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Designer’s Most Hated & Loved Fonts


The font that is used in a design to communicate a message is very much crucial as it represents the language. Gone are those days when the designers only have to choose between the Arial and Time New Roman fonts. With the advent of modern design technology, now the designers can choose from thousands of fonts. With so many fonts, it has now become more difficult for designers to select a particular one. Some fonts automatically feel more official, while others feel like fun. Some fonts are easier to read, and others are more difficult to read and create a struggle for the eyes.

What professional designers do is to use fonts that are widely popular and fonts that look more professional. The more experienced the designer is, the more is his efficiency to choose a perfect typeface. They use the fonts that they love the most. However, there are many fonts that designers dislike to use. Mentioned below is a discussion about the fonts that designers love and hate the most.

Most Loved Fonts:


Helvetica is considered the most loved font by the designers. It was introduced in the late 1950s by two Swiss designers who were trying to create a new version of Sans-serif typeface. According to the designers, Helvetica and other Sans-serif fonts are the cleanest and easiest to read. These types of fonts are mainly used for online reading since they are easy to read. Since its inception, Helvetica has become the most commonly used fonts by the designers. Designers love this font, and they use it most in official printing, signals, and notices. Helvetica is the only font which was documented in a film in 2007, named Helvetica.


Garamond is another serif which was named after the typeface during the time of renaissance. It was named after its creator Claude Garamond. Like Helvetica, Garamond is the most loved fonts and commonly used by the designers because they are easy to read and leaves a comfortable impression to the eyes of the readers. Another reason why designers love it the most because it adds a sense of poetry to the letters. However, unlike Helvetica, Garamond is most commonly used for offline design and print copies.


It is another font that was introduced in the late 1960’s Sans-serif. Since its inception, Frutiger has added many updated versions to its family. Frutiger also has a specially licensed version to Microsoft. Designers love the font because it is clean in appearance and gives a modern look. It is also easily readable without feeling stark. Frutiger is the most common font which can be seen in advertising collaterals.


Another unusual font which was introduced in the 18th century. Designers from almost all parts of the world love this font because of its classic look. Its alternating thick lines recognize it within a single letter that gives it a high dimension. This gives it a familiar look to the typefaces that were used in 18th and 19th-century books and documents.

Most Hated Fonts:

Comic Sans:

Designed and releases in 1994, Comic Sans is based on the familiar letters used in comic books. Although these types of fonts are used in many prints, most designers dislike using comic sans due to its widespread use in the wrong situations.


Designers do not like papyrus, perhaps because of its rough and unbalanced look of the letterform. However, some designers appreciate their accessibility. However, in general, designers hate this font compared to more generic fonts like Times or Arial.


An influential American designer Morris Fuller developed this font in 1914. It first came into the limelight when it appeared on Bee Gees Album cover designs. However, with new fonts are introduced, Souvenir has become outdated, and many designers consider it as a silly and foolish font. Designers don’t love its soft yet graphic appearance.

2012 Headline:

2012 Headline has become famous since its use in the London Olympic font. What designers hate about this font is that it tries so hard to look cool, but it simply is not. It also creates a confounding effect on the eyes of a reader because it has a perfectly round O. 2012 Headline was not used much after the London Olympic Games.

Free logo maker – Is it useful to create a Logo Design?

Free logo maker

When you are in the phase when you are planning to get an amazing corporate business identity for your business, you definitely need a professional touch. A meaningful and striking logo design can help you to establish your mark in this competitive world. Nevertheless, you can choose to go for free logo makers that can create logo design for you with your concept and ideas. This may cost you less than hiring a professional logo designer, but there is no surety that you will get an apt one free error. It is just same as when your refrigerator is not functioning properly and you decide to repair it by yourself. Have you thought what will happen if you can’t? At the end you call a professional or a mechanic to get it fixed.

Do you understand the grandness of logo design for the brand, that’s your corporate identity that can’t be compromised. In a free loge maker or software you get an assortment of few numbers of templates and some more options to restrict your concept and you can only design with those give properties.

Download a logo maker software and distort the corporate business identity, see how-
The emblem or brand mark of any business should be created keeping in mind the future design trends and logo making software can’t do that is most obvious.

Each color speaks for a specific business type and I hope a logo making software could understand that.

The rate of competition or the contenders are not a thing to be ignored and should be checked before making a logo design and of course a free logo maker can’t do that.

If I am a business owner, then quiet obviously I will not my business message get mingled or lost as it will be similar to so many other logos online. Whether you own a small or bigger one I am sure that you also will not want to get it mingled with other brand identities. I know it is obvious that smaller businesses will not want to incur a huge amount for the logo creation but in other aspects. But, we forget that in the long run it’s the logo design that is going to be a recognition and ambassador, not much but the company can suffer loss of professional brand identity.

There are many who fall a prey to these so called free logo makers and download it for the attraction of the word ‘free’. This tool merely a compilation of some clip art with no room for creativity. So, this makes it clear that you will have to get a result that will be similar to ones or others logo design. In this steep competitive arena jeopardizing the corporate identity will be a sheer blunder. The logo will advertise your business round the year, so it must be created with professional finesse and uniqueness that can be appealing for the brand. And taking help of a professional designer or hiring the services of a logo designer agency can be appropriate.

Now, it’s high time that you decide what you wish to choose? You want to give the target audience a remarkable corporate identity or you will ignore the effectiveness of logo design.