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Canonical Tags – Where and When to Use Them

Canonical Tags - Where and When to Use

Canonical tags have been around since 2009, but there are still many confusions about the same among non-technical marketers. In simple words, canonical tags give website owners a way to resolve issues related to duplicate content.

What is a Canonical Tag?

A canonical tag is a simple HTML code which defines the main version of the website. It tells search engines as to which page they should index and display in search results. For example, if you have more than one web page that describes same or similar content under different URLs, you can use canonical tags to indicate which version is the main page and needs to be indexed.

How Does a Canonical Tag Look Like?

As mentioned, canonical tags are simple HTML codes that are made of simple syntax. They are placed within the section of a webpage. A canonical sample tag may look like the following:

Importance of Canonical Tag in SEO:

If you have more than one web page with similar contents under different URLs, Google will consider them as a duplicate content. This is something which Google dislikes and is harmful to SEO. Since Google tends to index only one version of the webpage, they are in confusion as to which version of the page they should index. Also, this is directly related to the search engine rank of the webpage because google will not understand which version of the page to rank for different queries.

Mentioned below are the situations when you may consider to implement a canonical tag in your website:

There are many confusions among the SEO experts about the use of canonical tags. There is not a specific strategy which can be considered the best to take. However, mentioned below are some conditions where implementing a canonical tag could be beneficial for overall SEO.

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is the most common situation when you should use a canonical tag. It is essential to use a canonical tag to define the main version of the page when you have more than one web page with duplicate content. Defining the main version of the webpage by using a canonical tag ensures that google takes the right page to index and the correct version of the page comes up in the search engine rank.

Similar Content:

Sometimes, you may have a web page with the same but slightly different content under different URLs. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, you may have pages with products that are similar but may have slight differences between them. Most SEO experts would suggest a canonical tag in this type of situation to make sure Google has a clear idea as to what is the main product page. Google will give full SEO value to the main product page. This will help you rank better for the main product page.

URL Parameters:

This is another important situation when you need to use a canonical tag. Marketers often create URL parameters for a particular webpage for tracking purposes. This helps them to track campaign performance for each URL parameters easily. This is an easy way to track your web page performance when the same page is being used in different types of marketing campaigns. However, this may create a severe problem regarding SEO like Google, and other search engines consider them as the duplicate version of the main page. The only way to clear the confusions for search engines is to tell them which version to index by using a canonical tag.

You can also add a canonical tag to every page of your website regardless of whether they have a known duplicate or not. This is specifically helpful when you have many different ways to reach your URL. For example, if your webpage can be reached by using both the HTTPS and Non-HTTPS version, you can add a canonical tag to both of them to let search engines know that both the pages are individual and this is the versions that search engines should index and show in search results.

How to Use Canonical Tags?

As mentioned earlier, the best and the easiest way to add canonical tag is to insert HTML code within the section of your duplicate page. However, if you have a WordPress website, you can install the Yoast SEO plugin that adds self-referencing canonical URLs to each page automatically. You can set the custom canonical tag by using the ‘advanced’ section on each page on your WordPress website.

Similar to the WordPress, if you have an eCommerce store and you are using Shopify, it adds a self-referencing canonical URL by default. However, you can set custom canonical URL by editing the template directly.

According to Google, you should not include your non-canonical URLs in sitemaps. Therefore, you should only list your canonical URLs in your sitemap.

Advanced Digital Marketing Tips To Achieve Great Popularity

Digital Marketing

Every brand is employing digital marketing techniques to get the maximum exposure. The cover term digital marketing consists of various sections that combine together to make your brand visible in the web world in the best possible way. Creating the advanced strategy is the key factor. Google keeps on changing its algorithm for providing the user’s better and relevant information with that the SEO process also become advanced to cope with the change.

The website optimization should include the techniques that will make your business website user-friendly. The trends have been changing and it’s become a more meticulous task to get the top rank on the search result page. The following section provides some of the tips that can make your business shine.

Live Streaming

From the previous year, live streaming came up as an effective tool for marketing. Even the most used social media platform Facebook started live streaming service called ‘Facebook live‘. Twitter is also not behind it made the process much easier with the app related to it. The beginning was marked by the concept of Periscope.

Short-lasting contents

This type of ephemeral or short-lasting contents is being seen on the web since the last of 2016. Even Instagram launched a service called Instagram Stories. These contents remain on the web for some time and then disappears. Firstly that comes to your mind must be something like Snapchat. Keeping a content for 24 hours and removing it may sound uninteresting but viewers like it. This the reason Instagram Stories came into the picture.
It doesn’t have to be made into an over-edited copy can be written in a casual tone and masses love that. Emphasizing the human values of the company will help and including a video relating to your product or services can be more attractive.

