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What should be the budget required for designing a great Logo

Logo Design

Every Logo is different from the other. Each Logo is designed as per the requirement of your needs and as per your industry specification. As the designs are different, so prices are also different. The budget, which is required for designing a logo absolutely depends on the fact that what amount you can afford and in that amount what are the best creative designs are available. So before setting the budget for your Logo design, you need to know the fact that what are the methods used to fix the price for a logo.

Depending on where you want to use your Logo and for what business you want to use it is the vital fact. These are the two aspects which need to be considered carefully before fixing the price. There are basically three common types of Logo pricing used in the design industry today.

The pricing system of logo design which is followed most commonly are:-

1) Hourly Rate
2) Fixed Price
3) Packaged Rate.

Now let’s go a bit deeper into the insights of the concepts to get a clear understanding of the charging procedures.

Charging Hourly

A very common method used by graphic designers to charge is by hours. Depending on location, experience, and many other factors hourly rate varies anywhere from $8.00 to $ 500 per hour. This is a huge difference, but it is a fact that it happens usually if the designer is very proficient and experienced.

Flat Fee Pricing

Another method for pricing is flat fee pricing in which the pricing structure is fixed and depending on the types of organization it varies. You can compare the price rates as per your organization or as per your needs. For different set of person & a different set of organization, it changes like

Professional Agency;- $1000-$5000
Independent firm:- $ 500- $3000
Freelancer:- $250- $ 2500
Off shore designer:- $ 100-$250
World Famous Designer:- $1,000,000

Logo Package Rates

Various Logo designing firms have preset the package rates along with various other additional services. These are done to maximize the affordability. Now you have to just compare the best quotes and go for the package which best suits your needs. These are one of the most authentic systems which is being used today. The chances of price discrimination are less in this system of pricing used by various brands.

Thus, above are the methods which are followed by the companies to charge from their clients. Now you have to decide judiciously as per your requirement that where to invest your money. Prices actually get altered as per the business needs. It may be from the end of the consumers or it may be from the end of the brands. You can make a proper research on the prices offered by different brands and can opt for the best one which will fulfill your needs. Thus price comparison is the most important part of the Logo selection from consumers end.

4 reasons for using logo in your company vehicle


Entrepreneurs need to be smarter while doing branding of their product or services. Hundred years ago entrepreneurs try to extend their brand name by going to western countries. But today the business concepts have changed a lot. Now the trend is that to go mobile to spread brand awareness at a faster rate. It means one business owner can use the logo of his company on the vehicle to spread awareness of their brand. Smarter the approach greater is the revenue that is what needed to spread your wings in this highly competitive market.

So now let’s check out what are those four main reasons that influenced entrepreneurs to apply such a strategy to promote their brand.

1)The low-cost factor of logo design: –

The great news is that you can have the provision to design professional logo at a very low cost less than $300 then you can apply it on the vehicle worth less than $100. Now the cost of using expensive billboards is no more. The monthly rental cost is also not needed to promote your brand. Just you need to paste your logo once on your vehicle and you are done. There is no need to worry now for an additional cost.

2) The flexibility of logo placement: –

Today the companies are using mobile placement of their logo. It means they can place the company logo anywhere on the vehicle. Not just on any part of it but on the entire part of the vehicle can be covered with it. Now you can wrap up the entire vehicle with this to increase your branding. In a very small span of time, you can spread awareness of your brand. A magnetic sign allows you to display it and lower it down when you do not require it.

3) The mobility of your logo: –

Most of the signage is stationary in nature. It limits your geographic boundary as a marketing tool which is very harmful to your branding objective. This technique assures you that your branding is not confined to one place it keeps on moving from place to place. The mobility can help you to keep your brand stay ahead in the competition.

4) Branding Your business: –

For every business, Logo is very important as it is like the identity card for your business. A unique symbol which defines your business. So a logo on your vehicle can increase your brand awareness to that greater extent which is beyond your imagination. It removes the chances of your brand name get forgotten by the viewers due to constant movement of your company vehicle on daily basis.

Removes the chances of avoidance. Increase the promotional activity just by showcasing your latest offers in the vehicle body. Customers can misplace your brochure, business cards but they are likely to misplace a great logo which is being attached to your vehicle

Thus, in the long run, this marketing technique can invite more prospective leads for your business to get flourish.

