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Print Design – to invest or not – Clarifying Here

Print Design

A lot of debate and discussion can be found on the internet about print design is still an effective marketing tool. But, what we observe closely the brand promotion techniques at present there is a lot of use of print material for promoting not only brands but events, functions, trade fair and so on. Denying the fact that it is a conventional tool has lost its impact for impressing the audience. From the large banner, billboard designs displayed proved it works successfully even for renowned companies. It all depends on how perfectly has it been created meaning to every required aspect.

A print design that lacks the fine features, loses its appeal and doesn’t serve the purpose at all. The design should be unique and bang-on describe the message to the audience to create the magic. We all know ‘picture speaks more than words and in this case, you have ample of room to use images, graphic design, sign, symbols. Not everyone has access to the internet, so how will they have the awareness about the product and services that you are offering. The gap can be covered with the help of professional print designing.

Having talked about the significance of the print material now let’s see the intricate factors that can be implemented for impactful print design.

Don’t go for gimmicks for any reason:

Gimmick may sound a little rude, but that true never take the support of gimmicks for getting the concept culminate. This will give a cheap look. Ensure that it is relevant to the concept and created with uniqueness.

Add some charisma:

With the simple design convey multi-layered meaning where it suits, or add something charismatic. Try to implement the rational approach for describing the message with a hint difference or human touch.

Stick to the concept:

If you are doing a project for yourself, strip to the very idea and make it sublimate to the one word or picture or that can put the thing clear into the minds of the target audience with a glance. If you feel it is not appropriate with this clarity to the essence then scrap it, and create the perfect one.

Wise use of space:

In print designing, not only the image but playing with the white space is of eminence. For effective communication, wise use of negative space can be meticulous. It can be used as the contrasting background to hoard the attention to the main matter utmost.

Feedback from the client for the final layout:

While creating the print design, mock up the plan and create a rough layout and take the opinion fro the client for every new project. A Collaborative working atmosphere will enhance the clients’ trust and you will get the perfect idea of conveying the message with finesse.

A perfect concept and flawless print design can communicate well the brand essence to the audience, removing the chances of getting unnoticed.

Trending Book Cover Designs For 2018

Book Cover Designs

An enticing book cover is always helpful in attracting the viewers. It must have the features or properties that can reveal and connect to the content in it. Though like every graphical aspect undergoes certain changes and some elements or design techniques acquire people’s as well as industry experts’ preferences creating trends. Likewise, the coming year is also going to have some styles that can appeal people better and reach the popularity.

The ingenuous trending book cover designs for 2018 that will be dominating:

Bold typography

Loud, attention-seeking fonts have been trending since last few years and give no signs of losing popularity. The most of the space available on a cover page is utilized by the text in the use of bold typography. Capitalized alphabets actually scream at the lookers in a distinct way to be appealing to them – sometimes the complete title. A famous author Jonathan Safran Foer is well known for choosing typographic covers. The style is evolving and in 2018 the refinement it has undergone is in place of clean typography, keep an eye for organic touches from print, such as brushstroke letters and also we can see the use of obfuscate portions of text with a different pattern.

Minimalist covers

Minimalist cover designs subtly claim attention. On the other end of the subject, designers are shunning the busy look and preferring to create something quite yet functionally minimalist cover designs. This style is not engaging in bigger letters and patterns but emphasizes on a single element and allow it to get the focus.

Hand-drawn covers

This is the revolutionary idea that is making way through the running year to 2018. It engulfs a great range of covers from novels to children’s book, illustrated covers have been rampantly used since last year. Approaching year can see a bent away from the intense girly, floral designs to an encompassing of cool and edgy, androgynous trend.

The seventies and eighties designs

The styles of 70’s and 80’s are again in popularity. It brings back the memories of the past with nostalgia when things were simpler. TV’s were overrun with the shows and book covers also reflected that. 2018 will again give us back the past essence of fonts, color selections, and images. Large 70’s fonts, like Rage and Goodbye Vitamin, seems general in the modern bookshelf as from 1976.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is a well-accepted term for the present kind of muted pinks in the dusty or greyed rose family that has been chosen by the internet-savvy brands from the past few months. While you can well observe that it is unavoidable to surf the internet, millennial pink has spread its reach to the book cover arena too, specifically those geared to women.

