Blog vs Vlog : An Insight into the Market's Preference

Blog vs Vlog : An Insight into the Market's Preference

Nowadays, the internet is flooding with several types of content- be it blog or Vlog. In the content marketing strategy, the blog has been the most adopted niche for years. The blogging context has variable ranges, starting from diverse types of content, articles to info-graphic, and the blog examples list goes on. Not only these divergent contents are the ablest tactics that work for content marketing strategies, but to give a hard-core competition, Vlog has also come to the floor. Within a short extent, Vlog has secured its position as a content marketing strategy.

As a part of upgrading marketing strategy, more and more companies have begun to consider vlogs and the blog. The concept of a vlog is nothing but a blog in video format.

The blog was the king of content until Vlog came to snatch the crown.

As a fruitful marketing tool, blogs and vlogs both have come forth extensively for brands, corporate trades, and individuals. To create a blogging business, several platforms like Word press, Wix, Blogger, and Tumbler exist. Similarly, vlogging has such platforms as YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

In the modern-day, people are more inspired to commence blogging or vlogging to earn money. So, if you are planning to start any of these two from a marketing and money earning perspective, it's better to know both blogging and vlogging to choose what will be better for your earn revenue.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a simplistic way for a blogger to pen down opinions, ideas, creativity, daily lifestyle, or experience. The emergence of blog writing is because it's easy to start, and blogging does not demand investments. Admittedly, it's free, simple!

The only thing as a blogger you will need is impeccable writing skills to express your thoughts. If you can grasp the pattern and trend of writing, you will be beneficial.

What is a vlog?

Usually, a vlog is a video version of a blog, initially made for entertainment purposes. Vlogs are made customarily for a short-term period, but they can be elongated, depending on the topic and coverage. Many people, especially youth, are into vlogging as videos tend to get viral and give more exposure to the creator. Therefore, most vloggers create a YouTube account at first.

It is advisable to watch an explanatory or explainer video to launch a vlog channel, as precise topic is addressed there in video format.

Blog v/s Vlog:

Starting a blog is easy, cost-free, but a vlog is not. To enter the blogging world, you will need several necessary pieces of equipment, like a camera (basic or high-quality or high-end smartphone also works), microphone, video editing skill, recording of the video for complete vlog design. You have to take into account pre-production and post-production. Conclusively, a short video can take up to 4 hours to complete.

In short, creating a vlog requires a generous amount of time and money, both. Though it opts for time and money than assumed, vlogging has a higher chance to get you potential exposure and earning than blogging within a short span. Since videos are more engaging than blog content, you will get your fan-hub with massive followers.

Perks of having a Vlog channel:

In recent date, you can vlogging only with the help of a smartphone, making it both affordable and smoothly accessible. Only the content needs to be crisp, unique, and engaging to grab the attention of viewers. We will illustrate some of the advantages of having a vlog channel or utilizing Vlog as your marketing strategy.

  • Engaging: Simply vlogs are engaging! Vlogs allow an individual or company to showcase and represent the personality; thus, people can see the real persona or the creator in person. Alike, blogging, you can do ghost vlogging as well, but that will not be effective in the frame of business reference. Vlogging helps one represent him/her as a creator, brand, or company. By having someone on screen, viewers will be able to relate and engage with the person easily. Moreover, this method increases customer trust towards the brand or company. It's strenuous to convey one's personality immediately with written content.
  • Oh-so, handy!: Believe it or not, half of the videos you watch on the internet are made with a smartphone. Watching videos on a smartphone is much facile and enjoyable than reading blogs. Because reading on a small screen is way more challenging, yet feels pressure to the eyes, while videos can run smoothly on-screen plus display in full HD format. That is the reason why apex videos are seen on mobile devices. Additionally, users who watch any video content on their mobile gadget are more likely to share the estimated 92% content.
  • User-friendly: With the advancement of technology, the pieces of equipment and tools one needs to create a vlog are not that much expensive as people think. Of course, you need some penny to invest to ensure video quality; so that your content can stand out from the pack. Thankfully, the entire process is now very inexpensive. The words that cannot be conveyed into written form accurately can be demonstrated visually, explaining the content or blog topic.

Vlog Blog- everything you can use as a marketing tactic as both content forms still have value in the market. Nevertheless, many people follow blogging for business purposes, and many find vlogging convincing for their industry or brand. However, the argument will continue a long way. You have to choose tactfully, which will be suitable for your business.

If you find it tough to choose between blog v/s Vlog-- why not implement both? Luckily, both video and written content have a place in content marketing strategy. Although, when it comes to content, it's a good idea to have a variety. You can cover both bases and emphasize your idealization a bit more with both processes. Moreover, by providing your audience with both content types, they all can do both- read and watch.

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