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Print Design – to invest or not – Clarifying Here

Print Design

A lot of debate and discussion can be found on the internet about print design is still an effective marketing tool. But, what we observe closely the brand promotion techniques at present there is a lot of use of print material for promoting not only brands but events, functions, trade fair and so on. Denying the fact that it is a conventional tool has lost its impact for impressing the audience. From the large banner, billboard designs displayed proved it works successfully even for renowned companies. It all depends on how perfectly has it been created meaning to every required aspect.

A print design that lacks the fine features, loses its appeal and doesn’t serve the purpose at all. The design should be unique and bang-on describe the message to the audience to create the magic. We all know ‘picture speaks more than words and in this case, you have ample of room to use images, graphic design, sign, symbols. Not everyone has access to the internet, so how will they have the awareness about the product and services that you are offering. The gap can be covered with the help of professional print designing.

Having talked about the significance of the print material now let’s see the intricate factors that can be implemented for impactful print design.

Don’t go for gimmicks for any reason:

Gimmick may sound a little rude, but that true never take the support of gimmicks for getting the concept culminate. This will give a cheap look. Ensure that it is relevant to the concept and created with uniqueness.

Add some charisma:

With the simple design convey multi-layered meaning where it suits, or add something charismatic. Try to implement the rational approach for describing the message with a hint difference or human touch.

Stick to the concept:

If you are doing a project for yourself, strip to the very idea and make it sublimate to the one word or picture or that can put the thing clear into the minds of the target audience with a glance. If you feel it is not appropriate with this clarity to the essence then scrap it, and create the perfect one.

Wise use of space:

In print designing, not only the image but playing with the white space is of eminence. For effective communication, wise use of negative space can be meticulous. It can be used as the contrasting background to hoard the attention to the main matter utmost.

Feedback from the client for the final layout:

While creating the print design, mock up the plan and create a rough layout and take the opinion fro the client for every new project. A Collaborative working atmosphere will enhance the clients’ trust and you will get the perfect idea of conveying the message with finesse.

A perfect concept and flawless print design can communicate well the brand essence to the audience, removing the chances of getting unnoticed.

Smart print design ideas beneficial for the marketers

Print Design

Association of a brand or a company with a well-designed logo is common. This very association is created with a process that ensures every piece of the jigsaw fits correctly. And the result is a finished product that the world will encounter and if done well even remember.

During this process of fitting the bolts it is very important that the designers and the marketers are on the same ‘page’ and have a few essentials covered so that the process gets easier and provides the desired effects.

Here are 5 things that can guide a marketer to tune up his print design.

Enjoy versatility but don’t compromise on uniformity

We all love versatility – be it colors, texture and unique techniques of styling. Why ignore it when it comes to print design. Versatility will always be an added advantage when working on a particular brief. In today’s world of multimedia it is crucial that the logos designed or branding should be flexible so that it can be used for printing and utilized digitally too. To achieve this purpose designers should be aware of the technical know how related to printing process and take into account the format, quality of paper (to be printed on later), colors and detailing in the design so that the design is a flexible one that is easily put to use on multiple platforms without compromising on uniformity.

Balance your act – stay web and print-friendly

Formatting plays an important part where printing is concerned. It should be such that it allows the design to be printed on the business card as well as banners and posters. Therefore, it is always advisable to design in EPS or vector format as both are scalable and allows for small and huge prints and it can be used digitally. The idea here is to have highly creative logos but to keep it web and print-friendly emphasising on the resolution, the kind of ink to be used while printing and the quality of paper.

Cut down glitches – use PMS spot printing

The brand colors can be maintained with proper use of color systems. The colors we see on computer and the ones used while printing are different. The inks used while printing are CMYK and the colors we see on our computer screen are RGB, which leads to color variations in the final print. Using PMS spot printing can fix this glitch and ensure accuracy by simply matching the brand color to the corresponding PMS color.

Power up with subtext

Subtext provides far more power than the overt message presented in the design, it reinforces the direct message. Colors, images and fonts used to convey the message through subtext should be carefully chosen keeping in mind their universal relevance.

Close the gaps between online and offline media

Printed material is something that your target audience can touch and feel unlike the digital media. So here lies an opportunity to showcase your printed design at its best. And also have your users remember your brand for a longer time.

Bear in mind that any design should not be drastically different than what one views digitally. This sure puts off many users.

