Boost your brand popularity with efficient logo design

Boost your brand popularity with efficient logo design

Launching and marketing a brand when people are getting know to about new names in the market every other day. You will want your business to have a rocking entry in the arena, right? Of course, it's a difficult process but professional help can always be useful as you no amateurish work can't create even a mark by equaling or surpassing the other competitors. And without a proper brand mark, no one will even care to notice.

It's a meticulous job and requires proper planning. The logo is the visual expression of the company essence. It doesn't give the room a lot of text or images so the concept should be so created that it can communicate the message to the audience effectively.

Now let's see the logo design steps involved in the process.:

Step 1 - Understand the brand message: Use a tag line or a catchphrase that will make the message clear. Like the famous brand Apple's “think different” and FedEx's “Relax, It’s FedEx”, your brand should have something similar that can describe the brand's vision. It sets the expectation of the viewers and probably is the first and prominent chance to impress the audience. Before deciding the outline just research and study the tagline that can help you immensely to get an idea to represent the brand accordingly.

Step 2 – Look for inspiration and start drafting In this phase, you have to brainstorm for the concept. Look for some inspiration maybe online. Check out the internationally famous brands and this can help your creative juice flowing. You can get an idea about the industry trends and how you should give shape to your concept will be clear to you.

Step 3 - Decide on using graphics or symbol there are 3 kinds of logos. The first one being only text, the other one is the use of image or graphics or the third one is clever use of both graphics and symbol. Facebook, Apple, KFC are the examples of the types respectively. Deciding this point very much depends on the target audience type and if you want to depict the brand message go for graphics or if you want to simple, sleek and effective select text type design.

Step 4 – Select proper color and fonts Selection of colors in one of the most important factors in design as they help to depict the message as well as affects the viewer emotions. Use the psychology of colors to impress them but do not depend on it more as an efficient logo design will look great in black and white too.

Next is the font you should select must complement the design and easily readable. Try using different fonts than generally used but don't opt for the complex ones and keep an eye on the font size.

Step 5 – Culmination and Final edits Give it the final from that makes it memorable for the audience as the logo is the brand's face. Make it as simple as possible and be careful in creating it to make it flawless.

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