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5 Signs of a High Quality Logo Designer

Logo Designer

Questions and research can be useful to a designer to understand the client’s demands. After that he/she needs to create& develop the concept or idea.

1a. .Construction of Creative Design Brief. The initial step is to form a creative design brief as far as the professional designing project is concerned. One can understand a client’s needs through different questions. The graphic designing process can be started for that understanding the comfort zone of the client from the designer’s point of view is very crucial. It can be a telephonic conversation, he/she can meet the client with an online designing questionnaire or in this 21st-century email is also one convenient option.
Finally, design brief’s purpose is o help the designer so that he can have a brief understanding of the project more he/she will know more they can have a conversation through initial design concepts.

1b. Define a creative design brief? A creative designing brief is a document used for designing or developing a project and formation done through consultation which takes place between the client and the designer.

c. What type of questions will a designer ask his/her clients? The logo & designing questionnaire is divided into several critical areas.

i. What is the purpose of the client’s business? What kind of problem he/she solves for the customers?

ii. Description of the owner’s perfect client?

iii. If the owner has an existing client then why that is not working for him?

2. Research and Discovery Phase

Once the questionnaire is answered, the designer will go through and construct a solid base to move forward.

2a. Discovery of the client The designer can discover the client when he/she will understand the issues so that the best possible solution can be provided to him.

2b. Discovery of an industry? The designer monitors what their competitor is doing, and when they are doing well, then the designer considers them to be correct.

2c. Primary Research- Qualitative and Quantitative Research As far as comprehensive designing process is concerned one needs to engross into the research levels of the brand through qualitative and quantitative brands. Primarily explorative research comes under qualitative research. The purpose of the quantitative analysis is to examine or evaluate the attitude, opinion or behavior.

2d. Part Two -Secondary Research The designer will go deep into the existing brand identity of the client. The Logo design process steps.

3.0 Logo Sketches and Brainstorming A sketch is the starting point of every excellent logo design.

3.1 Mood boards And Reference imagery are collected from the beginning point occasionally the designer needs to assist the client, and he will be sent the images; as a result, the look will be drawn.

3.2 Quick sketches And Basic Forms Starting from the first sketch in the notebook there are chances of visual iconography.

3.3 Redefining The Logo with Gridlines. There are chances of the formation of grid and lines which are drawn to balance.

4.Conceptualization. One can define conceptualization as “the forming of a concept.” The concept is given a new viewpoint when it can be seen on the screen.

4.1 Creating digital versions From the Sketchbook. The logo designer is working either with a scanner; the primary forms will be digitally formed.

4.2 Exploration In Monotone When colors are used in any design before that logos consideration must be taken in monotone black and white shades as well.

4.3 Creating a logotype. Once the designer has a rough idea as far as working for the logo mark is concerned the designer will start thing about the representation of the logo through the logotype.

4.4 Pulling it all together. When the designer has ample typefaces which are perfectly all right as far as the brand is concerned. Then the designer will explore how those typefaces look side by side with the symbols which have a logo mark, and those are created before.

5. Refinement and Client Presentation The designer will showcase the look of the logo on different background colors at various scales. This is helpful for the client so that they can view as far as set in the real world is concerned.

5.1 Color Scheme Exploration The designer presents the alternate color schemes to the client again to have a look as far as the concept’s efficiency is concerned.

5.2 Future Proof Adaptability. The designer will have faith that the logo should be timeless.

5.3 Creation Of Digital Mockups The designer would show the look of a concept or idea in practical life if the client wanted to use it on an outfit.

5.4 Presentation of Logo Design to A client. The logo design presentation at the base level is delivered to a secure PDF format which will allow the client to visualize on screen and after that he/she can take a print out. Each idea has its PDF which consists 5-10+ pages. It is dependent as far as the scope of the project is concerned.

What Does Rebrand Mean & Should You Rebrand?


Reasons Behind Rebranding a Business:

There are several reasons why a business may need to rebrand. One vital factor is to find a more prominent way to connect with the customers. In some cases, the industry thinks that the existing brand images that they are currently using are not good enough to communicate to their potential customers. Therefore, they go for a rebranding to come with a new approach. As mentioned, rebranding includes the redesign of a business logo, website, banners, advertising materials. Companies planning to rebrand their business appearance should first conduct detailed research on the current market and audience behavior.

Types of Rebranding:

There are mainly two types of rebranding that businesses go for – proactive rebranding and other one is reactive rebranding. In dynamic rebranding, companies try to find the opportunities to grow and innovate their current business appearance according to the same. This type of rebranding enables businesses to reconnect with their potential users.
On the other hand, reactive rebranding takes place when the existing brand needs to be changed or discontinued for some reasons. Some of the potential reasons why a business may need this type of rebranding are the consequences of legal issues, negative publicity, bankruptcy, business collaboration.

