer opining good about your brand online will impress the followers to a greater extent as they have their image and people see them as idols or trendsetters. Find the niche influencers who have an interest in your service type. It’s cost-effective way too.

The techniques have to be changed based on the trends and the search engine requirements. Making the website that is helpful for the user is liked by the search engine too. So relevant information in the content which should be unique can hold the visitors. The business website should have all the features that a makes the users interested in the topic in it.

What impact GST can lay on the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital Marketing

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) replaced multiple taxes levied by governments in central and state. Though it was included in the constitution in ACT 2017 as an amendment Bill. The chairman entitled is the Finance Minister of India and the maintenance is done by the GST Council. It has been implemented in India from June 1st, 2017. It is obvious that this will affect all the industries and online or digital marketing is no exception. So let’s consider this arena, whether it enjoys the benefits or have to face some downs too.

Input Credit:

Previously, advertisement or promoting online is categorized under the manufacturing expense that is eligible for VAT and sales tax. So, there is no input credit and advertisers suffered great losses. Whereas after implementation of the GST, the amount invested on advertisements will be liable for an input credit of 18% for the tax levied for ads. And it’s a great impetus for the advertisers to reduce the sum losses.

Promotional or Advertising Investment:

GST is basically a tax that applies on value addition at every stage. A consolidated GST is chargeable for the supply chain which should extenuate the following impact of the levy and in order reduce the amount incurred in making an ad.

Service Tax:

The services tax levied is decided to be at 18%, which is 3% more than the present tax percentage paid by the industry before GST. Few in the industry might see the increase as a trouble while if you see the input credit percentage it’s not going to effect the advertising spends so much.

Initiation Problems:

As in the case of any new improvement or reform, industries and individuals have to deal with some problems through the initial period like for 3-4 months. But in the case of huge brands, they may have prepared for the new system of Tax, smaller companies may choose to wait and watch the influence of GST and plan accordingly.

Digital Costs:

It is a significant factor to account the equalization tax or ‘Google Tax’ imposed for foreign multinational digital companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The GST tax imposition may increase the costs for advertisers in the country, with digital enterprises to come under the category. For the even levy of the tax, services provided digitally may be made chargeable in the coming time. Like, online accumulation of payments, web hosting, design and development of websites, emails, blogs ranging to TV and radio advertising. Not only that, the online sale of products and services, online song and movie downloads, apps, games, books and even online reading of news. This can affect the companies that provide hosting, email and advertising facilities online.

Now, coming onto the social media marketing, Facebook has already announced that every advertiser in India, it’s a mandate to update the Facebook’s ad account with GST the registration number for continuing the ad display facilities on Facebook. Though no GST is levied on Facebook ads. And for the rest of the platforms, it will be wise to keep a check on the prices and rule or policy amendment they do in order to get unhindered services.

Smart ways to promote your brand online

Brand Online

Online promotion is an efficacious way to bring recognition to your business. Though it’s been used widely by various organizations yet there are channels those are not being employed to their full potential. There are tools and digital marketing techniques that can improve the scope and increase the reach of the product and services. The always used processes are sustainable but reaching the next high you need to boost your campaign and think outside the box. Try a newer approach like cross-promotion, which can be greatly effective.

Cross-promotion is a way in which you use other channels to popularize your brand, product, and services to the new markets. The best part is it is pocket-friendly and highly impactful to generate more quality leads in order it increasing the sell. To be more precise, through an organization that sells complimentary product or services you can cross-promote each other business.

Many of the companies employ cross-promotion in the world. The example worth mentioning is the Partnership of Google’s Android and Kit Kat. More than 50 million Kit Kat chocolates were produced with Android’s branding and people had options to win a Nexus Tablet or Google Play gift cards.

In the next section, you can find some ways to implement cross-promotion

Partner with a non-competing brand

Try to partner wit non-competitive brand online as that’s a great way to hit the new markets. Who you can look for are:

  • Influencers
  • Local Business
  • Businesses that are nor in your niche
  • Nonprofit organizations

Crafting the content meticulously that can be relevant to the respective fields in its tone and description is the proper way. You and your partner can discuss the process before the content building. It should address the prospective audience and must have relevance to the market type of the product.

