Trending Book Cover Designs For 2018

Trending Book Cover Designs For 2018

An enticing book cover is always helpful in attracting the viewers. It must have the features or properties that can reveal and connect to the content in it. Though like every graphical aspect undergoes certain changes and some elements or design techniques acquire people's as well as industry experts' preferences creating trends. Likewise, the coming year is also going to have some styles that can appeal people better and reach the popularity.

The ingenuous trending book cover designs for 2018 that will be dominating:

Bold typography

Loud, attention-seeking fonts have been trending since last few years and give no signs of losing popularity. The most of the space available on a cover page is utilized by the text in the use of bold typography. Capitalized alphabets actually scream at the lookers in a distinct way to be appealing to them – sometimes the complete title. A famous author Jonathan Safran Foer is well known for choosing typographic covers. The style is evolving and in 2018 the refinement it has undergone is in place of clean typography, keep an eye for organic touches from print, such as brushstroke letters and also we can see the use of obfuscate portions of text with a different pattern.

Minimalist covers

Minimalist cover designs subtly claim attention. On the other end of the subject, designers are shunning the busy look and preferring to create something quite yet functionally minimalist cover designs. This style is not engaging in bigger letters and patterns but emphasizes on a single element and allow it to get the focus.

Hand-drawn covers

This is the revolutionary idea that is making way through the running year to 2018. It engulfs a great range of covers from novels to children’s book, illustrated covers have been rampantly used since last year. Approaching year can see a bent away from the intense girly, floral designs to an encompassing of cool and edgy, androgynous trend.

The seventies and eighties designs

The styles of 70's and 80's are again in popularity. It brings back the memories of the past with nostalgia when things were simpler. TV's were overrun with the shows and book covers also reflected that. 2018 will again give us back the past essence of fonts, color selections, and images. Large 70's fonts, like Rage and Goodbye Vitamin, seems general in the modern bookshelf as from 1976.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is a well-accepted term for the present kind of muted pinks in the dusty or greyed rose family that has been chosen by the internet-savvy brands from the past few months. While you can well observe that it is unavoidable to surf the internet, millennial pink has spread its reach to the book cover arena too, specifically those geared to women.

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