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Easy answers to the questions pertaining to small business optimization

small business

If you are into small business and want some effective guidelines for SEO approach to claim a great visibility and sale. Then you are the right place. In this article, you can find the proper way of optimizing your business specifically for the smaller ones.

Some of the business fail to survive the steep competition in the initial year and some may move out of the arena within five years. It’s not the size of the business, you have to strategize according to the changes happening in the digital marketing world. Marketing, when done with proper techniques has a vital chance of strong web presence, better search engine visibility to make your brand popular among the web audience. Search engines and SEO are important and will continue to be so in future for the business. And here are some of the most usable and effective SEO that can be very effective for small businesses.

The smart way is considering the search engine as referral engine. That is a medium that provides the relevant answers to the queries. To make this possible you have to do all the required tweaking to pertain to the customers’ requirements and needs.

The points to be taken into account for small businesses:-

  • The Website should be light structured, fast loadable and infallibly mobile-friendly.
  • Content should be patterned to give the customers the clear picture of the ‘why should they go for your brand’?
  • A blog with informative content can interest and invite a lot of customers to the website.
  • On-page is the lifeblood of the site, analytically frame the meta title and descriptions.
  • Go for Local SEO practices.
  • Quality link addition with domain authority.
  • Testimonials and portfolios increase the credibility factor for your business.

If you think will SEO work for small business?

One factor that can’t be ignored in search engines are the only platform where people search for new products and services, so this can be an effective way to reach the potential customers. Sometimes it’s the best option as in these cases and in some cases like budget constraints, your are in need of a fast result, ad competition and biggies are the competitors than you progress to the digital marketing traits like PPC advertising. Organic visibility is always requisite, it can be supported with PPC especially if have a long term vision. This can always yield better result promptly than SEO alone.

Now, the next question comes to our mind is how to select a reliable SEO provider?

This becomes a puzzling question often and requires some research work from your end.

  • Look for the positive reviews
  • Get to some depth don’t decide by the face value,
  • Look for the owner of the agency.
  • Check the industries they have worked for.
  • Are they time-tested or not?

After you have proper answers to these points you can select the best SEO agency or services to make your business outshine the other closest contender.

Steps to create a SEO friendly content


Content was king and remains to be so. You can have a great business website design-wise, visitors may come but soon will move if it has a trashy content. The design of the webpage must support the content display in the best possible way. It’s not only about the web content but all the articles have to be brilliantly crafted to get the desired result. And for SEO, content is the one of the most significant aspects that greatly impacts the search results on the SERP.

Here are few steps that can help you in shaping an impactful SEO content:

# Is the content unique and original
You might be saying about the same topic that has been written about lot of times but yours cant be the same. It has to be unique and original. You can find out facts and interesting details about the topic and write in a way that will be appealing for the visitors. As it’s the content that will fetch engagement and relevant traffic. The point to bear in mind is a copied content will not only serve the purpose but Google can penalize your website. The Panda update primarily focused on the content quality. You can also site the quality resource links in case of a blog content or a article.

# Make the titles attractive

  • The heading has a very crucial role to play. The aspects are various like:
  • The search engine bots will know what the writing is about.
  • Users will make out from it whether to click it or not.
  • Newsletter subscribers also decide through it if they will check the email or not.

Among all this you must see that it has to be SEO friendly. Focus on the placing of the keyword in the title. Try to keep it among the first three words but not forcefully.

# Make the introduction Intriguing
Introduction is starting of the article that can hold the attention of the users as well as the search engines wants to get the information from their to decide whether it’s indexable or not. Your job is to help them by mentioning your keywords in an introduction style paragraph at the beginning of your page. This makes your article Search engine friendly too.

Effective tips to avoid the site issues that affect the web performance


Customers and search engines have genuine expectation from the websites, so ignored errors can badly affect the SEO and hinder the content performance. Since the past years, online business has seen a huge high. Websites have become complex from the previous version where simple HTML and graphics were used has now become inevitably responsive along with specifically designed pages that aim at improving the user experiences. Website issues like duplicate or irrelevant content leave a vital chance of getting hit by Google algorithm thus affecting the rank on the SERP. Lower rank in the search result will reduce the visibility minimizing the rate of clicks and ROI.

User experience is the major factor that is directly connected to the performance of the website as a poor one can hinder the online business growth and hurt the brand images in negating all the effort made for getting the reputation online. This will largely discourage the visitors from visiting the website in the future as there are myriads of options online and the competitor site can’t afford to lose potential customers.