Should You Rebrand?

In today’s competitive industry where your brand’s visual identity is an essential element that customers use to make buying decisions, rebranding is a bit risky. This is especially risky when you have an already established brand name and reputation in the market. Companies with an established brand identity have an existing client base and are earning money because people know and trust their brand. In this scenario, it is hazardous to rebrand as there is a question whether the customers will still identify your visual brand with the existing reliable reputation. It is true that satisfied customers always want to stick to a particular brand and under any circumstances, you should not confuse them by rebranding your business.
However, when rebranding, your goal should be to give your business a new look that customers can easily recognize rather than visualizing an entirely different concept. A rebrand should always focus on redefining your company’s vision and portray the core business message to new and old customers in an easily understandable manner.

Rebranding is a delicate art that needs to be treated professionally so that it is not going to do any harm to your existing reputation and business identity. Lots of time and research needs to be implemented successfully to come up with a good rebranding strategy.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Choose Your Final Design

Final Design

Use the five questions below to help you take a significant decision in choosing the final design concept.

Does the Theme Go with Your Brand? The first question you need to ask yourself when choosing the final design is whether the theme goes with your brand or business. It would be best if you determined whether the final design that you have chosen is suitable enough to represent your business message. The designs that you have used in your company logo or website are the first things that a potential customer first notices and if you make a mistake in choosing the underlying theme of the design, it might become harmful for the representation of your brand.

Is It Simple Enough to Understand Easily? In some cases, the designers include too many elements in a particular design to make it overly crowded. It would be best if you created an attractive design to grab the attention of your customers, but at the same time, you should provide a clear, easy to understand information through the design. All elements used in it should be simple and come in a logical order so that even the individuals with little or no technical knowledge can understand your concept. For example, an enticing headline with a short sub-headline is excellent for a banner ad, and the images that you choose for the design should be simple enough to compliment the headlines.

Is It Too Simple to Get Lost in The Visual Noise? This is vital to decide how much simple is too simple. It would be best if you chose a simple design, but that doesn’t mean you have to design a straightforward and dull looking design that is not get noticed in the crowd other beautifully designed concepts. This is especially important when your business has many competitors, and you need to create a stunning looking design to compete with them.

Where is the Design Going to Be Used? Another essential thing to ask yourself before choosing the final design is where the design will be used. Before you select the final design, you must consider the place where the particular design will be used. For example, if you are planning to choose a logo design, you must consider the place/website whether the logo will be implemented. Also, it is essential to know the purpose for which the design will be used. For example, you cannot design a formal looking front page of an eBook, which is going to be meant for a semi-formal audience.

Have I Chosen the Right Font Style? When it comes the aesthetic of graphic design, the typography and the font style you choose for the same takes a vital role in determining the appearance. You should ask yourself whether the font style you have chosen fit in this type of project. Font style and typography is not just an artistic element that determines the visual appearance of the design, but it serves a lot in expressing the real purpose of the design as well.

Why, what and how – You need to optimize your website


What is website optimization?

Though website optimization is not an innovative process for the business owners or the clients who are in this field for long. But for the start-ups or the newbies who are new to the online business marketing arena should know the requirement of this professional service. It is completely related to search engine that can increase the business awareness and popularity. What ever service or product you offer irrespective to that, your website has to be optimized. This will enable the website to get naturally listed in the search results.

Why should you have your website optimized?

It is a simple fact that in the hoarded digital market where every company is trying to be superior in presenting the products and services in the most user-friendly way, to get an identification you need to have a well-built website that can suit the search engine parameters to get better visibility. With every brand competing to gain a top position in the Google with 40,000 search query per second and that is constituted by 1.2 trillion searches from around the world every year. It is the only platform that can give your business the proper weightage online. To make your business website best from the user and search engine perspective your site needs to optimized properly.

It is a complex process and there are various parts to optimization that improves the marketing online. Let’s have a look at the integral parts the process includes. There are generally two options that you can opt for SEO or PPC. If you want real recognition and distinctness online both the ways are reliable. The long lasting success can be possible with the professional strategy that will include both in the correct way. Only PPC can’t assure successful if you don’t opt for SEO your website will not be your website will not be listed organically. Website optimization will improve the Google search engine page ranking. And PPC is a paid way that will cost you a fixed amount you have decided for per click in the ad campaign. SEO can be a bit time incurring and but has an impactful result for your business and save money too. The images in the website also gets shown in the search engine results and can be useful in tracking the direct visit. PPC services are always expensive than that of search engine optimization (SEO).

