Logo design trends to continue in the year 2017

Logo design trends to continue in the year 2017

With 2016 bidding adieu, we need to take your brand to a new high, you need to be aware of the continuing market trends. Observing lot major changes the year have been active and some of the impactful logo design trends will be marking the path in the coming time. This industry has marked many inspiring and exciting changes having relevance with graphic design concept in the past.

Look at these logo design changes that can help you to have a unique brand identity:

Minimalism - Though the approach is ruling the design arena since last two years looks to be gaining more significance. It has a concept that uses lesser elements to describe more. It has claimed a simple yet eye-catching appeal to depict your business with complete finesse.

Hand drawn – Continues to gain the preference of the designers and the audience. Every industry now seems inclined to the hand-drawn logo, be it food, shopping, landscape, music industry. Hand-drawn speaks reality and a non-digital effect that looks natural. These logo designs have a distinct and show the flavor of a craft.

Monoline Logos - To give contemporary look to your brand mark, monoline logo design is a great option and yet have a classic appeal. Various symbols, signs, and elements found on the emblems, monograms serve as inspiration for monoline design. For example the logo of Buffalo. It has the feature of minimalism and is wide enough that can be well displayed on digital and print media.

Negative Space - This has actually never died off being on trend. There are so many iconic logo designs that have used this concept to give a rocking look to its brand mark, like FedEx, NBC. Yet the coming year we are going to see an uptick in it. As more use of illustration enhances the use of this design.

Flat Design - The design fraternity all over just can't ignore the approach over the years. For example, the logo of Google. As the name suggests it looks flat and attractive. Flat logo design is two-dimensional and employs no embellishments like a shadow effect, emboss and other elements that are used in other rapprochements. The fonts are clear and depict business essence completely well. Realistic appeal it makes it favored by designers and the target audiences too.

Conclusion: Get all equipped to capture the market by following these trends. Create a design that will aptly describe the brand mark with an innovation. With a perfectly created logo, you can win half the battle. Being a logo design agency or a freelancer you have to be acquainted with these. All the best for the upcoming business year!

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