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Designer’s Most Hated & Loved Fonts


The font that is used in a design to communicate a message is very much crucial as it represents the language. Gone are those days when the designers only have to choose between the Arial and Time New Roman fonts. With the advent of modern design technology, now the designers can choose from thousands of fonts. With so many fonts, it has now become more difficult for designers to select a particular one. Some fonts automatically feel more official, while others feel like fun. Some fonts are easier to read, and others are more difficult to read and create a struggle for the eyes.

What professional designers do is to use fonts that are widely popular and fonts that look more professional. The more experienced the designer is, the more is his efficiency to choose a perfect typeface. They use the fonts that they love the most. However, there are many fonts that designers dislike to use. Mentioned below is a discussion about the fonts that designers love and hate the most.

Most Loved Fonts:


Helvetica is considered the most loved font by the designers. It was introduced in the late 1950s by two Swiss designers who were trying to create a new version of Sans-serif typeface. According to the designers, Helvetica and other Sans-serif fonts are the cleanest and easiest to read. These types of fonts are mainly used for online reading since they are easy to read. Since its inception, Helvetica has become the most commonly used fonts by the designers. Designers love this font, and they use it most in official printing, signals, and notices. Helvetica is the only font which was documented in a film in 2007, named Helvetica.


Garamond is another serif which was named after the typeface during the time of renaissance. It was named after its creator Claude Garamond. Like Helvetica, Garamond is the most loved fonts and commonly used by the designers because they are easy to read and leaves a comfortable impression to the eyes of the readers. Another reason why designers love it the most because it adds a sense of poetry to the letters. However, unlike Helvetica, Garamond is most commonly used for offline design and print copies.


It is another font that was introduced in the late 1960’s Sans-serif. Since its inception, Frutiger has added many updated versions to its family. Frutiger also has a specially licensed version to Microsoft. Designers love the font because it is clean in appearance and gives a modern look. It is also easily readable without feeling stark. Frutiger is the most common font which can be seen in advertising collaterals.


Another unusual font which was introduced in the 18th century. Designers from almost all parts of the world love this font because of its classic look. Its alternating thick lines recognize it within a single letter that gives it a high dimension. This gives it a familiar look to the typefaces that were used in 18th and 19th-century books and documents.

Most Hated Fonts:

Comic Sans:

Designed and releases in 1994, Comic Sans is based on the familiar letters used in comic books. Although these types of fonts are used in many prints, most designers dislike using comic sans due to its widespread use in the wrong situations.


Designers do not like papyrus, perhaps because of its rough and unbalanced look of the letterform. However, some designers appreciate their accessibility. However, in general, designers hate this font compared to more generic fonts like Times or Arial.


An influential American designer Morris Fuller developed this font in 1914. It first came into the limelight when it appeared on Bee Gees Album cover designs. However, with new fonts are introduced, Souvenir has become outdated, and many designers consider it as a silly and foolish font. Designers don’t love its soft yet graphic appearance.

2012 Headline:

2012 Headline has become famous since its use in the London Olympic font. What designers hate about this font is that it tries so hard to look cool, but it simply is not. It also creates a confounding effect on the eyes of a reader because it has a perfectly round O. 2012 Headline was not used much after the London Olympic Games.

Why you should consider logo design company for great brand mark?

Logo Design

Even if you have some idea about the business market then you must be aware of the deadly competition around. Not only the world is advancing but the options are also flooding with newer features. To be a recognized name in this arena you need to be unique by looks and features. That is your brand should have an innovative face that can impart the business essence with simplicity. Needless to say that a logo is the face of a business and it has to be in every aspect contribute in describing your product or brand.

Some of the entrepreneurs may not think of investing in professional brand emblem creation but have to be invariably distinct and unique. Where so many companies are already existing and a number of them trying to create a mark in the industry. So, the first approach to make the people brand aware must be according to it. DIY techniques will not yield expected result. To claim a corporate profile, the logo will be used in various formats like web and print. Versatility is the must feature that enables it to be put into any format without distortion.

Now take a glance at some of the points why you should consider the logo design companies:

Cliched designs – While you take help of software to design a logo you get limited options. Even if you think creatively you can’t shape it out. With the same set of themes, clip-art it probably will look similar to some or the other. This will hamper the brand identity.