The simple summation of these points will make it much easier for you to understand the benefits of optimization.

  • You can fetch get relevant traffic to your website
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Strong website to promote services
  • Improved business awareness that can lead to more sales
  • Improved credibility among the clients and customers
  • Cost effective

Now, the most important part, How to optimize the website?

Get services from a trusted SEO agency

You can’t do it your self as it requires technical knowledge and expertise. So hire services from a trustable agency that follows White Hat SEO practices and provides quality work to get your website ranking in the top ten search results

Scrutinizing or Analyzing the Website

The optimization begins with the website analysis. To find the areas where the site needs to be modified to get the good results for SEO. The content, titles, header tags, meta title and the other on-page requirements must be checked and after that, it is meticulously followed by off-page work. The bounce rate is also an important parameter.

Optimizing for fetching popularity and direct interaction with consumers

Social media channels are the best way to promote your business in interesting ways for the target audience. As the platforms are hubs of people as most of us stay connected to some of these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Proper channelization give you more traffic in less time and replying to queries of the customers directly improves the customer relation and credibility of your brand.

Importance of print design in today’s business scenario

Print Design

Over the last few years the technology has drastically changed along with the processes and attitude of the work places have also changed drastically. CRM system, mobile devices ,cloud computing have made their marks which has reduces the scope of BTL activities a lot. It is being assumed by many experts that print design is dead or getting less importance day after day. The reality is quite different because with the advancement of digital printing ,corporate printing can get maximum benefit from it. In four ways technology drives business today. Firstly by automating manual task,secondly by enhancing connectivity, thirdly by innovating products and services , & fourthly by improving decision.

Printing has evolved than before:-
Digital printing has given marketers the scope to carry out on demand print for the customers. The print industry is growing at a very fast pace. There has been a considerable amount of advancement occurred in printing field. Traditional printing process has changed to modern digital printing process. Compared to music industry, print industry is fifty times the size of it. All the print articles are used to promote a brand today digitally rather than producing in large quantity to distribute it to the clients manually. Globally recognized company use cloud technology to print locally for first time.

Use of print in marketing mix:-
Print plays a important role in developing marketing mix of a brand. As it has been reviewed that four fifths of the target audience will react on direct mail immediately .Contrary to those 45% who will say that they deal in email straight away. Various brands use digital print design to enhance their marketing campaign.

Digital transformation goes beyond printing technology:-
Digital printing is the most sustainable mode of communication as it reduces the uses of paper. Using email companies can send their brochures , catalog, leaflets to their client. Hence it promotes a brand in an ecofriendly manner. Just in time delivery is possible now due to digital printing.

Cloud Technology:-
Cloud technology provides the opportunity to the global companies to print locally. It can connect with the print houses around the world sharing economy style. This means global organizations can now print marketing materials close to where they are needed. Thus it means savings of cost , time , and environment as it ensures printing locally which means marketing materials can be produced ,used, and delivered within days rather than weeks.

Various well known brands today also use print design as one of the primary mode of marketing materials. Printing materials are the first identity maker of any brand. So proper design and text may lead to effective promotion of a brand. Digital printing media can lead to effective branding in small span of time compared to traditional branding. That is the main reason behind more usage of digital printing compared to traditional printing. Surprisingly today also hard copy of brochures and catalogs can win the trust of the customers more rapidly. Due to their physical existence and tangibility. It can create a positive impression in the minds of the customers.

Easy answers to the questions pertaining to small business optimization

small business

If you are into small business and want some effective guidelines for SEO approach to claim a great visibility and sale. Then you are the right place. In this article, you can find the proper way of optimizing your business specifically for the smaller ones.

Some of the business fail to survive the steep competition in the initial year and some may move out of the arena within five years. It’s not the size of the business, you have to strategize according to the changes happening in the digital marketing world. Marketing, when done with proper techniques has a vital chance of strong web presence, better search engine visibility to make your brand popular among the web audience. Search engines and SEO are important and will continue to be so in future for the business. And here are some of the most usable and effective SEO that can be very effective for small businesses.

The smart way is considering the search engine as referral engine. That is a medium that provides the relevant answers to the queries. To make this possible you have to do all the required tweaking to pertain to the customers’ requirements and needs.