Influencer marketing

According to the report of e-Marketer various brands uncured $570 in this technique only on Instagram. The thing is the ‘word of mouth’. We know this is one of the best marketing processes. So, the influencer opining good about your brand online will impress the followers to a greater extent as they have their image and people see them as idols or trendsetters. Find the niche influencers who have an interest in your service type. It’s cost-effective way too.

The techniques have to be changed based on the trends and the search engine requirements. Making the website that is helpful for the user is liked by the search engine too. So relevant information in the content which should be unique can hold the visitors. The business website should have all the features that a makes the users interested in the topic in it.

Simple Web-Blog Optimization For Improved SEO Results


Is your blog performance is up to the mark? Is it getting the traffic as per its potential? If no then just keep on reading to get useful information to make your blog attractive and traffic-inviting.

It seems every enterprise has its blog at present. And to be true, very less among them can completely capitalizing the contents as in terms of better SEO rankings. So let’s focus on the points that can be implemented to enhance the blog performance that shows in SEO results:

Select a persuasive name for your blog

It is really annoying to see the website’s blog title as ‘blog’. The marketers or SEO experts must be innovative and descriptive when selecting the blog title of the website. It is also a tool for optimization. You can ask yourself the these:

  • What’s the theme of the blog?
  • What can I create a persuasive title for my industry?
  • What can help me to reach the target audience?
  • Can I use SEO keywords in the title?

When you can think of a title that can satisfy all these criteria then the name can be incremental for the SEO ranking. An example can make it clearer, you are a girls apparel online retailer and “An apparel blog”, but it is not appropriate for it at all, whereas when you name it Trending girls apparels updates blog will be much impactful. As your target audience are the girls and they like to know the trends and select the wearable that’s the latest in style.

Become preference for potential customers with every post

When the topics selected to write the post can interest the target audience or if it contains some information that they will like to know the specific keywords placed organically. For instance, if you offer marketing services, you can create a post on a recent topic prevailing in the industry.

You should create user-friendly URLs
URL is an important aspect of every post, many or the SEO persons include each word of the title in the URL. This can make it too long, which can be annoying but it should be descriptive but should be short and apt too.

Example of Long and boring URL:
Example of Shorter, optimized URL:

Include optimized images & videos
Images do it much better, that is the topic, service or the information you want to convey in front of the audience can be easily conceived by them with the help of correct images or a video. They are really beneficial for SEO process and always remember to put the exact descriptive alt tags.

Profit with social media sharing

There are various advantages that can be obtained through sharing your post on social media platforms. Which are like:

Makes the audience about your active presence online.

  • You can engage more and more audience
  • Social signals are an influencing factor in ranking algorithm and it better SEO results
  • These shares links on these platforms can invite maximum traffic.

So after designing a great post ensuring proper optimization always share it on the social sites with an interesting and catchy sentence that can brief about the post.

Why UX seems to be the most benefiting factor for SEO now


Various search engine is bettering at a faster pace than the past years now. These improvements have helped the search results to be more focused and relevant for the web users not only when it comes to content but also basing on the user experience (UX). The end motive is to provide the consumer good information and that’s the point which influences the organic search. The information gathered from the machine is used for learning as the algorithms are making the resources refined, quality and structured to be informative.

To match up top the pace the digital marketers are constantly improving the SEO techniques by emphasizing on the UX design as an asset towards better ranking.

The two SEO significant points that are central to this concept:

For more effect of SEO skills use of UX:
Google’s endeavor is to provide the web visitors best user experience. The complete focus in on making the results lot more useful for the users. Now the other search engines along with Google works in such a way that provides benefits of UX for SEO undisputed. This will rather increase in the coming time for years. Though for all the firms UX is till now not employed as a prime SEO tool. A search engine marketers can take help of UX or UX recommendations is simply based on the personal experience along with proficient development programs. The SEO industry should also incorporate required improvement to make the ranking techniques for understanding the customer behavior. If SEO can inculcate with brands UX approach then it will be beneficial for future performance. If it’s not used more now probably will gain high priority in future SEO for knowing and development program.

UX must be taken to the new high than linear approach:
For working on various industry projects and clients, SEO experts use UX approach as a daunting task. But the point is it’s only considered om linear way for the index or home pages. Most of the web visitors start from the home page and this offers them suboptimal experience. The machine learning is maximizing user signals will become more eminent for search engine rankings. Problems with UX design can restrict the easy-achievable result in organic search. And if we think a little beyond in can even reduce the conversion performance. This can be well understood with the help of an example, tabbed content and more scrolls in the home page content will make difficult for the consumer to find it and several scrolls makes it annoying for the user. Whereas the content should be data-driven and the points should be written in the same place of the page removing the option of many scrolls.