Landscaping Industry Logos To highlight a brand responsibility towards environment


Business logos are the means of communicating their brand message towards it clients and ultimately ensure strong business promotion. Aesthetics of a logo not only creates brand awareness but it also shows that how much efficiently a brand maintains an environment friendly norms. Not to only benefit them but also to the environment at a large. Good Logo’s with the touch & feel of Nature will give you a feel of Serenity and it gives you a breath of fresh air in this materialistic world.

Now let’s explore what are elements of a good landscaping logos:

1) Earthy Colors: – Colors related to nature like blue , green, brown can attract the represents the presence of nature. So landscaping design can be a very effective tool in this regard to divert the attention of the customers towards brands attention with respect to the environment. Different colors have their own unique identity to reflect the brand’s approach towards environment program. Like blue represents water body, sky, which shows that they are Eco-friendly towards water body and will not pollute it while performing their business operation.

2) Nature oriented Images :-
Most of the logos are related to the essence of Nature. Hence the images which blend with it are mostly used here to catch the attention of the viewer’s towards the clean nature of the brand. These images are also a kind of illustrative graphic logo which ensures high landscaping designs which portray the brand awareness towards the environment. Some of this images which are mostly used in designing such a logo are as follows:-

a) Flowers
b) Branches
c) Trees
d) Leaves
e) Fences
f) Hills
g) Rivers
h) Animals/ insects
I) Stone walls.

3) Effective Overall Style:- Fitting Typography: – Different types of font styles are used which are very attractive in catching the attention of the viewers. Some contain only image other contain only typography sometimes it contains both. Hence image texture and fonts also play a very vital part in gaining the attention of the viewers. Basically, four types of typography mostly used here

  • Display typography
  • Serif Typography
  • script Typography
  • Sans serif Typography

4) Effective Overall Style: – The overall style of the Landscape logo is the most vital part of designing to get the attention of the brand and to make a long-term impact in the minds of the customers. Sometimes simple but informative logo can play a huge role in building the brand image. Thus ensuring the long-term relationship with the esteemed client.

5) Versatility:-
The planning of a logo design is the most vital part in creating the brand awareness on a large scale. Today rules of different nations have become very much stringent towards environmental norms. So to keep in tune with that it is essential to make logos with such effect that it catches the attention without violating the norms of the environment.

Thus when branding gets blended with the colors of nature it creates a unique flavor in the minds of the viewers which stays in the mind for a long period of time.

LOGO design – Why it’s the face of a businesses

Logo Design

We have several options to explore at present. In case of any services or products, people know it by the name and the brand design. That’s the logo, the mark of authentication. Various famous brands are simply known by the symbol it’s represented with. When the complete business market is flourishing online it’s needless to say that you will need a logo design that will justify all the versions. When put on the website must have the perfect features and simultaneously must be effective in conveying the brand message in print format.

It’s a highly competitive field and to get popular a logo has to be versatile and dynamic. Each intricate aspect being important from the business perspective must have a corporate look and feel too. The selection of color, typography and most importantly the concept must be unique and fresh.

Some of the entrepreneurs thinking it to be a trivial matter to get a professional logo design can see less popularity for their business. As the symbol, sign or the abstract word serves as the face of the brand it has to be perfect in communicating the brand essence.

Taking help of software to create one can just end up in giving you a cliched logo design that can fall prey for logo infringement issues as the clipart and the themes are limited. And other business may also opt for the same theme and look similar. The fonts, the color tone are the crucial aspects of the logo. Colors evoke emotions and are related to the particular feature and trade. So industry research is also much needed in order to create an original efficient design that can entice the audience.

Before designing the concept the target audience must be kept in mind as it’s they who are the probable customers. The logo must be speaking out the brand loud and clear. This in no way means that you need to include a lot of elements that can make it confusing for the consumers, rather, they get disinterested in catching a glimpse even.

It’s always wise to go for a professional logo design that can be efficient too. The corporate identity of your business shows by the apt features of the logo depicting the USP. For instance, a fashion boutique that design girls attire can easily use the floral colors like pink, yellow but a can you think of bike companies logo in the same. I am sure that your answer will be no. It will look waggish, right! As a bike is associated with robust features and can’t communicate the essence. Likewise, every sector is associated with some colors which make the work easier.

An experienced designer all acquainted with advanced designing technology who is aware of the industry standard can serve the specific needs successfully. The culmination will be done after making it sure that the logo can be perfect to intrigue the audience.