The points to be taken into account for small businesses:-

  • The Website should be light structured, fast loadable and infallibly mobile-friendly.
  • Content should be patterned to give the customers the clear picture of the ‘why should they go for your brand’?
  • A blog with informative content can interest and invite a lot of customers to the website.
  • On-page is the lifeblood of the site, analytically frame the meta title and descriptions.
  • Go for Local SEO practices.
  • Quality link addition with domain authority.
  • Testimonials and portfolios increase the credibility factor for your business.

If you think will SEO work for small business?

One factor that can’t be ignored in search engines are the only platform where people search for new products and services, so this can be an effective way to reach the potential customers. Sometimes it’s the best option as in these cases and in some cases like budget constraints, your are in need of a fast result, ad competition and biggies are the competitors than you progress to the digital marketing traits like PPC advertising. Organic visibility is always requisite, it can be supported with PPC especially if have a long term vision. This can always yield better result promptly than SEO alone.

Now, the next question comes to our mind is how to select a reliable SEO provider?

This becomes a puzzling question often and requires some research work from your end.

  • Look for the positive reviews
  • Get to some depth don’t decide by the face value,
  • Look for the owner of the agency.
  • Check the industries they have worked for.
  • Are they time-tested or not?

After you have proper answers to these points you can select the best SEO agency or services to make your business outshine the other closest contender.

How is AMP important for Search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) update of Google is an initiative that serves as an open source to the publishers enabling them to develop mobile optimized content once and can be immediately installed everywhere. Basically what it means is when you search a key term Google will give you the results in a carousel that pays more heed to the websites with mobile accelerated pages.

It’s a standard coding for the publishers. The main motive behind this enables the website to get loaded fast on the mobile as responsive can be slower at times due to the desktop coding that is heavy and a lot. To be honest most of the coding required for the desktop computer are irrelevant for a mobile optimized website.

AMP has mainly two benefits in the aspect of Search Engine Optimization. The first one is will get more importance on the search engine results as Google gives priority to the mobile friendly websites. The second thing that website with AMP will get better ranking benefits than the general ones. Moreover the making the web pages fast loadable on the mobile devices will fetch you more of potential customers improving your ROI.

Now let’s see why is AMP significant for Search Engine Optimization?

This can be better understood while you try loading a page on a mobile and its keeps on showing loading for long. The result will be you will be annoyed and switch over to any other option that loads fast. With AMP this issue will be nil and you can get more views and traffic to the business website. But when you are traveling all the time the internet connection is not always fast so for providing a better user experience it’s better to optimize the pages.

With more than 4000 developers and SEO strategists preferring Google’s AMP it is making the process superbly awesome for the mobile device users. AMP has significantly simplified the core elements for the website coding in case of mobile friendly pages. Like for AMP HTML – it holds a separate set of custom commands for these pages. AMP Javascript coding permits external resource loading serially. AMP Content delivery network will automatically cache your AMP-enabled content.

It is also useful for WordPress developed websites and even is simple to optimize. You can install the AMP WordPress plugin after activating it will AMP all the pages in the website and one thing it will lack is it can’t redirect the visitors so you need to modify the .htaccess through the FTP system. You just need to paste the code in the .htaccess section.

Logo design trends to continue in the year 2017

Logo Design

With 2016 bidding adieu, we need to take your brand to a new high, you need to be aware of the continuing market trends. Observing lot major changes the year have been active and some of the impactful logo design trends will be marking the path in the coming time. This industry has marked many inspiring and exciting changes having relevance with graphic design concept in the past.

Look at these logo design changes that can help you to have a unique brand identity:

Minimalism –
Though the approach is ruling the design arena since last two years looks to be gaining more significance. It has a concept that uses lesser elements to describe more. It has claimed a simple yet eye-catching appeal to depict your business with complete finesse.

Hand drawn –
Continues to gain the preference of the designers and the audience. Every industry now seems inclined to the hand-drawn logo, be it food, shopping, landscape, music industry. Hand-drawn speaks reality and a non-digital effect that looks natural. These logo designs have a distinct and show the flavor of a craft.

Monoline Logos –
To give contemporary look to your brand mark, monoline logo design is a great option and yet have a classic appeal. Various symbols, signs, and elements found on the emblems, monograms serve as inspiration for monoline design. For example the logo of Buffalo. It has the feature of minimalism and is wide enough that can be well displayed on digital and print media.

Negative Space –
This has actually never died off being on trend. There are so many iconic logo designs that have used this concept to give a rocking look to its brand mark, like FedEx, NBC. Yet the coming year we are going to see an uptick in it. As more use of illustration enhances the use of this design.

Flat Design –
The design fraternity all over just can’t ignore the approach over the years. For example, the logo of Google. As the name suggests it looks flat and attractive. Flat logo design is two-dimensional and employs no embellishments like a shadow effect, emboss and other elements that are used in other rapprochements. The fonts are clear and depict business essence completely well. Realistic appeal it makes it favored by designers and the target audiences too.

