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Why is SEO the most important aspect of Digital Marketing?


SEO can increase the website visibility and help in gaining more relevant traffic. Digital marketing is an umbrella term in which Search engine optimization is the indispensable component that can help to boost the site presence online. Proper search engine optimization has various benefits like increased views, more leads, ROI, increased conversion rates.

Now, digital marketing is the complete process that involves various smaller subsets that are: Search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, content creation and marketing PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, display ads and brand promotion by using various platforms. It’s all about the business promotion and should be implemented step by step to have an ensures success.

Though the primary step is SEO as it makes people aware of the business by improving the visibility online. And to have more clicks to your website nothing can help better than strategized SEO work. Various search engines like Google, Bing, AOL are the platform where people type the key phrases to get the products or services. Google is the pioneering platform people search globally and your website should be user-friendly and informative to come in top rankings on Google. Here SEO services come into the picture, the SEO experts employ the latest techniques keeping par with the updates in the market to ensure maximum views from the target audience and great organic reach.

Every emerging business is taking help of digital marketing to establish a strong position in the web world and SEO involves two main phases that are the on page optimization and off page optimization. Both constitute together to make the website flawless for the search engines.

Let’s have a glance on both factors of SEO:

On Page – It’s the crucial techniques that need some intricate changes and modification in the coding section of the web page to increase the web traffic by improving the views. For example, this includes meta title and meta description inclusion will be liked by search engines. The content section also comes under this and it must have proper keyword density.

Off page – It’s all about creating quality backlinks and promoting the website on various platforms through profile creation, article submission, blog posting and so on. The ranking is majorly affected by the good links added to the website. The links from the domain authority sites can be very useful is improving the search engine ranks.

There are other benefits too like it’s lucrative and helps the site to achieve rank and audience both. It makes the website mobile friendly also user-friendly. Collecting more ROI is easier with expert SEO strategies implemented. To top it all it helps your business to surpass the competitors in the market.

Latest Digital Marketing updates to enhance your online business

Digital Marketing

The latest technology that is acquiring more importance for making your online business utterly successful in mobile optimization. The website missing on this criteria is just loosing it’s relevant traffic and valuable customers too. If you want to drive the most relevant audience to your business it definitely has to be mobile friendly. The latest update on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was previously for the better user experience only but now it has dual benefits for SEO also. As Google has announced lately to be giving more preference to mobile-optimized pages to rank better in the search engine pages. This advancement in the domain of digital marketing has made marketers more focused on mobile optimization.

The benefits that AMP can provide for your business:

  • AMP encourages you to implement a streamlined version of CSS.
  • JavaScript is not accepted in any way.
  • And you have to implement an off-the-rack Javascript store that AMP permits you though this may increase the image loading time.

The next crucial point to be considered is the recent update about the Google Analytics and it’s tremendous usefulness to know the source of the web traffic generation. It has been observed that Google analytics counts the clicks coming from the Google home app as the direct traffic generation. When you search for anything on Google home device and it answers directly the information it fetches as the answer is from the indexed web page. The apps used in the iPhone and Android phones you can search the recent history find the your asked queries and even the website address from which the answers were fetched in Discovered tab.

To monitor every small and bigger change in the rate of web traffic or what are the pages that are directing more of it can be clearly be found. Not only that to know the problems with the website along with search console checking the figures in the Analytics is very beneficial. It give s the true picture and you can modify your SEO strategy accordingly for the best results.

Most of the people search on their mobile devices for products and services as it’s more convenient while you are on the go also. All the recent studies show that 60% of the mobile queries turn to conversions than from the websites. Making your website responsive allows proper display on mobile devices along with best for the PCs. You only need a single version that can be effective in fetching your business to the topnotch ranks in the search engine results that will give maximum relevant organic traffic and more sales.