Cross-promote by business Newsletter
This process is quite common among mobile applications. You can rely on various automated tools for promotion, but if you are an owner of a general online business or employed in a SaaS, it’s fine for your product and services too. You are on the advantageous side if you are in the B2B market. You can target to reach the companies that are not your competitors and try partnership. Using tools such as Cross.Promo which can help to manage the campaigns.

Cross-promoting through Social Media

  • Apply social tabs on your FB page. Facebook permits you to use third-party apps to put in social tabs to the page.
  • Implement social media with email marketing. You can effectively promote your latest post in your email newsletter.

Cross-promotion is a modish technique that allows you to widen the reach in new market and with better opportunities for advertising your products and services.

5 Tips to counter Fred and other forthcoming Google Updates

Google updates

Quite a major algorithm update was rolled by Google on 7th March. The update, on a lighter note, Google’s Gary Ill-yes referred it as “Fred” which impacted in websites losing its organic traffic ranging from 50 to 80%. And others experienced sudden traffic spikes. Fred is yet another recent update as the other important updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon and Possum have trembled the digital world and left search engine marketers struggling to overcome the upcoming algorithm change.

Let’s discuss some basics on how to check if any latest updates have hit your website, fix the reducing traffic as the consequence of Fred, and even survive the upcoming Google updates.

Observe you website’s Traffic:
You always need to keep a check on the organic traffic. Obviously. But you might not have noticed is the change in the number of traffic that correlate to Google’s updates. Go to Google analytics or check it by the software you use to see the rank and concentrate on the recent history for determining drops or rise in the traffic. Go through the dates when the changes happened and tally with the date of updates. You can make you the strongest impact the algorithm changes has laid, and you can fix the issues and if there is any penalization. When you know fissures now, read on for the corrections.

Fix Ad-heavy/Affiliate-heavy Pages:

Fred being the latest in the line-up of quality control as impacted content sites mostly. It includes blogs, which didn’t have user-friendly content at the altar of ad and affiliate revenue. That is, Fred penalized sites with thin content, promotion or ad-centered and designed for high affiliate marketing. Well, some sites also noticed remarkable improvements after removing a few or all ads from the content. Ads placed in between the article, misleading ads with download buttons and video ads that are auto play when the visitor comes to your page. All these criteria can invite your page a penalty in future – if missed this time.

Make the content meaty

Demonetizing your website is not a choice – neither it’s required. You won’t see the famous names like The Times abruptly featuring no ad or suffering very low traffic rate. Fred effected the sites with both thin content and ad-heavy.
To resort – make the content meaty and make it more relevant to the topic. Be keen about the metrics like word count and the bounce rate. Get quality content and have an ethical number of links in the pages.

Emphasize Mobile Experience

Google has prioritized the sites that offer superior mobile experiences to the users. They have already announced of indexing the mobile optimized site first over desktop sites. The next concern is that about 70 % of the web pages take 7 seconds for loading the visual content above the fold, that increases bounce rate by 113 %. Whereas, it shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds.
Other changes that you can make are same content for desktop and mobile, implementing proper viewport configurations.

Eliminate Harmful Links

Only keep right kind of links – high-quality back-links that have domain authority from people mentioning your contents to your friends can provide you some best ranking signals you want. By wrong links what Google means is, links from irrelevant sites, links with spammy anchor text can end up in a manual penalty.

Few indispensable plugins in WordPress for SEO


You get your business website completed and you think that all the pages are ready with the desired layout, content and graphics. With all the links placed properly and simple navigation and perfect color graphics that you love looking at it. Let’s think that you have chosen WordPress for your website’s content management system (CMS). That’s a great choice, more if you are new in the web design industry. It’s most simple to create a blog or website through it make it run within no time.