Corporate Identity – An amateur will just give you lofty promises and create something which will below standard. This can tarnish your business image as will be able to overpower the other close contenders or even stand on the same level. It will not be efficient in marketing your brand. The professional and corporate looks make it appealing to the clients and customers.

Complementing color and font – if you hire a logo design company the expert designers are well experienced and have a rich knowledge of the industry. Before creating a logo a lot of research has to be done and the specific features that can draw out the essence are to be used.

The fonts and the color are the basic elements to give the perfect form to the logo. So choosing it consciously and intentionally makes the different.

Creative concept – Studying the famous logo designs can help to get the creative juices flowing. A professional designer always creates two or three drafts before culmination. Checks the best points from the drafts and creates the best one that will effectively describe your business.

Logo design company – creating the professional brand identity

Logo Design Company

Are you planning to start your business promotion? Are you ready with all the required elements that can give you successful business launch? Probably you are thinking now if any aspect is left unnoticed. Yes, to have a bang on start you have to be all equipped to hit the cut-throat market. What many of the business owners miss contemplating is the logo of the company. The first thing that audiences get to see about your brand. As we know ‘the first impression is the last impression’ the brand has to be a view stealing one.

The logo design plays a significant part as a brand representation and is an utterly useful in brand marketing. While creating a brand mark you must keep in mind the brand essence, vision, and mission. A logo can never directly sell a product, it only holds the exclusive features of the brand in a professional way to make it intriguing for the users. Motivating them to know more about the product or services that culminating to a buy.

The crucial factor is you have to get a brand emblem that is unique and claim recognition surpassing the other contenders in the high competition. Each and every intricacy has to be taken care off. Corporate look along with the trendiness can serve the purpose. You can think of creating one with the help of the online software but there always remains a risk of things going wrong. Firstly, you can’t give shape to your creativity as the resources are limited that is, there a few specific themes and clip art that you can employ. The personalization you want to include in the design may not be possible. Right theme, color, font, concept, and uniqueness are prerequisite.

Here you can be greatly helped by a professional logo design company:

The professionals can offer:

Clarity of brand message: A logo design with various elements confuses the message. People may recognize it but will certainly not associate it with the brand. So, simple, logo is effective that portrays the message easily to the target audience.

Prompt Emotional Reactions: While you look at a logo, it should portray all the emotions that the brand wants to display. The simple design will help it to acquire human marketing process faster and efficiently. And making it complicated will perception will cover emotional essence.

Convertible for all media types: The brand owner can use the logo for attesting it with any promotional campaign including print, web, stationery, stamps, clothing and even promotional gift and more.

Is it important for a business to have a befitting logo design?

Logo Design

Starting from the ”swoosh” of Nike to or a bite eaten apple of Apple are the internationally acclaimed companies take great care for getting a perfect logo design. People immediately connect to the brand or the product with a glance on the brand mark. The golden arches of the famous fast-food company or Starbucks with a twin-tailed mermaid have a timeless appeal and efficiently describe the brand. The instant recognition these logo designs provides is like a holy grail for your company. This makes it quite clear why the multinational companies pay heed to the logo design creation and spend a huge amount for getting a unique logo design. Not only bigger brands other smaller size companies also incur good amount to get a stylized emblem. Some of the brands that have the name simply written in distinct fonts in a stylish way invest a bigger amount to get a proper font, color and get the desired result. Let’s find out how simple it is to get a perfect logo whether it’s significant or not?

According to Sagi Haviv, the celebrated graphic designer no logo gets the complete recognition with first sights it gets its correct value and meaning within some time. The prime requisites a logo design should be apt to the brand, it must be simple or uncomplicated to be memorable.

If we take the example of the famous brand GAP the American clothing and accessory retailer. Previously it had its logo as bold alphabets ‘GAP’ and in 2010 it decided to change it to lower case letter with a blue background behind ‘p’. Such was the public uproar that within a week the brand had to scrap the change and reverted. The previous logo was so liked by the audience and the company was not aware of the change would result. The representing sign of a brand has a great power to make the marketing successful.

The first thing you notice about a company product is the logo design. Even after using a product for some time you may not remember the name but the visual aspect it always the part that can be recollected. People will also remember the good experience associated with it. In this visualized world the representation is the most important part. When you have an unusual simple yet catchy brand mark people are bound to be enticed and turn to potential customers. A logo design company can always be asked for help in getting a apt logo design.

