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7 Logo Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost


Logo plays a crucial part in brand building; it’s what gives your business an identity. However, designing a logo involves the risks of making mistakes as well, and logo mistakes can have a negative impact on your business.

Here are 7 logo design mistakes to avoid:

1) Lacking originality
Originality is the one aspect you shouldn’t miss out on your logo. When you copy a logo design or use clip or stock art, you stand at an increased risk of litigation issues for your business. You might save expenses involved in opting for a professional service by using these images, but you risk ruining your brand’s reputation for the long run.

2) No concept behind the logo
You can use your business’s logo to convey a message. When you get the concept of the logo clear, you can precisely pitch in the right messaging and relate your logo to your business.

3) Lacking simplicity
Logos with a simple design are the most catchy. When your company’s logo is simple and appealing, customers can easily remember and identify your brand the next time they stumble upon the logo.

4) Lacking attention to detail
If there’s one factor that makes a logo great, then it is intricate detailing. When designing a logo for your business, you cannot afford to have poor scaling, inadequate colour texture, and improper aspect ratio.

5) Incorrect choice of colors
One of the common misconceptions about logo design is the more color in a logo, the more attractive it will be. More colors in a logo may be attractive but it certainly doesn’t help you create an identity for your business. Remember, it’s easy to memorize strong contrasts as compared to multiple colors.

6) Incorrect format
Creating and saving your business’s logo on standard formats such as JPG may create issues in the long run. For instance, you may not know the platforms where your logo will be used in the future and that it may not be supported. Save your logo as a PNG file or in a vector format such as AI or EPS.

7) Overdoing the design
It’s easy enough to get carried away with the logo design if an interesting idea/concept strikes you. However, overdoing the design of your logo can clutter its overall look. Also, the odds of making mistakes are more when the logo design is complex.

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Why is logo designing a significant aspect of business marketing

Logo Designing

When you think of buying anything what comes to your mind first? The quality and then the price right? While pondering about these two you search in your mind for the best brands that offers the finest ones. Like if you want foot wears or shoes then you think about Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and more. If I am not wrong it’s the visuals of the brand mark that comes first to your mind while you think of these famous companies. For every product it’s the visual aspect that impacts the people positively.

It’s the brand mark that is significant as an identification for a business. Often you may see customers are not sure of the name of the product but recognize it by that specific image, that’s the logo. With the in rocketing speed of growing demand, lots of companies are emerging every other day making the competition steeper. Sales is the prime goal of every business but to achieve the goal first you have to reach the relevant audience create awareness. When people start associating the logo with the brand you can be assures of it’s success. But the job is not that simple as it sounds. It has to be unique and original.

A logo is the first thing that everyone notices about the brand and gets acquainted with the features of your business. You will not get a chance to include lots of element to prove your point of view about your venture, through your logo. Though it’s not only the message you want to depict but has to be something that can be appealing to the clients and consumers along with the brand values.

Using many elements will make it look clumsy by subsiding the actual essence of the brand. Moreover, complex brand emblems are confusing and less appealing.

Simplicity is the key point. A simple design with precise elements like proper color to evoke the emotions correctly. Logo designing requires professional finesse as it’s culmination of the correct you might say piece of art, with the blend of accurate image, text, symbol.

There can be three types of logo design, textual, image based or a combination and it’s daunting task to decide which type will be appropriate for your brand without technical skills. Every product has a target market and you must have the good understanding of the demographic you want to target. But this is not all, creativity and uniqueness are required factors that can make it stand out in the crowd.

The concept should be creative enough to communicate the brand message at a glance. And the simplicity making it memorable for the potential customers. An expert designer has complete knowledge of the intricacies involved in creating a unique logo apparently addressing the target audience.

Portfolio of a Logo Designing Company can be Helpful in selecting the Services

Logo Designing Company Portfolio

When any business owner is looking for professional logo designing services and lands on your website, your portfolio section is the page which can describe your caliber best. You need to have this section packed with essential information about your company and previous works along with existing clients’ opinion.

Being a logo designing company you need to have a strong portfolio page as a logo is that aspect which act as the primary tool for branding. It becomes the recognition for a brand to which people relate. So the entrepreneur has to be finical about it and you have to portray your persona in the most professional way to impress them with your work.

Information about your previous work:

Taking a glance through the section can help the clients to guess your prowess of work so keep it clearly done and clutter free. Checking through the previous projects they will get a clear idea of your work expertise. It must depict your professionalism and dedication that creates a good impression about your agency. Seeing your brilliance in the field of logo designing, potential customers can make their decision about your reliability and creativity. Getting all the required qualities in your firm.

