Helping You To Do Keyword Research – A Guide

Helping You To Do Keyword Research – A Guide

It is not anymore essential to persuade you top know the eminence of the keywords in the ranking process so is the most impactful factor for the marketing success. While Google keeps the marketers on toes by rolling out updates in the algorithm, keyword research is the only optimizing process that is constant.

Here are some interesting observation and guidelines that would help you out in process which will in order benefit the complete SEO. You can find many of such online articles it's not that they are wrong but there is no universal rule of doing keyword research.

  • It varies on the basis of the following points:
  • The website authority, content type, pages so on
  • Your target and goals (branding, visibility, traffic, sales)
  • The budget, resources, and target-time
  • The industry type and competitive scenario

So it sometimes becomes difficult to follow the guidelines for all the projects. Let's start to evaluate an approach.

Start with seed keywords Seed keywords are the basis of the keyword research. They make your niche and gives you the correct idea of the competitors. When you want to improve your business visibility online, seed keywords is simple as writing about the products your own and think how other users would search for the specific product you want to promote. For example, you want to launch Gizmo accessories. The simple keywords that would generally come to your mind can be:

  • Gizmo accessories
  • gadgets by Gizmo
  • Gizmo add-ons

You might be thinking it is so simple, right? But while you about to start an affiliate website, and you are not sure about which niche or what products to promote? This can be daunting but these two approaches mentioned below can be guiding

'Monetization first' approach Begin with using available monetization methods. Choose a product or any offer that you think is proper, then think of the searches that a user can use in the query on Google. You can take the example of Amazon, it has a strong affiliate program, so you only need to browse through till you get a matching category that you are interested to promote. Then review the product type or the product that you use and check whether you can go for the affiliate.

'Niche down' approach You can begin with broad keywords and sort niche down till you find an interesting opportunity. For this approach, you should consider longer yet specific keywords.

Create some keyword ideas Though you have the seed keywords but its only the pick of keyword research process. Then you have to create a vast list of relevant keyword ideas along with you get an in-depth understanding of your niche.

Use keyword research tools Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to cut down your keyword list. And you are done with the final list of the most relevant keywords for your venture.

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