Print design is still an effective marketing tool for business

Print Design

We live in a digital world now, as almost everything and anything we need is a click away. To be a known name in this competitive market you must have a uniqueness that can make your business distinguishable from the rest. Virtual medium is used more by the people instead of searching the shops physically as it’s convenient. But we all don’t have so much time for going to explore various options physically when it’s available online. Still what is important is a major chunk of mass doesn’t have access to the internet. No aspect should be left unoptimized to lead a successful business. What I am talking about is print design. It being such an important marketing tool we must utilize it to gain popularity.

Though it’s a conventional tool is has a great impact on the audience and the clients too. Most of the companies ignore the effective of print design promotion. Here is an advantage you can gain over them. Creative office stationery can give your business an extra edge. Getting your brand logo imprinted on the business card, business folder, letterhead will claim more professionalism and provide distinctness for the clients. When business in a trade fair you hand over the client a customized business card it will give your brand more weight-age.

Moreover, an attractively designed banner with the business brand essence and logo design when is put on a billboard can get innumerable views from the all the people passing by. When you mail a promotional mail to the masses most of the time it goes unnoticed or is send to the spam section of the mailbox. Whereas, promoting an offer or contest through a banner in a populated area can get more attention of the target audience and make them interested in it.

Using fliers, brochures can enhance your marketing strategy and public awareness about your product and services. These small nothings are kept with the people for future consideration and can lead to sales. For instance, if a furniture shop has a great brochure one can keep it to purchase from there in near future the address being available in it. And the local availability increases the rate of sales.

Creating a unique concept for your print design materials requires lots of concentration as you have to make it impeccable. It must have the quality to entice the audience so only something innovative can intrigue the perceptive clients.

Although we live in digital times print design had still not lost it’s effectiveness being a significant marketing tool and has a crucial role to play in brand campaigning strategies. Brochures, business card, banners can substantially help in making your business brand popular.

Print designing tips for better business promotion

print designing

Print media is a strong medium to earn recognition for your business. Now, it depends on the type of industry you are in and trying to get established. Not only that a print material can help in promoting your business initially, but also you can have a large banner designed for any offer or contest that you are planning to provide. Evidently increasing the views, it will give you a number of new potential customers. Print material is tangible and increases the credibility of your brand. With the advanced digital world, why would you need this medium for promotion, is this the question lurking in your mind? The trustability these materials can bring to business can see a new high. Moreover, every age group and most of the public till don’t have access to the internet will be ignorant of the existence. Whereas, a supporting campaign with the web promotion can lead to double sales.

The point is that in the print designing should be catchy and conveying. Optimum and meticulous use of the provided space with exactly required elements can have a magical effect on the audience. If you are trading in fields like automotive, real estate, home improvement, and hospitality industries you ought to have a print media promotion. These fields claim more originality as web world is completely virtual. For instance, when you decide to refurbish your house, I am sure you opt for the nearby famous furniture store which you can visit to check the quality of the products instead of clicking it over online.

After enough of the debate on the effectiveness of professional print design as a marketing too, let’s check some fine points that can help in creating an impactful design.

Superior photographic content:
Never compromise with the quality material for your project. While the image is the main weapon, it is of utmost significance. It is like with good quality image you rock otherwise it’s a trash. A perfect image or picture can elevate the campaign to another high and high resolution is a must to avoid pixelating when portrayed in large sizes.

Reverse Impact:
A logo or a punch line should have a feature that highlights it. Like, inverse it, white background with a dark color, the font can be more vivid. Print design companies are aware of all these technicalities to give a great design.

Content amount:
If you have an idea that has too much of the content to be displayed on the page, to be true it will not work. Try defining the essence with finesse with a catchy and small content. Though cliched, but actually ‘less is more’. Always shade the visual disturbance from the print design.

Stop being typical:
The use of the available space is very important as human mind imagines the gaps filled if you focus on it. Utilizing the border of the page smartly can be fun. This depicts out of the box, or shall I say paper concept that has a different appeal.