Don’t go by the quantity:

Completion of a lot of projects doesn’t confirm about the quality of the work the firm provides. While you are showing your portfolio page for gauging your credibility, then definitely you must first go for emphasizing the quality, of course quantity come next to that. It is meticulous thinking and innovation in the ideas that helps to create a distinct logo design. This section not only to include the explicit project, but also have the reference of other designs too. The experts of your firm follow every suggestion provided by the client with accuracy, that should be put forward in this section. There is no benefit diluting the importance of craftsmanship for quantity while enhancing the worth of the portfolio section.

Small description can work wonders:

Most commonly made mistake by the firms that they only provide the catalog or series of logo designs without any description or one liner. Though in a way it allows more transparency as the viewer associate it with the business message they feel, the logo justifies. Popular logo designing services often brief it with a sentence about each work and make it easy for the audience to understand and interpret the accuracy of the design with related service or product brand.

Be certain about the features of proper logo:

Describe the work finesse of the designers and efficiency of the management in terms of ensuring proper conversation with the clients during the designing process. Completion within the stipulated time is another required factored to be monitored and maintained. The designing techniques like comprehensibility of the brand sign created for a positive impact on the minds of the audience must be assured while experimenting with texts and pictures. Mentioning the good working of the agency with creativity, promptness and dedication should be made clear and vivid to the audience in the portfolio page.

Price package and the services to be rendered under each price slab should be explained with transparency so that the customer can choose accordingly. The perfect designing on the portfolio page with required information can fetch you maximum projects and professional working skills will build a great reputation for your firm.

Creative and Professional logo design – Mark your Brand Identity

logo design

Logo design is not a simple task as it seems to be, it actually requires proper knowledge and technical skills to create an appropriate one. Anyone can try, but the design should convey the message you want to convey to the audience in a jiffy. Now are you pondering on getting the help of a professional logo design service for your business? You are on the right track to get the perfect brand identity that will communicate your message to the viewers in the best way.

Knowing the industry standards is important to match up or leave the other contender, in the market behind. Only a good professional designer will be aware of all the trending styles and the latest technologies that can help you to have a stunning emblem of your company that can attract maximum number of viewers and make them interested in your products or services. The color, graphics, typography should aptly suit the theme of your business as that can have the greatest impact. Creativity rules in this field. Expert designer can understand your requirement and envision that to make a great identification of your company in the market. Whether you have a big or small business a distinct mark for your product or services is inevitably essential to help people connect with it. Creative logo design can actually work wonders in terms of market recognition.

It is like a professional signature that is like a cryptogram helps in supplementation of credibility as well as creates trust among the potential customers. At present it the most powerful marketing tool for any brand to build a distinct recognition and trustworthiness among the targeted audience conveying the exact message.

Simple design is call of the day. For instance, we can see some of the most famous brands like Nike, Apple, Gucci and many more. If we try to analyze these, we can see no use of complex sign, symbol or typography, its just the simple and impactful representation that creates world wide corporate identity. It depicts the company essence and purpose vividly. The selection of color in the sign in the Nike logo suits with any background and speaks for its brand with individualism. Understanding the clients’ requirement is essential as that can result in creating a perfect brand signature and use of black and white is wise.

Logo Design Services – How to choose best One

Logo Design

Thinking, you yourself can design a logo for any brand will be jeopardizing the image of the company. It is intricate task and needs real technical skills to get the face of the brand ready. Yes, a logo is just like the face of a brand, as it is the only sign or symbol with which the company gets associated very primarily. It must be created cautiously reflecting the brand identity and there are professionals to that in the best possible way. They are well acquainted with the business traits and work towards perfection. You can find many logo design services searching on the internet but seeing so many options it becomes confusing to decide moreover, you should select the reliable one with proficient work.

There is some criterion following which you can find the best professional logo design services for your brand and get proper services. Here I am listing the criterion to be taken into account:

First thing is, how much experienced the company is?

It’s needless to say that you will want to select the best logo design services for your company and checking out the experience can help you out in this aspect. Look for the portfolio section in the website and check their services on what they are best at . Always look for quality instead of quantity!

What is the process they use for designing a logo?

It is generally a step by step process for designing a logo, you must look out for that and see whether they are clear about the basic concept or not. Another thing to see is whether use advanced technique and follow the trends.

Do they have testimonial on their website?

Testimonial section is one of the most useful sections that you should go through to know the views and of the clients. Here you can find about the work of the logo designing company and their track record. Then, seeing it you can know about their reputation for their job.

What are the prices and different package company offers?

Check for packages they are providing and if it suits your budget and serves your requirements then it is one of the most important criteria yours fulfilled.

Do they have good customer support?

You should call them and see their approach towards the clients and customers. Whether they are enthusiastic towards answering your queries. If not, then you can think of trying another company for logo design.

While you are done with the questions provided above, if not a single logo design company then of course you are left with sort listed ones. Then look out among those names that justifies most of your criteria and go for it. You can sure have happening and unique logo design for your products and services.