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How to Choose Colors for Your Logo?


Humans are visual creatures; we have different perception to different colors. For instance, black can signify darkness or sophistication while white can indicate simplicity and cleanliness.
What this means for your logo design is you can experiment with different colors to decide which ones suit the best for your business.

Here are some tips on how to choose colors for your logo:

1. Single or multiple colors
The first step to bringing your logo to life is to decide whether you want to use a single color or multiple ones. And in case you are wondering which one is more effective, then the answer is both.
You can find plenty of examples of popular brands either having a mono-color logo or colorful logos. The general implication of using multiple colors in a logo is to symbolize diverseness of products or services.

2. Experiment with different logo versions
There’s no harm in experimenting with different logo versions such as black and white, monochrome, or multiple colors. Evaluate the different logo versions for the significance or connect they create. You can also hand over the different log version to your co-workers to gain valuable feedbacks.

3. Understand the significance of colors
Colors have their own significance. Understanding their implications will help you choose the right hues for your logo.

Red: red represents energy, passion, danger, heat, or aggression.

Blue: blue implies calmness, sincerity, professionalism, and integrity.

Green: green indicates naturalism, freshness, and growth.

White: white symbolizes cleanliness, purity, simplicity, and honesty.

Black: black can be ambiguous; it can represent class and sophistication as well as commonness and darkness.

Purple: purple implies dignity, luxury, royalty, and wisdom.

Pink: pink indicates fun and playfulness.

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