A befitting sign for any business can do half the work in promoting the brand ones the people get familiar, it will serve as the best marketing tool. Moreover, its used on every promotional element like the business card, video, banner, website and more. The brochure or letterhead containing the symbol increases the credibility and impresses the customers. In a business meet, a customized letterhead or business card gives your brand a distinctness with the logo imprinted on it.

It’s an inevitable part for each and every organization to get a definite identification that supports the business to get a distinguishable identity.

How an efficient logo design can help a business get popular easily

Logo Design

Logo the face of the company that represents it to the audience. Like the website is made live online to provide the platform to the web audience to know the products and services. Rather, there also the logo signifies the brand. So, it’s needless to say that a company irrespective of being a small or big one to claim an identity must have perfectly describing logo design.

The brand mark has to be conveying for the audience in small. As there is no room for including a lot of stuff in the design. It can pitch sales directly the feature in it must reflect the brand essence. The most vibrant and unique feature of the company must be depicted in the emblem. For instance, if you are offering some food stuffs along with home delivery within 1 hour of the ordering facility in and around a bigger area. Not only the the logo design should include the food offering but also signify the USP of fastest delivery. Like a food pot in form of a vector image on a rocket or something that implies speed can convey both. As the quick service can interest the potential customers more.

Likewise every business has separate requirements for its logo design and the professional designers are familiar with those. They are well acquainted with industry standards and trends. They can create an innovative concept that can serve the purpose efficiently. The color which seems to be simple aspect to select but isn’t that easy. Every color evokes an emotion when the viewer sees it and touching the right chord is necessary to create the right impression.

The types of fonts used means a lot. You can think of using very stylish or funky fonts but it will be of no use if is unclear to understand by the target audience. Fancy fonts can be used where it suits perfectly, mostly when you are designing for a amusement park, or children toy company. Using it on the core industries can look like a mismatch. Rather the simple fonts that are even clearly readable from a distance can be enticing and conveying. A logo design company can provide proper assistance to you for getting a effective brand mark that will denote your brand. Expert designers are deft at creating unique concept that will have a charisma.

The theme and the selection of the image that can describe the product well will be best decided by them. The use of negative space, SVGs, themes are all technical aspects to decide. And precise knowledge of designing is required to create an innovative face for a company. Over use of any factor can simply spoil the look of the design and tarnish the brand image. For example, when more colors are used in brand emblem is looks completely messy and the message is not clear so everyone overlooks. So, no use getting a such a brand mark which will be of no help in making the company popular.

How can you find a trustable logo design company?

Logo Design Company

At present the visual aspects counts the most, that is anything that appear to be pleasant are readily accepted by the people. For example the packaging industry, the same items with new colored packets and different design sells more only due to its striking appearance and people identify it with the brand mark and like it more because of the new look. Same applies when you launch anything new in the market it will accepted when the identification of it will uniquely striking. It’s needless to say that your business will be recognized with its logo design. The logo is the mark which will make people aware of the existence of your business in this high competitive market. Any aspect of the logo left imperfect will be if great loss to the brand. As if it would have been correct then the result would be more fruitful and successful result.

How hard you try you cant yourself make the brand emblem even with using the cheap software online. As it requires professional skills and expertise for giving a business it’s corporate face. Consulting a logo design company can help you have a perfect design that will claim great memorability and versatility. Now, there are various options that you can find online and you might be thinking which one would be better for your requirements.

Let me help you out to choose the right logo design company:

Check the website:
While they are the expert designers they will be having a proper website where you can get their work details without any ambiguity. Check for the contact section and try to select a company that is of your area or country. if possible. As in case of any copy right issue you can save your business.

Portfolio section:
The portfolio section is one of the important section that you must check to know their track record. Look through their works that can give you a concept of their workability. The number of projects handled and the relevancy with the subject matter the logo depicts.

Price Package:
All the website offers various package, you select the one that you feel suits your requirement and is reasonable. Don’t go for the very cheap rates always as you may be duped to worse work quality with false promises.

Testimonial Section:
Feedback from the clients and customers will be represent how much satisfactory design they provided to them and the work quality. Moreover most of the clients recommend the name for the best work.