Whatever texture or material you are exploring magnets, coasters, key chains, t-shirts, caps or even mugs and tumblers, maintain your brand identity. Try out samples and check the end product before you print a large quantity. Also, consider how long lasting is the paper, card or any other source of print material you are using and budget the printing accordingly.

Important Steps to make great billboard ads

Billboard Ads

Time has changed a lot along with that the taste and preference of the consumer also has changed drastically. Twenty to thirty years back bill boards were the main mode of brand awareness for a brand. On print design category bill boards play a very crucial role in gaining more business for a brand. Today the entire scenario has completely changed. As people don’t have time to look up rather they prefer to look down on their smart phones all the time. As consumers are very reluctant to bill board ads this days. So there are some easy and simple steps which if followed then again billboard can become an effective tool of brand awareness.

Maximum of Six words or less is ideal:-
Today consumers don’t have enough time and energy to read the entire paragraph of the billboard. So small & crisp writing is essential to communicate the message of the brand. In a survey it has been found that on an average six seconds are being given by the consumers to read the information on the billboard. So it would be sensible to communicate the message of the brand within six words or less. It is tough but need to be done to catch the attention of the consumers. So if the brand tries to communicate more message about the products and services then it would be good not to use billboard advertising.

Don’t distract but get noticed by the consumer:-
Normally Billboard ads are meant for car drivers, bikers , or other pedestrians who pass by near the billboards. The message of the billboard should not distract the attention of the passers by. It should not be placed in the middle of the street which can cause regular traffic jam or problem to the drivers or any vehicle. So it should be placed in properly in such a place that it is noticeable but not distractable. It should lead to branding not to any problem for the passerby. So you can use bill board as an effective tool of print design to grab the attention of the consumer in a fruitful manner.

Be a smart communicator of your business message:-
A bill board which is boring will be ignored by the viewers. It is essential part of communicating the business message that it should be kept simple, easy, and memorable so that long lasting impression can be created in the minds of the viewers. If the message is very clumsy and the viewers need to scratch their head twice for understanding it then it can lead to fall in the viewers attention. So for grabbing the attention of the viewers it need to be crisp and simple.

The means for communicating the business message has improved a lot. So to keep the system of billboard promotion alive in the print design segment some small but effective steps need to be taken. In that regard the above steps can prove to be effective form of business communication through bill board promotion.

Importance of print design in today’s business scenario

Print Design

Over the last few years the technology has drastically changed along with the processes and attitude of the work places have also changed drastically. CRM system, mobile devices ,cloud computing have made their marks which has reduces the scope of BTL activities a lot. It is being assumed by many experts that print design is dead or getting less importance day after day. The reality is quite different because with the advancement of digital printing ,corporate printing can get maximum benefit from it. In four ways technology drives business today. Firstly by automating manual task,secondly by enhancing connectivity, thirdly by innovating products and services , & fourthly by improving decision.

Printing has evolved than before:-
Digital printing has given marketers the scope to carry out on demand print for the customers. The print industry is growing at a very fast pace. There has been a considerable amount of advancement occurred in printing field. Traditional printing process has changed to modern digital printing process. Compared to music industry, print industry is fifty times the size of it. All the print articles are used to promote a brand today digitally rather than producing in large quantity to distribute it to the clients manually. Globally recognized company use cloud technology to print locally for first time.

Use of print in marketing mix:-
Print plays a important role in developing marketing mix of a brand. As it has been reviewed that four fifths of the target audience will react on direct mail immediately .Contrary to those 45% who will say that they deal in email straight away. Various brands use digital print design to enhance their marketing campaign.

Digital transformation goes beyond printing technology:-
Digital printing is the most sustainable mode of communication as it reduces the uses of paper. Using email companies can send their brochures , catalog, leaflets to their client. Hence it promotes a brand in an ecofriendly manner. Just in time delivery is possible now due to digital printing.

Cloud Technology:-
Cloud technology provides the opportunity to the global companies to print locally. It can connect with the print houses around the world sharing economy style. This means global organizations can now print marketing materials close to where they are needed. Thus it means savings of cost , time , and environment as it ensures printing locally which means marketing materials can be produced ,used, and delivered within days rather than weeks.

Various well known brands today also use print design as one of the primary mode of marketing materials. Printing materials are the first identity maker of any brand. So proper design and text may lead to effective promotion of a brand. Digital printing media can lead to effective branding in small span of time compared to traditional branding. That is the main reason behind more usage of digital printing compared to traditional printing. Surprisingly today also hard copy of brochures and catalogs can win the trust of the customers more rapidly. Due to their physical existence and tangibility. It can create a positive impression in the minds of the customers.