Bleed can be amazing:
The strategic use of the sides of the page that allows the printer to go around the create likable inconsistencies.

Why do you need print promotion for real estate marketing

Real Estate

The real estate market is cut-throat competitive. Every estate agent trying to surpass the other contender in terms of network and dealings. With this situation, it is becoming tougher to think about marketing strategies or tools to beat the competition and create a distinct impression. However, one of the effective ways of making yourself noticeable to the potential clients is through the tried and tested method of print media promotion. These marketing ways serve as more credible and claim a connection to the audience on a personal level.

Despite the world being digital, you need something tangible to back up the online promotion. Rather the matter of real estate is more towards real and organic. So, print designing will serve as a tremendous marketing tool to provide a look and feel to it.

Before I say about the print material that can help in the advertising efforts for the real estate company you must create a brand identity that can be implemented in every print item as the brand mark. Here are few points that you need to consider for creating a brand identity:

  • Portray your USP unique selling proposition and highlight that
  • Decide upon your target audience and plan accordingly.
  • See the SWOT test about you and check what is says about you.
  • How you want to strategy to be so that it can have the appropriate and most effective.

Though gathering a little information about branding can help you to get an implausible logo. All these factors will help you get a flawless identity created and the branding process can be followed by implementing the brand mark on every print material as a signature of your company.

Now coming to the next step, this is the sector where you need to meet clients for every deal to mature. Even if it is in the process the property buyer will obviously meet you and see the estate, right? Having a business card is mandatory which will help more customers to reach you and improve the credibility.

Brochures and flyers can be handed over to the people in a traffic prone area, making people aware of the offer you are providing. This may result in creating some potential customer and is a great way of direct promotion. Sending promotional e-mail would not help so much as a brochure can do. It also serves as tangible tool for your company. And professional print designing company can help you get a perfect design for it.

When you are selling a property you need to advertise the matter in such a way that it reaches the maximum number of audience, so what can be better than a large banner for billboard display. Placing a billboard ad in a proper marketable area will give you maximum exposure and customers, to strike a good deal within no time.

Print designing can be eminent in marketing your Business

print designing

A complete guide to print designing needs

In this digital world print design has its own benefits and is very crucial marketing tool for the popularity of your business. Preparing, optimizing and creating your designs for print material can be tough process. A great deal of know how is required for it, which includes, creative ideas, designing techniques, color selection, font selection and some more key factors that you require to know. There are professional print designing services that pay heed to every bit carefully for flawless designing. Here I am providing with a range of key elements that can helpful vitally.

Placing or Alignment: Understanding the placing of the text and proper alignment for your layout can drastically change the appearance. Improper alignment can make the design look clumsy and haphazard. You try out giving the text right alignment, putting it in the center position of the page. Need to adjust the bigger chunks of text, so that it will look neaten or even putting the texts towards can give the design a contemporary yet unique look. For technicalities you must know to work with Acrobat to edit print files in PDF format.

Incorporate Balance and Bevel: For creating a flawless layout a common factor you will find in print designing is perfect balance. The balance here refers to putting a major portion of the text over the clearer portions of the layout to strike a proper balance for the viewer. This can draw the attention of the audience to focused areas. The fonts are clearly visible and readable. Along with that implementing artificial bevel on the graphic elements gives a special effect to the complete text, though it is being used less after the popularity of flat design.

Bitmap and Bleed are Vital:

Bitmaps are a summation of the number of miniature pixel and are completely different from the vector images and graphics. Editing an alteration in the size of bitmap graphics results in distortion in quality and makes it pixilated, so if you use it meticulously as it leaves no room for re-size. Coming to Bleed, it is the left out space that ranges, past the edge of the layout page, so using after you feel the design is ready, the bleed cam minimizes the minor errors in trimming if any.

Creativity and Communication: Creativity is always the thing that compels people to remember a particular print design. Playing with the use of basic grid and striking a balance in the design, but you should not restrict your creativity. Print design is an awesome medium for flaunting the creative side of you with innovative ideas and conceptions. Employing all these tweaks and techniques only one thing should be the end result that is it should visually appealing for the viewers. The final output should effectively convey the message of the brand it is designed for. Even if its a great design and is not able to communicate with the targeted audience, the layout is ultimately of no use.

