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Role & Functions of digital marketing agencies in Modern India

digital marketing agencies

Owing to its futuristic program of advancement In India it is essential that Indian Industry should also grow at a very fast pace to achieve its growth objective. For rapid growth of the industry, it is essential that the marketing strategy should be very much effective & less time-consuming. Therefore the need for digital marketing agency requirement increases more than 100 times to cope up with the growth perspective. For that, it requires efficient technopolis, marketeers & visionaries to work together at a constant pace to achieve the desired goal of the country at a large. That is the main reason why digital marketing agencies in India are booming today at a very fast pace to meet the requirement. It is the responsibilities of these agencies that the client can take the advantage of the latest technological advancement, thereby expanding their reach on the global platform through different online marketing techniques to foster growth.

Now let’s see what are the roles & functions of digital marketing agency:-

1) Adopting innovative ideas to stay ahead in the competition. Employing effective strategy to get the maximum traffic.
2) Formulating creative digital marketing campaigns that helps organizations to gain maximum attention from its clients.
3) Using Right keyword phrases increasing the rank of the website in various search engines.
4) Devising interactive marketing strategies to create a long-term relationship with the clients.
5) Establishing a global platform for small and medium scale industries to keep pace with the developed nations of the world.
6) Ensure transparency while dealing with a prospective client.
7) Creating an open forum where people or viewers can put forward their opinion for a better service or product facility.
8) Nurturing the changing need & behavior of the customers to take an effective action.

Thus New India requires new marketing approach to keep its identity intact in front of the world economy. After the implementation of the concept of Digital India the marketing system in this country has changed drastically. Companies are switching their approach from traditional marketing to digital marketing to ensure robust growth opportunities in a very small span of time. Each and every business unit irrespective of their volume of business are interested today to build a website or availing SEO services to increase their reach in the global market & to outsmart their competitors. Digital marketing agencies in India today has the prime responsibility to uplift a brand image and to create a long-term impact on the minds of a customer. Brand Loyalty is created when your audience gets the right set of information from your brand.

Digital marketing agencies can target, position, or place a brand rapidly. That is the reason why the scope of getting genuine sales lead increases in a small span of time. Various E-commerce portal today are earning millions using these techniques. Thus this concept has brought a revolution in the marketing field to foster steady growth of the country

How to choose a reliable digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency

Generally business entrepreneurs have an tendency to do all the work themselves. I have seen many of them even I can include myself in the lot. We generally find it difficult to handover the reins, to trust the firms and believing that they can handle the further process successfully if not better then us.

Though, after setting up the business it reaches a point where it becomes impossible to manage the online marketing required tasks without opting for a professional. So now the question comes how to choose the trusted and efficient digital marketing agency. Hiring the services you can have your business marketing done by the experts and experienced people in the domain will strategize and carryout the web promotional job for you. This strategy is of utmost importance to launch the business online to create a repute in the web world.

The points that can be useful in choosing a good digital marketing agency

Do some research
If you are new in the industry, then you must know there are some mountebanks here who will try to sell their services to the clients. They will promise you high while at the time of getting the desired result they will offer you lackluster output and ask for more time and money to fetch organic traffic. Whereas, most of the agencies are not like this, still you can check for the following:

  • Avoid hiring marketing agencies out of country
  • Trade very wisely when you are opting for very low charging agencies. Unusually low prices generally means low-quality results
  • Try to select from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited websites

Credibility check
The agency you are selecting, does have a proper website? When you see the website of the agency itself is awful then just avoid that one. The other things are the testimonial section and the list of clients they have served previously. Look for the experience in the industry for which you want them to design. The reviews, whether they are positive or not? If they have any accreditation or not? It is not possible that you will get all the criterion okay but if most of the answers in negative then it will wise that you ponder again before hiring.

Price – the Determining Factor
Probably the first or second question you would ask the agency is “how much do you charge, right?” Most of you wouldn’t mind to pay good amount for it but first you need to assure a wise deal. As I mentioned previously it’s always better to omit the option that is the cheapest. Selecting the right digital marketing agency should be done by relying on the work quality and professionalism. You can of course go for reputable agency and negotiate at a reasonable initial charge.

How can Digital Marketing help in your Business Promotion?