Menu card design that can bring mouth watery sensation

Menu Card Design

A menu card is the face of a restaurant to showcase its food items towards its customers. Colorful images with appealing nice presentation of food items can appear more appetizing & sumptuous. Keeping this thing in mind is essential while designing a menu card of a restaurant. Menu card design is the core marketing part as most of the restaurants today focus on uniqueness & creativity. It’s quite practical that card delivers the first-hand experience of restaurant quality and its delicacies being served there over a certain period of time. It is also one of the important parts of print design material to promote your brand.

Now let’s see what factors of menu card design attracts a customer towards a restaurant or a hotel:-

1) Colorful and Lively picture of dishes: – This menu card indeed serves the purpose of creating a real hunger in customer. Delicious food item pictures provoke the customers to buy food items from the restaurants. The entire ingredient which is used to prepare the food item is highlighted in the menu card.

2) Realistic pictures of food items: – More realistic the pictures in food items greater is the chances of customers get involved in it. Sometimes the background of the menu card involves ingredients of the food items along the side bars of the card which makes the presentation looks fresh and serene.

3) Showcasing the kitchen & the cook: – To build the trust factor in the minds of the customers the picture of the kitchen and the cook can be used to show the degree of hygiene factors which are maintained by that restaurant.

4) Client specific design: – The menu card must be designed on the basis of a focus target group of people whom they want to deliver their service. On the basis of taste & preferences of the customers, the menu should be set or designed. It may be designed on the basis of traditional food items or for the youth keeping in mind the which section of people resides in the locality more.

5) Food packages they offer: – The menu card also reflects the food packages they are offering. As well as some restaurants offer add-on services, like coupon offers, home delivery services to attract the attention of the client and to maintain with them long-term fruitful relationship. As for example KFC, Dominos, pizza hut are some of the renowned brands who follow this steps.

Thus proper and target oriented menu card design can help you to build a customer base for your restaurant to stay alive in the competition.

Sometimes along with the main services if a restaurant provides some complementary services also. This makes their brand awareness more strong and effective to ensure in maintaining long term relationship with the clients. Thus proper designing of it can ensure better returns on your investment in the long run. Thus above steps are essential to maintaining a steady flow of customers for your restaurant to serve the food which they want to eat and remember.

Steps to create efficient print design ads for your business

Print Design

If you are marketing your startup company, brand or you are struggling to get new followers for the product or services you cater. You can simply rely on print design ads in magazines or newspapers can give your brand good amount of exposure and aid revenue generation.

Now let’s focus on how you can create an impelling print ad design that can surpass the possible competitors. At the same time, it will be attractive for the potential customers making them interested to know about the brand in details. In the next section of the article, you can find the steps for creating the print advertisements that will be catchy and memorable.

Step 1 – First get the message clear in your mind

Having the clear conception of the message that you want to be displayed in the advertisement is necessary. Concentrate on that single message and the target audience that you are creating the design for.

Step 2 – Implement the latest logo

Using the logo with the latest tweaks which will be contemporary, relevant, and by seeing which all the audience can relate to the brand. If you have the brand logo designed by the professional designer then it will have the versatility which will make it proper for using in print format. Having an updated provides a modern look and make the design memorable.

Step 3 – Appropriate Color Selection

Choice of correct color tone for the designing the ad is a prime factor while building a brand presence and awareness. Assuring the color scheme streamlined with the brand essence to be appropriate for describing the message to the target audience to gain fast traction through the campaign.

Step 4 – Size Matters in Print Advertising

In constructing a successful print design ad you must consider the size before you complete the graphics design. Print design has a requirement of dots per inch (DPI) and to be precise it is 72 DPI. In general, print design can have DPI of 300 which to be supported needs high-quality graphics, high-resolution images, vector images, and photos.

Step 5 – Typography should be prominent

Selecting the correct font type is equally important especially to create the impact of the message. You can choose from the online available fonts fitting for print design ads. You must go for the most legible one and that should be copyright free. You can take inspiration from the famous Magazine ads used by the celebrated designers.

Step 6 – Graphics or Photos

Deciding whether to go for graphics or you should use photos or even implement both for your print design ad. Graphic vector images are trending and can get popular easily. Using pictures in place of stock images can convey the specific message directly.

