Why is Blogging important in improving SEO ranks?

Why is Blogging important in improving SEO ranks?

SEO is a complex process, Google by changing it's algorithms and regulations still make it a meticulous task for the digital marketers. It's just every time you strategize according to the search engine but the rules seem to change after some time and you are again left working accordingly. What can be yet done to make it better optimized?

Still, one thing that can possibly do which can't go wrong is blogging. You can have several reasons for blogging like improving user engagement, lowering the bounce rate, trust building, bettering the SEO rankings and sharing the company updates and recent news. You can prove yourself as an expert in your subject through blogs.

Boosting the search engine ranking with the help of SEO blogging if done by following the steps mentioned below:

Proper Backlinking You can increase the number of quality back links through blogging though sometimes it's considered of not of so much use but that's not true. Some can suggest you this method is not going to help after the update Google announced but ethical and relevant back links are always useful in increasing the ranks. Before linking check for the website quality and the niche should match the blogs niche.

Guest Blogging Guest blogs can be greatly beneficial for SEO of your website. If you can have the blog written in the blog of reputable writers or industry experts. For example, if you write for digital marketing then working with the expert like Niel Patel blogs can be tremendously effective. You can get utmost popularity and maximum views. Following the Google's quality standards, the guest blogging you have done if is from reputed source can fetch you great traffic for the website and improve the rankings.

Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly It's been more than a year that people are using mobile devices to for searching product, services, information etc. Mostly mobile phones and tabs. Most of the queries are conducted on the mobile and the results are also affected by the design that is mobile-friendly. Moreover, Google prefers mobile optimized sites than the others that have been even truer with the concept of AMP.

Optimize your images To make the blog post interesting you must include relevant images which also helps to understand the content better. But search engine bots can't read images so you have to optimize it with alt tags. Alt text not only helps the search engine it provides the information of what's it about and betters the user experience. You may use the keyword in it but is not very effective in improving ranks but always remove “IMG2616” by describing the image by describing it.

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