SEO for Outlets and Shop – Some buzz for this Christmas


Happiness is in the air with the approaching festivity. Christmas is just around and the time to merriment but the point is being digital marketers we can just involve into making a snowman with the family and friends. If we neglect to make a plan then it is similar to neglecting to succeed. Acting accordingly can help to create a great digital marketing strategy for a prosperous festive time.

When it comes to shopping: online and offline or a combination

Now, the concepts of shopping online and physical shopping arena are clashing. There is no clear distinction between both as per the customers. One may start shopping online and end up purchasing from the store or vise-verse. While buying customers do a lot do research online, go to various shops and then purchase online. In this crowd of festive time, shopping malls are full by Christmas accessories and goodies and they are well acquainted with the benefits of the digital handle so, they allow easy research on mobile phones.

Personally speaking, when I think of buying Christmas gift for my loved ones, loiter to many shops for getting a nice one but end up searching on Google. Search for ‘gift items for Christmas’ and then sort out from the results and look for an item that can be a great gift. When I get a perfect gift idea I get the directions for an online store or the physical one through the Google maps is a very easy option.

SEO Counts:
Most of the shops, restaurants do not pay any heed to online presence. Even the well aware business owners who rely on Google business listing are even unfamiliar to the advantages of updating the special timings for the Christmas. Like if you offer sale up to wee hours you can increase your sales.

Responsive Website:
Seriously, now this is the thing that can really boost your sales, this is because the local customers or clients in your area can find you through the search on the mobile. For instance, if you want to get the maximum sales for the cookies and goodies then your website must have a proper loading and display on mobile devices. As now mobile searches are much more than desktop targeting audience trough it, is a great factor. Responsive design will be increasing your traffic and popularity.

Social media promotion:
Social media promotion about the exclusive offers can fetch you a lot of potential customers. Determine the traffic and the target audience share in all the perspective channels for ensuring the benefits. Just create a catchy content or caption to highlight the discount or the special items that your are offering can increase your sales to manifolds this winter.

Wish you happy shopping this Christmas!

SEO trends to look forward for an optimized 2017


Digital marketing is a field progressing and changing with lightening speed. With 2016 on the way to be replaced by the upcoming year, it’s high time to get acquainted with predictable changes to happen in the upcoming year. There has been a lot of major changes in the year and the prominent trends will successfully continue with more impact. Apart from these, Googles algorithm changes that always keep business owner pinning to cope with the change, many more trends are expected. Before starting the new SEO campaign its better to get the idea of scenario. SEO being the most important part of digital marketing must be focused for better online promotion in the upcoming year

The Predictable Trends that can Help for Better SEO:

Improvement for User experience
Keywords are still significant, as typing these words one can get the result for their query. Though audience or people now searching an exact phrase, meaning their requirements. Search engines also provide more precise information for identifying the user intent. So the audience also search by entering the complete query in Google or other search engines, resulting in correct data accumulation and perfect results more efficiently.

In the coming year brands will have optimize digital content basing pf the intent instead of optimizing it for the keywords.

Research: Check what will the user searches as per your brand that can make them come to your page. Try to tailor the content with the answers that they would like to know about the product or services.

Optimization: After collecting the data from the research, make the alteration accordingly that can improve the rankings. Based on this information give the customer a good reading experience with a story telling approach.

Managing: Always keep an eye on the analytics to know the performance and what has to be adjusted or updated accordingly.

Accurate results for the queries:
Google is the platform on which we rely for all our queries and it will give you relevant results in the form of websites, videos, reviews, and information. Schema or structured data will enable the search engines in gauging the web content better and providing specific information to the viewer in a better way.

Cross-channel branding:
Cross-channel branding or marketing refers to using several channels to promote your brand in an incorporated way. For instance, if the target audience is using mobile for browsing any product and services, but is reluctant to go for it, then you can enlarge the chance of reconsidering it through targeted ads basing on their queries through social media. This can only be efficiently done when you know the target audience and user behavior.

Mandatory Mobile optimization:
Mobile optimization has changed the SEO techniques now for a few years. Search on the mobile is increasing rapidly and no shows, no chance of reduced use in future. Most of the web traffic is fetched from the mobile browsing and shifting the audience from the desktop. Many of the e-commerce and other websites are getting the maximum leads from mobile devices. It is being heard that Google is planning to index the mobile sites first so responsive or mobile friendly website will become mandatory for business owners in 2017.