Quality over quantity:
Always go for quality as quantity can be more but if the work is not up to the mark then the large number of projects mean nothing.

Logo design as an integral part of business promotion

Logo Design

While you want to market your new business you need a strong marketing strategy that can portray your brand efficiently. For that of course, you need a brand image that will be a representation of your business professionally. A Logo is that particular mark that will make the audience recognize your brand existence. So the significance is too high. The special role it plays in brand promotion and recognition that makes it one of the very next things to consider after investing.

Trying out DIY techniques can not only be less fruitful can also ruin the company image. If the design you create fails to convey the brand message people will pay no heed to your business as there are a myriad of options for them in this extremely competitive market. The logo design will not give you sales directly but attracts the target audience to check out the product or services.

Using software for creating a logo will not help much the reason being the limited functionality of it. Some cliched themes, clipart and colors can not give justice to your creativity right? Even lacking the technical skills reduce the impact of the brand mark to be impressive. Every element in the design should be in requires ratio any mistake can just result in ineffective marketing.

For instance, if you have apparel business you can have various color options to use in the logo design whereas if you like to sell bike accessories and create a colorful logo with pastel hues. Both of the logos need to be attractive but in their own ways. Using pastels for the apparel shop in a logo design with a bright text color can be more effective to entice people and understand your business theme. In case of bike accessories, the bold colors like black, red, white can be effective. You ca also take the of the popular bike logo design that must look robust and manly.

Getting the font size correct and incorporating versatility is essential for multifaceted use of the logo. The company stationery, print medium campaigns, and digital medium are the promotional platforms has the use of the emblem. It should be so designed that it looks flawless on all the platforms. Any distortion can tarnish the company image. You can’t afford to get any of the aspect disproportionate to entice the target audience and giving you the chance to surpass the popularity of some of the existing brands in terms of sales and conversion. Moreover, without taking a chance it’s always wise to take help of professional logo design company to get a communicative and impactful logo design that can serve in the long run too.

Why is logo design significant for every business?

Logo Design

Logo is commercial representation of a brand. The only sign or symbol that is associated with the brand from the launch and is recognized by it in the long run. It is the main element that manifests the company in every graphical representation in the market. And this makes it quite clear that it’s a main factor of the complete promotional strategy of a company.

Now lets see what is the purpose of creating a great logo design for a new business?

There are thousands of companies that are rather providing the same products and services that you do, so what’s the difference? How can people know your brand? It’s the unique logo design that gives your business a distinct face and identification. The customers realize the existence of your brand by the logo design. They don’t increase the sales directly but the concept and implicit brand message your logo portrays intrigues people to know more about your product as they find something unique in it. The number of potential customers increase. The logo design represents the business in all forms of advertising materials so that is the only point that directly connects to the brand. The design must be perfect and logo design company can help you get a desired one.

Basic rule for logo design
A proper logo should be innovative and easily understandable for the target audience. There are plethora of color choices, fonts and other elements generally that can help designer to convey the brand message effectively. All the ingredients that go into creating a unique logo design are implemented by the designer to create a perfect logo. That should have an extra edge over the other competitors in the industry.

Brand Identity
A brand mark appears on every single thing of the company so it spreads the brand identity. It gets imprinted on the the business card, brochure, banner, website and on all the stationery for advertising. Along with that it enhances the credibility of the company for the customers. For the clients the customized letterheads, folder design adds a distinctness and professionalism.

Return on Investment
When the trustworthiness increases with for a particular brand the target audience is more likely to change to a probable customer. So a good logo design has a potential to increase the sales.

Logo design concepts for entertainment industry – Explained

Concepts For Entertainment Industry Logo Design

Like any other business type entertainment industry is particularly demanding and is million dollar business. That has a cutthroat market and creating a distinction is really technical. As an entertainment arena is wide one, it is quite difficult to decide the theme for the logo design that can be perfect for the industry. It can be pretty safe to rely on a professional logo design company for an entertainment brand logo that will be timeless and a cutting age. In this industry if the design makes you think of some other, then it may be called a failure as a design. The large field cannot be has various categories and requires a brand mark that can be unique and justifying that particular company. It has to poses the features that can captivate millions of viewers.