Step 7- Don’t forget to include a Call-to-action (CTA)

Implementing a call-to-action is with the prints advertisement is the one of most effective way to generate leads and gain potential followers and customers for your brand. And you can do that by providing a bar code or QR code for the mobile devices and don’t forget to attach your website URL so that others can acquire more information about your business and what all you offer.

Is print media effective for brand marketing?

Print Media

With the growing technology, many of us think print to be dead medium as online marketing is considered the effective way. Though print marketing is far from being obsolete, in fact, it has evolved a long way with improved techniques. 40% of the local business advertising was depended on direct mail and still continues to an extent. There are various reasons knowing which you would definitely rely on print design media to reach the audience:

Variable Printing

I know you might be thinking that variable printing is not a fresh method but the difference is the advancements in the print techniques have made feasible due to the lowered cost. Variable printing facilitates you to tailor the each piece of media by altering some elements in each piece basing on the feature of complex personalization.

QR Codes and NFC

Not only the technologies for various apps and smartphone is developing same applies for print media too. At present QR codes and NFC technologies have made it easier for print media to reach the customers directly. It’s same as you have the option to tweak each coupon uniquely while running a mailer campaign with different serial numbers for your convenience to track which customers have used them. When implemented for variable images you can create different series of cards with unique picture background.

Print and Social Media

We know that social media channels play an indispensable role for the entrepreneurs to reach the relevant traffic. But it’s only through the sites like FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkeIn. But have you ever thought your business card to be a social medium? I guess no. When you give a prospective customer you are making a long-term connection. They can use to locate you whenever they require if not at that moment. Well, it can be better as no print material is devoid of the website URL or the social media address on it enhancing its credibility.

Less usage claims distinctness

While most of the companies are struggling for getting maximum audience online, which further makes the situation competitive. Having a customized business card to feel the void due to the lack of print media usage it gets a distinguished attention and attraction from the customers. If we compare the number of days you check your e-mail will be certainly much lesser than you check your mailbox. And you can’t deny sparing some time to look at it before keeping or throwing it. So, print material claims added attention.

Some Secrets to boost up E commerce revenue with print marketing

Print Marketing

Try hard to get sales? Implementing all the possible new techniques and channels to promote your e-commerce business. You think it’s simple than ever before but using the channels and content marketing tactics works but requires quite some time before you can get the desired result.

In the present situation, most of the companies don’t go for print marketing as it’s not considered to be an effective way or might think it to be more cost incurring. The fact is print ads impact target audience and you have rich the demographic then the process will be worthwhile. You will surely get improved sales and ROI. Print design and promotion is not a thing of past but a neglected way which holds a lot of potential in the marketing a brand. Most of the business owners go digital as it’s cheaper and apparently looks easier to reach the global audience. But if you are not aware then let me tell you its cheaper since last three years. Getting your brand ad in a magazine, brochure or flyer is cheaper than ever it was before.

After discussing all the facts above let me sight some ways that can increase the ROI through print now and in the coming years too. The methods that I will mention can include a need QR code on the newsletter page.

Promote to the locals
People somehow have a preference for the local businesses, so to have a store people are more likely to respond to the ads than from the other countries. Always try to place the ads in the popular local magazines that can help you reach the target audience. You can either choose for the pricey or cheaper ads as they provide you the options and you can start with low ranges ones.

Add Customized message
You have a target audience and a personalized or customized message can make the ad attractive for them. No one wants to feel like just another being the general like fisherman luring the fish. And if you have the option then you, of course, can attach a letter with the material asking their feedback or a new product recommendation based on the previous purchases.

Product Brochures or catalogs
Brochures or product catalogs are really effective in enticing the potential customers as they can easily have a glance at what are the things you offer. Try to put the best-selling items first then the rest or one from each category. Mind it, don’t make it too long that will be budget friendly too.

Love for discount codes and coupons
This is an impeccable and simple way to increase the sales and you can integrate it will the all the ads and other items. If you make it only available for localities it will be like an icing on the cake. This deal will be lucrative for you to as it will save the long distance shipping cost.

Take the help of graphic designer
Amateurish work is not going to serve the purpose, right? It has to professional. So handover the designing to a trusted graphics designing agency as they will understand the requirements well. They select the right color, text type and position everything precisely making your ad appealing for the audience.

