Is Your Blog in American English Or British English? What is The Difference?

Is Your Blog in American English Or British English? What is The Difference?

In Present Day, English is a more strength language in the world. Although 70% of countries in this world understand, spoken English language. US English and British English spoken differently, but it is acceptable and understandable by both nations of people.

In the last 500 Odd Years, the English language has changed himself as per country, local languages, pronunciation, punctuation. Britishers reached in America in 16 to 17 Centuries; actually, they established the English language in America. There are lots of countries that have their English word stocks, and they used the local English language as per the follow of British English. In America, India, china, japan, uses the English language, but they spoke English mixture with his local style. As per locations, British and American English have of difference in vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and punctuation. All bloggers know that Content Is King; if you want to get more traffic on your company website, then you must use American English in your article.

You are planning to go to America. If you don't know American English, Then you will be facing a few problems. You have to know American spoken English for staying in America because there are some fundamental and word differences in American English. American and British speak the same English Language, but it is little difference in writing, but a noticeable difference in spoken. If you are a blogger, then you need lots of audience for your blog. You can Get More Organic Traffic by writing an article in American English Language The following difference are:-

1. Pronunciation:- There are some Quiet different in British English and American English in pronunciation. The main difference is only in pronunciation. Few words are spelled in the same ways, but they pronounced in different syllables. If you want to send your company Brochure Design in a regular newsletter by email, then you need good and meaningful content in the body of your email text. Grammatical-error-free and good pronunciation content and good English can grow your company brand and increase sales.

2. Vocabulary:- In today's time, American English is probably winning from British English. You can check your American English article by Microsoft's spell checker. Some words can have different meanings in both countries. As: in British English - "We go on a Holiday" but, in American English "We go on a Vacation".

Few words meaning are different in British and American English. There is some cultural difference also in both nations like A British can knock his friend's house in the morning, but similarly, Americans don't like this act and could not consider. How to Write A Better Bio? By using correct vocabulary, you can write a better bio for your company.

There are some words use in both outcry by different pronunciation:-

British English -- American English

  1. Chemist’s – Pharmacy
  2. Dustbin – Trash
  3. Biscuit – Cookie
  4. Garden – Yard
  5. Holiday – Vacation
  6. Flat – Apartment
  7. Lift – Elevator
  8. Petrol – Gasoline
  9. Queue – Line
  10. Torch – Flashlight
  11. Sweets – Candy
  12. Trousers – Pants
  13. Film – Movie
  14. Postcode – Zipcode
  15. Underground – Subway

3. Collective Nouns:- Americans mostly use collective nouns in singular form only while the British use either singular or plural as per the context.

4. Spelling:- There are many common words and spelling differences in British and American English.

Thousands of everyday word spelling in like:-

British English -- American English

  1. Colour – Color
  2. Honour – Honor
  3. Organise – Organize
  4. Dialog – Dialogue
  5. Centre – Center
  6. Travelling – Traveling
  7. Licence – License
  8. Programme – Program

5. Dates:- In British English, dates are written like "03/02/20, but in American, English dates are written like "02/03/20. If you are Indian or any country citizen that you must make specific dates difference between the two nations, do not confusing during communication.

6. Auxiliary verbs:- An auxiliary verb is used intense, grammatical functions in sentences. Verbs like "May," "Can't, "must" are used both in British and American English.

7. Punctuation:- In American English, punctuation seen through titles such as Dr., Mr., Mrs. spelled sentences, but in British English, this is not common things. A little difference between American and British English, most noticeable in the spoken English form.

8. Past tense verbs:- In American English, past tense verbs end with the last character, 't'. Past Tense form example; dream is 'dreamt,' learn 'learnt' in American English. But in British English past tense verbs are end with the last two-character 'ed'. Past Tense form Example; dream is 'dreamed,' learn is 'learned' in British English. Nowadays, a digital marketer needs to Efficiently Marketing Tool to sell your products. Direct mail is the first and essential tool to market your products or services. Always use correct English and fewer grammatical errors in English in your email. Customers like clean and meaning full content. You can use American or British English for your email as per the location of your audience.

Conclusions:- Although in American English and British English have little difference, but in speaking, there are lots of variations. You must know the basic rules of both English. If your article is good in English, and you want to promote your article, you need to install Social Media Sharing Plugins on your website. You Visitor can share your valuable article into social media by using social media plugin.

There is a little bit of difference in writing forms. But there is a change in speaking action and meaning in spoken ways in American English. You can learn American English with a little bit of effort. Or easy to learn British English by knowing a few basics.

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