The steep completion in the digital ecosystem the visitors have also developed better awareness. For instance, 50% of them want the website speed to be not more than 2 to 3 seconds, at present. A recent survey showed the number has increased by 30% more than in the year 2010. Especially in the case of e-commerce sites where now 51% of the people will wait for the site to get loaded whereas, it was 63% few years back. This drastically impacts the site performance.

Another aspect is the layout of the website that complementing the content is preferred by the viewers. Nearly 40% of people stop engaging in your website leading to increased bounce rate. When one lands on your site from a referral site and gets confused in the navigation then he leaves the site.

Here are three meticulous points to check the websites better performance.

Always you have to avoid these drawbacks and to ensure you need to audit and find the errors and rectify the along with empowering the site in order to restrict potential problems.

1. Find the errors and fix the anomalies
Run the website and check all the pages to find the problems if any or page anomalies that can hurdle your business success. Check the loading speed, proper redirection, broken links and all the other factors that can discourage the user experience. Make the web pages completely crawlable for the bots.

2. Correct the severe one
It’s not that all the errors will affect the site performance equally but first fix the issues that will hinder the site more.
Aim at rectifying the user visible errors primarily, like a problem in the navigation. If any page on the website is of no use then redirect it asap.

Next is the content part, avoid duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

3. Missing alt tags for the images and schema markups should be checked.

Quick tips to boost your SEO process for improving business online


There are myriads of businesses online with new emerging ones every now and again. People are exposed to lots of option for a product and have the opportunity to select the most suitable one. While every company will aim at being at the top in the search engine results you have to promote your website in such a way that it will be class apart. The digital marketing strategy needs to be very smartly done with proper selection of keywords.

Search engine optimization being the prime part of the process that is used to make the website rank well.

Now let’s discuss about some SEO content – driven effective techniques that can boost the strategy:

Optimizing keywords strategically
The keyword research is the base of the without it any promotional campaign is likely to fail. The proper keywords sets the fundamental stage for the seo. For example, the word “wooden materials ”.This is not enough to make the audience understand the product completely whereas if you select the keyword as “quality wooden furniture online”. This makes it quite clear that you are offering wooden furniture with online buying facilities. Specific phrasing will improve the public interest while long tail keywords perform well. Keywords enables you judge the market competition.

Originality rules
In SEO originality means avoiding use of duplicate content or same text in more than one web page. The unique and relevant content not only makes the website search-engine friendly but also entices the visitors to stick to your website for long. Republishing the articles or the other posts again creates duplicasy and your website gets penalized due to spamming.

Optimization on-site attributes:
The meta are important for seo requirements, so use of keywords in title tags. Though meta description has lost its significance in effecting the ranking algorithm. However, the inclusion of the keyword in the meta title and description should be done organically. It has a specific word limit and exceeding that can reduce the SEO efforts. The H1 tag must include and the content should not have keyword stuffing. Highlight the unique points with bullet points.

Strategize the navigation and the interlinking
The navigation structure has a major role to play for search engine ranking. Interlinking creates a page flow connecting to relent pages. The pages which you don’t want the bot to see use ‘nofollow’ code. Optimizing the your websites navigation makes favorable for the bot to index the other pages too.

Useful tips to improve search engine ranking for your business

Search Engine Rankings

The purpose of a search engine is to provide better information to the web users for whatever topic they search for. Creating any website or a web platform that has no relevant topic for the visitors, then it will be never helpful in improving the rank. Think of this, have you seen any website ranking among the top results of the search engine and providing irrelevant or vague content? I am sure your answer must be no as why will someone create a web platform that has no use for anyone. Building a website should be done with an intention for the usefulness of visitors not only for the search engine bots.

Some questions that can help you can ask yourself before creating the website

  • What are the factors that can make my website quality in its domain?
  • How can it be useful for the users?
  • What will the visitor want from my site?
  • Will my website content be liked by Google or other search engines for showing the users?

The following tips can be useful in creating a useful website for the users in order making it search engine friendly:

Great Quality Content:
The most important part that can make your website likable for the users in order making it search engine friendly. The visitors are the people that turn to customers and potential customers. Try to provide all the answers to the queries they may want to know about the services or products your offer. An Interactive way of writing is impressive for them and all relevant information can hold them to your website. It should be correctly framed devoid or any errors and most importantly it should be a unique one.

Dofollow Organic links connecting to the website:
When your have interesting content for your website people will link back but the links should be dofollow so that it can be an effective factor in improving the PageRank and will get authority. This also a main part of search engine optimization. Unethical link back and paid links can have a negative effect on the website and even Google may penalize or it will be nowhere in the search results.