SEO trends to look forward for an optimized 2017


Digital marketing is a field progressing and changing with lightening speed. With 2016 on the way to be replaced by the upcoming year, it’s high time to get acquainted with predictable changes to happen in the upcoming year. There has been a lot of major changes in the year and the prominent trends will successfully continue with more impact. Apart from these, Googles algorithm changes that always keep business owner pinning to cope with the change, many more trends are expected. Before starting the new SEO campaign its better to get the idea of scenario. SEO being the most important part of digital marketing must be focused for better online promotion in the upcoming year

The Predictable Trends that can Help for Better SEO:

Improvement for User experience
Keywords are still significant, as typing these words one can get the result for their query. Though audience or people now searching an exact phrase, meaning their requirements. Search engines also provide more precise information for identifying the user intent. So the audience also search by entering the complete query in Google or other search engines, resulting in correct data accumulation and perfect results more efficiently.

In the coming year brands will have optimize digital content basing pf the intent instead of optimizing it for the keywords.

Research: Check what will the user searches as per your brand that can make them come to your page. Try to tailor the content with the answers that they would like to know about the product or services.

Optimization: After collecting the data from the research, make the alteration accordingly that can improve the rankings. Based on this information give the customer a good reading experience with a story telling approach.

Managing: Always keep an eye on the analytics to know the performance and what has to be adjusted or updated accordingly.

Accurate results for the queries:
Google is the platform on which we rely for all our queries and it will give you relevant results in the form of websites, videos, reviews, and information. Schema or structured data will enable the search engines in gauging the web content better and providing specific information to the viewer in a better way.

Cross-channel branding:
Cross-channel branding or marketing refers to using several channels to promote your brand in an incorporated way. For instance, if the target audience is using mobile for browsing any product and services, but is reluctant to go for it, then you can enlarge the chance of reconsidering it through targeted ads basing on their queries through social media. This can only be efficiently done when you know the target audience and user behavior.

Mandatory Mobile optimization:
Mobile optimization has changed the SEO techniques now for a few years. Search on the mobile is increasing rapidly and no shows, no chance of reduced use in future. Most of the web traffic is fetched from the mobile browsing and shifting the audience from the desktop. Many of the e-commerce and other websites are getting the maximum leads from mobile devices. It is being heard that Google is planning to index the mobile sites first so responsive or mobile friendly website will become mandatory for business owners in 2017.

Useful Tips to Lessen of your Website Bounce Rate

Website bounce rate

Before we try to decrease the bounce rate of a website, first we have to comprehend it actually means. Basically, it is the number of people coming to your site and leaving it without visiting any other page of your website. Or we can say it is the measurement that can give the details about the stay of a visitor on the website after they come to it. When a visitor comes to your site and leave it very quickly after arriving, usually means there is something wrong with it. We can see this bounce rate section by checking your Google Analytics and know the percentage. For instance, if the bounce rate is approximately 75% this implies visitors leave very soon after just after stumbling to your website, it may be the home page or any other internal page.

The point which comes to notice is your website is unable is not retaining customers. When people are getting into your site while searching for anything they are instantly bouncing back without finding anything. The point is creating your website in such a way that visitors will be interested in going through and the other pages too. Generally, they leave the page because they do not get the information or the services easily as they want. Ascertain that they land on a page that can engage the intrigue them to the others. There is no fixed point concerning the standard of the website bounce rate. Though it is very important to have less bounce rate as it implies the people are moving off without making any transactions and holding this position in the long term will result in no sale or business. If the bounce percentage is more than 60%, then it means that there are issues with your website that requires rectification. Improving the bounce rate by reducing it is also a point for optimizing the website as per the digital marketing the strategy.

All through the Google Analytics most of the data in connecting to the bounce rate. Notice the analytics to check the specific sections to understand the demographics like, location, social media engagement, the browsers used for the most searches. As these are directly related to it.

Let us check out what can be done to reduce the website bounce rate and interest the potential customers.

Quality compared to quantity:
You can be engaged in updating the content of your site and that is nice practice, but, it should be high quality in order avoid high bounce rate. Good quality content always holds and motivates the visitors more to be on the website for long.