Prime elements to create an efficient print design

Print Design

With all the technologies improving print has also taken a leap. Although it’s a conventional promotional medium has a tot of potential to make your brand popular in this digital world too. They can be any shape and size like a banner, billboards, business card, flyer, brochure, magazine, signage and so on. Every item has its own impact on the viewers and encourages him or her interested to know about the product and services. The concept and the trendy features required for the proper communication must be done with professionalism. Not to forget they are effective yet lucrative, so small business owners can also try out print advertising to get a great reputation.

Theprint design has to be perfect in all aspect to claim the views of the audience.

Now let’s have a glance on the print design elements that put together with creative finesse can be best advertise for your business:

Copy Elements
The text that is used must very closely and concisely explain the message and should be focused. The title or the heading must be attractive enough to grab the readers interest regarding your product or services. No one has a lot of time to read and understand complex things. For instance, a billboard holds an ad and the potential customer only had few seconds to go through it, so it has to be explicit. Same applies for the other print materials also, the chief point should be loud and clear. Adding the company logo to every item is a prime requirement.

Graphic Elements
Images, illustration, clip art or symbols play a crucial part in the design creation. Like the swoosh in the logo of Nike. Incorporate the graphic elements with the title and this can increase better intrigue the audience. A research conducted by Texas University proves that people are more inclined to pictures than words. So employing better-describing pictures to impress the target audience. Incompatibility between the heading and the image used can make it difficult for the audience to understand and reduces the ad’s effect.

It’s known to all that color printing requires more money that black and white. Complete color printing needs four colors and runs. Using two color printing can be a lucrative option and can be appropriate for some of the designs.

The layout is the phase where all the elements are brought together to get the final form for the promotion of the brand. It’s the main focal point – the reader will first see the image then look at the tag line. So the formatting should be done similarly after sketching the rough then finalize with the brand mark and signature. Check for the specific details and get it printed.

Why is brochure printing an important marketing tool?

Brochure Printing

How can you make the most efficient and conveying brochures? What the content should contain and how the design should be that people will notice and respond? Don’t get puzzled, let me help you out with this one that can help you to get your customer product literate and provide sales.

As a flyer or brochure can help immensely to improve the sales to manifolds. If you want to announce the new series of product or even for the existing ones, you’re most presumably pondering what can be done to ascertain a successful result. While you are ready to invest in brochure printing – writing, designing and, printing. Cost is not only the factor to consider the key factor is to make the design professionally appealing that can be impressive for the customers.

Here are some of the points that can be helpful in Brochure Printing:

Understand the customers:
First, you have to understand the market that is the perspective of the target audience. Ask yourself the questions as a customer. What would they like to know about the product? What will make them inclined to buy the product? What’s the best point about your services or product that can solve for them? And draft the answers as the probable points that you need to add to the brochure.

No, it’s not any association. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. To serve the purpose successfully the design must be attention seeking, that should interest the viewers to read, will enhance the desire of the people to know the product or services and will be motivating towards the defined action.

Avoid the office building featuring:
You can surely feel nice to show-up your the growth of your office but it’s not at all interesting for the readers. The only thing that intrigues the viewers in the effectivity of the product and services that’s useful for the users. So, don’t involve in the representing and wasting brochure space in building depiction instead put the USP’s.

The contact details:
Include the contact details without fail. The website URL and the phone number. The intention is to increase the sells so people can reach you through address online and offline. At present, you can also use a QR code that can guide the customer to the product or sign-up page for the subscribing the newsletter. Don’t forget to add the social media pages too.

Points to consider for creating a professional print design Ad

Professional Print Design

Irrespective of you are indulged in marketing a new company or want to gather a large number of new viewers or followers for the products or services you provide, implementing print advertisement in any form is a conventional yet great idea to create brand awareness that can culminate in more ROI. Putting an advertise on newspaper or magazine can be a useful in increasing the brand awareness to manifolds. One point has to be checked is that the print design to be highlighting and interesting.

Knowing how to design a print design ad effectively to entice the target audience, at the same time attracting new viewers or clients making them interested in exploring the products or services.

Some of the points that can help in creating a flawless print ad by professional print design

Draw the idea in mind:
While you want to create a stupendous design it’s imperative that you should have the message clear in your mind that you want to convey. To make the ad attractive you have to ponder on how to get the message easily conveyed to the target audience for getting a positive response. The better the message reflects your idea in print form the better it can perform.