Look at the Logo Design Concept of Stalwart Companies of the Industry:

Dreamworks Logo design –
As the name suggests, Dreamwork the movie company gives dreamy experience to the audience to get relieved from the stark reality and escape to sleep-like catharsis. This is what people expects from a movie. So the brand mark should have an appeal that will make the audience believe the brand. It has the elements like moon with a young boy sitting on it and has a fishing pool in his hands. Colors blue and white create a fairy-tale like feeling. The name and the design of the logo both inherit all the features that stands the brand name and essence. It has immense popularity since 1994.

Twentieth Century Fox logo –
The logo of Twentieth Century Fox logo portrays both power and style that ranges back to the earliest times of Hollywood. Font type used in it had an ancient appeal and richness of reflective gold, that can be connected to wealth. The lights around the text, are traditionally linked with theater. Every element in the logo has been incorporated with a meaning as the background portrays dawn, the perfect time for people to have them entertained with movie theaters after the regular work. This logo is a complete representation of the movie brand that has earned all the success.

Universal –
Universal Pictures has put life to their logo with proper significance. The fonts and design inherit the name “Universal” with the image of a globe. The symbol implying logo design that is all powered to entertain the universe. The glow in the background relating to trade as the film industry uses light as a main component and the light colors in the front of the logo strikes a creative balance.

Paramount logo –
The logo of the Paramount shows a mountain emerging from clouds. Image of mountains and the triangular shape describe the strength and the surrounding with clouds imply heights. Color in the theme has the tranquil effect of an evening. The circle of stars adds the zeal and is associated with Hollywood. It completely describes the brand and has a great success story.

Logo Design Company – Helping in Creating Brand Identity

Logo Design Company

Only few business owners realize the importance of a professional logo as an marketing tool and the great positive effect it can have in the identity creation. The awe inspiring logos of the multinational companies are such as they are meticulously planned and created after lot of effort. While a work force in a company works for 5 day a week the brand mark that is the logo keep on promoting your brand round the year.

A properly created logo design ensures better recognition by the audience that claims quick popularity. The image always speaks more than the words. This can be easily comprehended by seeing the graphically designed IBM logo design that that has immaculate graphical design. The professional look it flaunts is just unmatchable. So, here we can understand the requirement of professional logo design services, and benefits it can offer.

There are various logo design companies that renders expert, designing but, it is your challenge to find the most suitable one for your requirements. When you search online you can get many options, first short list a few and then go for the final selection. Viewing the testimonial and portfolio you can get the clear picture of their work standards and the clients’ comments on that. Their track records can help you know the work history and quality. Of course, check the year of operation of the company, if it has survived the test of time, then it can be a reliable option to consider.

These companies recruit specialist for it and most of them have a good background in the advertising domain. Once you find a firm of this type go for it. Always remember quality matter, you cannot jeopardize with brand image. When you get an appropriate design for your logo, you can feel as the half battle won. It will require you to pay a lump sum amount get it created, but remember it is always worthwhile. When the design will reflect the business essence in the best light it will be memorable for the people. These programs depend on a database of logos that have been sourced from different magazines and then cleaned up of print debris and scanned. People using these programs will just select a logo from the software’s database and then alter the same slightly. They might even change the color of the logo and add some special effects to it. While the special effects might look good when you see it at first glance, you can be rest assured that they will not look good when they are finally printed on your company’s stationery and products. The logo design company charges you money for the time and research they will be spending for your product and not for messing around with some ready-made logos.

If you still do not believe why these professionals of the logo design company charge so much money for designing a simple logo, just check them out while they are working on your logo. Each and every element that constitutes the final logo are calculated mathematically and each of them are proportionate to each other. A well-designed logo should look like a work of art.

Professional Logo Design can speak volume for your Business

Professional Logo Design

Trying to create a distinct space and recognition in peoples’ mind for establishing your brand? Want a different appeal for your business or organization? Then you must have a great attractive, professional logo design that will make your business with staggering impression. If the logo designing is done correctly, you win half the battle.

There are various companies that might be providing products and services similar to you and surpassing them you have created a space for your brand, so you need something innovative. It may look easy to get a logo created, but it is not so as it requires technical skills to interpret the complete business. And the main thing about creating a remarkable logo design is an art to give a your products a visual identity. It has a very positive impact on the audience, it has to be compelling for changing the viewers to potential customers. To satisfy these goals, you need all the knowledge about the latest trends that are prevailing in this field. A perfectly designed simple logo has the capability to convey the brand’s vision easily.

