The things that you should know About illustration Logo Design

The things that you should know About illustration Logo Design

A Logo is a significant part of the branding process and must be unique and have the ability to communicate the brand value in the best possible way. There can be various types of logo design to research on and find the appropriate face for your business. The basic elements that complete the recipe of a great brand mark are - layout, gradients, color, the types of fonts and how will you use them. One of the most unexplored categories is illustration logo design which can be really suitable for various companies. Using illustration can give a freshness and make it memorable for the target audience.

In the following part of the article, I will tell you what exactly illustration logo design is and what advantages it can provide to your business.

First, let's explore the difference between a non-illustration logo and an illustration logo? An illustrated brand symbol has elaborate use of illustration whereas a non-illustration logo may include drawing but that will much abrupt and more of an outlined shape. Illustration means a detailed artwork which requires more time for the detailing which adds depth to the character design.

How having an illustration logo can enhance the brand recognition?

An illustration logo intricately accentuates your brand personality and essence. With the attractive drawing or illustration, you will get an enticing touch for your brand mark leading to creative direction for your marketing campaigns and promotional activities. Your logo will distinctly communicate the companies stands with ease to the target audience and the logo will be remarkably more memorable as illustration design undoubtedly more idiosyncratic and unique than a general brand mark.

What are the industries that can use illustration logo?

Illustration logos are a powerful statement and definitely are most useful for specific industries. In general, they can better suit the organizations which are informal in nature, or a bit offbeat persona. But if you want your brand identity to stand out in the crowd in the high competition then nothing can be better than illustration design, representing the brands USP's distinctly.

Nevertheless, there are various types of illustrations – some use funny characters or cartoons, informal, and others are sophisticated. There are so many variations and the range can help you to choose the perfect one for.

Illustrated logos are a strong statement, and they are definitely more common in particular industries. Generally speaking, they suit companies who have a more informal identity or a slightly quirky personality – but if one of your USPs is how different you are from the competition then an illustrative logo design will really help you to say that.

There are also many different styles of illustration – some are very cartoony and informal, others are more sophisticated. There will be a style that suits your company perfectly too.

The industries that commonly use illustrative logo design:

  • Children Book
  • Cars
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Food

What are the points you need to know if you want to use an illustration logo for your business?

These logos have some benefits certainly but sometimes are limiting too. It would be little daunting if you want to get it printed on any equipment as drawing may not get transformed in all formats but of course, you can opt for two versions of the same illustration.

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