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Some smart ways to select the perfect domain for your online business


The name of your domain which signifies the company and the URL has a decisive part to play in terms of search results. This is the place where the online audience will get information about your business, but the domain you select also is responsible to great extends and effects you websites visibility. Now, there are several options than it used to be before and there are some considerations still now that can help you take a wise decision.

As per a report published by ICANN in 2017 there are more than 1,547 top-level domains (TLDS). While you can be assured of getting unlimited options at the same time it doesn’t simply your work of selecting. So check out the points in following section of write-up that can be guiding for the purpose:

Consider the keywords first

Before hurriedly registering to your preferred domain, be patient and brainstorm on few things. Keep the prime 2 to 3 keywords in mind while the starting the choosing process. These phrases or words should simply define what you do or what are you aiming to do. Mix and match the ideas and culminate to result that makes perfect sense. Don’t force your mind – let it be flowing.
An example will make the process clearer to you, like if you are starting an home delivery for grocery then you should think of terms like prompt delivery, fresh products etc.

Try to create it unique

The domain is a main part of your business, so make it sure that it has certain distinctness for your potential audience. A domain that has close similarity to any other contender brand or popular brand is not a wise idea, as this can be confusing. It is also beneficial for SEO purposes.

Yet another thing to be pondered is in spree to be unique, it should not be something unusual. Like changing the spelling of a generally used words forcefully can be troublesome. For example, when the domain for Flickr.com was decided the founders aimed as Flickr.com instead of Flicker.com and they lost substantial amount of traffic to change to the properly spelled word and redirecting the rest traffic to Flickr.com.

Try to settle for .com

If you are planning for a long term online business then you must go for a .com website. Of course, you have option 301-redirection to get the traffic to the .net or .org websites but owning a .com website is like having a TLD. There are several reasons how it matters to your the web visitors as .com as TLD is most trustworthy.
Keep it easy

If you have a complicated URL that is difficult to type, people will not be interested. Long URLS and hard to spell words frustrates customers.

Make it Memorable

If you want to make your brand popular, faster than word-of-mouth is still a best marketing technique that can work promptly. So make the domain name attractive that is easy to remember. While having a superb website which people can’t remember the name.