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Proper Selection of colors can make the logo more impactful


All set to start a new business venture? But have you checked with every required aspect to be perfect? It often happens we seem to miss one of the crucial factors that can serve as the rudimentary step for launching a brand – the logo. Business owners often settle with any kind of brand mark being ignorant it’s importance. Like for everything, presentation or the overall appeal is important for the better culmination, it’s the same. The logo is the visual aspect of the venture which is first seen in the market by the audience. As we know the first impression has a great impact on the final decision making, the logo should also reveal the story of its brand explicitly.

It serves as the corporate face of your business which requires a professional appeal. Getting anything as a brand mark will fail to get the public attention while the market is flooded with thousands of options. People don’t have to time to ponder on the things that are uninteresting. There are lots of competitors in the business market if you can’t portray the best aspect of yours then you will lose in the crowd. With every existing and budding company trying to grip the market arena majorly the only thing you can do to establish your brand is highlighting the unique point about your venture. And this should be subtly reflected in the logo.

To create an appropriate design that can reflect brand message in a visually stunning way can make the audience intrigued about the products or services you offer. The complete process requires a lot of creativity that can even give the most used concept in an innovative way. It requires a lot of research about the demographic which can be the potential customer. You have to convey the ideas that you want to in the design. The expert designers can give shape to those.

A lot of research about the industry type will be done by the expert designer to give you a desirable output. It’s not a DIY thing. There are various logo design agencies that offer professional services and they have qualified teams to carry out the complete process efficiently. Selection of Colors, fonts, images, sign and symbols, the size, and the concept creation has to be done skillfully.

Whether a text based or image based or a combination of both will make the most communicative logo can only be comprehended by professional designers. They are well acquainted with the industry standard, prevailing logo design trends. Every color has it’s own meaning and evokes emotions when one sees. So the color tone used should be connecting to the color psychology that can make the logo more effective for the audience. At present, the solid colors used in the background like black or white gives a clean look to the logo. Of course, that doesn’t mean you always have to go for black and white while choosing the theme color of the brand can be effective in some cases. The choice of colors solely depends on the type of business. For example, if you have a kids toy business then vibrant colors can be used with unusual font type.

What are the factors that a logo should convey?


Your business message, brand essence, and targeted audience can be guessed by looking at the logo of your company. If these elements can be known by looking at the brand mark then it certainly missed some or the characteristics that logo must consists of and also you are losing on some useful opportunities. Now, the question arises how can you make your logo design communicating?

Some of indispensable points that the logo must have in order to be effective in all aspect:

The logo must speak for your customer:
Your brand emblem must show your product or services which will enable the customer to take a glance and understand your business and get an impression that they have come to the right place. Just think of a long way to reach your online business after many searches or finding it on a classified ad on the backside of a magazine for the services that you are looking for. While it’s simple for the customers can know the products and of course will get more views.

Your brand mark should convey the essence of the business:
What impression of your business you want to give your customers? You can use long text that can depict your brand to the audience the personality of the business, but here you cant include a lot of words as it will make the logo look clumsy and will claim zero views. You have to look for one or two word that will be apt for the business. This will make it memorable. For example, if you are into kids toy business you can use any vibrant color in the logo design and font type like sans-serif will make it look appealing for the audience.

Tag line and name represented on logo:
It might seem cliched, but it’s necessary that the business name should be clearly visible in the logo design. The color theme, fonts all should be complimenting. The eye-catching design will lure the audience to become potential customers. And if it’s unreadable no one will take time and understand the text so its better to keep the fonts simple in the name as it will make the design prominent.

Logo should be addressing the target audience:
The creation of the logo should aesthetically depict the preference of the audience. If the design is completely different then the people may not be interested in the business product or services. Even though the you are actually providing the product that they are looking for. You can always conduct a small survey to select the proper color and font that the potential customers would prefer and implement those in the logo design. This will increase the sales potentially.

The design should explicitly depict the company value with the help of color, theme, font and concept together. It’s a meticulous task and taking professional help can be helpful in getting an appropriate ones.