For a business to become popular for it’s brand mark, the logo must be simple, timeless, dynamic and conveying.

The basics of logo design while looking for perfection

Logo Design

The image or symbol that serves as the face of your business is the ‘Logo’. It’s quite simple that it will be created with a intention to impact the audiences.

Here I want to talk about getting ideas in a little more detail to help a designer create a logo design in the way you envisioned.

When coming up with ideas for logos, there are 4 things that every logo should strive to be. I’m going to cover those 4 things in this issue.

1. A logo must be describable. Take a look at the McDonald’s arches, which are combined to form an M. One can easily describe this logo if asked to. That is the mark of a good logo, one that is easily describable. If you can’t describe it. Scratch it. This will usually happen with logos that are too complicated.

2. It must be memorable. When you see a logo, it must be so well done that a person could never possibly forget it. One might consider a smiley face (for have a nice day) as a logo of some sorts. This is a picture that is not only memorable but one that people can easily identify with.

3. It must be effective without color. In other words, if you were to take your color and render it in black and white, it must be just as effective for brand recognition as the same logo in color, or at least close enough to it. If it isn’t, and you’re relying too much on color, then your logo isn’t doing the job.

4. It must be scalable. In other words, it should be effective regardless of the size, within reason of course. The best logos can be very small or very large and the effect of the logo itself is the same. Logos that are too busy do not render well when small because some of the detail gets lost.

Why is logo designing a significant aspect of business marketing

Logo Designing

When you think of buying anything what comes to your mind first? The quality and then the price right? While pondering about these two you search in your mind for the best brands that offers the finest ones. Like if you want foot wears or shoes then you think about Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and more. If I am not wrong it’s the visuals of the brand mark that comes first to your mind while you think of these famous companies. For every product it’s the visual aspect that impacts the people positively.

It’s the brand mark that is significant as an identification for a business. Often you may see customers are not sure of the name of the product but recognize it by that specific image, that’s the logo. With the in rocketing speed of growing demand, lots of companies are emerging every other day making the competition steeper. Sales is the prime goal of every business but to achieve the goal first you have to reach the relevant audience create awareness. When people start associating the logo with the brand you can be assures of it’s success. But the job is not that simple as it sounds. It has to be unique and original.

A logo is the first thing that everyone notices about the brand and gets acquainted with the features of your business. You will not get a chance to include lots of element to prove your point of view about your venture, through your logo. Though it’s not only the message you want to depict but has to be something that can be appealing to the clients and consumers along with the brand values.

Using many elements will make it look clumsy by subsiding the actual essence of the brand. Moreover, complex brand emblems are confusing and less appealing.

Simplicity is the key point. A simple design with precise elements like proper color to evoke the emotions correctly. Logo designing requires professional finesse as it’s culmination of the correct you might say piece of art, with the blend of accurate image, text, symbol.

There can be three types of logo design, textual, image based or a combination and it’s daunting task to decide which type will be appropriate for your brand without technical skills. Every product has a target market and you must have the good understanding of the demographic you want to target. But this is not all, creativity and uniqueness are required factors that can make it stand out in the crowd.

The concept should be creative enough to communicate the brand message at a glance. And the simplicity making it memorable for the potential customers. An expert designer has complete knowledge of the intricacies involved in creating a unique logo apparently addressing the target audience.

Professional Custom logo designing for brand promotion

Logo Designing

A Primary requirement of creating a brand reputation gradually starts by creating awareness about your services and product. And it’s quite clear that you need a face for it that can convey your corporate identity to the people. So, it is the professional logo design that can help you to make it familiar around and online.

Getting brand mark is just not enough if it doesn’t even reflect your business ideas. A brand symbol or emblem that has no relevance to your business type, will it serve the purpose? What do you think? Of course, not. Because it will not be understandable by the audience about what you are offering, resulting in reducing their interest. Even it will be just overlooked. Simple logo design is effective, but it has to be explicit and meaning. For instance, you are offering furniture goods and have a brand mark that has resemblance with apparel store, it will be misleading. And you lose on your audience flatly. Firstly, it will not convey the message and even the idea what you are offering will not be understandable. A smart logo design that can exclusively describe the product or services can be done with the help of custom logo design. You can take the help of a professional logo designing firm and convey all the requirements and ideas you want to be incorporated in the logo. This can serve the purpose efficiently. Professionals are acquainted with the intricacies of designing and can guide you with the color, font selection, and the theme.

