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Complete Guide for Google Webmaster – SEO Perspective


It is a standard technique and not some kind of magic tool which can help you rank a website. The ability to understand the proper tags, category, word limitation for a content are some of the worth mentioning parts of SEO. It is all about how one can define the skeleton for his/her website. It has nothing to with the content, although it is one of the most important part of the Google ranking scale. An article should have proper headings and the Title should reflect the ability to explain the complete article as a whole.

Let us discuss about some points to get more traffic from SEO:

Keyword Analysis
The niche has to be very specific. You cannot rank an article with content and simple SEO only; Keyword Analysis is an inseparable part of the SEO curriculum. This has to be done very carefully and accurately. The limit between spam content and providing a class A article is very slim. You cannot stuff keywords to an article without making any sense. The flow of the paragraph should be retained and it should in no way look like that it has been inserted forcefully.

Another important factor is the bundle keywords for a particular niche. Many webmasters allow the content to be from a genuine source but makes a mistake most of the time. They are fond of keywords and love to insert as many words as they could to the content/article. This is a very bad practice and should be rectified. It is advisable to write multiple articles targeting multiple keywords but a single article with multiple keywords mash together usually do not work quite well. If the article performs worse the keywords are lost forever as well. But if an article underperforms for a particular keyword you have the chance to optimize the other remaining keywords in your next publish.

It has been widely debated that CMS are better than the static html designs. This is not quite true. There is a reason for which the CMS does better in the search engine results. The Google bot has no problem while crawling a CMS based site such as word press, Joomla or any other as they have well defined structure and follows the guidelines on segregating the categories and other important factors. While under HTML system you have to design everything for every individual requirement – Tags, Categories, and Archive etc. If you can do the same thing in the HTML section, chances are that they might do better than the CMS trend that everyone is implementing now a day.

Load-time and Cache
This is one of the most crucial aspects of the ranking system done by Google and almost every other search engine. If the load time is more than a few seconds it degrades the quality of the site in the eyes of search engine bots. In the modern world where information is meant to be available in a few clicks and a few second the load time becomes an important factor. If you are a webmaster whose sites used to rank better for unique results earlier and now has been hit hard check the webpage load time. This is a simple tool to check the load time.