Even if it can be live within few days, as it looks all okay to you, it will be a little tough on your part to know that the site yet to get ‘optimized’. And the fact is that without proper optimization all your effort will not get the desired attention and result online. But there is no reason to worry, you can do it yourself if you don’t want to hire an SEO expert for the job. There are various WordPress plugins that can help you for site optimization and make it perfect for the search engine too.

Here are 5 plugins that can be installed for proper optimization (SEO) of your website.

Yoast SEO
This the most installed plugin used by the WordPress users. It’s very simple and comprehensive for SEO. You don’t have to know a bit of coding moreover, minimum knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO). It enables you to complete a process that contains all the essential elements like meta title, descriptions, XML sitemap and also provides analysis tool.

Google XML Sitemaps
Getting ranked in Google search depends on how fast your website gets indexed. The prime purpose of SEO strategy is to get the compete site indexed by Google which enables it to know what the site is all about. The Google bot must get the correct pages to get it ranked and you can aid the process by adding the Google XML sitemap which is automatically generated by the plugin as soon as you put up the content.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
The work is done after you have launched the website but you should check the performance. Without knowing the areas of improvement you cant the required inputs. This plugin allows you to embed an analytics code on the pages of the site for getting the data completely.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin
With the most required thing about your website being mobile-friendly this plugin enables you to make it without investing for prospective developer. You can customize the look without knowledge about coding.

Steps to create a SEO friendly content


Content was king and remains to be so. You can have a great business website design-wise, visitors may come but soon will move if it has a trashy content. The design of the webpage must support the content display in the best possible way. It’s not only about the web content but all the articles have to be brilliantly crafted to get the desired result. And for SEO, content is the one of the most significant aspects that greatly impacts the search results on the SERP.

Here are few steps that can help you in shaping an impactful SEO content:

# Is the content unique and original
You might be saying about the same topic that has been written about lot of times but yours cant be the same. It has to be unique and original. You can find out facts and interesting details about the topic and write in a way that will be appealing for the visitors. As it’s the content that will fetch engagement and relevant traffic. The point to bear in mind is a copied content will not only serve the purpose but Google can penalize your website. The Panda update primarily focused on the content quality. You can also site the quality resource links in case of a blog content or a article.

# Make the titles attractive

  • The heading has a very crucial role to play. The aspects are various like:
  • The search engine bots will know what the writing is about.
  • Users will make out from it whether to click it or not.
  • Newsletter subscribers also decide through it if they will check the email or not.

Among all this you must see that it has to be SEO friendly. Focus on the placing of the keyword in the title. Try to keep it among the first three words but not forcefully.

# Make the introduction Intriguing
Introduction is starting of the article that can hold the attention of the users as well as the search engines wants to get the information from their to decide whether it’s indexable or not. Your job is to help them by mentioning your keywords in an introduction style paragraph at the beginning of your page. This makes your article Search engine friendly too.

7 tricks to boost your sales performance

Boost your sales

Within a blink of eyes, new businesses emerge offering the similar products and services that are similar to yours and competition increases. Irrespective of in whichever industry you are you have to make smart efforts to get success before it’s a race to the bottom. The sale is moving at an amazingly fast pace and trial and error will just be the waste of time to sell.

Be clear with your mission
Understand the niche of the business. Identify the advantages. Think of the demographics that needs what you give? Which can be the superb way to make people aware? What is the budget they can afford it? Get the answers to the questions before you start the campaign.

Have smaller specific goals
Instead of thinking of a bigger far future goal set the activity goals like sales per month, profits, referrals per call, etc. that you can achieve with ease. This can be easily tracked the performance closely and improve on the target following the results. And you can channelize the effort in the correct direction in order to achieve the sales goal.

Offer to customer needs
Always remember that will buy only that they need and this the point you must focus. You have to convince them that your product or services suit their needs best. Depict them the features of your product that will be lucrative as the same time serve their purpose. For example, if you are selling electronic appliances then highlight the durability and the less electricity consumption benefits.

