What Is A Trademark And How To Register Yours?

What Is A Trademark And How To Register Yours?

In today’s competitive world, you must establish a unique identity. A business trademark can help you achieve this. A trademark is a type of intellectual property. It can consist of symbols, letters, designs, or expressions while distinguishing the products and services of a company from other similar companies.

A trademark logo can be owned by anyone having a business. Business organizations mainly own it. An individual or legal entity can also have possession. Usually, a trademark is displayed on the tangible products manufactured by the company. It can also be posted on the buildings, stationery, labels, and vouchers of the company.

Trademark Filing

For unique branding, a company must properly file for a trademark. You need to contact the proper authority. The process involves filling up several documents. The process for doing so varies from country to country. Most states have dedicated online portals for this purpose. Here, you can apply for the registration of your trademark.

Once you provide the required documents and fill up the necessary forms, you have to submit them with the designated authority, along with any charges applicable. The application is reviewed and compared with the existing trademark logo and name to avoid any conflict.

What is trademark infringement?

Once you have a registered trademark, it is solely your property and nobody else’s. Trademark infringement refers to illegal use of a registered trademark by a third-party. It happens without the explicit permission of the registered holder of the trademark. Trademark infringement is practiced to mislead the customers into buying goods or services that are not produced by the brand in question. It is punishable by law, and the registered owner can take legal actions against the perpetrator.

What is the trademark symbol?

A trademark symbol usually deals with an unregistered trademark. You may have a unique trademark that has not been registered with the appropriate government agencies. So, you can use the trademark symbol (™). It is placed after the trademark design to denote unique possession. Any logo having a trademark symbol immediately makes it illegal for use by anyone else.

What is the trademark name?

Many companies choose to use a unique name for their organization instead of a logo or design. In such cases, a trademark for the company name or a trademark name is necessary. The registration is made based on the name of the company. As soon as you obtain a trademark name, it becomes your unique property.

Trademark name protects your company name from being used by any other organization. A trademark name can help you establish a distinct identity and enable you to build an eye-catching brand image. It is relatively easy to coin as compared to logo design. It is always advisable to cross-check with relevant authorities for uniqueness. You can hire a trademark expert to ensure you procure a unique trademark name.

What is trademark law?

The trademark law seeks to protect the intellectual property rights of a business owner. It regulates the use of registered as well as unregistered trademarks in the form of logos, designs, and names. A trademark for logo laws generally varies from nation to nation. However, they have one common objective. They prevent the illegal use of your trademark and penalize any violation.

If a miscreant uses a trademark without authorization, the registered owner can take legal action against the accused. If found guilty, the perpetrator is punishable under these laws. They must pay appropriate damage costs to the registered owner. The law offers documented legal assistance to business owners. They maintain the sanctity and uniqueness of a business trademark.

Trademark Registration

Proper filing and registration of a trademark are important. It helps to acquire ownership. In most countries, trademark registration can be efficiently done via online as well as offline processes. Firstly, you need to coin a unique trademark for your company. Next, you need to fill up certain documents. Then you can file your application with the concerned government authority for registration.

This registration helps you acquire legal hold over your trademark. You are automatically covered under all trademark laws. Once you are registered, nobody else can misuse your trademark to confuse unsuspecting customers.

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