Why is blog essential for improving online businesses ?

Online Businesses

Being a business owner there is a high chance that you would want to increase the number of customers. And if this is true, then definitely you need a blog to interest people people and entice them to potential customers. You are thinking what if we you already have a blog that is not yielding satisfactory results. SEO service experts to opine to have a blog section in your business website can increase the web traffic remarkably. For a business blog to attract audience must be based on certain factors. Let’s check out.

Firstly you have to understand why do you need a blog for your online businesses?

There are many reasons that justify that you of course need a block as it is not to show it has great effect. Basically, it can contain your targeted keywords and key phrases in an organic way so that through it people can get information about your product or services when they look for same. If you will have a well written content this will mark you as an expert in your field and increase the trust of the audience and credibility. Increased trust will ultimately improve your brand image and improve revenue through increased sales as the final result. If we sea in depth blogging is one of the promotional tool used in digital marketing.

The primary thing in order to make your business visible online as said above, you will have to create a strong online presence that makes more room for the searchers to find your products. When a person searches for the specific product or service you offer your content can come us if it is of good quality and the viewer will be interested in reading it till end. And the same can happen in case of other viewers if your content serves the purpose it was supposed to do and thus create a good number of loyal viewers that will turn into customers. They would like to interact with you and a good public relationship and trust build is a prime factor that will complete the process. Real good number of number of customer base can be created in this way and it will be a long term relationship.

You can create informative content that can make the people more aware about the utility and effectiveness of the products you provide. May be some unexplored areas of the service or product can people attracted towards your brand. As in this competitive world, having a unique selling point (USP) is much advantageous. For instance, you are providing food home delivery services online and you have a USP that the services are available round the clock. So, now this can be a great point to impress people as not all of them provide 24 hour services. In the lifestyle we lead people may need the services in the wee hours so your business can stand out of the crowd, having this attribute.

Nevertheless, then you can create a top notch content something related to your product or services and write about the best qualities of its to impress upon viewers that will help to increase the number of potential customer and brand reputation. When people will appreciate the write-op this create a good perception about your business.

Yet another aspect is the blog section attached to the business website can be search engine friendly. This will help to rank well in the search result and your business will be highlighted.

Check out Steps to avoid Google down-ranking

SEO services

Being well acquainted with the advanced SEO techniques is indispensable to keep your website well placed in the competitive web world. And it is a known fact that constant updates and changes keeps going on in SEO field. The proper strategies implemented website rank well, we can see in the transition of last 3years. Upcoming Google Penguin updates are being assumed to roll out with complete effect and it will be in real-time and this will bring out many changes in the SEO world. So it is better to work with a full proof strategy to ensure no rank-deeps. The steps that can help you deal with changes in the best way. Have a look in the below given points :

Relevant Link Building:

Link building is a long trusted process in SEO services for ranking better in the search results, of course one of the many. It should be kept in mind that unnatural link-building can impact the website adversely. Though after that Google announces link building is okay until it violates the Google webmasters rules. So, it is wise to abide by the webmaster guidelines and review all the links to ensure the same. Otherwise the consequences may penalized by Google and this will harm your website badly to be recovered for the long-term. At present it is best to have back-links from websites that have high page authority and domain authority.

Ethical Anchor texts:

After the Penguin update that rolled out in 2012 using exact keyword completely for the anchor text has become risky. Overuse of anchor text can result in penalty by Google for over-optimization that is the reason you should go for maximum 6 to 8 links with long text including some of the keywords in it. That is accepted by Google and helps to improve the website ranking remarkably. A survey done by Moz also hinted that less number of links that are perfectly matching anchored links from relevant web pages can be beneficial.

Including specific pages for targeting:

Creating relevant page for the targeted keyword justifying the product or services you are offering is great for proper results. Perfect link profile is a most effective SEO ranking points.

Improve in User engagement:

Improving user engagement on your site is one of the key factors for the better performance of the website. Less user involvement in your sites is a determining factor for more conversion rates and even effects ranking. Though it depends on the website design to a great extent as proper use of color, easy navigation, selection of fonts and the content are the various factors that contribute to user engagement.

Unique and Informative Content:

The content on the web pages must be written in simple language use of a lot of jargon will result in losing the users very fast from the page. Content filled with technical terms will make it obscure for the visitor so they will not stay for long on the page. Another point in this respect is, the content needs to be unique otherwise it has got no use in the eyes of Google whereas it will badly impact.