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Hero Image trends in the web design world – Know why

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Though hero images are shooting high still they continue to be preferred by the designers and has been largely used in web design arena. They have an antithetical appealing to the viewers on internet for long. Hero images used in a website can spiffy the layout at the same time gives depth to the content of the page.

Big headers

This trend can some extend specified with large or bigger charismatic headers. If we see some of the hero images header we can find that they look like photographs that are very closely related to the content. In recent times we can also see designers experiment with vector or flat images, illustrations and even videos are used. Big headers are the essence of hero images, fundamentally the idea is to use of over-sized header design for an animate look.

One Page Designates

Using a single page layout website is a one of most used designs at present as it is easy to go through with a single go. Navigation on the top of the website is quite boring and often people find it confusing, so do not bother to visit the other pages. Big full-screen backdrop and hero images here hero images can have best use. Moreover, these pages are either landing pages or parallax websites and have little content to put on the page. So, a large image can really add value and offer amazing look and feel to the page. It is more like a non relating to context heading that creates an effect as a new part of the page. This works with great with single page layout.

Complete Screen Backgrounds

Basing on the variety of website, it can serve a as icing on the cake when we use full-screen backgrounds. This can be considered with as an extension of the hero images concept. It is definitely related and but not exactly the same. This concept can very effective for creative artists and designing firms which wants to portray their professional finesse. It vividly demonstrates your work quality by adding samples of your design works for showing it perfectly on your website. It also opens a way for web design services to opt for these background and specify the brand theme in the best way.

Features image for Content Posting

With growing number of online blogs and other featured contents since past years, wordpress is one of the most used and effective platforms which most of the websites use for content establishment. Fro the time when WordPress offered a room for features image there has been a great inflow of particularly magazine themes that are being used often. One thing that is recommendable is about these themes is they have the option for using different images in a shuffling form in the home page. Every article has its different image, but most visitors land on the homepage requires to be unique. Use of hero image it grabs the attention of the visitors to the home page than the other articles.

So, it’s time that you also try out hero image for your website and get an attractive look and feel for the same. Additionally, it can attract maximum web traffic.

Web design Ideas for successful and Optimum online recognition

Web Design

One thing that we know is web design that it keeps on changing and getting updated. To keep our brand presence strong we too need to match up with the required changes. A website that can be easily accessed from a desktop computer was enough for gaining identification for your brand, but at present things have changed, and for a successful business online you inevitably need a responsive one. In this fast paced life everyone relies on mobiles or tabs mostly to look for information, product and services, so, to acquire maximum visitors unfailingly mobile friendly. It is quiet challenging to keep a match with the overcharging nature. Not only responsive web design, you need to consider some more factors to create a user friendly and Google loved website.

Go for material design:

Flat design was like a trend but now it has been replaced by Google’s material design. It adds more clarity to flat design and allows light and shadow effects. Material design also features grid-layout and option for including responsive animation.

Typeface or Proper Typography:

Now we have more options and other distinct typefaces to have proper deign in minimum and streamlined way. Minimalist approach is the trend for now. Artistic fonts are getting more used in the sites and help it to be more likable for users.

Hover Icons and Animations:

For better user experience elements like hover function. Now mostly visitors tend to move the cursor on small given icons on the site so hover design increases the stay provides instant feedback. Hovering effect justifies their cursor hovering and keeps the experience uninterrupted.

Scrolling trough interests viewers:

Creating the website in a single page that has a long navigation, attractive more attention of the viewers. It has easy navigation and they don’t need to way spar of a second for the next page to open. Moreover, it gives storytelling like approach that has a good impact on the viewers. Mobile friendliness is another better attributed of a single page scroll-able navigation making the surfing easier.

Inclusion of Motion Animation:

Animations are one of the most loved features that increases user engagement on the site. And motion animation draws a attention of the visitors to the focusing elements of the website.

Gradients and color tones

Graidient colors and duotone palettes has gained a lot of popularity as combining two shades of a color really provides a different and striking appearance to the website. It provides proper visual effect on the users and also is in the trend, so you need to incorporate it to have noticeable site.

These are some of the most trending updates that is conquering in the web world in 2016 for web design. Nevertheless the sole aim is to make the user experience better along with making it Google friendly. So check out you have these effective points for your website?