The Design Factor:
Website design or the layout you choose is also decisive in affecting the bounce rate. Think meticulously before choosing the theme or getting the layout ready. Uncluttered themes are usually liked by the visitors. They also give a sophisticated look and it gives you more provision to highlight the important part of the content.

Simple Navigation:
Navigation is another important factor that relates to the bounce rate. Easy navigation panel claims more stay of the visitors. Inserting a blog section with quality content can motivate people and read for long.

Jumbled with too many Advertisements:
Too many advertisements on the website pages can cause the visitors to leave quickly from your website. The ads should be connected to the content instead of being an interruption to disinterest people.

Impact of latest Penguin update 4.0 on the websites – Explained


As Google refreshes its algorithm constantly for providing a better user experience here is yet another step towards it. The latest update rolled is the penguin 4.0 and it has its own impact on the website. According to the experts it has given a long awaited relief for digital marketers. It has proved to be a boon, and now lets see why is so?

It was rolled out on September 23rd and it occurred to be beneficial for the Digital Marketing service providers. The reasons that the update is being considered to be favorable because:

  • The new algorithm only discourages the spam links rather than penalizing the website

  • Penguin update is now considered among the core algorithms of Google that will impact in real time.

  • Promotion of websites in the negative SEO approach has become less feasible.

  • This Penguin update will operate at a much more minute level

  • Penguin update 4.0 encourages SEO real marketing.

Devaluing the links rather than the complete website can save the site from getting sandboxed. The main thing is at when Penguin update was rolled for the first time it was penitentiary for sites. And the result was if any of your website was affected by the update then the site suffered a major downfall in the search results. Of course with all the explanation to recover it from that position. The sharpness of penguin update added up with the misinformation regarding the algorithms gave rise to a negative environment and combative behavior between the website owners and Google. So the latest update is much of a relief it will only devalue the links not the whole website, it is like the devaluation compared diminishing value approach. Google will still bard the spam from affecting its search results, but this time it won’t create a threat in the business owner’s mind of dealing with slow crawling of Google penalty. More detrimental was the unsure recovery. Manual penalties are still in use nut are handled by perspicacious humans that are much more adept at evaluating the intent for the links. One point is that it is easy to identify manual penalties and convenient to detect and rectify.

Penguin update is now considered among the core algorithms of Google that will impact in real time.

The change that has been brought by refreshing the penguin data was in real time, which makes it easy to detect fast as it is more visible than the previous ones whose effect could be gauged after the re-indexing of the web page. When the update is done by Google to understand the impact and try recovering faster. It has been seen that the websites negatively affected by Penguin had to wait approximately for more than 500 days for this update.

At present Penguin 4.0 is real time, business owners with websites have to no longer brooding over Google’s next algorithm refresh. This will be a major advantage for SEOs, as if any, competing site outranks our clients site through spam, it will not be demoted in real time.

Some indispensable website tweaks that can encourage sales


Have you thought of revamping your website lately? No, then you are loosing on half of your business and web audience. It is surprising to see that some website owners keep their sites as it is after the launch. Several updates and improvements takes place in the web world that affects the performance of the site, for better and stagnant sites gets lost in the competitive market. Either they are ignorant of the importance of getting their website modified according to the trends or they simply ignore it. But staying unaware of the necessity of customizing the website can hamper the business success to a great extend.

One think that needs to be kept in mind that your website represents you, that is, your brand online round the clock for years together. It is the website that connects you with the rest of the world in terms of your the business you offer. So, if you think your you need to give your web presence a real thrust for better performance then please keep on reading the following section.

A business web design is not a like a brochure that has static features. It should have the changes according to the development of your brand and exact contemplation of your business. You do not need to modify it on a regular basis, of course, incorporating the required changes in six months or can be very beneficial for your business. Can you remember the last time when you reviewed it, if your answer is no then it is high time to do it. Here are some of the points you need to check in order to assure that you are not sending your potential clients to other contenders in the market and better performance of the website.

