Logo design concepts for entertainment industry - Explained

Logo design concepts for entertainment industry - Explained

Like any other business type entertainment industry is particularly demanding and is million dollar business. That has a cutthroat market and creating a distinction is really technical. As an entertainment arena is wide one, it is quite difficult to decide the theme for the logo design that can be perfect for the industry. It can be pretty safe to rely on a professional logo design company for an entertainment brand logo that will be timeless and a cutting age. In this industry if the design makes you think of some other, then it may be called a failure as a design. The large field cannot be has various categories and requires a brand mark that can be unique and justifying that particular company. It has to poses the features that can captivate millions of viewers.

Look at the Logo Design Concept of Stalwart Companies of the Industry:

Dreamworks Logo design - As the name suggests, Dreamwork the movie company gives dreamy experience to the audience to get relieved from the stark reality and escape to sleep-like catharsis. This is what people expects from a movie. So the brand mark should have an appeal that will make the audience believe the brand. It has the elements like moon with a young boy sitting on it and has a fishing pool in his hands. Colors blue and white create a fairy-tale like feeling. The name and the design of the logo both inherit all the features that stands the brand name and essence. It has immense popularity since 1994.

Twentieth Century Fox logo - The logo of Twentieth Century Fox logo portrays both power and style that ranges back to the earliest times of Hollywood. Font type used in it had an ancient appeal and richness of reflective gold, that can be connected to wealth. The lights around the text, are traditionally linked with theater. Every element in the logo has been incorporated with a meaning as the background portrays dawn, the perfect time for people to have them entertained with movie theaters after the regular work. This logo is a complete representation of the movie brand that has earned all the success.

Universal - Universal Pictures has put life to their logo with proper significance. The fonts and design inherit the name “Universal” with the image of a globe. The symbol implying logo design that is all powered to entertain the universe. The glow in the background relating to trade as the film industry uses light as a main component and the light colors in the front of the logo strikes a creative balance.

Paramount logo - The logo of the Paramount shows a mountain emerging from clouds. Image of mountains and the triangular shape describe the strength and the surrounding with clouds imply heights. Color in the theme has the tranquil effect of an evening. The circle of stars adds the zeal and is associated with Hollywood. It completely describes the brand and has a great success story.

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