Print Design Benefits for your Brand Recognition

Print Design

There are innumerable benefits of promoting business with print design materials. It allows you to communicate your brand message along with being an incredible resource in the industry. With these benefits you become one of the prominent players in this industry and it helps you enhance the knowledge that which aspect of your product or services is mostly liked by the audience. As per a recently conducted survey, 70% of viewers trust and like to see print material promotion and sales. Now, let us check some of the major advantages of representing your brand though print media.

Most of the masses search for services and products online, still there is a large chunk of people who are impacted by the print materials and decide to go for it. They can see the print material like brochure, flyers to decide later on that can be more useful.

Now let us Explore the Other Major Benefits of a Print Design:

Tangibility Matters

Every material in print has a physical being, something can be touched and explored later on too. And mostly we are left with no options except going through it, unlike email marketing messages that can overlook and deleted from the inbox. When you get created an impressive print design featured like on a billboard it keeps on being there for months together even for years. This increases the brand visibility with best use of text and images. You get maximum exposure for your products.

Trustability is prime factor

Like the promotional emails, print medium has got nothing to worry about. Clicking on an unknown marketing mail may be a chance of virus or spam to waste time upon. This in order can distort the company image and reputation. Whereas customers receive printed material in a perfectly designed manner to catch their fancy and entices them to know about your company.

Brand Recognition lasts in the memory

To become a well known brand you require a strong brand identity that must be established well and maintain. So, in this aspect print media can have a decisive role as constant visual can lay a great impact on viewers and construct solid brand identity.

Greater Opportunity

This is very common that likely your inbox gets filled with many spam emails and creates annoyance whereas receiving a personalized message in materiel can be more impressive for the people. As it is an extra effort that you do to make the customer feel special. Not only one design you can have various impressive designs to create an impactful and unique one to stand out of the crowd.

Crowd Control

Presently every one relies on internet marketing completely, leaving more space for promoting it through print media that adds advantage. This will also be a different approach to advertise your brand and get the extra attraction that is left by only internet marketers. And the tangible aspect makes it more fruitful.

Some Indispensable Tips to Create Great Print Design

Print Design

Design is the word of the moment. We see it in many mediums and formats, be it posters, hoardings, billboards showing high, signboards and of course on websites. Paying importance to print design can largely help the business to become recognized name in the industry, increasing the brand awareness among the people about the products and services. You get to see this print design advertisement everywhere around whether you like it or not, so it is the format of promotion that can give maximum exposure of your brand. Though all are not interesting, but an eye catching banner can’t be ignored and people get influenced. The appealing ones make us want to see more and last longer in our minds.

Creating an innovative and effective print design requires much of brainstorming by the professional designers to get the complete thing with precision. There are various pointers that must be taken into account for a successful and impactful design. Here are some of the points that can helpful in designing a great print design.

Use of Exact Colors

Colors convey more in case of print design not only are for mere brightening the materials.  Some colors invoke feeling among the customers and prospective client to think positive about your product and services. Selecting the proper color for your company logo and other print material can work wonders by instilling the message of your brand in the subconscious mind of the viewers that you are targeting. Understanding the impact colors have on the viewer is easy to find on the internet, which can partially help for the selection and combining with professional touch will deliver a successful output. You can invest some time in reviewing the implication of each color to get an effective print design.

Meticulous Use of White Space

 Use of lots color in making the design can look unexciting after been seen over a period of time along with being more cost incurring. Smart implementation of white can be a breakthrough in the monotony of the entire layout and the fixed color scheme, providing a creative relief. This can be easy if you decide to go with a monochromatic scheme for your company identification and this is due to the pattern followed in monochromatic schemes is done only with single color with shades and tints of it.

Balance is Decisive

Last but not the least, yet another aspect to be taken into account while designing the materials for your brand is, balance. You would of course like the clients and viewers to get the complete the message you want to convey to understand your brand better, not just partial. To check the balance of the page you can flip the page upside down, in this way you are not enticed to read in-between the lines of the printed text or stare at a particular image for longer.