The basics of logo design while looking for perfection

The basics of logo design while looking for perfection

The image or symbol that serves as the face of your business is the 'Logo'. It's quite simple that it will be created with a intention to impact the audiences.

Here I want to talk about getting ideas in a little more detail to help a designer create a logo design in the way you envisioned.

When coming up with ideas for logos, there are 4 things that every logo should strive to be. I'm going to cover those 4 things in this issue.

1. A logo must be describable. Take a look at the McDonald's arches, which are combined to form an M. One can easily describe this logo if asked to. That is the mark of a good logo, one that is easily describable. If you can't describe it. Scratch it. This will usually happen with logos that are too complicated.

2. It must be memorable. When you see a logo, it must be so well done that a person could never possibly forget it. One might consider a smiley face (for have a nice day) as a logo of some sorts. This is a picture that is not only memorable but one that people can easily identify with.

3. It must be effective without color. In other words, if you were to take your color and render it in black and white, it must be just as effective for brand recognition as the same logo in color, or at least close enough to it. If it isn't, and you're relying too much on color, then your logo isn't doing the job.

4. It must be scalable. In other words, it should be effective regardless of the size, within reason of course. The best logos can be very small or very large and the effect of the logo itself is the same. Logos that are too busy do not render well when small because some of the detail gets lost.

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