Digital Marketing

In this digital age, it is indispensable to have a web presence with authenticity, whether the business size is small or big. To get a complete global audience you have to be online that will give you a recognition in the cut throat competition. Otherwise you will losing on a large number of perspective customers too. Only marketing with a meticulous strategy can earn your business the name and profit in this field. Digital promotion techniques keep on changing with various updates that brought by the search engine like Google. Every algorithm change rolled out by Google requires modification or updation in the search engine optimization strategy (SEO). Now coming on to SEO, it is most significant in making the web audience aware of your brand name through ranking better on the search engine page.

Planning online marketing strategy requires information about the prevailing and upcoming changes in the world of digital marketing. It requires professional skills and technical knowledge to create a successful plan to market your business better online. A digital marketing company can be of great use from this aspect as the marketing experts here are enriched with experience and are well trained to give your website the proper exposure with a full proof strategies.

Basically digital marketing is a broad term which envelopes various significant aspects of online marketing, which includes SEO, SMO, SEM, content syndication, email marketing, campaign creation, search ad creation, display as creation. Every point needs expertise to be carried out with dexterously to ensure good business results. There are a large number of competitors in the market and to surpass their image you need a strong campaign to reach to people with the search of your desired keywords.

Reliable digital marketing agency always provides specialized services for SEO, SMO and SEM that can bring your product or services in the top ranking websites. It is obvious that when your website will rank within the top ten results on the search engine it will get more visitors and more views can gradually change to potential customers. It is needless to say that people will not be interested in the results which rank low and they will not even bother to look at it even. Therefore, it is essential to get your business website best optimized for more sales.

Social media optimization has become a great platform to portray your products and services in the best possible way to maximize people. Everyone is connected to the social media platforms now a days. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ are the most effectively used ones. Great number of people connect to Facebook every minute globally, and getting your brand campaign displayed here can make people aware of your brand and its beneficial features. Creating an interesting concept for publishing smart post regularly can enhance the reliability and exposure of your business. Regular updates in the social channel will make your business name familiar within the viewers and you will get good amount of loyal customers. Nevertheless, there are paid ad campaign options in Facebook and LinkedIn that will make your ad visible for everyone on this platform. Of course it will incur certain amount of money depending on the number of days you want to run the ad.

SEM is the search engine marketing that requires you to invest an amount in ad campaign targeting the specific area from where you get the maximum viewers. This is done through Google Adwords and is an effective paid platform that ensures best conversion rates. You are bagged with a good amount if sales from it.

Ascertain the SEO Strategy You Implement is Effective


By now you must have been aware that search engine optimization (SEO) is very essential for your business promotion. However, with the changes and updates Google keep on making the algorithm you need to change your planning too. SEO being the most integral part of digital marketing services, needs to be done meticulously. Are you thinking that you are not sure whether the SEO strategy you are using initially may not be as effective as it were before. So, here are some of the points that with which you can be sure that your SEO plan of action is working effectively.

How should you approach?

As mentioned above, here is a three step method that will guide you to check and ensure that your seo plan has not become obsolete and is still working efficiently for your brand. For that matter, it is a great thought to revise or amend your previous strategy to get desired benefits.

Review various aspect of your existing strategy: While you decide to review your strategy, there are some particular points that you afford to focus. The first section is your landing page which is specially created for the visitors’ ease and increase the conversion rate. You should focus specifically on the content quality of this page which includes, grammar,punctuation, spelling, meaning and continuity. The way of writing and the effect you feel your visitor should get also needs to be checked. One positive thing is content will not require to change much as the subject matter is same. Thereafter, if you see your plan of SEO is not sufficient to cope-up with the latest updates still you don’t need to change the whole thing, this issue can be managed by making meticulous changes. Some factors will never change as the logo the main structure of the website as these are the backbone of your business. If you have done that appropriately in initially with clear concept, then it will always be useful. The other content of your pages needs to relevant and informative about the services for maintaining the existing and potential customers along with the new readers. It may happen that the need of customers may have changed over the passing time. Moreover, you must have the proper understanding of the clients and then you can be able to provide them with required. Simple tweak in keywords meta description will be impactful.

Evaluation is the second step: Once you check the content and find that it needs to be rewritten, as you would like to include new ideas for the betterment. This will give a freshness to the website and more viewer engagement as creativity can entice them. This will be an opportunity to portray some unique and innovative ideas that may yield your desired results that my not have happened in the past.

Get and include the information: One of the ways that can help you refresh your SEO strategy is checking the top competitor sites and find what they are providing and you lack, if any. You can make amends accordingly. Check the analytics of the website and know the interested visitors. Survey the liking of people and include the things they are more incline on related to your website and this in order can create more number prospective clients.