Updated Logo must be included:
Always use the most updated logo design that is catchy, contemporary, relevant and helpful for the viewers or demographic will be able to gauge the company essence. Leaving the work to an expert designer can be wise decision to take and you can relax to get a professional print design. Not only the logo the complete ad will combine to earn views from the customer simultaneously invite a number of new potential customers.

Selection of the proper color tone:
Colors play a very significant part in any visual medium same applies for print design ads. Choosing the right colors to create a brand awareness is a requisite. You have to ascertain that the ad has a streamlined color tone somewhat similar to the logo in the logo or the colors that are associated with your brand. In order to attract the viewers quickly towards your brand through the campaign.

Connect to the viewers:
The advertisement in a way or two must relate to the viewers that you think as a target audience. The people who are really interested in the product type you offer must be able to relate to it through the ad design and take the final decision to go for it. The print design ad can be widely impactful in reaching the proper demographic and is a good marketing tool for all the brands.

Print design is still an effective marketing tool for business

Print Design

We live in a digital world now, as almost everything and anything we need is a click away. To be a known name in this competitive market you must have a uniqueness that can make your business distinguishable from the rest. Virtual medium is used more by the people instead of searching the shops physically as it’s convenient. But we all don’t have so much time for going to explore various options physically when it’s available online. Still what is important is a major chunk of mass doesn’t have access to the internet. No aspect should be left unoptimized to lead a successful business. What I am talking about is print design. It being such an important marketing tool we must utilize it to gain popularity.

Though it’s a conventional tool is has a great impact on the audience and the clients too. Most of the companies ignore the effective of print design promotion. Here is an advantage you can gain over them. Creative office stationery can give your business an extra edge. Getting your brand logo imprinted on the business card, business folder, letterhead will claim more professionalism and provide distinctness for the clients. When business in a trade fair you hand over the client a customized business card it will give your brand more weight-age.

Moreover, an attractively designed banner with the business brand essence and logo design when is put on a billboard can get innumerable views from the all the people passing by. When you mail a promotional mail to the masses most of the time it goes unnoticed or is send to the spam section of the mailbox. Whereas, promoting an offer or contest through a banner in a populated area can get more attention of the target audience and make them interested in it.

Using fliers, brochures can enhance your marketing strategy and public awareness about your product and services. These small nothings are kept with the people for future consideration and can lead to sales. For instance, if a furniture shop has a great brochure one can keep it to purchase from there in near future the address being available in it. And the local availability increases the rate of sales.

Creating a unique concept for your print design materials requires lots of concentration as you have to make it impeccable. It must have the quality to entice the audience so only something innovative can intrigue the perceptive clients.

Although we live in digital times print design had still not lost it’s effectiveness being a significant marketing tool and has a crucial role to play in brand campaigning strategies. Brochures, business card, banners can substantially help in making your business brand popular.

Why do you need print promotion for real estate marketing

Real Estate

The real estate market is cut-throat competitive. Every estate agent trying to surpass the other contender in terms of network and dealings. With this situation, it is becoming tougher to think about marketing strategies or tools to beat the competition and create a distinct impression. However, one of the effective ways of making yourself noticeable to the potential clients is through the tried and tested method of print media promotion. These marketing ways serve as more credible and claim a connection to the audience on a personal level.

Despite the world being digital, you need something tangible to back up the online promotion. Rather the matter of real estate is more towards real and organic. So, print designing will serve as a tremendous marketing tool to provide a look and feel to it.

Before I say about the print material that can help in the advertising efforts for the real estate company you must create a brand identity that can be implemented in every print item as the brand mark. Here are few points that you need to consider for creating a brand identity:

  • Portray your USP unique selling proposition and highlight that
  • Decide upon your target audience and plan accordingly.
  • See the SWOT test about you and check what is says about you.
  • How you want to strategy to be so that it can have the appropriate and most effective.

Though gathering a little information about branding can help you to get an implausible logo. All these factors will help you get a flawless identity created and the branding process can be followed by implementing the brand mark on every print material as a signature of your company.

Now coming to the next step, this is the sector where you need to meet clients for every deal to mature. Even if it is in the process the property buyer will obviously meet you and see the estate, right? Having a business card is mandatory which will help more customers to reach you and improve the credibility.

Brochures and flyers can be handed over to the people in a traffic prone area, making people aware of the offer you are providing. This may result in creating some potential customer and is a great way of direct promotion. Sending promotional e-mail would not help so much as a brochure can do. It also serves as tangible tool for your company. And professional print designing company can help you get a perfect design for it.