The theme and concept are the primary factors to be considered. Prevailing trends or the style that is more popular with audience is well known to the experts to present you with awesome logo design that claims target audiences views. Conceptualizing the complete thing and creating that with the help of color, image, symbol, icons, is the deftness. Getting inspired by internationally famous brand emblems is good and can be culminating.

But should not resemble any other brand. More similarity only will give rise to confusion earn you no number of views.

If we talk about a logo design related to healthcare sector that will need to have different features as compared to other sectors. The brand emblem should aim at building trust and depict the dedication to the service. Credibility and trustworthiness will provide assurance to the people of authenticity of your services.

So, every logo has many points to convey to the audience along with maintaining all the aspects of it are the mark that manifests the company in most of the place. Versatility counts as it is displayed in various formats and types. Technicalities like, get should not get distorted if represented in smaller or larger sizes.

Every industry has some distinct requirements, obviously following the logo design aesthetics. The simple looking smart business emblems require a lot of analysis to be created in the best way that can be perfect marketing or promotional tool.

Why is logo design an integral part of every business?

Logo Design

Whenever you start a business it should have a unique identity. There are thousands of companies already existing and new ones with an intention to have a firm hold of the market. Though you are providing the best product or services without a brand mark no one will know the assistance. Investing in other aspects of your business and ignoring the large part is a blunder. Some of the small budgeted business entrepreneurs often settle for an amateurish brand emblem, but if the image or the abstract image can’t communicate the message effectively it will give you no popularity. Not only it’s significant for establishing a better repute it has an indecisive role to play in the marketing process completely.

Let’s look at the aspects in which a perfect logo design can help:

Unique Identity:
While there are numerous options for today’s audience with the ever rising demands. Every alternate venture comes up with better features and logo design. It’s completely evident that to make people aware of your specialty the logo should speak for it. The concept, color tone, typography must yield to brand message communication.

Increased Popularity:
If we see the various famous logos, one thing notable is the simplicity. For instance the logo of FedEx. It’s simple creative representation of the brand which includes no image, symbol but has a professional touch that describes the brand message cleverly. The space between letters ‘E’ and ‘x’ symbolizes a forward moving arrow. Which is the essence of the business, a complex design is least capable of appealing the audience. It has to be so designed that a glance can convey it all. The best way to attain popularity is through the word of mouth and a simple yet stunning logo design is efficient in doing the same.

Indispensable for promotion:
Be it web promotion or print, the inclusion of the logo is mandatory. Without it, the mission of the promotion is not clear. It’s an effective marketing tool used in print campaigns too. The banners, flyers with the contact address and web address contains the logo. It substantiates the brand identity in the campaign so it’s incomplete without the brand mark.

Specific Marketing tool:
The customized stationery must contain logo as it can help the clients and customers to understand the brand vision. Handing Over required documents, in a customized folder, with a business card can impress the clients. It provides professional distinctness and corporate appeal.

Communications Logo design – from a designer’s perspective

Logo Design

A conveying or communicative symbol which is unique and completely communicates the idea, the message of a business organization with a purpose of letting the people know what they do and who they are and how this can impact the lives of masses in the world. If we look around and observe, we can see that market is full of various designs that are interesting, innovative and rank within the best names in the industry. You can’t blame anybody, it’s the ever increasing demand has led to the birth of new products and businesses, thereby new images for new threads have emerged all over. From the various designs, some outshine distinctly that gets the maximum attraction even if the product related to it is not up to the mark. You have to know what entices the consumers to react in such a favored way. 50% responsible is the product and the message or story behind it with a flawless presentation.


Creating a design is an art and at present, art is unique but the designs aren’t. Every time a designer’s design is after complete research of all possibilities yet found to be 10 to 15% somewhat resembling some or the other. This in any way doesn’t mean that designers don’t copy, they do certainly the reason behind is the that the client always has an instruction to make their logo like that of some famous designs. This is the situation where the expert can’t steer them directly for having this notion and completely concentrate on the essence and goal of the brand. Though, designers with long years of experience may simply turn off this concept and say ‘no’ to create something resembling. And the client has to pay heed to the decision as it’s the niche to which the designer belongs and can create a unique and remarkable logo. Taking the help of professional designer can ensure that you get a perfect logo design that will memorable and best in communicating the business message. The concepts that are conceived thinking out of the box.

