Tips to Design an effective Rack card using printing tools

Tips to Design an effective Rack card using printing tools

Every company tries to focus on different ways of marketing to build awareness of their brand. So printing rack cards with attractive looks and designs are one of the effective modes of branding activity. There are various parameters on which the design of rack cards attractiveness depends. Two most important thing on which the attractiveness of rack card design are simplicity and size. The standard size of a rack card is of 4" to 9" to accommodate space & money. It is one of the effective tools of BTL branding activity.

So let us now see the effective tips for designing and printing rack cards.:-

  1. Maximize the use of photographs & color: - The color & design of the rack card printing should be able to catch the attention of passers-by and they pick them up from the rack & enjoy it visually. The top area of your card needs to include cards content or the logo of your brand. It should also contain an eye-catching colorful image. There should be maximum use of original photos and proper color complexion. An effective or attractive Rack card provoke the user to buy it spontaneously.
  2. Re brand Your Work: - Printing rack cards are one of the most high end marketing tools. Many people will stare at it even though they don't purchase it. It is one of the essential things that there should be no compromise in color, quality, and content. It should be designed in that fashion. It should match with the personality of the brand. There should not be any confusion about the brand service while the customers are exploring through your services using the printed racket. There should not be a sense of negative perception while people are looking at your brand.
  3. Keep a focus on your content :- Before writing the content on the printed rack card it is essential to focus on the message. Which you want to convey to your specific target audience it should be relevant to the context of their need parameters. So that it can increase the chances of being picked up by your consumer & remembered for a long period of time. The subject of the copy must be defined within five words or less.
  4. Don't limit the print with low tech assumptions: - Printed pieces are very time proven in nature which means you can get your information into the public. They serve as an essential link between your online marketing and hands on contact. QR codes can be used to drive traffic to your websites or on your online promotion campaigning activity. Then it would become easy for you to track down that who all people are clicking on your website and can also judge the effectiveness of your rack card promotion. You can also insert your website link to direct people to land on your web page.
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