Ask, listen, and act
Better than any other strategy these simple words can be effective is achieving sales success. You ask the requirements in a way directing towards the sales. Listen while providing the needs and respond accordingly this interests the customers more and you are on the way have a successful deal.

Online selling hack
Mention the products details and highlight the features that will be looked for the potential customers mostly. Digital marketing ways also suggest emphasizing the points like discounts or the exceptional feature.

Include the seasonal requirements
In case of any product that is liable to give more sales depending on the occasion or time try including that in the product list offline or online.

Maximize your time
Keep your efforts goal oriented. Do every possible activity that is important from this respect. Create a schedule and do the requirements regularly to increase the productivity.

How can you get maximum traffic for your posted links


Hundreds of contents gets posted every hour. All of them with the same motive to get maximum traffic for the dedicated website. In the content there is a anchor text which can drive the visitors to your desired destination. Each writing is tailored to get the maximum views so you certainly have to do something unusual yet immensely meaningful. Here are some of the points which can help you to get more clicks on the links and resulting is more traffic acquisition.

New ideas are intriguing
An innovative idea to write about can interest people more but the thing is the interactive way of writing can influence more. Every time it cant be directly relating to the product or services you offer but something informative can lure the audience with a hint of the service or product type. Going completely off track is not advisable. While drafting just think of what you are delivering and what a viewer will want to know ? Create accordingly.

Understand the target audience
Understand whether your target audience is male, female or both. Do you really know? Think about it. To know it do some research and you must reach inside their brain and pull a lever. This can’t be done only by flatly with boring facts but should be compiled in an interesting story telling manner. Think from the readers perspective.

Be fearless about criticism
May a be groundbreaking style can raise criticism but the same will open the path for getting more followers to the blog and comments for the post. Do not write something negative but a innovation is always a welcome change.

Anchor text placing
Don’t enforce the keyword anywhere in the content but where its seems to go with the flow of the writing. In case of a blog long tail keywords that is key phrase which is constitutes of three words can be more impactful from the SEO perspective too.

While the content is the main weapon to acquire the traffic it’s needless to say that you need a unique one. Especially in the case of content for a web page can reduce the bounce rate. And most digital marketers use this technique. Not only for the content on the website but for the off page optimization for ensuring maximum clicks on the provided links in the content. Be it a blog or any other platform like the social media channels content can attract the target audience most.

Tricks to use twitter for better marketing of your brand

Social Media Optimization

As we know among the other social media platforms Twitter is one of the strongest channels. Though it allows 140 characters but there are more ways to explore it for brand promotion. The options for video posting, GIF, Images are the improved features that can be effectively used for marketing. Here are some of the points that will help you to market your brand successfully to fetch maximum traffic and popularity.

Optimize the twitter bio –
Try to make it short yet effective and voice the brand essence. After describing the specialty of the company what you do provide the URL of the website or the landing page. Try to keep the language consistent which can clearly make the people understand about your business type.

Try to work with influencer:
Get in touch with experts or influencer who is related to the niche using Twitter search tool that can help you find professionals from the same field through by searching with keywords. Try to create a group of at least 100 people who are influential in the industry to which your business belongs.

Regular Tweets
To keep the target audience interest in your brand provide some information regularly by sharing content with the help of links. Promotional posts will not be effective and are ignored by the audience so share some interesting posts. Twitting once a week or in a month then it will not serve the purpose.

Track Mentions
Whenever someone likes or comments of your twit always try to respond whenever possible. When someone follows or likes you can just thank him or her with a message and will be the nice and polite gesture. Many of the customers even post queries and complaints on this medium to get a quick reply and replying always works.

Always re-tweet the posts you like or some relevant industry posts as this will help you to get recognized in that particular industry and commenting may further mark the existence of your brand.

