Steps to create a SEO friendly content

Steps to create a SEO friendly content

Content was king and remains to be so. You can have a great business website design-wise, visitors may come but soon will move if it has a trashy content. The design of the webpage must support the content display in the best possible way. It's not only about the web content but all the articles have to be brilliantly crafted to get the desired result. And for SEO, content is the one of the most significant aspects that greatly impacts the search results on the SERP.

Here are few steps that can help you in shaping an impactful SEO content:

# Is the content unique and original You might be saying about the same topic that has been written about lot of times but yours cant be the same. It has to be unique and original. You can find out facts and interesting details about the topic and write in a way that will be appealing for the visitors. As it's the content that will fetch engagement and relevant traffic. The point to bear in mind is a copied content will not only serve the purpose but Google can penalize your website. The Panda update primarily focused on the content quality. You can also site the quality resource links in case of a blog content or a article.

# Make the titles attractive

  • The heading has a very crucial role to play. The aspects are various like:
  • The search engine bots will know what the writing is about.
  • Users will make out from it whether to click it or not.
  • Newsletter subscribers also decide through it if they will check the email or not.

Among all this you must see that it has to be SEO friendly. Focus on the placing of the keyword in the title. Try to keep it among the first three words but not forcefully.

# Make the introduction Intriguing Introduction is starting of the article that can hold the attention of the users as well as the search engines wants to get the information from their to decide whether it's indexable or not. Your job is to help them by mentioning your keywords in an introduction style paragraph at the beginning of your page. This makes your article Search engine friendly too.

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