5 Ideas to create an exceptional logo design

5 Ideas to create an exceptional logo design

Thinking of getting an outstanding logo for your business? Searching innovative idea for the distinctness? Doing some unusual gimmick can lead to adverse reaction of the people. Leaving it to the designer for deciding the elements that can make the brand mark outstanding. For a logo to perform efficiently it must make a statement that the brand wants to convey the audience.

Firstly, you have to make a decision what you want to portray to the people. Logos are simply symbols created in such a way that it should tell people what you mean to them rather it should be aspirational. Understanding the message and the customer value for you can be the points to consider. Set the target audience as the logo must be appealing to them and the unique point that makes you better than others. The demographic you target should be chosen in accordance with the type of product or services. Your business advantage can be any may be precision, speed, good health, elegance or any other feature.

Here are some of the great principles that can help you create a great logo design.

Keep it Simple - The best logo design can be the one which is very simple and one can understand the message or meaning clearly by a glance without any ambiguity. Like the logo design of Fed Ex or Suzuki. A logo is represented in various formats while creating one should always remember this and a strong logo design always communicates in the same way represented in any format.

Memorable - A brand mark should be so made that it can be remembered even seen ones. The features and the message gets conveyed to the audience can be memorable. It should stand for something specific and that should be easily rememberable. A logo that is complex with various unnecessary elements reduces its effectiveness and extraordinarily stylizes designs can't come clear to minds. It's not at all memorable.

Uniqueness is a must criteria - Don't get satisfied with the cliched designs. Always do a research on the industry type and look at the trends. You can off course, study the most famous logo design for getting your creative juices flowing. Do not mimic as they make the sense with the brand message those companies want the people to know and doing same you wont get no views.

Contemporary with being timeless - It can be modern for today but with the changing time it might become outdated, that is can become unappealing. It should be contemporary not modern. It should have those elements that will be not lose its charm with the time being contemporary.

Versatility matters – Logos can be used in various sizes and formats for multifaceted requirements like

  • Can be printed in t-shirts, caps etc
  • Even on accessories like pen, letter head, fanny packs
  • Banners and hoardings which are extremely vertical and horizontal.

So, the logo must have the versatility to suit all the sizes and formats.

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