Conclusion: Get all equipped to capture the market by following these trends. Create a design that will aptly describe the brand mark with an innovation. With a perfectly created logo, you can win half the battle. Being a logo design agency or a freelancer you have to be acquainted with these. All the best for the upcoming business year!

Hero Image trends in the web design world – Know why

web design

Though hero images are shooting high still they continue to be preferred by the designers and has been largely used in web design arena. They have an antithetical appealing to the viewers on internet for long. Hero images used in a website can spiffy the layout at the same time gives depth to the content of the page.

Big headers

This trend can some extend specified with large or bigger charismatic headers. If we see some of the hero images header we can find that they look like photographs that are very closely related to the content. In recent times we can also see designers experiment with vector or flat images, illustrations and even videos are used. Big headers are the essence of hero images, fundamentally the idea is to use of over-sized header design for an animate look.

One Page Designates

Using a single page layout website is a one of most used designs at present as it is easy to go through with a single go. Navigation on the top of the website is quite boring and often people find it confusing, so do not bother to visit the other pages. Big full-screen backdrop and hero images here hero images can have best use. Moreover, these pages are either landing pages or parallax websites and have little content to put on the page. So, a large image can really add value and offer amazing look and feel to the page. It is more like a non relating to context heading that creates an effect as a new part of the page. This works with great with single page layout.

Complete Screen Backgrounds

Basing on the variety of website, it can serve a as icing on the cake when we use full-screen backgrounds. This can be considered with as an extension of the hero images concept. It is definitely related and but not exactly the same. This concept can very effective for creative artists and designing firms which wants to portray their professional finesse. It vividly demonstrates your work quality by adding samples of your design works for showing it perfectly on your website. It also opens a way for web design services to opt for these background and specify the brand theme in the best way.

Features image for Content Posting

With growing number of online blogs and other featured contents since past years, wordpress is one of the most used and effective platforms which most of the websites use for content establishment. Fro the time when WordPress offered a room for features image there has been a great inflow of particularly magazine themes that are being used often. One thing that is recommendable is about these themes is they have the option for using different images in a shuffling form in the home page. Every article has its different image, but most visitors land on the homepage requires to be unique. Use of hero image it grabs the attention of the visitors to the home page than the other articles.

So, it’s time that you also try out hero image for your website and get an attractive look and feel for the same. Additionally, it can attract maximum web traffic.

5 Ideas to design a website that can keep the Users Happy

Website Design

Developing relationship with users or customers is an essential part making a business successful. At present in the world of innovation you need to provide the best experience to the user in order to make them stay as a loyal customer. Of course user friendly sites fetch more amount of audience as no one has the time to hunker on for something that needs a lot of time while they are flooded with other options. Not only that sharing their his views with others with the help of social media platforms or on other websites can adversely impact your business. So it is very crucial now to create better experience for the user to provide the business a good reputation. Website designing may look simple task leaving the business entrepreneurs pondering whether they should go for a professional help or not. Some of they may opt for online designing software rather than hiring a web design services This may look beneficial apparently but is not effective online as it will not guide your design to be seo friendly or in the aspects where designing can match up to the trends prevailing in the industry. Here are some of the points that can help the help to have a great business website that can entice the masses.

Selection of color or the color theme is important:

Dark background have a good look and feel so using light color elements on it creates a soothing effect on the eyes of the visitors. Whereas the use of darker color tone on lighter base can give a dull look and compel the user to move to the next option. But only the professional have the correct knowledge of the color scheme.

Proper visibility of the cart:

Significant for those business owners who have e-commerce sites as its beneficial for them to have the cart visible 24 hours. It should be so placed on the pages in a specific area where the user can locate it easily and the size also matters. Not only this is must also display the number of products added to the cart for the knowledge of the customer. A chunk of people shop online and the worse experience will be if they find after coming to the check out page that only some of the products have gone added to the cart. This will definitely put someone off, so it is essential to add the cart properly to the page. The easy accessibility of the website design
will increase the chances of the customer returning back .

Flexible Compatibility:

Gone are those days people use to browse through only through a desktop computer. At present websites require to be responsive that suits all screen types like on mobiles and tablets. Those websites that don’t have a proper design to suit all the devices can lose a great amount of traffic.

Avoid clutter

it can be useful adding some call to action buttons in the bar or on the side of the head banner, but sometimes it is not effective in the long run. Instead professional opinion to have an informative and relevant content and only one call to action button that looks cluttered-free.

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