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UI and UX design – through the Designer’s eye

UI And UX Design

While walking through the streets in this world of technology you must have heard the terms ‘UX’ and ‘UI’. Is it a different abbreviated and technical way of communication that you will never know? Or people are using some slang in this way to act cool?

Well, the reply to the first question is yes but No to the other part of the question. Just keep on reading to know what these terms actually mean and how UX and UI design is used by a designer.

The Abbreviations Revealed

These are two aspects of designing. You can say two professions which have been in used decades and technically is called UX and UI. Both are correlated yet have definite functional differences. UX stands for User Experience design, while UI is User Interface design. Here UX is somewhat more technical and analytical approach and UI is something similar to graphic design but is a bit complex. Collaborated implementation of both is required for a product.

Let me use an analogy to make it clear.

If you think the product as a human body, the outer structure means the bones are the codes that form the layout. The organs can be said as UX design – to control and organize the body functions against the input. I will not be wrong saying the cosmetics of the body like the sense and reactions.

User Experience Designer (UXD or UED)

It advocates the school of the human-first pattern. It’s completely based on the perception to enhance the website quality to give the best possible experience to the site visitors. The website design today takes help of both the aspects collaboratively to improve the business performance. The factors like improving customer satisfaction, easy navigation and ease for the communication between the user and the product. The main strategy includes:

  • Strategy and Content
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Execution and Analytics

Now coming to the next part that’s

Though it’s the more practiced and conventional designing from but is difficult to define UI User Interface design. It can be stated as UX design being the collection of various tasks done with aim of optimization of the product User Interface design is a aids the look and feel and interactivity. Here are some of the intricate aspects of UI design:

Look and Feel
Responsiveness and Interactivity

Let’s face it, still, the distinct roles of both the disciplines are confused, misinterpreted but the explanations may help you to gauge the difference and use accordingly.