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Important Steps to make great billboard ads

Billboard Ads

Time has changed a lot along with that the taste and preference of the consumer also has changed drastically. Twenty to thirty years back bill boards were the main mode of brand awareness for a brand. On print design category bill boards play a very crucial role in gaining more business for a brand. Today the entire scenario has completely changed. As people don’t have time to look up rather they prefer to look down on their smart phones all the time. As consumers are very reluctant to bill board ads this days. So there are some easy and simple steps which if followed then again billboard can become an effective tool of brand awareness.

Maximum of Six words or less is ideal:-
Today consumers don’t have enough time and energy to read the entire paragraph of the billboard. So small & crisp writing is essential to communicate the message of the brand. In a survey it has been found that on an average six seconds are being given by the consumers to read the information on the billboard. So it would be sensible to communicate the message of the brand within six words or less. It is tough but need to be done to catch the attention of the consumers. So if the brand tries to communicate more message about the products and services then it would be good not to use billboard advertising.

Don’t distract but get noticed by the consumer:-
Normally Billboard ads are meant for car drivers, bikers , or other pedestrians who pass by near the billboards. The message of the billboard should not distract the attention of the passers by. It should not be placed in the middle of the street which can cause regular traffic jam or problem to the drivers or any vehicle. So it should be placed in properly in such a place that it is noticeable but not distractable. It should lead to branding not to any problem for the passerby. So you can use bill board as an effective tool of print design to grab the attention of the consumer in a fruitful manner.

Be a smart communicator of your business message:-
A bill board which is boring will be ignored by the viewers. It is essential part of communicating the business message that it should be kept simple, easy, and memorable so that long lasting impression can be created in the minds of the viewers. If the message is very clumsy and the viewers need to scratch their head twice for understanding it then it can lead to fall in the viewers attention. So for grabbing the attention of the viewers it need to be crisp and simple.

The means for communicating the business message has improved a lot. So to keep the system of billboard promotion alive in the print design segment some small but effective steps need to be taken. In that regard the above steps can prove to be effective form of business communication through bill board promotion.