Professional logo design is much more effective as it has the perfect combination of every required element for a being a perfect one. The trends and styles keep on changing through the time. Implementing the approach that suits your brand gives a finesse to the creation. The most inspiring examples are Apple, Google, IBM. They are so simple yet so appealing. They have a dynamic appeal that enhances its attractiveness and are customized as per some occasion, mostly we can see in the case of Google.

As it may sound easy, creating a simple logo design is a child’s play, instead it requires a lot of brainstorming by the designer to create a striking one. The proper concept, selection of color, fonts, implementation the trending essence that will justice to the design at fullest is a work of a technical with complete know-how.

The brand sign or logo serves as the face of your company. Trustworthiness of brand is highly increased with the help of sign or symbol. So, it should be clear and simple with a proper size. No one likes to squint while seeing a logo to read the small text writer on it. So the size also matters.
Every detailing has to be done with knowledge and expertise that can give your business a remarkable identity.

How to choose the best logo design company?

Logo Design Company

The next important task after deciding the business and investing in it the creation of the brand image or the logo. Small or big every business needs a look for its products or services to reach to the people. We can see innumerable brands in the same business, but no one confuses, this only because of their impactful logo design by which users associate the products with. Getting a customized identity for your organization or enterprise is of soul importance in this cut-throat competition. After every few days a new firm or business emerges to be a new contender to deal with, in your field. So, it becomes mandatory to have individuality, that too striking one. It should have such a display feature that can be captivating in any format be it in print or on the web. In this digital world, it is needless to say that you must have a web presence to expose your business to maximum audience, moreover globally.

Creating a complex design will not serve the purpose as a jumbled design is difficult to comprehend so it will insufficient to convey your brand message to the audience. Every minute details has to be taken into account into account. Ranges from the selection of colors, fonts, sign, symbol above all creativity to combine all other element to a best defining image for your brand. The intricacies that has to dealt with technical know-how will be impossible without handing it over to a logo design company. Well trained expert enriched with experience can effortlessly help you with task. Theme of the design should compliment the type of product of service you offer. That is, a electronics device providing company logo should always look completely different to apparel manufacturing firm, so this is the place where the expert can help you out with it.

Are you wondering about how will you get a reliable logo design services out of several options? Let me help you out in this matter so that you can figure-out the firm that can suffice your logo design requirements.

Search online for options:
You can find several design galleries online. All these sites display the clips of the their work at large and from that you can get a an idea of how you want it to be done for the corporate identity of your business. Scrolling through the portfolios you can get better understand the sense of language you require to describe your offerings in the best way incorporating the required elements. Of course the galleries will serve you as a good source of candidate firms.

Propositions from peers:
Peers and friends can be of help to suggest you with the name of the agencies that they have employed before. As they will be completely aware of the project process and time of that particular firm. Quality and standard of design can be assured of as it has been tested earlier.

Post on Social Media:
If you have no access to any peer suggestion no need worry, posting your requirements on LinkedIn feed will give you the perfect option. Put it in the relevant group and the expert or the design agency will get back to you.

Criteria to keep an eye for:
Just go through the portfolio section of the agency and check their previous works. Look for the clients feedback or the testimonial for knowing the track record. Look for quality not quantity.

Why flat logo design is trending in the industry

Flat Logo Design

In this changing world, trends also keep changing. The only difference is some of the trends last long and are profound while others are feeble and don’t have much impact. One of the logo design that is alluring the market since 2015, is flat logo design, extending to flat design for websites too. It is evident from the logo designs of the famous brands and even for many of the web designs of late.

Let’s see now, what characterizes flat design? We can summarize it as that aspect of designing which is based on minimalism and doesn’t adhere or removal of all kinds of 3D effect. For example, you will never find use of theses features like, drop shadows, patterns or gradients as this three stylistic constitute to provide an impression of depth. We can even find many websites that is created only with flat design to prove its prominence in this industry.

Flat or vector design generally juxtaposed to skeuomorphism that is design basis that gave rise to popular implementation of 3D format in the web world. Previously the renowned brand Apple use to portray a logo that advocated large use of skeuomorphism, but after Steve Job, they did not stick to it anymore and opted for a flatter design for its most popular products.