Stop and stare

The ultimate mission of a logo should the capability to communicate the message and attract the audience to stop and stare. Whatever may be the color or font the complete image or the abstract image may be, must be appealing though its look and feel. The features that have the ability to entice masses mind is a rare talent as only expert designers can suffice to it. How the expert can mold the message to the visual form that can convincingly impact the audience to understand the brand message.

You can get the desired logo design from a designer with the inclusion of the features you want. The years of experience and the creativity helps to create something unique and innovative. Enriched with the knowledge in this field they can shape the logo design better.

Proper Selection of colors can make the logo more impactful


All set to start a new business venture? But have you checked with every required aspect to be perfect? It often happens we seem to miss one of the crucial factors that can serve as the rudimentary step for launching a brand – the logo. Business owners often settle with any kind of brand mark being ignorant it’s importance. Like for everything, presentation or the overall appeal is important for the better culmination, it’s the same. The logo is the visual aspect of the venture which is first seen in the market by the audience. As we know the first impression has a great impact on the final decision making, the logo should also reveal the story of its brand explicitly.

It serves as the corporate face of your business which requires a professional appeal. Getting anything as a brand mark will fail to get the public attention while the market is flooded with thousands of options. People don’t have to time to ponder on the things that are uninteresting. There are lots of competitors in the business market if you can’t portray the best aspect of yours then you will lose in the crowd. With every existing and budding company trying to grip the market arena majorly the only thing you can do to establish your brand is highlighting the unique point about your venture. And this should be subtly reflected in the logo.

To create an appropriate design that can reflect brand message in a visually stunning way can make the audience intrigued about the products or services you offer. The complete process requires a lot of creativity that can even give the most used concept in an innovative way. It requires a lot of research about the demographic which can be the potential customer. You have to convey the ideas that you want to in the design. The expert designers can give shape to those.

A lot of research about the industry type will be done by the expert designer to give you a desirable output. It’s not a DIY thing. There are various logo design agencies that offer professional services and they have qualified teams to carry out the complete process efficiently. Selection of Colors, fonts, images, sign and symbols, the size, and the concept creation has to be done skillfully.

Whether a text based or image based or a combination of both will make the most communicative logo can only be comprehended by professional designers. They are well acquainted with the industry standard, prevailing logo design trends. Every color has it’s own meaning and evokes emotions when one sees. So the color tone used should be connecting to the color psychology that can make the logo more effective for the audience. At present, the solid colors used in the background like black or white gives a clean look to the logo. Of course, that doesn’t mean you always have to go for black and white while choosing the theme color of the brand can be effective in some cases. The choice of colors solely depends on the type of business. For example, if you have a kids toy business then vibrant colors can be used with unusual font type.

5 Ideas to create an exceptional logo design


Thinking of getting an outstanding logo for your business? Searching innovative idea for the distinctness? Doing some unusual gimmick can lead to adverse reaction of the people. Leaving it to the designer for deciding the elements that can make the brand mark outstanding. For a logo to perform efficiently it must make a statement that the brand wants to convey the audience.

Firstly, you have to make a decision what you want to portray to the people. Logos are simply symbols created in such a way that it should tell people what you mean to them rather it should be aspirational. Understanding the message and the customer value for you can be the points to consider. Set the target audience as the logo must be appealing to them and the unique point that makes you better than others. The demographic you target should be chosen in accordance with the type of product or services. Your business advantage can be any may be precision, speed, good health, elegance or any other feature.

Here are some of the great principles that can help you create a great logo design.

Keep it Simple – The best logo design can be the one which is very simple and one can understand the message or meaning clearly by a glance without any ambiguity. Like the logo design of Fed Ex or Suzuki. A logo is represented in various formats while creating one should always remember this and a strong logo design always communicates in the same way represented in any format.

Memorable – A brand mark should be so made that it can be remembered even seen ones. The features and the message gets conveyed to the audience can be memorable. It should stand for something specific and that should be easily rememberable. A logo that is complex with various unnecessary elements reduces its effectiveness and extraordinarily stylizes designs can’t come clear to minds. It’s not at all memorable.

