What are the Best Practices, Tips & Inspiration for Brilliant Landing Pages

What are the Best Practices, Tips & Inspiration for Brilliant Landing Pages

If you are running ad campaigns and looking to generate quality leads, you need to focus your effort on creating a high-quality landing page that visitors land on when they click the ads. This is the reason why you need to create a high-quality landing page that generates leads. The landing page is an essential part of your website because they are used as a tool to drive conversions. Using a poor landing page means all your efforts are going in vain. As a marketer, your strategy should be to optimize your landing pages and include the best content and design in the same.

Why Should You Not Use Your Home Page as the Landing Pages?

There are a lot of advertisers who are not sure about the difference between a landing page and the home page. However, your landing page should not be confused with the website home page. There are some essential differences between the landing page and home page. If you use your home page as the landing page in the ad campaigns and try to direct the visits to your home page – this idea will likely kill your conversions.

The home page is designed in such a way so that it presents the company’s value and help them navigate through the other content pages. On the other hand, the landing page is designed to showcase an offer or a discount with brilliant content so that the users immediately understand your offer and take action on it. A high-quality landing page should include an active call to actions, and every action on the landing page should direct the users to a specific action.

Don’t Use Home Page Navigation Menus on Your Landing Pages:

The landing page should include only one link, and under any circumstances, it should not contain the home page navigation menus. Also, the landing page should not promote your social media accounts. The landing page should only contain a unique link that is attractive enough for the visitors to take action. It is a common mistake to include any link on your landing page that distracts the visitors for the actual offer. According to recent research, the most successful landing pages contain only one link.

Use an Enticing Headline That Match Your Offer:

The ideal landing page should contain a bold and attractive headline at the above the fold section of the page. The above the fold section is the part of the page that users can view without scrolling the page down. The headline and another essential call to actions of a landing page should be present within the above the fold section. The headline should be enticing enough to grab the attention of your target visitors. The headline should also match the main message that you are trying to promote.

Only use Contents that Are Useful for Your Visitors:

No matter how long your landing page is, it should only contain the contents and images that are useful to the visitors. Great landing page can be short as there are no hard and fast rules to dictate the word count in a landing page. The thing that only matters is the quality of the content you are using in your landing page. The main point is to offer value to your users through the content. If the users find your content valuable, they will surely take a specific action. To help conversions, you can consider adding images, videos, and animations that help showcase the pain points and probable solutions.

Make it Simple:

The last thing you should care about your landing page is to make it very simple so that it doesn’t distract your visitors. Landing pages are built to forces users to take specific action so that you achieve conversions. Therefore, you should not use redundant contents or information that prevent the visitors to make the actual action.

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