Check for broken links. Website have several types of hyperlinks and there are high chances that some of it can be broken links. With help of online tool you can see it and even the services is free of cost. It will review your website and find out the broken links and fixing can be done.

404 redirection customization. If any have interlinked with any page of your website that no longer exists, it should have 404 redirection that can help to land the viewers to the page. Any CMS you for your website, for instance WordPress or maybe some other platform to create your website you should have customized redirection page that help the customer to understand and restrict them from swaying away to the next option. Checking the webmaster you can put a custom message that can redirect the visitors to the main page of your website and even can demonstrate to connect to your brand on social media.

Correction of Typos. Typos look very unprofessional on any web page. It is difficult to spot them sometimes as we assume the word to be what we think it should be there in place of seeing the what is written there. Not to worry as there are various tools, check the typos online to check the errors before it reaches the viewers.

Place the social icons. Your home page should have the links of the social profiles you have with attractive icons on the page as users can connect through that too.

Why is blog essential for improving online businesses ?

Online Businesses

Being a business owner there is a high chance that you would want to increase the number of customers. And if this is true, then definitely you need a blog to interest people people and entice them to potential customers. You are thinking what if we you already have a blog that is not yielding satisfactory results. SEO service experts to opine to have a blog section in your business website can increase the web traffic remarkably. For a business blog to attract audience must be based on certain factors. Let’s check out.

Firstly you have to understand why do you need a blog for your online businesses?

There are many reasons that justify that you of course need a block as it is not to show it has great effect. Basically, it can contain your targeted keywords and key phrases in an organic way so that through it people can get information about your product or services when they look for same. If you will have a well written content this will mark you as an expert in your field and increase the trust of the audience and credibility. Increased trust will ultimately improve your brand image and improve revenue through increased sales as the final result. If we sea in depth blogging is one of the promotional tool used in digital marketing.

The primary thing in order to make your business visible online as said above, you will have to create a strong online presence that makes more room for the searchers to find your products. When a person searches for the specific product or service you offer your content can come us if it is of good quality and the viewer will be interested in reading it till end. And the same can happen in case of other viewers if your content serves the purpose it was supposed to do and thus create a good number of loyal viewers that will turn into customers. They would like to interact with you and a good public relationship and trust build is a prime factor that will complete the process. Real good number of number of customer base can be created in this way and it will be a long term relationship.

You can create informative content that can make the people more aware about the utility and effectiveness of the products you provide. May be some unexplored areas of the service or product can people attracted towards your brand. As in this competitive world, having a unique selling point (USP) is much advantageous. For instance, you are providing food home delivery services online and you have a USP that the services are available round the clock. So, now this can be a great point to impress people as not all of them provide 24 hour services. In the lifestyle we lead people may need the services in the wee hours so your business can stand out of the crowd, having this attribute.

Nevertheless, then you can create a top notch content something related to your product or services and write about the best qualities of its to impress upon viewers that will help to increase the number of potential customer and brand reputation. When people will appreciate the write-op this create a good perception about your business.

Yet another aspect is the blog section attached to the business website can be search engine friendly. This will help to rank well in the search result and your business will be highlighted.

How using HTTPS instead of HTTP helps the website in Ranking Signal?

HTTPS help the website ranking instead of HTTP

The encoding with HTTPS has a lot of benefits like security, integrity and distinct identity. Every now and then we find website owners complaining about data hacking, herein https can be most helpful your site remains secure remarkably and information can be protected from prying eyes. Integrity restricts any unauthorized and unwanted modification of data. We will move on to the identity part in a while.

There is a clear difference between twitting something online or sharing thoughts and feelings as Facebook status and having your information on unsecured or unwanted HTTP. Sharing your information or thoughts on twitter or other social platform is your wish, but lack of encryption gives rise to unwanted exposing the confidential data. It can be easily compared with one visiting your profile and forcefully taking control of the profile.