Uniqueness is a must criteria – Don’t get satisfied with the cliched designs. Always do a research on the industry type and look at the trends. You can off course, study the most famous logo design for getting your creative juices flowing. Do not mimic as they make the sense with the brand message those companies want the people to know and doing same you wont get no views.

Contemporary with being timeless – It can be modern for today but with the changing time it might become outdated, that is can become unappealing. It should be contemporary not modern. It should have those elements that will be not lose its charm with the time being contemporary.

Versatility matters – Logos can be used in various sizes and formats for multifaceted requirements like

  • Can be printed in t-shirts, caps etc
  • Even on accessories like pen, letter head, fanny packs
  • Banners and hoardings which are extremely vertical and horizontal.

So, the logo must have the versatility to suit all the sizes and formats.

Perfect logo design to enhance the brand reputation by manifolds

logo design

With the ever changing marketing world the requirements to claim distinct identity for every business is becoming tougher. The competition in every industry is cutthroat and business owners keeping no stone unturned to make the brand popular that in orders increased sales. We all know that visual representation of anything is more accepted and easily understood by people and is memorable too. So in case of a business venture it’s the logo which is the visual representation of any brand.

Many people even don’t bother bother about knowing the brand name it’s just the brand mark which helps them to get the product. It’s like the face of the company that describes it not only to the general people but also serves as corporate image identity for the clients.

In every aspect it should reflect the brand essence. When you decide to launch a business online and offline you must think of the demography that can be effective in getting more sales. That is the target audience, as the logo intricate details of the logo should be so created that it can be specially appealing for them with others.

Like if you are into a bike business then its obvious that you will be targeting the youngsters significantly boys. And the logo design for that must be robust one. Denoting power, courage and very masculine. The famous logo design can be checked for reference like Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Yamha. Most of them are in red, black and white. As it depends a lot on the color tone what you want to convey to the audience and colors evoke emotions. Each is linked with different emotion like red is a vibrant color and is associated with power. Likewise every product or service type can be represented with best suiting theme, color tone, fonts, image, sign and symbols.

It’s not easy to determine whether you should opt for text logo or image based or a combination of both that can explicitly describe the brand message. It’s meticulous task and requires technical skills. A lot of research and then conceptualization, drafting and culmination constitutes to complete the process. The specific nuances required can only be gauged by the experts in logo design agency. They have professional experience to carry out the complete process with precision that can explain the vision of the company to the people to intrigue them.

It has to be unique. That doesn’t mean implementing lot of elements in the logo. It has to be subtle but describing a a small mistake can tarnish the brand image. Using a jazzy background and complicated fonts will make it look clumsy. And clumsy or confusing logo can never be appealing for the target audience. So the design must be professional that can claim a corporate look. A perfect logo design is always a great tool for marketing and making the brand memorable for the viewers.

Effective logo design can impetus the business success

logo design

Establishing your business as a brand name is a rigorous task in the present market condition. Every company is trying heart and soul to get the renowned for its products and services. Online and offline both the aspects are flooded with options for the people to select the desirable one. Rather most of the physically located companies are now stepping into the digital world. People are inclined towards online shopping as the busy lifestyle allows only that. Every company has its identity is represented by the logo.

Like everything that has a nice look is liked by the audience it’s same in case of a brand mark, too. In order to entice the audience, you need to have a great logo design that has an exclusive look relevant to the company values. When you will have intriguing image, text, or combination of both as a brand mark that must communicate the brand message to the people.

The main purpose of the logo design is to make the audience clear about the brand vision and message. That’s true, you can’t include a long text or various images to create a brand mark as that will rather confusing will convey nothing. It has to be explicit and exclusive in explaining company vision and conviction in offering the product and services.

Creating a perfect logo requires better know-how about the trends prevailing in the industry and proper understanding of the business. Not only that, to get an apt one you have to understand the audience, how will they like to see it? Of course, you have the option for a customized logo design that many logo design companies offer. Professional services can be used to get the thing correctly done. The expert designers are aware of the industry standard and the present trends and all other dynamics related to the company.

