Suggestions and clues to create flawless logo design – by the experts

Suggestions and clues to create flawless logo design – by the experts

Remarkable logo design needs a proper combination of designing brilliance, creativity and adept application. Any professional worth their salt can create a fit-for-requirement logo, but to master the real craftsmanship it take a some time.

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Undoubtedly, logo is an small yet substantial part of branding – which at present is incorporated in various activities for marketing, like from interior design to posts on social media. But the brand mark always is the centerpiece in the process of branding. So to give form to a such an important aspect for your business, here are some of the pro logo design tips that can help you create a design to enhance the branding effect. Starting from the research to the other stages of creativity and ultimately to the application.

Regarding the research and strategy – understand the competition Before starting the design work for a logo concept, always do the research for the target audience. The client can enlighten you about the competitors and the message he/she wants to convey through the design. Have a look on all the competitive logos in that particular industry, this can sometimes help you to create familiar visuals.

Provide the information for the right questions

Strategy is the most important part and it is rather getting more value in the marketing process. What practically is means is it mainly depends on the scale of the project, but begins with getting the answers to the right questions. According to a book by Michael Johnson on branding, these are the six factors you must know about the brand in building the brand strategy in the logo creation. The questions suggested are Why are we here?; What do we do, and how do we do it?; What makes us different?,Who are we here for?; What do we value the most?; and finally, What’s our personality?

Respect a brand’s heritage

Widely heralded as a trend in 2016, the so-called ’retro branding’ movement was kicked off by North’s much-lauded rebrand of Co-op, which reinvigorated its original 1960s mark and won one of CA’s coveted Brand Impact Awards in the process. Advertisement

NatWest and Kodak followed within a few months, but we argued here on CB that we should be wary of the retro design trend. However, where genuine heritage and untapped potential exists in a mark, avoid throwing the baby out with the bath water and consider bringing it to the fore.

Tweak and refine to add personality If you use an existing typeface in a logotype, particularly a near-ubiquitous one such as Helvetica, there is often more pressure on other touchpoints, such as imagery, color palette, tone of voice and so on, to develop and enhance the brand’s personality.

Skillful tracking is essential when setting a simple logotype in an existing typeface. Wide-tracked type can feel sophisticated and authoritative, while tight, meticulous kerning can help lock individual letter forms together as self-contained unit.

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