Very often we hear that hackers have hacked the websites, and it is easy and profitable for them to attack the browser. Very convenient method is through malware delivery or in some way or the other you are duped to phishing. These tactics don’t even require to target any particular victim. Another way is sniffing, which needs propinquity of the target, but is equally menacing for your website. The track to see the communication channel is enough for sniffing. The hacker can do it through the web browser or the browser and you have no weapons to restrict it. Surfing from the cyber cafes, libraries make it simple to find the he traffic point and know the network signal.

Here S stands for Secure (HTTPS)

Websites that don’t use https are jeopardizing their privacy of the data. Websites opting for sharing simple privacy setting like opt-in sharing are making the data easily available for the hackers as it cannot prohibit sniffing attacks. We can see the most used social media websites like Facebook, twitter have opted for https lately and is accessible by the users at any time and they tend to keep it on but it turns off by default.

Mobile apps have sometimes stayed aloof of the advancement that web browser have implemented in maintaining the privacy of the data. It may happen that some fault can be there in HTML and HTTP that is under the web. HTTP doesn’t support implementation of intricate authentication techniques and the cause is the use cookie. Some of the apps like Twitter ensures such a setting that it can only be accessed trough the websites with HTTPS.

We even heard of Google lately faced embarrassment when 90% of Android based mobile phones were said to be undefended from impersonation attacks. There are millions of phones and it becomes impossible in patching each of it. This trouble is only due to lack of proper encryption, cookies and all over the connectivity of the users.

Recently, Google has confirms websites will be getting more heed in ranking algorithm with HTTPS browsing as they want more and more website owners to switch to HTTP from HTTPS to maintain the data security of the users. It also ascertained that HTTPS website portrayed more relevant and better ranking in search results. It can also play as a part of digital marketing techniques for better ranking.

How to increase Facebook followings for your Business?

Digital Maketing

Facebook is undoubtedly is largely helpful in reaching the masses maximum is least possible time. You can promote your services and products on this platform in various ways and also earn the best return on investment (ROI) through paid ads. It can reach your business to the next level by increasing the leads. FB has got incorporated and improved a lot of features that are very useful for sharing your brand information to the people. In this digital world, FB is considered one of the most useful platforms in digital marketing for acquiring maximum exposure for your brand.

The improved option that we got with the passing time.

Previously, when Facebook just evolved, it was an easy task to increase the following. As during that phase the competition was not so high, but the situation is completely different now. At present there are lots of contenders in the market and if you lack in any point than the other competitors that gives them 80% more chance to win over the peoples mind with their product or services. Presenting your ideas correctly is very significant otherwise that will discourage your potential and present clients and they may not work with you. They can find some other options to get the content fixed. You must not let this happen.

It is not that only you want a great number of followers, but, you want to make people understand your brand message and vision. However, it is not an impossible task, its just that you need to be on the correct track. It is significant to mark the number of followers and how much it is increasing on a regular interval. You must give the complete effort and it will pay off. The points you need to consider for better utilization of the platform are stated below.

Make sure of the targeted audience:

You must know the targeted audience and it is vital that you address that particular section of users for the business. As they serve the purpose in various ways, knowing their requirement you can suffice them with the needed features or attributes. You can your perspective in a way that “what would I want in the product or services if I were the customers”. In short, even if you are giving hundred percent effort if you are not able to provide the need it won’t be useful in terms of business and it will imply that you could not connect with the audience.

Avoid using jargon make it simple:

After you know your target viewers you need to interest them in your products in profoundly. That is, you will have to present the complete thing in simple language that can be comprehended by common people, avoid the use of complex and technical terms that becomes difficult for the viewers to understand and they lose interest, so make it in their language and build the trust factor.

Time and consistency are two prime factors:

There are certain timings when more number of people connect to Facebook and you need to monitor and post before that timing or a bit before that to ensure maximum views. To ascertain more engagement and strong presence on Facebook you require to post regularly. You can maintain a schedule and work accordingly in order will ensure best results.