How To Choose The Right Font For Your Design

How To Choose The Right Font For Your Design

In this digital time, Selecting Good font are essential For text uses of design and your reader. Font can communicate with your client. A right font can send your message and represents behalf of your to your audience. Right fonts promote your text or design and give you lots of traffic for your business. So choosing the best font that can increase your audience.

In this technological era, there are thousands of fonts. Some font is very critical, and some fonts are straightforward, clean, and easy to read. Before selecting a font for your article, you have to confirm the requirements and interests of your client. Your article view depends on the fonts. So be careful before selecting a font, always choose simple and clean fonts that are readable. There are 10 Points for choosing a font:-

1. Branding:- Every brand needs an identity to build its branding. Selecting a clean and attractive font can promote your brand and make a relationship with your customers. You should choose a font that must be unique and memorable. You must select a font that is suitable for all platforms, like website, Promoting materials, and a company brochure. Some tips for choosing a font:-

  • Be recognizable and memorable
  • Be unique and attractive
  • Suitable for all platforms
  • Relate and communicate with your potential audience

2.Copy Length:- Copy Length is used for books, magazines, and newspapers. You can select a more personal typeface for a small copy.

3. Serif vs. Sans:- Serif and sans are two different types of font. Top Serif Fonts used in the printing industry, such as newspapers, books, publishing houses, and also in webpages. It is a more old font than another. Sans serif commonly accepted by general people. It is easy to read a lengthy article or any printing materials by Sans Serif. This typeface is more suitable for us and precise for reading on the web and solid materials like books, newspapers. There is something different between sans and serif. But the difference is very narrow, but you can recognize the difference. Sans font is an evident and readable typeface. But serif font has more design and ornaments. So choose a font that delivers to you a meaningful message and relates to your goal. There are some fonts Designer’s Most Hated & Loved Fonts are :-

Some Serif Typefaces:-

  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia
  • Lucida

Some Sans Typeface:-

  • Arial
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana

4. Font Family Size:- If you want to choose a font that you must know which one type of font you need. Some font is members of a super-family, and they have their styles and weights. If you want to change for your particular text, then use the same type of font design for that. You can create a SEO friendly content with help of best font and its sizes.

5. Demographics:- To select the right font, then you need to collect a few data of your targeted audience. You should know interest, age, which services they need, and which type of text they want to read. All are required to select the right font and clear to your targeting goal. Your main goal is to sell or providing information about your services or products by suitable typeface.

You feel that your potential reader is from different ages and different interests. It would be best if you chose simple text and typeface for children readers and attractive and clean fonts for young readers, that is so important you readers read your article or book by his interest and easily.

6. Legibility:- Legibility or reliability is an essential thing for selecting a font. Readability can impress and interact with typeface size, style, color, and tracking. If you are Select a font suitable to the reliability, then you achieve the 40% goal of your target. You must check that your text body is more readable and legible.

For your audience test, you must add eye-catching headlines with your attractive typeface if your article or blog decorated with captions, titles with the use of a suitable font that improves your audience readability.

Typeface For Body Text

  • Vision
  • Bifocals Grotesk
  • Alte Haas Grotesk
  • Roman Serif

Typeface For Display Text

  • Geizer
  • Ridge line 201
  • Konstant Grotesk
  • Eva
  • Terrain

7. Avoid Using Too Similar Fonts:- Suitable for your readers. Do not choose a similar font. If you want two same font, your reader confused, and the text is not readable. Then you may lose your reader.

Use a clean and straightforward typeface for the audience to scan your writing, and avoid 3-4 fonts in the same text or design, use one font or its parts in the same design. Or, if you need new fonts, then use the same typeface with smaller and bigger sizes.

8. Use Safe Typefaces:- The safe font means that in this digital era, almost all news articles we read on the web. The problem is that our digital platform font is a little bit different from each device with Necessary Elements of a Great Website. There are some safe fonts for you.

  1. Arial:- Arial is the most usable san-serif fonts.
  2. Times New Roman:- Times New Roman is a serif font, most used by the newspaper industry.
  3. Courier:- Courier is the old monospace fonts.
  4. Roboto:- Roboto is an also sans-serif font. Google develops it.
  5. Verdana:- Verdana is a web-based simple sans serif fonts.

9. Know 5 Families of Type of Font:- There are five types of font families we use them lots:-

  1. 'serif' - (e.g., Times New Roman)
  2. 'monospace' - (Ex: Courier)
  3. 'sans-serif' - (Ex: Helvetica)
  4. 'fantasy' - (Ex: Western)
  5. 'cursive' - (Ex: Zapf-Chancery)

10. Golden Rules For Choosing Fonts - 'There Are No Any Rule':- There are no golden rules while selecting a typeface for your rich text, and you make your own rules, there are no rules that you can follow to choose a font for your design. There are no right and wrong things that you can believe it that is the rules or any correct definition.

There are no rules, it is only conventions that rules of selecting a font, you are a master and you are the all in one in this matter. as there are no rules about what food we should take or whatnot. You can select the menu as per your body structure. Similarly, you can choose typeface is suitable for your text or design.

Conclusions :- There is no alternative to select a font, you must choose a font by himself as per your requirements. You must do homework before choosing a typeface because you can express your message through fonts to your target clients. fonts can keep your target audience encourage to read your articles.

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