Now, exploring about it in more details will give us a clear picture of its reason to be so popular.

We can see prominent brands choosing flat logo design over other form:

As I have mentioned earlier a big example is Apple, that was completely away from the flat designing trend, but now the logo the brand represents justifies all the criterion being a flat one. You can see the icons and buttons are different not from 3D designs. One of the major reasons of the wide use is due to the rapid coverage. Flat designs have enveloped in numerous outlets during the last year, ranging from Forbes, Apple, even Microsoft in 2006 tried opting the design pattern and used it in their windows phone 7. Obviously, the craze for these products also increased the reach of flat design taking a definite place in its large customer base. Last but no the least, we cannot forget last years launch of iOS7 and its buttons and icon looked flatter, the shift was noticeable. Professional logo design companies also marked a switch over in preferences of the site owners and audiences.

For that mater, it left no medium untouched, if we talk about Facebook, looking at its icons and buttons we can clearly see the prominence of flat design. We track the change from the last year it will be helpful to gauge the difference, as last year it took over to the flat design for its logo on its different pages too.

How about considering the advantages:

The advantages flat or vector design portrays is also among the reasons of its ruling the graphic logo design industry. These are benefits are different and provide completely stylistic, but also look very professional practically. A close view will help us to elucidate:

Clarity and Neatness

As the design is created on minimalism and simplicity it gives a very neat and coordinated look. A neat look in case of logo is very impactful as it communicates your brands identity most efficiently and results in easy understanding of the customer.

Suitable for Mobiles too

Flat designs are mobile friendly that other designs formats, specifically skeuomorphism. Though a debate can arise as previously 3D buttons and icon were more loved by people on mobiles but to our supersize time proved that developers observed that flat design suits effortlessly on mobile screens than other approaches.

Professional Logo Designing For Best Brand Recognition and Business

Professional Logo Designing

Logo marks the identity of a product, services or an organization and it may consist of graphic design, exclusive symbol and stylized name.  It is an image that acts as an introduction to your brand.  It is very crucial to keep in mind the targeted viewers you want to reach while designing a logo. You can of course get some inspiration by scrolling through the trending websites. Creating a professional logo design that can instantly relate to the brands identity is a tedious job and needs perfection.

We need to ponder on few points to get an apt logo design:

  1. Whether it will be utility-driven or should it focus on evoking emotion.
  2. Trendy or quirky, which can grab the user interest more?
  3. What does the brand wants to convey to its viewers?
  4. Whether to go with the trend or stick to the brand’s personality?

Getting sorted with the answers of the above given questions, you can come with a clear picture of the logo you want for your brand. It’s needless to say that we require professional help to give our ideas the form and exactness to bring best brand recognition. Here are some of the vital points which are followed by Logo Design Company.

The Color Psychology

It’s an indisputable marketing strategy to attract the viewers with the selection of colors as it invokes emotions and relates inside our brain.  For example, we can see almost all road signs are done in yellow that can grab the glance immediately.  Like blue signifies trust and reliability, and this is why renowned companies like American Express, Bank of America, and Pay Pal has the dominance of the color blue.

Wordmarks for LOGO

Wordmark is nothing new in the world of logo designing; it is generally typographical design in which your brand name is used as visual symbols. It gives minimalist look and by features it is naturally creative in terms of placement, color and the rest of the designing aspects.  Examples can be seen in logo of Microsoft, and Wikipedia.


Duotone is widely used for in Photoshop and implies to monotones, tritons, quadtones along with duotones for designing the logo. Monotones consists grey scale images made with non-black ink. Same applies for Duotones, tritons done with more than one ink.

Handmade Resemblance

The focus of the year is more on the uniqueness and bona find designs for better user engagement and experience; it is not unbelievable that logos will come in this form too. Yes, to be precise logos are being sketched as a concept instead of making it sophisticated. Designers also opt to dynamic playfulness that makes it more personal and an authentic recognition for your brand.

Custom Logo Design

In the present time most of the owners chooses custom logo design to make it most authentic. Various companies offer affordable custom logo design as they creatively give form to your ideas and bring a unique identity and potential customers to brand.

Though it is sometimes easiest to follow the trend and go for it, but uniqueness is call of the day. So a creative and authentic design can attract more visitors!