Marketing your business online with Brilliance

Digital Marketing

With every product going online we can see that marketing arena is turning digital. Some of the business owners have a rough knowledge about digital marketing services while others are unaware of it. Proper digital marketing strategy can help the business to flourish best online and doing it without proper acquaintance is not of any use. So, let me try to help you out with some useful tips that can guide you to have a successful business online.

Optimised use of social Media

Now everyone uses social media platforms, mostly Facebook. The other platforms like Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ are also to be utilized wisely. With the use of these platforms perfectly for the promotion of your business, can result in maximum potential customer for the website lucratively. Promoting your business through Facebook ads is advisable as it can increase the reach to four folds.

To maintain a great social media presence you need is persistent and regular on the sites. There will no impact if you post once in a month or week. According to the experts 4 to 5 posts on twitter and regularly at least 2 posts on Facebook and Google+ and 1 on Linkedin can yield good results.

While creating a post always keep in mind that you should post that interests your customers not about you only. Only showcasing your products and services for promotion, then you are making a big mistake. And this will result in decreased user interest and less number of prospective customers. It will be wise to create a valuable content with information and combine with a little bit of promotional text. People are interested to get information and you can provide them with that with a cautious inclusion of your product. This will increase the number of followers and improve the exposure to your brand.

Quality Contents can work Wonder

In digital marketing, the content is king, so it needs to be of good quality and definitely should be unique. You can beat your competitors by providing more valuable information with a high quality writing. But using an ornamental language is not required as it is for the understanding of common users. In various formats it can be used more effectively as in infographics, PDFs and the most trending ones are video and animations. Taking professional help can be useful for creating great content. Hiring an agency to manage the digital marketing strategy and provide you with better content.

There is quite a lot of them you can go through their profiles online and for the ones that suits your needs. Going through the testimonial or client feedback section will help you to gage their skills and charges of the services along with affordable content prices. You can also select the services from the websites for good content.

Following the basic tips given above, you can of course get a distinct position in the world wide web and increase your business profit at the utmost level. And one you create an online image that will keep paying in the long run, but of course you have kept the position maintained with proper strategy.

Imminent Digital Marketing trends for 2016 – Elucidated

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in the present is moving at an alarming pace, and to ensure a prominent place for our business in the competitive market we need to keep up with it. The digital world is filled with unlimited new and appealing products, services and digital newness. Search for the products by the buyers is not only restricted to browsing the internet as various social media platforms also every minute provide information about upcoming or new products. Creativity and logical approach is the trend of 2016 and the results are worthwhile.

Have a glance at the advanced trends in digital marketing that are effective in building brand reputation online:

Primarily, while creating a website the sole emphasis should be given on making it user friendly. The products and services should be described in such way that with a glance consumer can understand the functionality and utility.

Competitor analysis is an imperative part of an infallible internet marketing so as to know what the tactics that your competitors are up to. Taking the example of popular E-commerce sites, by following some of the reputed brands can be helpful in getting back links this will improve the search result on Google page and will fetch your more business

Secondly, it has to SEO friendly to have a better position on Google search page (SERP). No prizes for guessing, viewers only click on the websites that comes within first few positions on the page. So to attract more number of customers you must have a simple yet much describing site. As the latest update in the Google algorithm ‘content is the king’ concept still rules. To become a Google loved site and have maximum business your web page needs to have quality and unique content. Keeping it simple and avoiding use of jargon makes the content easy to understand for the viewers and their stay at the website for long.

Thirdly, every minute hundreds of searches are being carried out by the users on mobiles, tabs more that desktop. You will be amazed to know that more than 80% of local searches are done on mobiles and approximately 64% of them go for the products or services. Responsive or mobile friendly web design can fetch you the maximum amount of business.

Social media promotion is like a boon for reaching your brand to large traffic strategically. Every moment users keeps checking on their Facebook and other social media platforms and an ad or informative link sharing can get you a huge amount of traffic generating leads. It is an open secret Google has a keen watch on social signals. We need to know which platform impacts more whether it’s Facebook likes shares or tweets or more number of re-pins from Pinterest as all are captured in its radar. It is seen that more preference is given to Google +1’s followed by Facebook for search ranking.

The latest research on digital marketing in 2016, hints that marketers are opting to integrate advanced and traditional techniques for better results. Digital marketing services create eminent quality websites along with advanced optimization to ensure utmost traffic and business, keeping at par with the search engine updates.