Check Twitter Analytics
Using Twitter analytics will give you the actual picture of the viewer engagement and the activity each of your post mark. With this, you can understand the preferences of the target audience and the demographics of the followers will know the who can be the actual customers. Creating some posts that are more liked by the people will be beneficial getting optimum traffic to the website. Digital marketing professionals follow the analytics to get the data and plan the further marketing strategy accordingly

Why is Blogging important in improving SEO ranks?


SEO is a complex process, Google by changing it’s algorithms and regulations still make it a meticulous task for the digital marketers. It’s just every time you strategize according to the search engine but the rules seem to change after some time and you are again left working accordingly. What can be yet done to make it better optimized?

Still, one thing that can possibly do which can’t go wrong is blogging. You can have several reasons for blogging like improving user engagement, lowering the bounce rate, trust building, bettering the SEO rankings and sharing the company updates and recent news. You can prove yourself as an expert in your subject through blogs.

Boosting the search engine ranking with the help of SEO blogging if done by following the steps mentioned below:

Proper Backlinking
You can increase the number of quality back links through blogging though sometimes it’s considered of not of so much use but that’s not true. Some can suggest you this method is not going to help after the update Google announced but ethical and relevant back links are always useful in increasing the ranks. Before linking check for the website quality and the niche should match the blogs niche.

Guest Blogging
Guest blogs can be greatly beneficial for SEO of your website. If you can have the blog written in the blog of reputable writers or industry experts. For example, if you write for digital marketing then working with the expert like Niel Patel blogs can be tremendously effective. You can get utmost popularity and maximum views. Following the Google’s quality standards, the guest blogging you have done if is from reputed source can fetch you great traffic for the website and
improve the rankings.

Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly
It’s been more than a year that people are using mobile devices to for searching product, services, information etc. Mostly mobile phones and tabs. Most of the queries are conducted on the mobile and the results are also affected by the design that is mobile-friendly. Moreover, Google prefers mobile optimized sites than the others that have been even truer with the concept of AMP.

Optimize your images
To make the blog post interesting you must include relevant images which also helps to understand the content better. But search engine bots can’t read images so you have to optimize it with alt tags. Alt text not only helps the search engine it provides the information of what’s it about and betters the user experience. You may use the keyword in it but is not very effective in improving ranks but always remove “IMG2616” by describing the image by describing it.

Digital Marketing – Helping Industries to generate maximum ROI

Digital Marketing

In the present technology oriented world digital marketing is the way to get connected. The traditional process of getting in touch person to person with old-fashioned marketing strategy is no more live. Whereas smart ways like email and social media channels play a crucial role in every business marketing effort. It’s time that you embrace the advancement and most of the leading companies have already fallen into the place and shaped up their promotional ways. As per a recent survey conducted 80% of companies have a strong digital marketing strategy that is included in the complete marketing plan or has a definite digital plan separately.

We have also experienced some of these, being consumer or target audience for some or the other products as the result of a digital marketing plan. While we check our inbox it’s filled regularly with promotional emails for products, and nevertheless, the social media feeds are sprinkled with commercial videos, pictures motivating us to check out the products or services offered by the brands that we follow or basing on the algorithms show the ads that we would probably like to follow.

While every entrepreneur is going gaga over digital marketing, the vital question that lurks in mind is – is implementing the technique worth? Are the businesses getting proper ROI by the digital marketing process? Does it increase the number of clicks? Are the potential customers purchasing? Is the company getting the proper exposure in the web world? Though the ROI is variable for various industries, some sectors get more benefited than the others. In the following section,

Mention’s some of the industries that are enjoying high ROI through digital marketing strategies.:

When you look for the reliable medical facility and according to a study conducted in 2014 more than 70% of people look for more detailed information about the doctors. That’s the reason for the digital marketing approach is crucial for healthcare centers and even for the health specialist. A proper website and a good social media presence can provide the patient the complete information even through the feed backs provided the cured patients. And the details about the doctors. The proper optimization will help the search engine to bring up the best results to internet users.

People really are emotional about their favorite food products. And social media is flooded with campaigns consisting of the food type you would prefer or the food destination that can satisfy your taste buds and ensures high engagement and clicks.