When you are selling a property you need to advertise the matter in such a way that it reaches the maximum number of audience, so what can be better than a large banner for billboard display. Placing a billboard ad in a proper marketable area will give you maximum exposure and customers, to strike a good deal within no time.

Print Design Benefits for your Brand Recognition

Print Design

There are innumerable benefits of promoting business with print design materials. It allows you to communicate your brand message along with being an incredible resource in the industry. With these benefits you become one of the prominent players in this industry and it helps you enhance the knowledge that which aspect of your product or services is mostly liked by the audience. As per a recently conducted survey, 70% of viewers trust and like to see print material promotion and sales. Now, let us check some of the major advantages of representing your brand though print media.

Most of the masses search for services and products online, still there is a large chunk of people who are impacted by the print materials and decide to go for it. They can see the print material like brochure, flyers to decide later on that can be more useful.

Now let us Explore the Other Major Benefits of a Print Design:

Tangibility Matters

Every material in print has a physical being, something can be touched and explored later on too. And mostly we are left with no options except going through it, unlike email marketing messages that can overlook and deleted from the inbox. When you get created an impressive print design featured like on a billboard it keeps on being there for months together even for years. This increases the brand visibility with best use of text and images. You get maximum exposure for your products.

Trustability is prime factor

Like the promotional emails, print medium has got nothing to worry about. Clicking on an unknown marketing mail may be a chance of virus or spam to waste time upon. This in order can distort the company image and reputation. Whereas customers receive printed material in a perfectly designed manner to catch their fancy and entices them to know about your company.

Brand Recognition lasts in the memory

To become a well known brand you require a strong brand identity that must be established well and maintain. So, in this aspect print media can have a decisive role as constant visual can lay a great impact on viewers and construct solid brand identity.

Greater Opportunity

This is very common that likely your inbox gets filled with many spam emails and creates annoyance whereas receiving a personalized message in materiel can be more impressive for the people. As it is an extra effort that you do to make the customer feel special. Not only one design you can have various impressive designs to create an impactful and unique one to stand out of the crowd.

Crowd Control

Presently every one relies on internet marketing completely, leaving more space for promoting it through print media that adds advantage. This will also be a different approach to advertise your brand and get the extra attraction that is left by only internet marketers. And the tangible aspect makes it more fruitful.

Some Indispensable Tips to Create Great Print Design

Print Design

Design is the word of the moment. We see it in many mediums and formats, be it posters, hoardings, billboards showing high, signboards and of course on websites. Paying importance to print design can largely help the business to become recognized name in the industry, increasing the brand awareness among the people about the products and services. You get to see this print design advertisement everywhere around whether you like it or not, so it is the format of promotion that can give maximum exposure of your brand. Though all are not interesting, but an eye catching banner can’t be ignored and people get influenced. The appealing ones make us want to see more and last longer in our minds.

Creating an innovative and effective print design requires much of brainstorming by the professional designers to get the complete thing with precision. There are various pointers that must be taken into account for a successful and impactful design. Here are some of the points that can helpful in designing a great print design.

Use of Exact Colors

Colors convey more in case of print design not only are for mere brightening the materials.  Some colors invoke feeling among the customers and prospective client to think positive about your product and services. Selecting the proper color for your company logo and other print material can work wonders by instilling the message of your brand in the subconscious mind of the viewers that you are targeting. Understanding the impact colors have on the viewer is easy to find on the internet, which can partially help for the selection and combining with professional touch will deliver a successful output. You can invest some time in reviewing the implication of each color to get an effective print design.

Meticulous Use of White Space

 Use of lots color in making the design can look unexciting after been seen over a period of time along with being more cost incurring. Smart implementation of white can be a breakthrough in the monotony of the entire layout and the fixed color scheme, providing a creative relief. This can be easy if you decide to go with a monochromatic scheme for your company identification and this is due to the pattern followed in monochromatic schemes is done only with single color with shades and tints of it.

Balance is Decisive

Last but not the least, yet another aspect to be taken into account while designing the materials for your brand is, balance. You would of course like the clients and viewers to get the complete the message you want to convey to understand your brand better, not just partial. To check the balance of the page you can flip the page upside down, in this way you are not enticed to read in-between the lines of the printed text or stare at a particular image for longer.