Rather they can research and analyze better the complete requirement of the project. As a business owner, you can clearly explain your ideas to the designer so that they can give the form to the logo. Considering the trend is important. When people have several options why should they go for your brand if you have nothing exceptional in the logo that will interest them to visit your store or a web shop

This is not all a logo must have certain basic features to be popular. And to make it achieve that the design must be simple yet effective. A logo is a sign, symbol or image that is used by the company in all types of the marketing campaigns. Digital, print, stationery, so it has to be versatile to be represented in any format without any requirement of changes. Any distortion in the logo can ruin the company image. This is a completely technical matter that needs to be taken care of by the professionals only. The color, the concept, font selection, theme everything has to be highly relevant to the company type. The logo has to be so conveying its message can be gauged at a glance.

What are the factors that a logo should convey?


Your business message, brand essence, and targeted audience can be guessed by looking at the logo of your company. If these elements can be known by looking at the brand mark then it certainly missed some or the characteristics that logo must consists of and also you are losing on some useful opportunities. Now, the question arises how can you make your logo design communicating?

Some of indispensable points that the logo must have in order to be effective in all aspect:

The logo must speak for your customer:
Your brand emblem must show your product or services which will enable the customer to take a glance and understand your business and get an impression that they have come to the right place. Just think of a long way to reach your online business after many searches or finding it on a classified ad on the backside of a magazine for the services that you are looking for. While it’s simple for the customers can know the products and of course will get more views.

Your brand mark should convey the essence of the business:
What impression of your business you want to give your customers? You can use long text that can depict your brand to the audience the personality of the business, but here you cant include a lot of words as it will make the logo look clumsy and will claim zero views. You have to look for one or two word that will be apt for the business. This will make it memorable. For example, if you are into kids toy business you can use any vibrant color in the logo design and font type like sans-serif will make it look appealing for the audience.

Tag line and name represented on logo:
It might seem cliched, but it’s necessary that the business name should be clearly visible in the logo design. The color theme, fonts all should be complimenting. The eye-catching design will lure the audience to become potential customers. And if it’s unreadable no one will take time and understand the text so its better to keep the fonts simple in the name as it will make the design prominent.

Logo should be addressing the target audience:
The creation of the logo should aesthetically depict the preference of the audience. If the design is completely different then the people may not be interested in the business product or services. Even though the you are actually providing the product that they are looking for. You can always conduct a small survey to select the proper color and font that the potential customers would prefer and implement those in the logo design. This will increase the sales potentially.

The design should explicitly depict the company value with the help of color, theme, font and concept together. It’s a meticulous task and taking professional help can be helpful in getting an appropriate ones.

Why do you need professional logo design for your brand?

Logo Design

With numerous companies emerging in the market, each one is trying to surpass others. The cutthroat competition has left no option rather than being very specific about every bit of your brand marketing. To capture the market you will have to follow the trends and know the target audience. The recognition of your brand largely depends on the logo design of your company as it’s the sole visual representation of your brand. Each and every nuance should speak out the brand message. It’s obviously a professional task and taking help of logo design agency can you get a proper brand mark.

Now, let me explain why logo creation required technical skills. For instance, you want to launch online and offline shop of western garments. There exist a plethora of companies that offer the same product type, so what’s new? This is where the expert designer will induce his/her expertise to give form to your idea. Not only that, a huge amount of experience they have working in this industry will help you to get the unique concept to make the brand mark exceptional. You can convey your suggestions and requirements to be guided by the expert which will give you a desirable result.

Coming to the other intricate points of the designing such as the layout, theme, color tone, image, symbol, typography. All are significant aspects and if any of these goes wrong your brand emblem will not be effective in reflecting the brand image. The main point is it should be simple yet highly communicative for the audience to understand the story behind.

Every logo has a story hidden in it to be more interesting for the viewers like the logo design of FedEx. It’s not only the bright color of the logo but the negative space that forms a forwarding arrow between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’, which symbolized speed and precision. As it’s a courier delivery company these two are the main features that people want to ensure when they send their gifts or parcels by the help of this services. Here the logo explicitly describes the company values.

So, a brand mark is not only a unique design but also have the features in a creative way that makes the vision of the company clear to the audience. Every color is generally associated with some attribute and evokes emotions. And in the designing field, the industry types also use some typical colors as per their service types. For example, healthcare sectors generally use blue, black, white and pink which are for high competence. Though it’s not a rule to use only these colors but excess use of colors will make the logo look frivolous.

The typography can look stylish buy have you looked in for the readability. If one needs to squint or stress upon the alphabets to understand it will not get noticed at all. This section also calls for proficiency as the perfectly suiting and clearly visible fonts will serve the purpose best.