Optimized use of keywords:
Using the keyword in H1, meta title, meta description and the first paragraph of the web content can make it clear to the viewers and the search engine that you are focusing on that particular term in the content. With this you make it easy for the bot to understand and missing these may lead to delayed ranking in search engine results. Ensure that you never stuff keywords in the content for off-page works too.

Wise Use of image with alt tag:
Optimized use of an image is very necessary to reduce the page loading time. Use of relevant images in the content adds to the content quality and makes it more viewable for the visitors. And having the alt tags abides by the webmaster guidelines and relevant signal.

How is AMP important for Search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) update of Google is an initiative that serves as an open source to the publishers enabling them to develop mobile optimized content once and can be immediately installed everywhere. Basically what it means is when you search a key term Google will give you the results in a carousel that pays more heed to the websites with mobile accelerated pages.

It’s a standard coding for the publishers. The main motive behind this enables the website to get loaded fast on the mobile as responsive can be slower at times due to the desktop coding that is heavy and a lot. To be honest most of the coding required for the desktop computer are irrelevant for a mobile optimized website.

AMP has mainly two benefits in the aspect of Search Engine Optimization. The first one is will get more importance on the search engine results as Google gives priority to the mobile friendly websites. The second thing that website with AMP will get better ranking benefits than the general ones. Moreover the making the web pages fast loadable on the mobile devices will fetch you more of potential customers improving your ROI.

Now let’s see why is AMP significant for Search Engine Optimization?

This can be better understood while you try loading a page on a mobile and its keeps on showing loading for long. The result will be you will be annoyed and switch over to any other option that loads fast. With AMP this issue will be nil and you can get more views and traffic to the business website. But when you are traveling all the time the internet connection is not always fast so for providing a better user experience it’s better to optimize the pages.

With more than 4000 developers and SEO strategists preferring Google’s AMP it is making the process superbly awesome for the mobile device users. AMP has significantly simplified the core elements for the website coding in case of mobile friendly pages. Like for AMP HTML – it holds a separate set of custom commands for these pages. AMP Javascript coding permits external resource loading serially. AMP Content delivery network will automatically cache your AMP-enabled content.

It is also useful for WordPress developed websites and even is simple to optimize. You can install the AMP WordPress plugin after activating it will AMP all the pages in the website and one thing it will lack is it can’t redirect the visitors so you need to modify the .htaccess through the FTP system. You just need to paste the code in the .htaccess section.

Why is SEO the most important aspect of Digital Marketing?


SEO can increase the website visibility and help in gaining more relevant traffic. Digital marketing is an umbrella term in which Search engine optimization is the indispensable component that can help to boost the site presence online. Proper search engine optimization has various benefits like increased views, more leads, ROI, increased conversion rates.

Now, digital marketing is the complete process that involves various smaller subsets that are: Search engine optimization, social media optimization, search engine marketing, content creation and marketing PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, display ads and brand promotion by using various platforms. It’s all about the business promotion and should be implemented step by step to have an ensures success.

Though the primary step is SEO as it makes people aware of the business by improving the visibility online. And to have more clicks to your website nothing can help better than strategized SEO work. Various search engines like Google, Bing, AOL are the platform where people type the key phrases to get the products or services. Google is the pioneering platform people search globally and your website should be user-friendly and informative to come in top rankings on Google. Here SEO services come into the picture, the SEO experts employ the latest techniques keeping par with the updates in the market to ensure maximum views from the target audience and great organic reach.

Every emerging business is taking help of digital marketing to establish a strong position in the web world and SEO involves two main phases that are the on page optimization and off page optimization. Both constitute together to make the website flawless for the search engines.

Let’s have a glance on both factors of SEO:

On Page – It’s the crucial techniques that need some intricate changes and modification in the coding section of the web page to increase the web traffic by improving the views. For example, this includes meta title and meta description inclusion will be liked by search engines. The content section also comes under this and it must have proper keyword density.

Off page – It’s all about creating quality backlinks and promoting the website on various platforms through profile creation, article submission, blog posting and so on. The ranking is majorly affected by the good links added to the website. The links from the domain authority sites can be very useful is improving the search engine ranks.

There are other benefits too like it’s lucrative and helps the site to achieve rank and audience both. It makes the website mobile friendly also user-friendly. Collecting more ROI is easier with expert SEO strategies implemented. To top it all it helps your business to surpass the competitors in the market.