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What’s the most suitable SEO friendly URL structure for WordPress?


Probably URL optimization is one of the easiest tasks in SEO which you have to do in the beginning while you are using WordPress or any CMS. Now the questions come what is an SEO friendly URL and how it is effective for the site optimization? What type of SEO optimized permalink can be a benefiting factor for the website rank?

Firstly, URL is the structure that provides the web address of the website or a specific webpage as the term basically stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Each web page online has a unique URL and it somewhat depicts the domain.

Example – You are offering an Upholstery services and say you want your company’s name is ABC. A perfect URL will show the website domain of your business offering clearly. So it can be abcupholstry.com. Any other brand offering the same can’t use the same name, this will make it unique.

Now, let’s focus on what’s SEO friendly URL? This actually means the structure of URL should be so constructed that will enable the search engine spiders to know the page location and purpose. It should include the keyword that is main among the set of other keywords. When you have to decide the URL of the other pages than the index or home page, then you can use the particular service related word for the extension.

For example – you want to design the page by highlighting the customized services so the URL that can justify will be – http://www.abcupholstry.com/customized-furniture
Proper optimization can help you to get the best SEO friendly structure for the Website URL. Though there are two parts when you are using WordPress or other CMS. Every post will require an optimized URL for the best impact on the users and the crawlers too. Each page can be segregated in two parts one is the domain and second in location or path to get the page on the website, while no two domain can have the same URL.

When you update a post the example of a Non- SEO friendly URL is:

And SEO friendly will be:

Now, when you know how to create an optimized URL, the next obvious question is why it’s significant for SEO?
It enhances user experience
As the user can easily know by reading the URL http://www.abcupholstry.com/customized-furniture that page you have searched provides information about creating customized furniture and the same facility.

Significant SEO ranking factor
Google always improved the algorithm when it comes to URL interpretation and presently every CMS are designed to be able to customize URL to be SEO optimized and it helps in ranking better.

Backlink creation
A study conducted by Backlinko reveals top positioning URLs are those which are shorter. You can use a relevant keyword but stuffing can affect adversely, doubly. It will make the URL long and will provide no clear information to the search engine bot about the page. Maximum 3 words should be included in an SEO friendly URL or up to 2048 characters. Uppercase, lowercase, and spaces are not allowed in the perfect structure. For example – http://www.abcupholstry.com/Customized-Furniture this is the wrong way.
Customization of URL in WordPress:

It’s quite simple, let me explain it in a few steps

  • Go to the settings, permalink settings
  • select the Common Settings
  • write the custom structure you need for your website.
  • And for a published post URL, just go to the small edit button shown under the title and change it in a way that explains the topic.