Importance of print design in today's business scenario

Importance of print design in today's business scenario

Over the last few years the technology has drastically changed along with the processes and attitude of the work places have also changed drastically. CRM system, mobile devices ,cloud computing have made their marks which has reduces the scope of BTL activities a lot. It is being assumed by many experts that print design is dead or getting less importance day after day. The reality is quite different because with the advancement of digital printing ,corporate printing can get maximum benefit from it. In four ways technology drives business today. Firstly by automating manual task,secondly by enhancing connectivity, thirdly by innovating products and services , & fourthly by improving decision.

Printing has evolved than before:- Digital printing has given marketers the scope to carry out on demand print for the customers. The print industry is growing at a very fast pace. There has been a considerable amount of advancement occurred in printing field. Traditional printing process has changed to modern digital printing process. Compared to music industry, print industry is fifty times the size of it. All the print articles are used to promote a brand today digitally rather than producing in large quantity to distribute it to the clients manually. Globally recognized company use cloud technology to print locally for first time.

Use of print in marketing mix:- Print plays a important role in developing marketing mix of a brand. As it has been reviewed that four fifths of the target audience will react on direct mail immediately .Contrary to those 45% who will say that they deal in email straight away. Various brands use digital print design to enhance their marketing campaign.

Digital transformation goes beyond printing technology:- Digital printing is the most sustainable mode of communication as it reduces the uses of paper. Using email companies can send their brochures , catalog, leaflets to their client. Hence it promotes a brand in an ecofriendly manner. Just in time delivery is possible now due to digital printing.

Cloud Technology:- Cloud technology provides the opportunity to the global companies to print locally. It can connect with the print houses around the world sharing economy style. This means global organizations can now print marketing materials close to where they are needed. Thus it means savings of cost , time , and environment as it ensures printing locally which means marketing materials can be produced ,used, and delivered within days rather than weeks.

Various well known brands today also use print design as one of the primary mode of marketing materials. Printing materials are the first identity maker of any brand. So proper design and text may lead to effective promotion of a brand. Digital printing media can lead to effective branding in small span of time compared to traditional branding. That is the main reason behind more usage of digital printing compared to traditional printing. Surprisingly today also hard copy of brochures and catalogs can win the trust of the customers more rapidly. Due to their physical existence and tangibility. It can create a positive impression in the minds of the customers.

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