Are you surprised? But that’s true that the legal industry is getting the utmost benefit from the digital marketing technique implementation. Content management and marketing for law firms and the authority sites like Huffington post, LikedIn Pulse are the great medium to share legal topics. People read these articles and in order, the law firms get new clients further increases the ROI.

Why do you need a digital marketing strategy for online business?

Digital Marketing

With myriads of businesses coming up every now and then its needless to say that market is extremely competitive. To create a distinct mark you need to have certain techniques to surpass other existing brands in the same field online. People have numerous options to go for if you have nothing better to offer. Rather, it would be better if I say that if you don’t have the right tools to show the quality and reliability of your business. There should be a perfect plan from the launch of the business to make it an established brand name. The strategy needs to be technically planned as beating the strong contenders will never be a cake walk.

So this is where digital marketing comes to the picture. Expert digital marketers are the professionals that can help you out to create a brilliant online marketing plan as per the update in the search engine and audience preference to ensure better ROI and sales. According to a recent survey to find the use of digital marketing is used by website owners it has been seen that there has been a great increase in the companies using it over the years. More than 46% increase has been marked.

Growing popularity of online marketing has made it nearly a mandatory point to have a web shop to widen the buyer perspectives. Now, there are several benefiting factors that supports implementing this professional technique.

You need a correct directionless

Businesses that don’t have digital marketing plan have no specific target or goal to pursue and achieve in terms of getting potential customers or retaining the existing ones. And no fixed targets means futile efforts to establish a position among the competitor brands.
Miss on online market share

Most of the customers at present demand unhindered online services and if you don’t research and strategist you will not understand the requirement and miss on a great number of potential customers and clients. Need to know the competitors status to make your plan more effective than that.
Optimization is necessary

Each company has a website that is linked to an analytics codes and without optimization, you can know nothing about it as the analytics will help you track every action of the consumer behavior. And that is very beneficial for the business growth. Even adding the code is a part of SEO technique which is a main part of digital marketing.

How to create effective content for digital marketing?

digital marketing

We get to see a lot of content on the web nowadays. Everyone and anyone sharing their opinion or knowledge. Most of the websites have web blogs for sharing information. It seems all are inclined on writing and publishing on the web regardless of any topic or subject as its the personal choice of the writer. But in case of digital marketing, the content should be intriguing and relevant for the viewers. The huge number of the nonstop flowing of content online somehow creates a perception that each of us is thinking of how they can make their piece of article different from the lot.

What is more important in case of SEO purpose is the effectiveness of the content. People are not going to pay heed if the writing has nothing new in it. Of course, it has to be informative rather in case of a web content you have to think from the users perspective. The web content must give all the answers to the question that one can ask on first viewing of that particular product or services. Then comes the highlightable points that is the unique features that you can offer to the customers.

It’s not only about the content on the website same applies for the blogs also if you want audience engagement. It’s clear that when you write something and publish it on the digital media you want people to read it and also the comments they provide can always help you to improve the writing.

Here the problem arises that how to design your article that it can stand out in the crowd. It has to be researched and thought about what can be included that can interest the viewers. For instance, when you search for the horror movies on the occasion Halloween you can get many lists that provide information in various formats. Like one will be having the movie snippets and some mentioning the names with some images from the movie. But it becomes disappointing that none of the websites provided the link where you buy the movies or stream them. That is the most important point when you want to see the movies.

]That culminates while creating a content you must ponder on what all the piece of writing should contain that will make it better than the lots of other available articles. Research can also help as you can check some of the most popular websites and look for what additional can be included that will give your content a distinctness.

For that matter when you are writing for the SEO off page works, the article must be rich and high quality instead of only promotional stuff. If you are selling pet accessories and you only aim to use the products its not of any use all the time. Whereas, if you include some information where you can take the pets along with you to chill out, now that will be newness. The national parks that allow the pets too and one link from these websites will also be effective for the social promotion of the content. Including videos or a podcast can be useful.